Try To Play Video Play At Bottom Left Hand Side Of Screen / Nothing Plays / Audio Or Video

Dec 29, 2004

i have a problem with windows media player, whenever i try to play a video, it says play at the bottom left hand side of the screen but nothing plays, audio, or video, what do i do?

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Try To Play Video File / Plays Audio With No Video

Oct 20, 2007

just got a new computer recently and updated the media player to windows media player 11 but when i try to play a video file it just plays the audio with no video.. anyone know why this is or have any tips?

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Video Files Wont Play In Indeo Video Software?

Sep 11, 2005

Some of my video files are not working for want of Indeo Video Codec. I have been working on a video convert tool as my last application. I do not know what happened and this got corrupted. It gives pop up message for MS Encarta Video files saying "The program you are trying to run requires a current Indeo codec To obtain a current driver that is compatible with this version of Windows, please contact the manufacturer at". When I check with them, they ask me to contact OS supplier

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Enable To Play Video: Computer Keeps Losing Video Display?

Apr 26, 2006

The problem is the computer keeps losing its video display. Just went black. I reinstall the drivers and restart and the computer runs fine. Use fine, then after its been on for awhile it goes black again. Weird. I have the newest drivers and all the windows updates loaded. It just keeps going out. I have tried several screens as well to rule out the monitor freaking out.

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WMP11 Plays Audio But No Video

Sep 27, 2007

I have win xp sp2 fully update with all drivers etc upto date. WMP11 was working fine and I can't figure what has caused the issue.
All video files play, but only the audio, the screen remains blank. This applies to local files or steaming from places such as etc.
I have tried removing WMP11, and 10 but nothing allows media files to play. No other software would work either. I finally got VLC to work by selecting OpenGL mode, but that would work in no other mode either.

I have checked I have all codecs, tried removing all and re adding, but nothing seems to work.

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Cant Play Video On Wmp11

Oct 19, 2008

wmp11 on vista


A laptop the os system being vista it has wmp11 on it he tried to play a dvd video film on it he got the sound but the video was encrypted how can I make it so he can see the video on wmp11. I downloaded VLC and that works fine video and sound, so whats the problem with wmp11?

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 5, 2005

When I attempt to play any type of video or video games at full screen or doublesize resolution, the display becomes slow and choppy.

Is there a way to check whether this is due to the computer being slow
or due to videocard incompatibility?

It's the latter case, but I am not so sure. The PC is a Pentium II 333 MHZ, with a 128 RAM, which I believe is quite slow to run WinXP.

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 6, 2005

My old pc was a Pentium 200, with also 128 RAM, but it played full
screen videos without problem. The OS was Win98.

Should I uninstall WinXp on the new PC and install Win98?

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PC Shuts Down When Play Video

Aug 2, 2010

I hate this PC. I have had one problem after another, but I can't afford another PC right now and have to deal with this POS Emachines.

AMD Athlon Processor 2650e
1.61 ghz 1.75GB Ram 160gb HD
Windows XP Home
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Everything has been working fine now for about 6 months(So I'm 3 mos overdo for a crash) since I had to wipe everthing and restart. Last week I had to tape a Digital Video and then edit it using Windows Movie Maker. The storing was very slow but I finally finished the project. Then I decided to tape one last thing on my Nokia N95 (A phone with a very good Carl Zeiss video recorder in it)..................

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Video Wont Play - WMP

Jan 31, 2006

I am using a Dell XPS M140 Media Center Editition. For some reason I was able to watch video off the internet earlier, but now I can't watch any video. I'm pretty sure that I did nothing to WMP to cause this. I don't know how to get it back to the way it was.

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Play Video - Slow And Freeze

Aug 15, 2005

i formated my pc and now i have windows xp with latest updated installed, but when i click to play a movie, my pc just start going slowly and freez and windows dont show any error.

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Video Wont Play From Web Site

May 24, 2005

When I go to a site such as ww*.foxsports.c*m and then scroll down to the "video" section and click on a video, a new window pops up but no video appears!

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Play Video - Relay No Sound.

Jul 3, 2005

My dvd play and all my other programs which play videome is relay no sound.
The volume is up, it's not muted, so what could the problem be?

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On The Left Hand Side Of Desktop Is Big Blue Bar

Aug 10, 2005

On the left hand side of my desktop is a big blue bar. It is about 2 and a half inches wide ( from left to right) and goes from the top of my screen to the bottom where the start menu is. I have tried everything I can think of and have been unable to get rid of it. Does anyone know how to remove this. I even tried in msconfig.

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Folder - No Toolbar On The Left Hand Side

Jan 3, 2007

I got back from holiday a few weeks ago and i notice that in my documents, my pictures and all the other windows folders, that the settings had changed. As you can see there is no toolbar on the left hand side of this folder and this is what ever one of my folders look like even if i create a new one. How can i get this back to the original look?

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I just recently reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.
Same with watching videos. It's like looking at pictures really. Thats how bad the choppiness is.

So I decided to do some investigation and installed Process Explorer to look into detail. Turns out that under the System process, there is a thread called kmixer.sys which is a driver for a soundcard. This one thing has spikes in CPU usage up to 70% sometimes.
Another thread to look at under Svchost is krnl or kernel something. Also uses quite a bit sometimes.

I wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me as I would greatly appreciate it. I looked at just about every forum there is about my problems, and still haven't gotten a solid solution yet.

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.

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No Video In Media Player - Cannot Play Wmv Or Avi Files

Oct 20, 2008

I am running windows XPSP3 with windows media player 11. For some reason I cannot play wmv or avi files. I get the audio but no video. This is true for any media player that I have tried. I have re installed both the media player and windows to no avail. I have checked the codecs and seem to have the most common ones (see below) I ran GSpot on one of the files and it said that I had the proper codec, yet it still won't play. I am sure it is a setting problem of some sort , but don't know where. Can you give me any help?


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Left Hand Side Fills Up On Start Up Menu

Nov 27, 2005

I go to start, a window opens up, two parts. The right hane side contains my nessary items,control panel, search, run ECT. The left hane side contains the recently open items. This fills up fast, and I must go and ''remove this item from list'' with my mouse. Time comsuming. Is there any way to keep items from loading up the left side menu in ''Start''? Have Compaq Presaro, windows XP, home, SP2.

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Windows Media Player Is Currently Unavailable To Play Dvd Video

Feb 24, 2007

im having trouble with media player. i have vs. 9 atm. ive tried to install upgrades and i get an error. when i insert a DVD i get this message *windows media player is currently unavailable to play dvd video.Try decreasing the number of colors displayed on your monitor or decreasing your screen resolution. For additional solutions click more info.* tried all that and i get same message..

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Doesn't Load / Play The Video - Missing Code

Mar 6, 2007

when i try to play news clips on msnbc.msn the player appears with the loading message at the bottom. it just sits there, but doesn't load and play the video. i can go to othe sites, ie, Internet, and it plays fine. i know this sounds like a missing codec, but it's hard to believe that ms wouldn't already have that codec loaded to play clips from msn. i can play them on my destop pc, winxp pro, wmp10, without additonal codecs. i upgraded the laptop to wmp11, but that didn't work, so i rolled back to wimp10.

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Computer Restarts Everytime A Video Starts To Play

Jan 7, 2008

Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this? I'm using Windows XP, Intel, 512MB nvidia graphics card, over 1.5 gigs of RAM

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Close Desktop Properties Showing Up On The Left Hand Side

Sep 9, 2005

The desktop properties is showing up on the left hand side of the desktop and I am not able to close it. it is just stuck there. any ideas?

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Media Players Crash When Attempting To Play Any Video Files

Jun 8, 2006

Whenever i try to play some of my video files (.avi, .mpg. wmv. etc) my shell and media player will both crash. For shells i have tried both bblean and standard explorer, media players i have tried are windows media player, winamp, and bsplayer. It dosent actually crash the program, it just brings up the little "this program needs to close" thing. if i drag it to the side the video will continue to play (somtimes). somtimes the videos wont load at all.

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Unable To Play DVDs And Video Files On Media Player 10?

Mar 19, 2006

I cannot play DVDs or DVD files in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10. It worked fine before, now nothing. When I go to try and play a DVD or file, I get the following message:Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. Open Display in Control Panel, and then lower your screen resolution and color quality settings. To view the DVD Troubleshooter, click More Information.

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Getting Video Playback Error: Media Player Wont Play Avi Files?

Jun 27, 2005

i have read all of the faq's and trouble shooting guides as to why windows media player 10 cannot play .avi files on my computer. i have no idea what kind of video card i have so i dont know if i can get the drivers for it.the playback is green and choppy but i can hear the audio, it does not do this with all movie files i beleive it is only .avi's.

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Imported Video Footage Playing On Audio Line Not Video?

Sep 20, 2005

I have managed to put video footage onto my PC from a video cassette (by plugging my VCR into the TV aerial socket). The video footage is saved on my PC as .mpg files & when I open them, they play fine on Windows Media Player.When I import them on to Windows Movie Maker, they are recognised as video footage and I am able to put them into the collections as video. However, for some reason, when I drag them onto the timeline, they go onto the audio line & I can't get them to go on the video line, so when I play it, the sound plays but there is no picture. I have tried saving them as .AVI files but that makes no difference

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Imported Video Skips: Video And Audio Are Disjointed?

Jun 14, 2005

I imported a video of 90 min length onto my computer. When I imported it into Movie Maker the final quarter skips and the video and audio are disjointed. What caused this?

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Can Play Music / Can't Play Music Videos / Windows Media Player Cannot Play File / Specified Protocol Not Supported

Mar 6, 2006

I can play music, but can't play music videos.I get this error message:Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").I am also having problems with UPDATING Windows Media- I get a message saying I am missing some components. I cant go into the Microsoft updates webpage either- I get a message saying ''page cannot be displayed''

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Avi From Webpage Plays Sound No Video

May 10, 2005

when looking at a webpage with an embedded avi, the avi d/l's, then only sound plays.When I attempt to view the file in the temp internet files folder, it only plays sound, and properties (in media player) says audio file. When I copy the same file to another folder (somewhere outside temp int folder) and play the file, it plays the audio and video like it should (and properties in media player says audio video).What gives? I've checked in the browser settings and its set to play videos on webpages, and I've tried checking play by extension (as opposed to content) as well. The media player is only 9 (yes, I'll upgrade), but I know that's not the problem because I've looked at the same site with a different computer (but not xp) and it works fine.

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Mouse Jumping To Bottom Right Hand Corner Of Screen?

Dec 12, 2005

My mouse is jumping around alot, I have noticed it jump to the bottom right hand corner of the screen a few times. Optical mouse, Dell inspiron l2200 Laptop, brand new, 1.4Ghz, 504mb of ram, XP home. My laptop has been slow since I got it. I have HJT and CleanUp!, Adware, Norton, McAfee and Ewido.

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