Runs Slow - Open Folder Or IE Pc Hangs

Aug 21, 2008

how can I make my pc run better. For example~ upon weeks/a month upon a new reformat my pc runs great, programs, games, etc... but after a while it just runs slow. especially when my son tries to play a game. the game skips alot, the video plays in slow motion, etc. When I know that any other time it works fine. even when I open a folder or IE it hangs for 10-30 secs...

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Computer Runs Slow Hangs On Proper Reboot

Jan 21, 2008

1st I use internet explorer for my web browser. At work when I click on it it pops right up with out even thinking about it Page loads with in 10 seconds every time. At home. Some times it will take 30 seconds to a minute to start after I click on it.2nd issue is this Occasionally I will come into my computer after not using it for 8-10 hours or so and I will have a ton (sometimes 40+) Error messages that say "unable to launch restart.exe".I can close all of them but then the computer runs like a tank. I always have to do a hard shut down after this too.It will NOT restart using the proper methods just hangs up.

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Computer Running Very Slow / Mouse Runs Extremely Slow?

Sep 8, 2006

Pc taking for ever to load, mouse slow too...

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Computer Runs Very Slow / Norton 360 Making It Slow?

Oct 9, 2008

I am working with a Dell 2400 running Windows XP Service Pack 3 with a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor and 1.2 gig of ram. It still seems particularly slow. I am not sure if it some of the applications that I am running like Norton 360 or some of my settings.

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Runs Slow Even After Reformatting

Jun 7, 2005

I just bought this new computer for a few months ago. And for some reason it stopped a few days ago and i tried reformating alot of times, most of the time it would stop or just get error's while installing but i finally installed it. And it runs like a snail.The computer basically doesnt run like how it should be running.I have Pentium 4. 3 Ghz - 1GB Ram - 256 MB Graphics Card.

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Computer Always Runs Slow

Sep 10, 2009

It takes up to 15 minutes to start up when you first turn it on. Often takes up to 20 seconds for programs to come up when you hit start. Virtually all software programs take time to come up, even little ones like Notepad. Have lots of slowdowns and freeze ups when using the internet, including trying to type in url's. Anytime the computer isn't in use for a little while, starting up again is always very slow with frequent little freeze ups. Lately, even when we first turn the computer on, we get a low on virtual memory warning in the lower right corner. Somebody told me this could be the problem. If so, why would it need more memory now than in the past when it worked ok?We actually deleted lots of files and some software programs not be used, including video games.We used Spybot, Malwarebytes and our anti virus program a few days back and all 3 came up with no problems.

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'Search' Program Runs When Trying To Open Drive/folders!!!

Jan 15, 2008

Exactly as the file says. I try to open a drive to search through it.. such as the c: drive.. and it will do a little processing.. and it will open the browser to the 'search' program instead of opening my drive. Same goes for every file on my computer! Eek! Anybody got any ideas? I may have f*$&ed something up when I was trying to change the default folder and drive icons in the Folder Options. Anybody! This is rather detrimental to my computers health lol! help!!

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Runs Slow Especially Right After Internet Connection

Apr 25, 2007

The main issue is that as soon as I connect to the internet, it takes about 10 minutes for me to be able to do anything. Before the connection is established, the system is normal. After connecting, I can't open any programs, or even task manager or control panel. After about 10 minutes, everything opens and seems to run normal, but still a bit slow. If I disconnect and try to log off or shut down while waiting for IE to open, it freezes the computer and I have to manually shut down. I do go through the task manager and shut down everything that I can before signing on to the internet and it does not make any difference.

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PC Suddenly Runs Extremely Slow

Dec 8, 2008

am using my laptop for 2 years now, there is a constant problem that happens so many times lately. the pc suddenly become very slow. it happens when it's freeze for 6-7 second (i think its hardisk) and the sound stuck for this period of time ,and then it becomes very slow when u try to do anything with inconstant sound(or slow). this freezing occur once in a while, some times after this, it's run regular without any problems and some goes bad forever (blue screen,slow.)i can solve this problem by restoring my system in less than 30 minutes (which i did alot) but am sick of it.. i want to know what i had to do to fix this problem and to change the hardware if necessary to prevent further problems.who know what it could be the problem or had similar issue , please response..the usage of cpu is 18% when am not doing nothing,it goes to max 50-55% when i open a new program, when am looking at CPU Usage History one of CPU's reach the top the other nearly nothing!

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Computer Runs Slow After A Certain Time

Aug 18, 2009

My computer starts going really slow after about 11:00-12:00 PM-AM (Programs take forever to start/open and games take about 20 minutes to load.) until i wake up (About 10-11:45 AM ). Anywho I was wondering if there is any thing I can do to help my computer run fast for 24/7, give or take.Just to let you know I'm Not that good with technical stuff, so if there's any that would be difficult for a noob you'll have to explain slowly.

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Computer Starts Slow, Works Slow Then Hangs Or Shuts Down

Sep 26, 2006

computer now takes half an hour to an hour to reboot. in doing so, it tells me that it does not do the startup and services. it is so slow it is unbelievable. sometimes even being so slow that the words we type take a few seconds to show up on the screen. after working for a time it will invariably hang. or it will shut itself down. in either case we have to reboot, it takes that half an hour to an hour again

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Constant Bsod , Computer Runs Very Slow?

Jun 2, 2010

A few weeks ago I decided to try messing around with the RAM. I took out the last stick and the computer, yet again, seemed to work perfectly… for a week at least (enough time for me to assume it was fixed). The problems persisted. Note that by now not only did I have bsod problems but simple problems like browsers not being able to open, programs crashing at a very high rate,windows unable to shut down, etc. (these reasons made me decide to start experimenting with the RAM) After RAM stick #4 did not work, I started switching out ram (to no avail) And just yesterday I took them all out and put only two in, so I am running 2 gigs memory

Last night, my computer seemed to run fine, I got my hopes up yet again. This morning my comp bsod’d. After waiting an hour, I turned my computer back on and now I have a constant “Microsoft windows, the system has recovered from a serious error” error report sending thing, which no matter how many times I click don’t send or send it will pop up again. I have moved it to the corner of my screen to write this. I believe I may have had this problem before and just restarted to fix it, but I am not sure.

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Pc Runs Really Slow Showing Low Virtual Memory?

Feb 9, 2006

i have xp sp2 and i noticed within the last week if i have 2-3 programs open at a time the screen freezes for like 30 secs or so,but when i check its says the 3 programs use %32 of my cpu usage,does that really matter?Also xp keeps telling me bout virtual memory too low?how can i speed things up again?i defraged,registry fix,usual virus scans and nothings working

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Computer Boots And Runs Slow As Molasses

Feb 9, 2009

I've got an old msi K7N2G-L board/computer and it's got an old WD1200JB installed and running xp. The problem is that it boots and runs slow as molasses, I'm talking like 10 mins to get it to the log in screen and opening apps takes a good 2-3mins before opening too. If I run a defrag on the drive, things temp speed back up to normal, but as soon as I reboot, it's slow again. If I run the defrag again, everything's cool and speeds go back to normal.So I'm guessing that there's some HD corruption on this drive (at least 5yrs old) and it keeps writing system files to the bad sections of this old HD when it's booting. I've run various fdisks, but none of them reveal any errors. (I should mention that I'm diligently proactive on Antivirus', firewall and Spyware practices, so that's definitely not an option relating to the old drive's slowness.) I've scanned with Avira, Nod32, Kaspersky, Trojansuperantispyware, and checked hijack this entries, there's nothing detected or unusual. Of course, I don't have all of these installed at once.I decided to try and swap the drive out and reinstall xp on this system using a newer WD3200 drive (that I use as a storage drive on one of my other computers.) I run the xp installer, successfully quick format the 3200 partition to NTFS, and everything proceeds fine and fast(keep in mind the 3200 drive was used to store data on my newer comp and was already formatted to ntfs.) Unfortunately, after it successfully finishes the initial install, it gives me the 15 second reboot warning. Okay, I let it reboot, but instead of continuing the install after the reboot, the system hangs on "Verifying DMI Pool Data" and that's it. Nothing happens and I am unable to finish the installation. I tried this like 10 times with 2 different XP home's and I keep getting the same problem. When I go into Bios, the drive is recognized as a 3200/automatic settings? I can't see why xp installs fine on the old WD1200, but not on the WD3200.

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Laptop Wont Boot Or Runs Very Slow - Restarts On It's Own

Dec 15, 2008

I have a Toshiba Satellite (it's about 2yrs old). Yesterday I did a interlnet explorer update and when my system did a restart to install the screen went black. I powered off then on and it would goto the xp loading page then go black again. Tried to restart several times sometime I could get to the login page and once I logged in my desktop would appear but I could not do anything. Tried f8 went to last known good configuration but still same issue. Tried safe mode but you can not do a restore in safe mode. Several times when i was able to get logged in a blue screen would flash but very fast and it would say something about an error and needing to restart.

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Computer Runs Very Slow Process Shows Spooler.exe

Jul 15, 2008

computer is running at 100% CPU so, you guessed it, very slow. In the processes it shows the spooler.exe using the power alternating with the System(at bottom of list) - but mostly the spooler.exe. The problem really started when he changed an ink cartridge.Does any of this make sense?

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Extreamly Slow Bootup - Runs Fine Up To The Username And Password

Sep 17, 2009

My XP Pro machine at work has recently started running extreamly slow on bootup. It runs fine up to the username and password window, but as soon as i sign in it then takes atleast 15 min before i can use it. I have a PF usage of 2.24 gig during this time and my HijackThis details are below:

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Deleted Unnecessary Files Uninstall Games - Still Runs Slow

Sep 21, 2005

I know you all seen this problem before but I've got to try. I have a Compaq, with a 60 gig hard drive, 384 of memory, 1195 Mhz processor and running windows XP. My computer runs like it was at the tops 300 Mhz. I've check for virus and spy ware, deleted unnecessary files, uninstall most of my games, defrag the c drive and defrag my registrey. I even changed my battery. And it still runs slow. Any suggestion on what I can do? I'm about reading to throw it. Also it is constantly freezing up on me. Man I thought XP wasn't to do that. It's worse the the millinum. my programs are constatly not responding.

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DBase IV Runs Poorly - Keyboard Input Slow And Sporadic To Display

Sep 15, 2005

I have been coding in dBase since 1982. Upgrading to Win95, 98 and ME was no problem. But now that I have upgraded to XP on a 3.2 ghz Intel machine with a gig of ram, I am having two serious performance problems. I am using dBase IV 2.0. Keyboard input is slow and sporadic to display. Printing is delayed by up to a minute, but will execute immediatley if I exit the program. I have tried changing every aspet of the short cuts properties, including compatibily option, and executing it from CMD.EXE instead of COMMAND.COM.

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Cannot Open Folder Picture In A Shared Folder Across Network

Jan 23, 2009

I have a shared folder which contains many folders for many users on my network and to make users folders recognisable we chose to fix a folder picture of every folder with the picture of the folder owner. The problem is that those folders never have a constant folder picture on all of my network computers as the picture always changes for some reason, I've tried to set permissions on thumb.db file

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Changing Folder Icons - Lock Folder Not Open

Jul 22, 2008

I was just changing some folder icons in Folder Options>File Types and now when I click on a folder it opens in OneNote! I went to File Types>File Folder>Advanced and under the Actions it reads: Add to VLC find Lock folder with Folder Lock Open as Notebook in OneNote
Play with VLC

The first two of the 3 check boxes underneath are ticked. I have no idea what the default action was before, but I don't see anything resembling simply open a folder. Can anyone help me reset the default action or create a new one to open the folder?

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Cannot Open Every Folder - Re Open File View Closed

Dec 22, 2006

Why can't I get XP to open every folder using the "Details" option? I do have it set so that it remembers (most of the time) to re-open that folder with the file view it was in when it was closed, but I want XP to open every new and old folder with the "file details" view. Seems like a simple thing, but I can't get XP to understand that's what I want.

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Hangs Open Save Drag Box

Jul 2, 2009

hangs open save drag box , how to solve this?

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Explorer.exe Hangs Instead Of Closing, Folders Won't Open

Dec 24, 2008

I'm set up to run folder windows in a separate instance of Explorer for better stability. But When I close all the windows for the second instance of Explorer, the process frequently does not terminate. So then when I try to open another folder window, nothing happens. I have to quit Explorer manually to get it working again. This has happened several times now, and I'm getting tired of it. I'm running XP MCE 2002 Edition, all the latest updates.

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Explorer Hangs While Browsing A Folder Connecting To Network?

Dec 28, 2005

have a new installation of WinXP SP1. When i try to browse any folder, the explorer either hangs for a long time or crashes occasionally. This happens when my machine is connected to network. If my machine is off the network, it shows the folder contents immediately. I removed all the network shares connected to my machine and still the problem persists.

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Dell Desktop Hangs Open Internet Explorer

Sep 11, 2009

I have a Dell desktop with XP operating system ram:- 2gb. It hangs up when you have offce database open, miscrosoft outlook and Internet Explorer open. Its strange how it happens only on my particular desktop and it doesnt happen when I access my profile on a different Personal Computer office. As soon as it freezes. Then it would nt work even if I log out and log in into my pc.

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Xp Loading Bar Just Runs Runs And Runs

Nov 6, 2008

Hi all

Like the title says, everytime i turn my machine on the windows page appears on start and the load bar just keeps going. I left this running for an hour and nothing happened.

I have read tons of stuff and tried loads of stuff and yes you guessed it nothing has sorted it out.

My computer knowledge isnt great so if this requires Bios work or Command prompts i will need some detailed help.

Cheers All


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Spooler - Slow File Open - Slow Properties

Dec 7, 2004

I'm working with a four computer 100 Mbps TCP/IP network with three fairly new 98SE computers and one brand new XP Pro computer (SP2, all current updates) machine. These share a LaserJet 4050 off one of the 98SE computers. Printing works fine.

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Too Slow Disk Clean Up Hangs / Freezes

May 10, 2005

My friend has a gateway computer, little more than a year old with Win XP on it and complains that the entire computer is moving too slow. I suggested to do a disk-clean up, defrag, etc. first and she tried, but she said that the disk-clean up will just hang and if she tries anything else even to cancel it, the system will freeze up.Any ideas? Is it spyware? Or should she just do a whole reformat?

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Random Restarts / System Hangs / Slow Startup

Aug 17, 2008

it wasnt problematic when i 1st set it up about a month ago. the startup was defo alot quicker.the system sometimes hangs during a game, it used to hang on startup but i fixed that with system restore in startup because of the slow startup (where it doesnt seem to be actually doing anything! no cpu of mem usage just ages to load startup programs) i used some startup removal programs to delete all unnecessary startup program, it hasnt speeded anything up it takes the same amount of time but just loads less programs.i have also run ccleaner, reg cleaners, tried running ad-aware but never completed a scan as it freezes. i have always had zonealarm pro runing and bitdefender

when powering up it seems to show the blackscreen very often, asking to turn on in safe mode? even when the pc had been shutdown properly. othertimes on powering on the pc hangs on the windows loading page or when enering the password.the pc can also restart randomly during general use or gaming.this is very fustarting and was hoping you guys could give me some of your advice? i was thinking maybe do a system restore to the day when the pc was first built? would this be a really dumb move? what would be the consequences?

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Windows Explorer And Folder Shortcuts Open To "my Documents" And Not The Folder

Apr 2, 2007

I made the change below however, if I click on a folder in the left hand "Folders" pane, it works as before and opens the folder and displayed in the contents in the right hand pane.

However, if I click on any folders in the right hand (files pane) a new windows explorer window opens a displays the "my documents".

The same thing happens if you click on a shortcut to a folder. Instead of the folder opening, it opens a new window and displays "my documents".

This problems started when I added a new function to the folder file folder file type properties to print out the contents of a folder by calling a batch file that piped the content to a file.

In the file association for file folders in the advanced section I now have three functions
- the afore mentioned 'create file list'
- explore (the default), and
- find

For the folder file type I just have:
- explore and
- open

Any suggestions on how to put things back to the way Windows Explorer always worked before make clicking folders in the right hand pane open them up properly in the same window as per clicking them on the left hand pane?

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