To Boot From CD Press Any Key / Keyboard Is Not Working

Oct 12, 2008

Today my computer went slow so i restarted it and from that point it kept doing the same thing: it starts, then the dialog where it asks u if to start normal or safe mode (but keyboard doesnt work) then after the 28sec it tries to load windows, but a blue screen is shown and then restart again. I put the reinstalation CD but when i get to the "To boot from CD press any key" i cant becouse keyboard is not working.

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Keyboard Not Working During Boot Up

Apr 5, 2007

I have had a weird problem of the keyboard not working during boot up -- except it WILL let me get into BIOS. And this is the ONLY time it will not work.A little background is in order, however. Previously, the keyboard stopped working, first during boot up, then totally. Then the mouse stopped working as well. Couldn't do anything at all.... The keyboard is a Micro Innovations, and I'd had it plugged into the PS/2, but I eventually found out that if I plugged it into the USB port instead (it goes either way), the keyboard would work. So, I went out & got a USB mouse, and it worked too. So I was thinking that the card was fried.Last night, I decided to boot it into Safe mode to run some scans. And it wouldn't boot into safe mode, just kept ignoring my F8 command, and going straight to Windows. I did find out that it WILL take my DEL command and go into BIOS, where the keyboard works just fine. So tonite I thought I'd try a repair, thinking maybe some files were corrupt. And it will not take any keystroke to boot from the CD. Again, I can still get into BIOS, though. And, as you can see, it is working fine now. This is how it started in the PS/2 port, when it eventually quit working altogether.

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Explorer Freezes When Press Delete Button On Keyboard

Jul 2, 2009

I have been experiencing this for the last few weeks. Whenever I press the delete button to delete a file from a folder, the windows explorer freezes and then I have to go to task manager to end this.

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Locks Up Mouse / Keyboard - Recover Press Reset Button

Jan 5, 2005

I use Windows XP home edition. My computer locks up every now and then, the mouse, keyboard, everything. The only way to recover it is to press the reset button. It may go for days and have no problems, then may lock up several times in one day. Than it might go for days again with no problems. It happens a lot when you are playing the windows games, but it will also do it sometimes with other programs. I have looked everywhere to try and figure it out, but I have had no luck. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this or where I can look to correct this problem?

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Boot Up Gets User Screen For User Selection Both Keyboard And Mouse Stop Working

Apr 13, 2005

I am trying to fix a friends computer my usual story. Once it gets to the user screen for user selection both keyboard and mouse stop working, its either they stop working or the computer freezes, i am not sure. Life still goes to the mouse as it still lights. The keyboad works fine in the bios but not at freezing point.

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Screen Stucks On Boot Screen - Keyboard/mouse Are Not Working

Feb 16, 2006

My computer is stuck on the boot screen, the mouse is lit up as to be working the keyboard flashed its lights as it always does when you boot but then everything seems to stop there. the screen is stuck on the boot screen the keyboard doesnt seem to work (lights are gone and wont come back on.) the lights on the back of the computer (the yellow and green ones) are all yellow but one. The C light is green. they are a steady color. Not blinking. A,B,D are all yellow.

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Keyboard Not Working / No Lights Come Up On The Keyboard

Mar 3, 2005

My friends keyboard is not working. When she turns the computer on no lights come up on the keyboard. Have tried another keyboard and still the same. Unable to get into the computer to check bios etc as there is a password on the account.

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Boot Failure:No HDD In Boot Menu/insert System Disk And Press Enter?

Jun 10, 2007

first i get the HP blue screen. I tried F1, but i dont see my hard drive in the boot menu. I followed some steps in Hp's web site- took the cpu apart and unplugged both hard drives from the motherboard, plugged them back in. when i restarted ,i got the HP screen and then windows started to load up. After a few seconds the HP screen came back up and then the black screen: sk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. I also noticed that pressing F10 for system recovery does nothing.

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USB Mouse Not Working, Yet Keyboard Is Working?

Apr 13, 2010

I just recently reinstalled Windows XP on my computer, my USB keyboard is working fine, but my mouse is not working, I tried it in all the USB ports for it and I am getting no response, I am getting a curser on screen but no movement nor am I able to click.

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Press Any Key To Boot From CD-ROM

Aug 12, 2002

Format the partition you are going to use for the install.Restart your computer.Go into the BIOS Change your boot order and Make the CD-ROM your boot drive.Insert the CD and restart the Personal Computer.When prompted, Press Any key to boot from CD-ROM.Make sure that your computer is boot able by CD, otherwise this will not work.

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PS2 Keyboard To USB Is Not Working

Aug 3, 2005

Just got a new Dell laptop without a PS2 port. I have an external PS keyboard that I want to use with it. I am using a PS2 to USB adapeter extension to plug it into the bus. The device manager will not acknowledge the external hardward via the USB plug.
The keyboard is made by Inland. The CD rom that came with it for the driver has been installed but it does not work because of the USB port issue.

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USB Keyboard Not Working

Aug 22, 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 which has no PS/2 inputs for Keyboard or Mouse only USB ports.I recently did something I regret now. I was installing a USB TV Tuner which told me I need to install a up to date USB 2.0 Driver which was on the Install CD. I did this, but now my Keyboard and Mouse do Not work when Windows XP starts.The Keyboard works in BIOS with all lights showing on the Keyboard, but as soon as Windows XP starts to load then the lights go off and nothing works.There are no settings that I can see in BIOS that works and I do not have a backup of my Hard Drive.

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Keyboard Not Working

Apr 6, 2010

one of which is my key board is not wrking and im havin to use the frustrating on screen key board. im getting tjis error code Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)i relly need help fixingb this please please helpme ive tried restarting, uninstallig and reinstalling the keyboard: all of which i was toldv to do by the troubleshooter, whih is completly useless. so pleas help me fix this fst.

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Press H To Boot From Hard Drive

Feb 22, 2007

Anyone know how to automatically boot from the hard drive? Has any one seen this before? I have been in the BIOS, set the hdd as the first device to boot from.I have looked through the BIOS but I can't find anything that jumps out as different or pertaining to this Boot Message.I looked at the boot.ini file, nothing there.I am running Win2k Pro.I don't know where else to look to disable this boot interaction..

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Press Any Key To Boot From CD / Message When Installing Pro

Apr 6, 2007

I've tried several times to install Windows XP now on a new Maxtor drive bought just the other day. When I have the disc in, it loads to the blue install screen without asking me to press a key to boot from cd, I choose to install, partition the drive and format. It copies the files and then restarts, but when it loads again it still doesn't ask for me to press a key (which you aren't supposed to press the second time), and it loads back to the first menu, where I can start all over again.

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Laptop Keyboard: Certain Key Are Not Working?

Jun 19, 2005

I have a INSPIRON 5150 LAPTOP. Certain key are not working. Is there somthing that I can do to fix this problem?

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Keyboard Not Working On One Of The User

Jun 28, 2004

The keyboard is not working on one of the users on my pc on the other three users it works fine.

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Keyboard Not Working In Certain Modes

May 31, 2005

On a friends laptop, yesterday all of a sudden her keyboard give in and the right hand half of the keyboard stopped working. Well, didn't stop working, but just displayed the wrong characters. I'm 99% sure (don't ever want to be 100% incase ur wrong eh? ) that it isn't a hardware fault, but infact a software problem, but I can't find the source of the problem.I done all the usual checks on the system from my side. I got her to check for spyware/malware/etc, virus scan with latest definitions, the lot. The problem still didn't go away. Under safe mode within the Administrator profile, the keyboard works fine and all the keys work. I couldn't understand why this was, but then she told me last night that she found something out even more puzzling. Even under safe mode, when she goes into HER profile, the keyboard stops working again.

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Log Tech Keyboard Not Working

Apr 5, 2007

logitech model:Y-ST39 it was working up untill i got a new computer desk . when i plugged everything back in the keyboard wouldnt work. iv gone through the hardware the computer wont pick it up .

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Setup Keyboard Not Working At All

Oct 5, 2007

I took a side job for a co-worker to fix her computer because when she boots it comes to the blue screen of death. Well, come to find out, the partition of the HD that the OS is loaded on is corrupted so she agreed that we could start from scratch. Sounds fine, right - but no. I'm going to boot from dell's XPsp2 cd (tried multiple cd's) and everything seems fine until I need to actually use the keyboard. A few seconds before the screen comes up that asks you if you want to repair your computer or install windows, the light on the keyboard goes off and nothing works on it. So, I've tried mulitple keyboards and usb ports on the computer (no PS2 ports) - no dice. Tried resetting the bios to the original state - no dice.

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Keyboard Is Quit Working

Jul 19, 2010

I have a Dell inspiron 530 with XP and a keyboard that quit working. I have tried everything I can think of. Safe mode malware runs, uninstalls and reinstalls, driver downloads and updates. I am also having more redirects on my internet than usual. Using the on screen keyboard now.

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Mouse And Keyboard Are Not Working

Jul 5, 2006

A buddy of mine is having problems with his PC. He said when he turns it on it seems to boot up fine (lights on case work) but his screen, mouse and keyboard are not working. Now Im assuming that all those burning out at the same time is next to impossible. I think it might have to do with the PC itself. I have yet to try a different screen and such just to make sure. Also if infact trying another screen fails i obviously will not be able to look in his bios, which leaves me kinda stumped.

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Boot Up / Press Alt+Ctrl+Del For The Pc To Continue Start-up

Apr 13, 2006

I'm using a pentium3, micronpc. I'm running on xp pro. press alt+Ctrl+Del for the pc to continue start-up. I've already gone into the BIOS settings and changed the boot sequence around but it's still not conrected the problem.

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Keyboard Is Not Working Upto The Mark

May 20, 2008

My keyboard won't type. I have to hold the letter down until my tower clicks twice then the letter types. I thought it was keyboard, got new one, still not working

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Keyboard And Mouse Not Working Because Of Any Virus

Mar 8, 2008

I am having issues with my keyboard and mouse(hence the title). My keyboard works fine while in the bios and while booting, but once the Windows Bar stops going from side to side and I start to see my desktop load, the screen is in 640x480 resolution or something (like safe mode) and I can't use my keyboard or my mouse, even though the lights on both are lit(so they have power). Earlier, I was having problems with my hal.dll (long story, but I ended replacing it from my MCE OEM CD in the recovery console((which I have in my MBR Boot menu)), and now I am here). I think that that might be the contributing issue here, but I have no clue what to do next. The same thing happens when I enter safe mode. I would just boot from my XP DVD and do a repair, but DELL gave me a DVD-ROM OEM disk with my XPS 600 even though the only drive I can boot from is my CD-RW DRIVE as far as I know. I have checked my boot order in my bios. I can boot from USB or Onboard or Removable Hard drives and Cd Drives.

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Laptop Keyboard Not Working When Boots?

Jan 15, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop. The keyboard will not respond in windows at the login screen, not even in to go into safemode. It will however work in BIOS, I rebooted several times, still no dice, held down the Fn key and hit keys to no avail. But at the login screen I can hit Fn+f8 and it'll toggle the screen from lcd to external and back, can also eject the cdrom. I am stuck cause i cant login to XP.

I had left my computer on when i left town for a day. When i was back the computer was at the windows login screen. I am assuming that at some point while i was gone an automatic windows upate may have been installed which forced the computer to reboot. the update may have messed up my keyboard drivers.
any help would be greatly appreciated as at this point im stuck!!!! thanks in advance

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Setup Freeze - Keyboard Not Working

Feb 26, 2006

It is about 5 years old. Assembled by Mode Computers Woolongong.It has 2 Hard drives both with xp pro as operating systems on both drives. I had it set up to boot from drive D. On friday the computer was running very slow so I run virus, registry programs thru it also defragmented it. My broadband connection was snail pace. So I done a silly thing and decided to reinstall xp again. I thought that this might fix up some corrupt files.This is where I'm having all the trouble. It only got so far and froze, now when I try to boot the computer to goes staight to Windows XP setup and goes so far and a blank screen comes on. Now I've tried to boot rescue disks by changing 1 st boot to CD. This works but my keyboard doesn't at this stage which doesn't allow me to select an item.

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Keyboard And Mouse Not Working - Installed SP3

Dec 12, 2008

so we just installed SP3 for XP. At first the boot was failing, made some hardware changes and all was good seemingly... now the keyboard and mouse no longer work, but they work when the computer just starts up. They just stop working shortly after. I plugged in a USB mouse and that works, so I was thinking it may be a problem with the PS/2 ports.

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Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor Not Working

Apr 27, 2008

My PC seems to be working fine, running along. I went up close and checked if anything was fryed/unplugged yet no problems. My PC can turn on, but my monitor, keyboard AND mouse doesn't work

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Keyboard Not Working On Startup, Need To Reformat

Apr 22, 2008

Alright, so i'm in the process of reformatting my computer, a process I've gone through many times on many computers, however, my latest setup, being my first hand-built computer, is having an issue when it comes to powering the keyboard when the computer starts up.My plan is to reformat the main hardrive, there are no separate partitions, however the two methods I've attempted have not worked. In startup, adjust the bios to boot from disk rather than HD with the windows Cd inserted, this I have done with no change, I've removed every other option than to boot from CD, it shouldnt even be going to the HD but it does. Press ANY key to Boot from Disc, this option appears shortly after the Del to enter setup page, and counts down before normally running windows. However the keyboard is unresponsive at this point, so I cant choose the option I want to.

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Keyboard Not Working / Power Is Shut Down

Oct 3, 2005

I'm using Windows XP Professional as my O/S. I have a peculiar problem with my keyboard Logitech New Touch Multimedia with DIN connector. I have created two users, both with Administrative Rights.The problem is that the keyboard is detected only in one User. If I log off that user (the one in which the K.B is detected) and login the other, the keyboard stops working and all the LED's are switched off as if the Power to the keyboard is shut down. But on logging in the previous user, the keyboard starts functioning again.

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