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On The Left Hand Side Of Desktop Is Big Blue Bar

On the left hand side of my desktop is a big blue bar. It is about 2 and a half inches wide ( from left to right) and goes from the top of my screen to the bottom where the start menu is. I have tried everything I can think of and have been unable to get rid of it. Does anyone know how to remove this. I even tried in msconfig.

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Close Desktop Properties Showing Up On The Left Hand Side
The desktop properties is showing up on the left hand side of the desktop and I am not able to close it. it is just stuck there. any ideas?

Posted: Sep 9, 2005

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Folder - No Toolbar On The Left Hand Side
I got back from holiday a few weeks ago and i notice that in my documents, my pictures and all the other windows folders, that the settings had changed. As you can see there is no toolbar on the left hand side of this folder and this is what ever one of my folders look like even if i create a new one. How can i get this back to the original look?

Posted: Jan 3, 2007

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Left Hand Side Fills Up On Start Up Menu
I go to start, a window opens up, two parts. The right hane side contains my nessary items,control panel, search, run ECT. The left hane side contains the recently open items. This fills up fast, and I must go and ''remove this item from list'' with my mouse. Time comsuming. Is there any way to keep items from loading up the left side menu in ''Start''? Have Compaq Presaro, windows XP, home, SP2.

Posted: Nov 27, 2005

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Disappearance Of Right Hand Side Of Task Bar
The icons on the right hand side of my taskbar disappear after they have loaded on startup. has anyone any suggestions as to how I can get them back on my screen?

Posted: Aug 4, 2008

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Moved The Desktop Toolbar From The Left Side To The Right Side - Get Back
Without knowing how I have moved the Desktop toolbar from the left side to the right side of the Taskbar

How do I get back to the left side of the Taskbar

Posted: Sep 11, 2010

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Desk Top Bar Moved To The Left Side Of Screen
I do not know what the bar is called but it is the bar that is usually at the bottom of the screen. It has the running programs in it and other things. Some how it moved from the bottom of the screen to the left side of my screen going up and down. I need to put it back to the bottom of the screen

Posted: Feb 14, 2005

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Try To Play Video Play At Bottom Left Hand Side Of Screen / Nothing Plays / Audio Or Video
i have a problem with windows media player, whenever i try to play a video, it says play at the bottom left hand side of the screen but nothing plays, audio, or video, what do i do?

Posted: Dec 29, 2004

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Icons On Desktop Reset And Line Up On The Left Side Of The Screen
I am running Windows XP, Intel P4 (531), 1024 RAM, Gateway PC. Each time I restart my PC, all of the icons on my desktop reset and line up on the left side of the screen. I move them back to where I want them and organize. If I reboot again, the icons reset again. What can be causing this and how can I fix the problem?

Posted: Feb 23, 2009

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Desktop - Version - Service Pack - Build Number Sitting On The Left Hand Corner
my windows version and "xp service pack" and build number is sitting on the left hand corner of my dekstop. i can't get rid of it. why is it there?

Posted: Sep 15, 2005

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Theme Is Missing / Blue Bar On The Left Of The Screen
In windows xp themes how you go to my computer and you got that blue bar on the left of the screen then it shows c drive and so on.Well no clue what happened but its gone where can i download the theme again.It also shows when you go to control panel that blue border mine is all white.

Posted: Sep 17, 2007

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Desktop - My Documents Folder - Blue Thing On The Side
my desktop having the thing on the "My Documents" folder. It has that blue thing on the side and I don't know how I get rid of it.

Posted: Jun 4, 2006

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How To Get A Little Red X In The Left -hand Corner?
I'm trying to access this fantastic jigsaw puzzle at ,and when I paste it into the address bar, I get a little red x up in the left-hand corner of the picture. Where do I go in my security settings to change them so I can get this site?

Posted: Aug 4, 2005

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Task Bar Desktop Icons - Left Screen Auto Hide Enabled
I've recently re-sized my task-bar to hold my usual desktop icons in the quick-launch area and moved the bar to the left of the screen with auto-hide enabled. All was well until recently when it began to remain on-screen for about 1 min when not in focus. Then it recently began to open on start-up at a size of only 1 icon wide instead of the previously set 3 icons wide. I've made no such changes to the configuration and am curious to know if anyone might know why/how it seems to have obtained a "mind of its own"???

Posted: Sep 20, 2010

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Start Menu / Folder Options: Nothing In The Left-hand Column?
When I open up the Start Menu on one of the accounts, there is nothing in the left-hand column. When I right click and get the Properties, and try to Customize the Menu, the options don't save, and I'm stuck with nothing. I've tried clicking on the Internet radio button for "Show on Start Menu". I click Ok, then Apply, and Finally Ok again. But when I go back to the menu, it still has nothing in the left-hand column.

The second thing I've noticed was under Folder Options -> View, I tried to check both the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" button, and also un-check "Hide extensions for Known File Types" and click on Apply, then Ok again. But still, these options don't save and are reset back to "Do not show hidden files", and "hide extensions".

Posted: Jan 13, 2008

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Black Screen Blinking Cursor Left Hand Cornor
I believe I got a virus it was stuck on a warning screen. I tried to reinstall window XP now it goes to choose Window XP Professional or Home on Black screen white lettering. It will not let you choose XP is highlighted. Then it goes to black screen with cursor in left hand corner.

Posted: Sep 27, 2008

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Mouse Point Automatically Upper Left Hand Corner
I have a dell lattitude d800, and my mouse pointer automatically goes to the upper left hand corner. i've plugged an external mouse and i get the same problem. i don't have any spyware - or viruses - as i've ran adaware, spybot, and microsoft antispyware. i've also ran Norton antivirus - and none of the three have detected maliciuos sw or viruses. i don't have any other problems w/the machine. i've uninstalled the default drivers, and reinstalled them.

Posted: Oct 17, 2005

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Websites Crammed To The Left Side
I got a new computer that has the wide screen aspect, when I go to some websites it is all crammed to the left side and others, like this one, it fills the screen. is ther a way to make it looke the same at all sites.

Posted: Apr 29, 2006

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Favorites Left Side Colum
I upgraded Explorer a few weeks ago.Now Favorites is ONLY available as a drop down list.I have searched everywhere to see if I can make it a column again without any liuck.I am running windows XP Pro.

Posted: Feb 4, 2008

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Computer Not Booting - Flashing Top Left Hand Corner Screen
My computer will not boot up. It gets to a certian point and sits there flashing an underscore in the top, left hand corner of the screen. It has done this before, like it stalled on start up and I would just restart it and it would finish booting but that isn't working. I'm using XP Professional...

I installed a software last night on my computer to allow me to transfer images and stuff to my cell phone (motorolla product). When I was installing it a box or something appeared saying it was suddenly missing files and it wanted me to put in the Service pack 2 disk - which I didn't have. My only guess is that is what caused this problem. I have not saved anything yet (was going to do that tomarrow on my only day off)

Posted: Oct 7, 2006

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Totally Baffled - Vertically On The Left Side
I need to know how to get my desktop to look the way it always has in the past. I did some odd thing and now the toolbar that has always behaved and stayed at the bottom of my desktop horizontally, is now standing straight up vertically on the left side of my desktop. What is the procedure to get it back to my "normal".

Posted: Dec 3, 2006

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How To Get Panel Or Left Side Detail View To Show
In windows 2000, explorer to the left of the folders view, their was a panel that would contain folder/file detail information. This was always displayed even when Folders view was selected to show the folder tree. In XP i can not figure how to get this panel or left side detail view to show. If I close the folders view then I get a left panel that has tasks/places/details tabs. The details tab contains what ai want for info but i also like to have the folders tree viewing also, but it does not display. When I click on folders viiew this window/panel/whatever witht the details in it disappears.

Posted: Mar 20, 2008

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Yahoo Messenger Side Bar Explorer Bar ?
I really liked but can't seem to find the same for Firefox which is what I mostly use. In IE, under explorer bars, you have the option of yahoo messenger. So, it slaps your messenger window as the lefthand side like a bookmark or history eplorer bar. Problem is this: I can't find the same thing for Firefox.

Posted: Dec 23, 2005

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Big Green Bar Where My Clock And Task Bar Should Be
I installed Paint Shop Pro 8 and a patch to PSP8, when I returned to my desktop, this horrible, empty green bar had taken over the bottom of my desktop. there is nothing on this bar except for the MS flag on the left side. Clicking it allows me to reveal my programs menu,but I have no idea what is open because nothing shows on this bar. I can neither move the bar or see underneath it.

Posted: Sep 8, 2005

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Unable To Switch To Category View / Left Side Panel Disappeared
I could not figure out how it happened. When I click Control Panel, I see Classic View.I am unable to switch to "Category View" because the left side panel disappeared. Please tell me how to recover the left side panel which allows me to choose between Classic/category view.

Posted: Aug 21, 2005

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Info Bar Missing, Task Bar Left To The Clock
through some uncontrolled mouse move while playing with the task bar I
managed to make by "info bar" disappear. Only the clock is left. All
other bars can be switched on and off correctly. The option "Hide inactive symbols" under taskbar properties is greyed

Posted: Sep 11, 2005

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Explorer Missing Side Bar
Im not sure what it is exactly called but the blue bar the is on the left hand side of windows explorer is gone. See screenie.

Posted: Aug 31, 2006

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Blue Screen - Show No Start Bar Or Desktop Icon
i have a dell computer windows xp. Whenever i turn on my computer it log in and everything right but show no start bar or destop icon it just show a blue show screen blue i can get to task manger but when i try to open a program nothing happen

Posted: Oct 20, 2008

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Start & Task Bar Moved To Side Of Screen Instead Of Bottom
How do I move the task bar from the side where it mysteriously wound up back to the bottom of the screen?

Posted: Jan 14, 2005

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Minimized Items Are Not Side By Side On The Taskbar
Since reinstalling XP my minimized windows are not side by side on the task bar any longer there are two arrows which usually means they are in a list but they aren't, they just stack up on top of each other with only one icon which I have to keep clicking to resume the page I want to view.

Posted: May 22, 2007

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