How To Disable File Search In Windows

Jan 24, 2008

How is this possible? I know there are ways through GPO but is there any other way to disable Windows File Searching? A user requested to "DISABLE FILE SEARCH SO IT DOESN'T RECORD A HISTORY".

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SEARCH Won't Work File Missing / File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

May 5, 2005

I'm battling spyware removal at the moment (aurora) and somehow my win xp sp2 search function no longer works. i get an error "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found" you may need to run setup I went to the microsoft website and downloaded the hotfix, however it doesn't work with sp2! anybody know how to fix this? I checked and i do have the srchasst folder in windows.

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Disable Search From Looking In Zip (compressed) Files

Sep 7, 2002

Windows XP Search can get slow if you have a lot of compressed files on your hard drive. Speed up your searches by disabling this. Open the Run command and type the following:

regsvr32 c:winnt\system32zipfldr.dll /u or
regsvr32 c:windows\system32zipfldr.dll /u if installed in the windows directory
To turn this feature back on:
regsvr32 c:winnt\system32zipfldr.dll or
regsvr32 c:windows\system32zipfldr.dll if installed in the windows directory

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How To Disable Auto Text In Search Box?

Oct 5, 2005

i dont know the actual technical term for this function. its when u type something in the search box, a box will show your previous search terms. its very annoying & i would like to get rid of this EXTRA function. i tried to look into the 'options', but couldnt find any selection that can disable this function.

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Search A Word In *.java Files With Windows Sp2 Search...

Jun 9, 2005

Search a word in *.java files with Windows XP sp2 Search... are not functionally.

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Cannot Use Search Function - File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

Mar 27, 2005

Whenever I try to use the Start|Search|For Files or Folders function of Windows XP, I get the following Error message box stating, "A file required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may need to run Setup". (1) Does anyone have any idea what caused this problem? (2) What file is missing? (3) Can I fix it without having to run Setup?

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Disable Indexing Services Not Allow Search Files

Nov 18, 2008

If I disable indexing services will that not allow me to search for files on my comp? Say wma's or mp3's or other file types.What will be the result of disabling it?

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Saving A "Search Companion" Search List As A Text File?

Sep 4, 2006

I have WinXP Home - SP2. When i do a search in "Search Companion" and a list is shown in 'search results' is there then a way to save that list to a text file that can subsequently be printed out?

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Disable Windows Firewall

Aug 5, 2005

I need to disable or turn off the windows firewall (XP pro SP2) but the button in the firewall console is light grey. In other words, I can not turn it off.

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Can't Disable Windows Screensaver

Nov 30, 2007

Searches on how to disable screensaver all point to going to "display properties' and choose none. I have over and over and it continues to come back. Anyone know how to stop it?

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How To Disable Gpedit Msc In Windows Xp

Mar 31, 2010

I want to disable gpedit.msc in my windows xp prof. please send me the ans as soon as possible.

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Way To Disable Windows Messenger

Sep 22, 2005

How to disable Windows messenger. It also comes up with a window saying You are signed on elswhere.

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Way To Disable Windows Updates

Jul 27, 2005

How can I disable windows update? it's bothering me.

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How To Disable Multiple Windows Selection?

May 5, 2007

I've installed the same version of windows on both HD drives. Then I did format for one of the drives since there was a problem, but when I start my computer he asks me to choose which windows I wish to enter while one doesn't even exist, so any idea how I disable it?

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How Do Disable Windows Messenger From Running

Apr 23, 2005

I installed windows msger on a friends comp. and it automatically logs into my account on his comp when he boots up LOL. I am on my comp. and all of a sudden it will say "you have signed in on another comp." LOL. He removed windows msger in add/remove windows components, regedit/run, startup, and still comes up.

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How To Disable Shortcut Keys In Windows Xp

Apr 5, 2010

my u key keeps opening up utility window how do i disable the short cut keys from windows xp pro this feature is pissing me off.

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Disable The Windows Service That Prompts The Security Warnings

Jan 29, 2010

How can I disable the windows service that prompts me when an executable file is from any unknown publisher? The attached image is a screen shot of the security warning. I don't care about any of the associated risks with disabling this, I've already disabled the windows firewall and security center, I just find this pop-up quite aggravating and would like to know how to make it stop

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Disable System File Checker.

Aug 12, 2002

I wrote this Guide on disabling System File Checker in Windows XP Professional. Sorry it's not in text form. You guys want it simple so anyone could do it, what could be simpler than looking at pictures (besides a program that will do it for you, which I've thought about...). ProfessorXP@Yahoo.Com

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Lost My Windows Search Box

Sep 17, 2008

I have Windows XP.My husband was on the computer and looking at something in google.When he was done and went back to our home page our windows search box was gone from our toolbar and in place of it at the top of the screen is a google search box which we don't like. I am computer illiterate when it comes to knowing what to do to get it back. This is the first time we have ever lost our search box.

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Open File Security Warning / How To Disable In XP

Dec 7, 2008

I was clicking around, trying to reduce the security setting in Windows in order to download a needed .exe file. Can't remember what I did but now a dialogue box opens for every .exe file I try to use. This brought to my attention the regsvr32.exe file that looks like its not supposed to be in the system32 folder and could be malware. issues: turning off the dialogue box that opens everytime i open a program and identifying and deleting malware especially the regsvr32.exe.I notice the regsvr32 isn't listed as a running process in the HJT log - because I cancelled it in the dialogue box instead of allowing it to run. Which is a good thing. I'd like to return to normal and disable the open file dialoge box, but remove regsvr32 first so it doesn't run automatically.

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File Search Does Not Work

Aug 10, 2007

I tried to search for some files, and it didnt find any. So, I opened a folder and there were quite a few that it should have found.I tried several times, and double checked the directory and search options, and nothing worked.So, i tried a simpler search, and it found nothing, when it should easily have.

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Sp2 - Cannot Use Search File Facility

Feb 3, 2007

I have windows XP professional SP2 - cannot use search file facility - comes up with error report to send to Microsoft - also now cannot use my camera software - error report comes up (have uninstalled and reinstalled but same error message to send to Microsoft)

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File Search Function Is Knocked Out

Apr 6, 2008

I seem to have done something that has knocked out my Start Search (or was it start find) function. when I click on start search, I get a kind of disabled Internet Explorer box instead of the familiar search options with the usual buttons for location, file name, etc. This seems to have happened shortly after I got rid of the animated character and did a lot of other XP performance tweaks. I did turn the indexing service off but turned it back on and that did not help

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Can Delete Contents Of Search File

Nov 19, 2007

Can I Delete contents of search file.I Did a file search and it came back with 58,519 files. Most files are system32, common files, diff. program file, Adobe, Symantec, Quicktime what the hell is that And TONS of preload files...and WINME files there are more than that but i think you get the point.

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Windows Can Search And Recommend Way Of Viewing Files With Unknown Extensions?

Jun 24, 2005

I've received a .brw file and don't know what to do with it. Is there a way windows can search and recommend a way of viewing files with unknown extensions? When I select the option to have microsoft find the extension on the web,it sends me to and then says I am unauthorized to access this site.

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Shortcut Menu / Two Windows Search Boxes Open At Boot Up

Jan 3, 2005

whenever I start my laptop two windows search boxes open. This is irritating and it may be linked to the (more irritating) fact that in the right-click dropdown shortcut menu thing, the top option is 'search' instead of explore or open, so double clicking opens a search box, but I don't know. How do I change all that? I'd be really grateful for any pointers.

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Runnning Windows Xp Pro / Select Search To Look For Files And Folders It Hangs / Doesn't Work

Jul 20, 2005

I need some help. I'm running windows xp pro w/SP2. Everytime I select search to look for files/folders it hangs. It doesn't work. Is there a fix for this?

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No More Windows File Sharing After Windows 2000 Computer Networked

Jul 24, 2005

I had to put windows 2000 on my moms PC, which is part of a network, and now EVERY computer on the Network sees an "Internet Gateway". WHY???? The only computer that can see shared files is my moms with the windows 2000. theres 3 more computers all running windows xp. how do i fix this? File sharing is now available, but I myself believe the internet is being slowed down. THe Internet gateway that windows XP is picking up is reading 8.0 mbps. My connection has gotten as high as like almost 2, but it should not read that.

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Config Or Reg Edit Will Allow Folder Show File - Search Results FUBAR

Aug 14, 2005

The windows Explorer search feature works well enough for most file searches except when looking for files on a disc. On those occasions, the In Folder results point not to the disc drive but to c:documents & settings[name]Local Settings Applications Data. In short, not to where the files are. To add insult to fubar, clicking on any folder in the list results in -- absolutely nothing because I am clicking on a phantom folder (duh). I know that if I scroll across to the right, miles outside the screen view, I'll finally see where the file in question actually resides -- major and unappreciated pain. Is there a config or reg edit somewhere that will allow me to set the In Folder to show the file where it actually is, referencing the disc drive, instead of the above c:. If not, at the very least, I think Microsoft should share some of what the Einstein was smoking the day he came up with this one.

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Double Clicking The Actual File - "windows Cannot Find File File Name.exe"

Sep 19, 2005

When double clicking the actual file, Windows reports "windows cannot find file ... <file name.exe>"

This is only SOME exe's. Particularly, older programs. Word, excel, WordPerfect all work. Older apps don't.

I've tried the exe fixes on site and kelly's corner XP fix.

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Get Rid Of Puppy Dog In Search, Bring Back 2000 Classic Search

May 2, 2004

Copy the information into the registry to get rid of the puppy dog in the search window.  Brings back the classisc Windows 2000 search box....

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