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Display Setting Keeps Resetting After Startup

Windows display setting keeps resetting after startup On startup of my computer the monitor screen displays normal sized icons, then enlarges to gigantic icons. After all programs are started I right click on the screen and click on properties. Display properties open, then I click on settings and move the slider to my likings, I click apply and the desktop reverts to normal size and operates in all areas normally. The problem is I have to perform this task every time I restart my computer. It's obvious that the apply/ok
setting in the display properties setting is not sticking. Is there a fix for this condition? Please HELP. Running Windows XP.

Submitted by: Mel W. Here are some featured member answers to get you started, but please read all the advice and suggestions that our members have contributed to this question. ....

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Select Display DPI Setting At Startup?
I have a Dell D610 laptop running WinXP Pro. The screen is an SXGA+ (1400x1050 resolution). I have a docking station at home and use a 19" wide screen LCD monitor (1440x900). My docking station at work has a 23" wide screen LCD monitor (1920x1200). The laptop and home 19" monitor look good at normal size (96 DPI) setting. However, the large 23" monitor needs the Display DPI Setting increased to large size (120 DPI) for my old eyes.

The problem is having to constantly change between normal and large display DPI settings. This change requires a reboot to take effect. Is there a program or script available that will run at startup and allow me to choose the DPI setting? Even better would be a startup script that detects which monitor is in use and sets the display DPI accordingly.

Posted: Jun 18, 2007

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Display Issues- Higher Resolution Results In Signal Isnt Compatible With This Display Setting
I have problems if I try and run the display settings above 800x600. I was wondering if this would be fixed if I upgrade the firmware settings and if so where would I get these upgrades? Whenever I try and run it at a higher display setting all I get is a thing saying "Signal isnt compatible with this display setting".

Posted: Jun 28, 2010

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Resetting Upon Startup - Big Red X
it gave the c drive a big red X and dropped tons of pos.tmp files in places. I downloaded an antivirus (the program was fine, it worked for my friends who had the same virus) and ran it. Randomly in the middle of the running my computer just died. It reset itself. So I went back into the account, and it reset itself again. I've done some work and am able to realize that the system will LOAD to the point where the account becomes active. Before any program can be used the computer restarts itself.

Posted: Feb 12, 2008

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Display Issues- Have To Change Display Properties At Every Startup
I reinstalled XP Pro with SP1 on my computer today. Everything is working well except when my desktop loads the actual display is about an inch to the right on the screen. If I go into properties and change/apply the screen resolution from 800 x 600 then back to 1024 x 768 it realigns and all is well. I would just prefer to not have to do that each time I restart windows.

Posted: Dec 7, 2007

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640x480 Pixels - Display Setting Seems To Be Fixed
I fixed this problem a few months ago, now it back and I forgot what i did.(rolling eyes) The display setting seems to be fixed at 640x480 lowest 4 bits color quality When I try to change it to 1280x1024 highest 32 bits and hit "apply" is reverses itself back to 640x480. 4 bits or 1280x1024 stays there but the bits goes to lowest 4 What to do? The monitor dpi set at 96 with nividia forcefx5500 "device is working properly"

Posted: Mar 21, 2008

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Display Malfunction - Program Load - Setting Changes
I just replaced a power supply on a Windows XP computer and when it boots up, the os loads just fine, the startup programs begin to load and during this the display settings automatically change from 800x600 32-bit color to 640x480 8-bit color. It has a GeForce 440 MX card and all the drivers and such are working fine. I've tried everything fix it, but am having a less than fun time. Any suggestions would be great.

Posted: Jan 26, 2005

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Display Setting Issue - Desktop Is Loaded.
I was trying to improve my monitor display and did something that is causing text fields to be blacked out. I can see icons and what I think are highlighted text but most of it is all black so I can't see the settings to try to fix??? The monitor works fine and the XP start up graphics are normal. It's just once the desktop is loaded.

Posted: Oct 16, 2009

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Change Display Setting Makes Fonts Small
while I was in the diplay settings of the control panel, I accidentally changed the DPI from normal to the highest in windows XP -now the fonts are so small that I can't change it again-any.

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

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Setting File Open/save Dialogue Boxes To Display Thumbnails?
I'd like to permanently set my open and save file dialogue boxes to display thumbnails instead of the usual list display but can't find any way to do this (the folder options setting doesn't appear to affect this aspect of windows XP).

Posted: Aug 23, 2005

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Hanging At Startup Applying Setting
PC has started to hang at the 'Applying your settings' screen on a regular basis. what may be causing this? AV/Anti spyware and all Windows patches are up to date.

Posted: Aug 25, 2005

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320x200 Display On Startup
I downloaded a reputable game for the kids yesterday (Ben Jordan 4.) The game automatically changes display to 320x200 when started and reverts back to normal settings when you quit the game. Last night the girls just closed the laptop without exiting the program. This morning the laptop was frozen so I rebooted, however, now Windows reboots in 320x200. It's so large only "Turn Off Computer" is available. When I start in safe mode the Display Properties shows 1440x900. Computer in question is a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop, running Windows XP Home w/SP3

So far I have...
1. Deleted the game files. (There is no install/uninstall)
2. Run Norton system scan and Spybot sweep
3. Did a System Restore
4. Tried to change display settings in Safe mode

It still boots in the 320x200 resolution.

Posted: Nov 30, 2008

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Display Wont Appear On Startup
I've just started up my computer and the screen won't come on. Although the shade of black appears to alter slightly just after being turned on. I've checked the cables, power to computer and monitor, both fine. The keyboard lights come on and the mouse light also comes on. I can hear the hard disk and fan whirring away too. Before there was no display on startup, this occured after I had a problem with the graphics card the display would appear at the Win XP startup screen. I checked for viruses the last time that the computer was switched on, so it was clean. Not really sure what else to try, short of taking it to a PC repair shop!

Posted: Jan 3, 2006

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Display Legal Message On Startup
If you would like to display a legal message or any other message in a pop-up window when windows starts read below: Start regedit, if you are unfamiliar with regedit please see our FAQ. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon Modify the key legalnoticecaption with what you want to name the window. Modify the key legalnoticetext with what you want the window to say. Restart.

Posted: Aug 12, 2002

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Key Strokes Dont Display At Startup
The SHIFT key was pressed too long and we got into the Swift Key feature somehow. We got out of it by exiting the application. However, now everytime we start the computer, key strokes don't appear on the screen. You have to hold down the SHIFT key until it makes a sound and then you can type characters and they are displayed on the screen. It is irritating to start the computer and not be able to type anything.
There is probably a switch that was set that I can't find. How can I get rid of this "feature?" PC is Laptop Dell 2600 Inspiron running XP Home.

Posted: Jul 5, 2008

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Unexpected Startup - Display Desktop - SysMetrix
There's a problem on one of my Startups. The Startup Item is "SysMetrix". When Windows display your desktop, usually, this program should starup, but there's a window that popped. To make it clearer... SysMetrix should startup, but this window takes it place. Here's a picture of that window.

Posted: Apr 27, 2005

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Taskbar Frozen On Startup - System Tray Does Not Display Every Thing
For some reason, when my partner's computer boots up, the Windows taskbar is frozen, sometimes for up to a couple of minutes. When it finally becomes available, the Start menu etc works fine, but the system tray does not display everything that it should (for example the volume control) even though I have set it to "always show" in Properties>Customise

Posted: Jul 10, 2005

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Where To Find Setting For Documents And Setting
I just finished a complete reinstall of Windows XP. Before the re-installation, I partitioned the hard drive. I want the basic Windows XP system files and drivers on my "C" drive and then I want to accumulate data files (word processing, spreadsheets, photos, music files, etc.) on the new partition which in this case has been labeled the "G" drive. The difficulty I am having is getting getting the "Documents and Settings" to move over to the "G" drive. So that when I want to load photographs from my camera to the computer it goes for C:Documents and SettingsMy NameMy DocumentsMy Pictures. Instead I would like it to go to G:Documents and SettingsMy NameMy DocumentsMy Pictures. Using Windows Explorer I changed the file name of "My Documents" to 'Windows XP old path My Documents" and then I was going to set up a new path to the "G" drive through Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Managment>Disk Management.

However I noticed that when I clicked on Start in the bottom left hand corner and it puts up that little window that "My Documents" which was listed now had the new title 'Windows XP old path My Documents' which I believe means I haven't gotten to the proper place to change the main configuration for Documents and Settings. Long way of saying how do I change the basic configuration for where Document and Settings are stored to a new location.

Posted: Oct 5, 2008

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Screensaver Keeps Resetting To NONE
To be able to set your own screensaver, follow the following instructions: Go to run and type gpedit.msc Navigate through User Configuration>Admin Templates>Control Panel>Display Double click Screensaver Enabled and apply. This should fix it. NOTE: Group Policy Editor is only available in XP Professional

Posted: Jun 10, 2003

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Pc Randomly Resetting Itself For No Reasons
recently my pc has been resetting itself(rebooting) for no apparent reason,i also experienced a crash with corrupt screen graphics.My pc has been stable for 4 months now and i have not recently upgraded harware or put any new software on the pc?

Posted: Mar 14, 2005

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Resetting Keyboard Driver
I'm having a keyboard problem that nobody can solve. Should I reinstall the driver? Windows says if I remove the driver it will automatically select one the next time I reboot. Has anyone done this? I'm afraid it will screw up like most Microsoft programs and I'll have a laptop with a dead keyboard.

Posted: May 2, 2006

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Resetting Administrator Password
I have a laptop from my old company which I used to use to login to work.I have not used it for some time and I can't remember either my own password or the administrator password.My old company used Active Directory so I am not sure whether any of the solutions available on the internet would work because of Active Directory. Can anyone help me reset either my own password or the Administrator's password so that I can use this laptop? The OS is XP.

Posted: Sep 30, 2008

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Clock Resetting - The Battery Dying?
The calendar/clock keeps randomly resetting itself to 00:00, 1st January 2002.

It's extremely annoying - is the battery dying? Or is there another problem?

Posted: Jul 17, 2005

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Resetting Device Driver Might Be At Fault.
I was reading a string from 2007 on this site about a similar problem I'm having. My XP computer keeps resetting and after the computer restarts and an error report is sent I get a rather vague web page from Microsoft that a device driver might be at fault.

The string I mentioned reading involved a member here that seemed very knowledgeable and quite helpful, I think it was "The Hound" at any rate in reading the string The Hound recommended setting up the error process, for lack of a better term, to not automatically reboot so the message on the bluescreen could be read. I've done that but the system is stable for now.

Posted: Apr 30, 2008

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Resetting My System Registry Is Buggered Now
I bought my laptop through the university and it came with XP Pro preinstalled on it. I did not receive any cd's with it and was wondering how to go about getting it back to a freh copy of windows. I think my registry is buggered now and wouldn't mind starting afresh. I did some digging and found a thing called sysprep that has the option to prepare the machine for the end user.I'm wondering if I pushed it that would take it back to the state

Posted: Nov 9, 2008

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Pro Keeps Resetting - Sophos AV Software
My install of XP Pro now resets itself 5 or 6 times a day without warning. It can happen anytime, and it's as if I've pressed the reset button on the case but obviously I'm not. I've got Sophos AV software, Zone Alarm Pro and Spybot installed and these can't find any virus's or spyware or malware. It's driving me mad because before this it was a very stable installlation.

Posted: Jul 10, 2005

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Does Resetting Password Reset An Account?
I reset an account password by typing in "control userpasswords2 " in the Run command and clicking on an account and clicking reset password. When I came back to that account on which I reset the password on, some of the things are reset. I noticed that one thing that is reset is the MSN Messenger background images. For the Background of MSN Messenger, I had other downloaded background pictures in the Backgrounds tab, but now I don't. There only saved in my folder.

Posted: May 25, 2005

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Setup Password - Resetting Or Removing
I got a PC from my brother in law ages ago. Just tyring to upgrade it but when I hit the delete key on boot up it asks me for a password. I asked my brother in law and he never knew of a password and didnt know. Is there any way of resetting or removing this password?

Posted: May 3, 2006

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Resetting / Re-tuning The OS As Installed First Time?
I want to reset my windows xp ,by reseting i mean returning like it was when i first turned it on , like new, I tried system restore and all but it only restores to like about yesterday.I want to RESET not delet every program so it cant work

Posted: Dec 20, 2006

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Drop Down Menus Keep Resetting Rapidly
all my drop down menus from address bar to simple options in settings and such all keep resetting Rapidly, as if I was clicking on it non stop, what this is doing is hindering me from being able to do anything on that page that is displayed because it keeps pulling down the topmost drop down menu

Posted: Sep 18, 2007

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