Shortcut Menu / Two Windows Search Boxes Open At Boot Up

Jan 3, 2005

whenever I start my laptop two windows search boxes open. This is irritating and it may be linked to the (more irritating) fact that in the right-click dropdown shortcut menu thing, the top option is 'search' instead of explore or open, so double clicking opens a search box, but I don't know. How do I change all that? I'd be really grateful for any pointers.

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Shortcut To SEARCH On Start Menu Not Working

Mar 17, 2007

In the last few weeks I have noticed that if I try to search for a file or folder by clicking "Search" on the start menu I am not able to open the search window. I used to be able to do it this way until quite recently. I can however, search by opening a new explorer window and hitting the "Search" button on the tool bar.I have looked on Microsoft KB for a solution and tried repairing it by following Article ID:913503, to no avail. I also tried doing a system restore but no help.The problem has occurred on both my Desktop PC as well as my Laptop.Has anybody else come across this problem, and more importantly found a solution.I'm running XP MCE on both machines, with Norton Internet security on my laptop, and Zonealarm Pro Security Suite on my desktop PC.

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Can't Delete Internet Shortcut In History Search Menu

Jan 16, 2006

I recently did a google search and when I entered one of the websites a prompt script
download appeared, worried about what it was doing I unplugged the computer and rebooted. I started up IE and when I entered the search menu under the history toolbar the internet shortcut "what I searched" - google search could not be deleted I even ran a history cleaner and yet it was the only thing that remained in the history toolbar under the search menu.

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Right Click - Menu Option Open Changed To Search

Jan 7, 2006

i am using windows xp home edition, and for the past last 1 week, whenever i try to open any folder by double clicking a search page opens same as search in start menu, n when i right click the folder i found dat d first option dat should have been 'open' was now changed to search, n dis is d case with all d folders n my drive too.

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Start Menu "Run" Command: Message Box "Windows Cant Create A Shortcut Here?

Feb 13, 2007

I can't access the "Run" command from the start menu. When I click on it windows brings up a message box saying "Windows can not create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?" Even if I click yes, the shortcut doesn't do anything. I can still access the run command by using the windows button + r on the keyboard. This affects the "Search" and "Help & Support" commands too.

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Msconfig And System Boxes Can't Open

Dec 27, 2007

I should say the open for a split second and then disappear. so i click on run and type in msconfig and appear/disappear. same thing when i go to control panel and click system

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Click On A Shortcut On The Desktop - Goes Into Search

Aug 20, 2005

when I click on a Shortcut on the desktop, instead of starting the program, it goes to the 'SEARCH' area...I then have to go back to the Desktop and right click on the Shortcut and click on 'OPEN' in order for the program to start.

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Slow Computer Open / Close Boxes - Program Not Responding

Aug 2, 2005

My computer seems to be really slow when i open and close boxes - they overlap or i get the message 'This programme is not responding' what does this mean and what can i do?

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Open Shortcut Command Open Local Area Connection ?

Jul 26, 2009

How to open short cut command open local area connection?

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Setting File Open/save Dialogue Boxes To Display Thumbnails?

Aug 23, 2005

I'd like to permanently set my open and save file dialogue boxes to display thumbnails instead of the usual list display but can't find any way to do this (the folder options setting doesn't appear to affect this aspect of windows XP).

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Removing Windows Setup From Boot Menu-cancelled During Install?

Jun 24, 2006

i recently wanted to installed a few windows components from the windows xp installation cd. during the install i cancelled it. but the next day when i booted up the pc i got two options in the boot menu. It asked wether i wanted to boot "windows xp home edition" or "windows xp setup" How do i get rid of this "windows xp setup" boot option?

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Search A Word In *.java Files With Windows Sp2 Search...

Jun 9, 2005

Search a word in *.java files with Windows XP sp2 Search... are not functionally.

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Removing Entries From Shortcut Menu?

Apr 28, 2006

how to delete an item from the right click shortcut menu that opens up when you right click on a program icon? It seems that sometimes when I install a new program, the new program takes it upon itself to stick an option in this menu. It's getting quite lengthy and most of them I have no use for. I would like to clean it up if there is an easy way short of going into the registry.

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Can't Delete Shortcut In Start Menu

Jun 9, 2007

I didn't find an existing thread to the topic, so i apologize if the question has already been answered. at one point in time i had a mahjongg game installed on my windows xp run pc. i placed a shortcut on the start menu (above the frequent programs list). somehow or other, the shortcut was not removed when i uninstalled the program. my attempts to get rid of it since then are as follows:

1. when i right click on the icon, and select "remove from this list", nothing happens.
2. i attempt to run the shortcut and it says "the item you selected is not available. it might have been moved, renamed, or removed. do you want to remove it from the list?" i select yes, and nothing happens.
3. i attempt to rename the shortcut and it says "cannot rename file: cannot read from the source file or disk."
4. i open the properties and there is a message in the target type field saying "this is not a valid shortcut". i cannot change any of the fields without getting the error message in #3.
5. reinstalling the game doesn't change anything. i get the same error messages as above.
6. i searched through the registry for anything named "mahjongg", and it doesn't turn anything up.

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No Start Menu/destop Shortcut

Oct 3, 2008

I have windows xp i have no start menu and short cuts on dexktop i use internet like tab the task bar and from there i access to the internet.

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Folder Shortcut In The Start Menu

Sep 13, 2007

I want to add a FOLDER as a shortcut in the MAIN part of the start menu. I would prefer it be where "My Computer", "My Documents", etc is, but I would settle for where "Internet" and "E-Mail" currently are. I can successfully add apps to that area, but not folders. I basically just want to click the start menu, click on the folder, and have it open up.

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Adding A Shortcut To The Start Menu

Feb 14, 2006

On the side of the bar where it says My Documents ect ect is there a hack that will allow me to add my own folder for ease?

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Add Start Menu Shortcut Manually

Jul 4, 2005

If I drag and drop an shortcut into the Start Menu (not All Programs) where can I find the location folder, so that I can later automate adding icons?

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Style Add A Shortcut To Start Menu

Aug 12, 2002

This is how to add a shortcut to the XP Start Menu in addition to the default "Internet Explorer" and "Outlook Express" (when XP Start Menu is in XP Style, not classic). Right click any application icon in Start Menu, on the desktop or in Explorer and select "Pin to Start Menu". Alternatively just drag and drop the icon to the Start button.

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New List On Desktop Shortcut Menu

Jun 27, 2005

I've been trying to figure out how some software winds up on this list and other packages don't. i can't find any rhyme or reason to it. i know that you can add items, by going to the file types tab on the folder options, but how packages that you don't add wind up there is a mystery that i'm hoping some one can shed some light on.

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Creating A Shortcut To Windows Explorer In Windows Xp Home..

Jun 24, 2005

I have a computer that is running windows xp home edition. I cannot create a
shortcut to the windows explorer application on my desktop, as the windows
explorer program does not appear in the programs window. I know that if I
click on the start menu and navagate to the programs icon, a second window
wil appear showing all of the programs that are installed on my computer.
However in the programs menu, I cannot see my explorer application anywhere.

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Keyboard Shortcut To The System Properties Menu

Aug 12, 2002

Here is a keyboard shortcut to the System Properties menu:Press: WINDOWS KEY + REAKNote: In versions earlier than Win XP this shortcut will bring up the device manager.

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Easy Sendto Menu Mod - Shortcut To Folders

Aug 12, 2002

This one is super easy,first open X:Documents and SettingsusernameSendTo (it is hidden)where X is your drive letter and username is your usernamemake and delete shortcuts to folders at will

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Recently Used Files Shortcut Not Appear In Start Menu

Nov 10, 2004

The recently used files shortcut does not appear in my start menu. It cannot be solved as per help instructions, because the related command does not appear in the properties dialog box. Actually, the bottom part of the advanced tab is empty. I am using Win XP pro.

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Can't Find System Restore Shortcut On Start Menu

Aug 26, 2005

I can still use system restore; but my problem is I can't seem to locate system restore on the start menu, I know that it used to be there. Is there any way to put the icon back on the start menu? Running Window XP Home Edition.

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Lost My Menu Option Send Shortcut To Desktop

Feb 2, 2007

I dont have anymore the option send to desktop - shortcut in menu options I don't know how that happened..Someone played on my com with services.

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Shortcut Open With IE?

Sep 9, 2006

How would I setup one site shortcut icon to open with IE please? I use firefox as primary.

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Open A Shortcut With Nondefault Program

Dec 20, 2005

I have Firefox as my default browser however there are a few pages that only work properly in IE.I have a shortcut to one such page (HP Instant Support) and I'm wondering if there's a switch or some such gimmick that will force the shortcut to open the page in IE.

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Can't Drag / Drop URL Shortcut To Open IE6 Window

Feb 27, 2008

I'm using IE7 Until recently, I could drag a URL shortcut from my desktop and drop it on an open IE7 tabbed window to go to a new site. Now I get the "blocked" symbl on most windows but not on a new, empty tab.what setting controls this and how it could have gotten changed?

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How To Open Multiple Web Links With Single Shortcut?

Aug 31, 2006

I have half a dozen web sites I visit daily and keep open, web mail for instance. Is there a way to make a desktop icon or a batch file that will open multiple links? I tried a batch file with "open" but it reuses the window for all addresses.

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No Way To Return To Tool And Search Menu

Aug 15, 2009

On my old gateway keyboard i would press F11 and i would be able to view full screen, press again and it would return to all tool bars and search menus, etc. I now have a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse. When i press F11 it now opens a box indicating "no function has been applied to this key, would you like to assign function to this button, click yes if so.when i click yes it is set to assign for F11 key, but it asks for which task? and nowhere under TASK:, does it have "full screen". Also, i know that if i click on "view" and it drops sub menu, at the very bottom it says "full screen" F11. But if i click on this and it gives me full screen i have no way to return to my tool and search menu.

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