Frozen Cursor In Middle Of The Screen At Startup?

Sep 1, 2005

my cursor has been frozen in the middle of the screen at startup. I thought it was my wireless optical mouse, but after switching back to a regular (cabled) mouse, it did it again. I just unplugged, and replugged the mouse and it began working normally. I cleaned my system previously with Spybot, Adaware, Regscrub XP, and have AVG, Zonealarm and MS Spyware updated. I ran AVG and Stinger and found nothing.

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Frozen Cursor In The Middle Of The Screen

Apr 24, 2009

Frozen cursor Slow startup

The first issue is that my cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen upon startup. It will not move and I have to shut down, check connections, (keyboard and mouse are wireless, batteries are new) and as it restarts I click the mouse and it moves after I do this several times. I have to put the computer on standby every night or I have to go through the whole thing again. Moreover, windows startup has become horribly slow�and I have �hi-speed� roadrunner I use firefox for my internet connection. I have run defraq, disk cleanup, AVG, maleware, spybot, hijackthis,and Ad-aware. No change....
Thank you for any help. The following is my system info�let me now what other info you may need. BTW V2Premier batch loaded XP on the cpu so I do not have a disk. They are out of business and have sent me in circles trying to get one.

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Taskbar Frozen - Cursor Is Out Of Control After Startup

Apr 11, 2010

my computer has started freezing after startup. Well, I say the computer has started freezing, but it's stranger than that. Pretty much as soon as I log into Windows, the taskbar freezes up. Mousing anywhere on the taskbar causes the cursor to turn into the hourglass. The system tray icons are frozen as well. This happens every time the computer starts up.

Desktop items are all clickable and somewhat usable, but to a limited extent. For example, I can open "My Computer" but then explorer freezes if I double-click on either hard drive. I have a videos folder on the desktop that I can open, but if I then try to play any of the videos, Windows Media Player opens with a blank white screen and never actually starts playing the video.

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Frozen At Black Startup Screen - Incomplete Drivers?

Jan 2, 2007

I recently bought a second hand computer. It originally had vista ultimate installed but i was experiencing system freezes during computer game play on games that aren't too high end. I guessed that it might have been an incompatible driver after having read on the internet about the problems people were having with vista/64Bit compatibility.

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Typing On Laptop Cursor Will Jump To Middle Of Document

Dec 27, 2006

can any one help why is it when i am typing on my laptop the cursor will jump to the middle of the document or as it has just done dropp to the bottom of page.

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Black Screen With Cursor On Startup

Nov 1, 2009

On startup it will load through the xp logo then goes to a black screen with cursor and freezes. I have tried booting to safe mode with no luck, put drive in external enclosure to reload drivers no luck, tried fixmbr no luck, tried in different case no luck.

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Pro Sp3 Frozen Cursor - Cannot Use Keyboard

Feb 8, 2009

My mouse cursor is frozen in the middle of the deskstop, Cannot use keyboard to getinto system.Also when booting up system freezes and takes 3-4 minutes to load. Tried in safe mode and the same thing happens.Don't know what to do at this point...just want to get into computer

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Startup Gets Stuck On Black Screen With Cursor

May 21, 2006

I dont know what is going on. I originally was trying to get my webcam to work, it wouldn't so i was going through troubleshooting procedures according to its help menu, and it asked me to unplug all usb devices and replug the webcam only, well i wasn't thinking and I just unplugged the external hardrive and the webcam at the same time without "stopping" it. So then it gaev me a message saying it needed to reboot to complete its update or something i wasn't paying attention cause i thought it just needed to reboot for the webcam so i did, then when i rebooted it would show the COMPAQ screen with the three options at the bottom(ESC for boot menu, F1 for BIOS(Ithink) and F10 for recovery, well then it would go immediately to a black screen w/ a white cursor in top left corner, It would idle there permenantly. I would have to ctrl+alt+del to get it to go back and finally i was looking for a way to use my recovery tools cd, that didn't work at first but then it finally came up and said it could do a recovery where it wouldn't delete my files but it would restore the rest to orignal state, so i went ahead and chose that option. It finished and said to reboot. I did, then it still gets stuck at that black screen, doesn't even show the WINXP i was looking for a way to figure this out and i went to the ESC menu this is what you see there.

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Startup Blank Screen / Blinking Cursor

Jul 25, 2010

When I try to start up my machine, the Dell boot screen with the F2 and F12 options appear, but instead of moving on to the Windows XP loading screen, it simply shows a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left. I cannot type anything with this cursor. There is clearly something wrong with the boot procedure or, I think, with my hard drive. The hard drive (160gb) is new and has been working well since February.I'm using a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop. I've run Diagnostics with no errors, booted from XP CD to try bootcfg /rebuild, fixboot & fixmbr, and the lengthy chkdsk /r, all to no avail. I've even tried replacing two NTLDR files by copying them from the XP CD. Nothing has worked; I still have a black screen with a flashing cursor when my HDD should be loading. I've tried removing and reinserting the HDD itself, also to no avail. I haven't yet opened the case up to try to see if there's anything to clean or any botched connections, but I don't see how something like that would have happened on its own. All of my components (RAM, HDD, Video Card, Processor, etc.) seem to be recognized in the BIOS menu.

I should note that when I run chkdsk /r, the progress quickly gets to 25%, slows down and takes a while to get to 51%, and then slows down even more and takes maybe two or three hours to complete. I also notice that the progress advances to about 65% sometimes and then returns to 50% again. I've run chkdsk several times now and there's been no improvement in the startup.I realize I could simply reformat and reinstall Windows, but I have a lot of very important data and work stored on my drive that I hadn't had a chance to backup to my external drive. Please let me know if there's a way I can get the startup to work so that I can access my files again.

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Hibernate And Launch The Cursor Is Frozen

Jul 27, 2009

I have windows xp and it has a hibernate mode. Well someone put it in that mode and when I wanted to launch windows the cursor is frozen and I can't get out of the hibernate mode. What can I do to get rid of hibernate and launch windows?

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Cursor (laptop Mouse Pad) Is Frozen

Sep 12, 2008

I have an old IBM Thinkpad R51 (loaded with Windows XP) which kept going through the boot up sequence without coming up all the way. I had got it back to the factory default setting and now it is booting all the way to the desktop screen. But I have a new problem: the cursor (laptop mouse pad) is frozen. I was able to move it around as it was booting up but once it boots up to the desktop screen the cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen.
I would load the XP service pack but because of the cursor I can't.

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Slow Computer/ Internet, And Frozen Cursor

Apr 9, 2005

My computer is running slower and the internet is running very slow compared to a week ago. The cursor will at times freeze up if a couple of screens are open and I don't move it for a minute or 2. Sometimes when the screen saver activates I can't do anything cause its frozen.
I have updated and ran;

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Frozen Cursor - Also In Safe Mode Networking

Jul 20, 2010

I am having a terrible problem my cursor works for a short period of time then freezes. I reboot and it happens again. When I am in Safe Mode Networking it does not happen. So I do not believe it is my Hard Drive.

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Frozen Cursor - Playing Spider Solitaire

Oct 3, 2008

I have windows xp & last night my cursor froze up. I replaced the mouse but that made no difference. I used the keyboard to navigate & did a system restore to 2 days previous. That did nothing. I powered down several times & still no results. I was playing spider solitaire that came with the computer when the cursor froze. This morning when I turned the computer back on the cursor was working again, but when I started playing spider again it froze up after a while. I powered down & got the cursor back, but who knows for how long. Could the spider game be causing this? I'm running my virus scan right now & so far no threats.

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Mouse Frozen On Startup - SP2

Oct 19, 2005

When I boot up my USB mouse is frozen but as so as I unplug and replug it it works without a problem.

Running XP prof with SP2

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Frozen - Name Of Computer On Startup After Restore?

Nov 24, 2008

I used the restore cd my pc came with. Once it was done, Windows started up and it froze where it asks me to name the computer cant do anything from this screen. Ive tried contacting the manufacturer but they cant help because my warranty is up. Any suggestions would be greatful.

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Win Frozen At Startup - Tried To Put Into Safe Mode

May 18, 2010

I let my roommate use it and look what happened... Good thing I already had a new one.

Compaq laptop running XP has been on "time out' hoping for a change of attitude, no such luck.

Today I tried to put her in Safe Mode and got as far as the "Windows" screen with those 3 blue squares continually cycling. That is as far as she seems willing to go.

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Dialogue Box In The Middle Of The Screen That Won't Go Away?

Mar 13, 2010

the computer wasn't working for some reason, so I checked it out, and everything was gone from the screen besides the background. Files and icons and what-have-you, were all gone, with the exception of a small dialogue box in the middle of the screen. All it says is "ok" and there is an "ok" button at the bottom, and the red "x" at the top. I've clicked both buttons several times, but nothing has happened. I'm scared to unplug the computer, or restart it or anything, because I don't know what it will do.

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Little Starts Up Screen In Middle Of Monitor

Sep 15, 2005

I currently installed XP Professional on my computer. Now everytime i boot my computer up it comes up in system bios. It tells me "Please select the operating system to start. So I choose XP Professional, then instead of coming up in the normal windows screen I have this little start up screen in the middle of the monitor. The color is all jacked up and so is the images.

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Taskbar Frozen On Startup - System Tray Does Not Display Every Thing

Jul 10, 2005

For some reason, when my partner's computer boots up, the Windows taskbar is frozen, sometimes for up to a couple of minutes. When it finally becomes available, the Start menu etc works fine, but the system tray does not display everything that it should (for example the volume control) even though I have set it to "always show" in Properties>Customise

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Try To Install Some Program / Message Appear In Middle Of Screen

Apr 2, 2005

when i try to install some program the only thing i see is some message in the middle on the screen.over the top 16 bit windows subsystem on blue.below i see this:c:windowssystem 32autoexec.nt,the system file is not suitable for running ms-dos and microsoft windows applications.choose close to terminate the application.i cant opend the program.what is the mistake?thanks for the attention.i always admire the brilliant people.

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Lockup - Freezes Randomly - Blue Screen In Middle

Sep 12, 2009

My XP desktop locks up/freezes randomly. Everything is still on the screen. Looks normal, fans run in the PC, but is it frozen. I have to shut it off and restart. Then it works fine until it randomly locks up. It sometimes gives the blue screen if im in middle of using it but most times it will just lock up. Other times it will reboot itself. Started happening a few weeks back but seems to have gotten progressively worse. I used to last for a few hours but now it can happen seconds after I log in ...other times it will let me use for 15-20 mins.

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System Crashed/ Screen Is Frozen/ No Signal' Message On A Black Screen?

Jul 20, 2005

friend whose computer has crashed the screen had frozen. He could do nothing except reboot it using the power button but on rebooting, there was a 'no signal' message on a black screen. We have checked the monitor connections (the monitor works when connected to his second computer) and even replaced the video card but of course this made no difference (no signal) We've taken out the HD and installed it on his second system. Does this mean that the most likely cause now is the motherboard/bios or is there something wrong in our approach/deductions

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Screen Frozen On Pro Log On

May 3, 2008

I have a hp pavillion dv4000 i bought 2 1/2 years ago and I ran a program the other day called window washer by webroot (spysweeper program) I checked boxes to clean everything and checked a box saying i wanted it cleaned i think 24 times which is what they claim the fbi uses a Guttman style cleaner. I let it run over night and the next day I got an error message System could not log you on. Make sure your Username and Domain are correct then type password again.

I tried everything including putting the recovery cd in the hp and then i put the xp disk and it went through a period where it looked like it was reinstalling and repairing it then it got all the way to the end
and the screen popped up again. The mouse in frozen in the middle of the screen (the arrow)and the blinky straight line where you would type isn't moving even if i had a username and password to type I obviously don't normally handle these things but I am forced to this minute and i could REALLY use some help.

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Reinstalling But Screen Got Frozen

Jan 2, 2006

i recently opened a file that my firewall ( ZoneAlarm ) told me it wants to use explorer.exe thinking thats normal because i would be asked to browse i allowed it. When i did that my pc froze. I couldnt click anything but the i could kepp moving the mouse. I could only open the ctrl+alt+delete but couldnt click anything the same applies to the start menu by pressing the start menu button on my keyboard. After that my pc froze from time to time when its doing somethng that requires it to think lol i know funny sentence but what i mean is for exemple when i click the button to show the hidden files or to hide them it froze. Or opening a program some times.... My guess is that the explorer.exe is damaged and reinstalling it would fix the problem. I scanned with norton and webrout spy sweeper 0 infections. You can find Here my HijackThis log , didnt want to make this a long post with the HijackThis log. Any ideas ? Am i right about reinstalling the explorer.exe ? if i am how can i do it ? I want a solution that doesnt lose me my updates.

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Boot Up Windows Screen Frozen

Jan 1, 2007

boot up windows screen frozen and constantly having to install raid drivers so that my 2 raptor disks can be detected for reason wrong drivers

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Boot - Frozen On Loading Screen

Dec 20, 2004

I was playing a game last night (a legit game) and it freezes, so I restart and get the whole "Sorry for the inconvenience windows shut down to protect files on your computer" screen and it asks me how i want to boot up XP, either in the safe modes or Last known good congifuration or start windows normally, so i use last known and the windows loading screen comes up and the blue bar is passing by normally, but it goes for a very long tiem and eventually freezes and I have to restart. It also does this whenever I choose any other way up booting XP too. I've taken my computer apart, cleaned it, unplugged everything and plugged everything back in, read justed the harddrive and NOTHIGN works. It still gives me the frozen windows loading screen. Is there ANYTHING I can do to solve this problem short from hooking my hard drive up to another computer and seeing what's wrong from there?

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Laptop Not Booting Up - Screen Is Blank And Then Frozen

Jun 24, 2005

Recently my laptop is unable to boot up. The screen is blank and then frozen. I have to turn it off, unplug everything, and then wait for an hour to restart it again (and then it can boot up as normal). It all started last week after I installed Windows Media Player 10. I tried to restore the system back to a week ago, but the problem is still there.

Also, it always gives out a short "beep" sound after the laptop is ON for about 1 hour. Does it indicate that my mother board is having problem, or is it the hard disk?

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Frozen On Blue Screen Computer Crashed

Jan 22, 2006

I am new to this board hope i am doing this right. I have a Dell demision desktop which was only a little over a yr old. It was working fine then all of a sudden nothing it was frozen on blue screen i tried to restart then reboot and i tired to restore but nothing would work. I worked on it for 4 days straight until i got so mad i went to best buy and got a new computer but now i would like to use old one for kids to play on but i tried to reinstall from the disk that came with computer which it says that it did. I lost all my info on computer but i thought ok now i can get it going but it is so slow. I have not got it networked to connect to internet but i hate to spend money on stuff to do it if i cant figure out what is making it so slow.

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Pixelated Frozen Screen On After Sitting Idle

Aug 11, 2009

The screen pixelates and the computer has to be restarted manually, only after sitting idle for awhile. I recently was invaded with malware, which I got rid of using malwarebytes. All malware/virus problems are cured, but the pixelation problem never happened before, and I have left the computer on for weeks at a time with no problem. System is two years old with no problems ever.The Events Log shows no Warnings or Errors.

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Won't Boot. Black Screen With No Cursor After The Logo Screen

Aug 9, 2010

it all started when I ran Nod32 antivirus. I ran it because I had some viruses on my computer that I wanted to get rid of. After the scan there were 180 some detected objects that were quarantined or deleted. So then I restart my computer and after the windows xp logo there is just a black screen with no cursor. And after awhile the computer will just restart and try booting up again. I tried going into safe mode and safe mode with command prompt but I still get a black screen with no cursor. The last known good configuration doesn't work either. I'm pretty frustrated because I did nothing wrong. I am also having a feeling that nod32 might have quarantined some infected files that are essential for Windows Xp to boot. I also do not have any windows xp disks with me how to fix this?

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