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Cursor Disappears While Typing Or Scrolling

Every few seconds the cursor disappears and I have to move the mouse back to where I was typing and left click. When this happens the browser area also turns grayish until I left click. So frustrating! Have tried all the suggestions I have found online such as unclicking the "hide pointer while typing" box.

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Jerky Scrolling & Typing
I tried this under security but maybe it should have been here. I've check out several boards and seen problems close to mine but the fixes don't work. This started a couple months ago about the time I upgraded Netscape but I can't swear that has anything to do with it. I've always used Netscape because it runs faster for me. When I scroll it is either very slow or it stops for a few seconds and then jerks to catch up. Typing does the same thing. I will type several words before they all of a sudden show up on the screen. All this is happens about half the time. I've noticed even when I play Hoyle card games it sometimes is jerkly. I am mostly looking around Ebay so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I absolutely never open emails with attachments or click on anything in an email. I use Norton Systemworks, Norton Firewall and I've recently used AdAware and CWShredder. I had a tech person "tune up" my computer, rid of temp. files, defragged, antivirus, etc. My computer is only 1 1/2 yrs. old. Please help me and keep in mind I know more about the Internet than I do the computer itself. This has taken all the joy out of being on line.

Posted: Apr 6, 2007

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Text Disappears While Typing.
Gateway Pc Laptop thunder bird email Windows XP.While I am typing an email, all of a sudden my message disappears. What can be causing this?

Posted: Jun 26, 2010

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Fat Typing Cursor
I'm at his friend's house trying to fix up their SONY VAIO XP desktop computer. One thing I can't fix is that there is really fat line when I type instead of just a straight thin line. It's like a black square.

Posted: Jul 19, 2008

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Cursor Slipping Back And Scrolling Not Functioning
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000. I find the cursor involuntarily slipping back while typing and also the scroll function of the tough pad not functioning. Dell had got the touchpad replaced. The problem is continuing.The slipping back is now less frequent. I had downloaded the driver for the touch pad. Then the scrolling revived. [On downloading the driver, the Mouse Properties had 10 tabs as against 5 earlier including the tab "scrolling"]. But again I have now only five tabs in the Mouse Properties. Can any of you help me to get over these to problems?

Posted: Nov 6, 2006

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Loss Of Cursor While Typing
While typing a document, a sound will occur and I will lose my curser. Subsequent typing does not appear on the screen. I have to click where I want to type to reset the cursor. This happens frequently while typing. This occurs in my Word Processor, in my email, or anyplace I type. I found that the Title Bar also dims at that time and if I click on the Title Bar the cursor will return. My operating system is Windows XP. There are no error messages.

Posted: Jul 15, 2005

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Cursor Jumping When Typing
I am running XP on my Compaq laptop. When typing in any field of more than 1 character, my cursor insists on placing itself randomly within material already typed and continues my typing stream at that point. From there it will place itself randomly somewhere else and continue my typing. This is maddening. I have scanned with several AV, Malware, spyware and other utilities and the PC is cleaned of anything possibly there. I have manually inspected all directories for suspicious and unknown files that could be causing this to no further avail. I regularly use AVG, Malwarebytes, Glary utilities, Cerebus utilities, Regcure, the Uniblue suite, Counterspy and others(all sequentially). This problem has persisted for months and need advice on what else to try to eliminate this problem.

Posted: Dec 22, 2008

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Cursor Vanished While Typing
I recently upgraded my Intellimouse Optical's drivers to version 5.2. After doing this, however, I noticed that the software is automatically hiding my cursor when I begin typing. I definitely do not want this happening, and I was a bit mad to find out that the option to "hide cursor while typing" is unchecked. I tried rolling back the drivers with no luck. Microsoft's knowledgebase is of no help as usual and I am running out of options. Does anyone know why this behavior would be occurring?

Posted: Jan 25, 2005

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Moving Cursor While Typing
searched previous forums for similar issues, and saw others complaining of moving cursors while typing. The only response I saw to this was maybe the pressure on the touch pad from wrist was causing. Not the case with me.On 10/30/07 I had (i believe) a backdoor trojan creep in. I have since removed and fixed all errors (allegedly) the only lingering glitch is that while typing, (Word, Powerpt, Search bars, etc.) the cursor repositions itself either ahead or behind my typing. This is making my work take twice as long! This happens at either fast or slow typing speeds. It really is frustrating.To be a little more specific, the movement of the cursor is not visible. It happens between flashes. One flash, it is before the next letter; with the next flash of the cursor it is behind by a paragraph (or more or less).

Posted: Nov 2, 2007

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While Typing Text / Cursor Jumps Around?
I've been having this problem a lot over the past year or so where I might be typing a sentence (and I think this only happens when posting at message boards) and sometimes in the middle of a word the cursor will suddenly jump to another place in the paragraph. As an example, it happened just now. When I was typing the word "sentence" above, in the middle of typing the word, the cursor jumped up to the title and the "ten" part of the word got mixed in with the word "typing" in the thread title. Sounds more complicated than it is, just wanted to give that as an example...and oh, it just happened again haha, while I was typing "give." I'm not sure if this happens to me in Word too, but I don't think so. Anyone have an idea why the cursor would just randomly and suddenly jump to another point in the text?

Posted: Oct 3, 2004

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Choppy Typing And Cursor Pauses
No matter what program I'm using (word, excel, firefox) , when I type, my cursor freezes/stutters causing every fifth or sixth letter I type to not show up. When I hold down a directional arrow within text, the curser freezes for a second, maybe twenty letters along. I have Norton's and Spyware Doc running, but this still happens when I shut them off. I'm trying to figure out if there's something running that I don't know of that's causing this, because it's really annoying, I usually have to type and re-type passwords three or four times before all the letters show up.

Posted: Mar 11, 2005

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Erratic Behavior Of Mouse Cursor When Typing
I have been using my Wacom tablet mouse for quite sometime & beginning to feel agitated. I can be typing & then suddenly the cursor will move to another are that I've typed. Which breaks up my sentence & I have to always proof read & undo what has been typed. I'd sure appreciate some feedback on this. Could my computer be hacked as I'm also using wifi {not my router like I normally do} & I've noticed that lately I have alot of users connected to my connection? I'm confused?

Posted: Nov 14, 2009

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Typing Cursor Will Reappear Halfway Throigh The Sentence?
I'll be typing a sentence , and all of a sudden , the typing cursor will reappear halfway throigh the sentence i've just typed and start overwriting it. I did an AVG scan which found 60 tracking cookies , which i deleted , but the typing situation hasn't resolved itself. I thought i'd get a priest to exorcise it with holy water or get in touch with you guys. I have a feeling it may be connected to the firefox " aero fox "skin i installed yesterday or the coloured tabs addon as all the 60 tracking cookies came from mozilla.

Posted: Apr 21, 2010

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Typing On Laptop Cursor Will Jump To Middle Of Document
can any one help why is it when i am typing on my laptop the cursor will jump to the middle of the document or as it has just done dropp to the bottom of page.

Posted: Dec 27, 2006

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Strange Scrolling Or Wobbling Scrolling
When I operate the scroll bar, instead of a smooth scroll down or up the page, the scrolling occurs in jerks, making the page appear to "ripple". I am using windows XP. In addition, when I watch DVDs the crarity is not so good. It has only just started happening.

Posted: Jan 16, 2005

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Scrolling In Browser
I have reformatted by hardrive and blah however, in firefox and IE whenever I attempt to scroll down it goes all 'blocky' like a beast. Before I could just scroll nice and smoothly. Now its like an earthquake each time I do.

Posted: Sep 1, 2006

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Mouse Automatically Scrolling
For the past few days now my mouse has automatically been scrolling sporadically when Im not trying to scroll anything (such as webpages, Word documents, etc). Its even doing it as Im typing this and my hand isnt on the mouse. And by sporadically I mean I dont know where its gonna go, up or down or up a little then down all the way then up again, etc. Its crazy. And, when I try to use the scroll wheel on my mouse, it wont work. At first I thought it maybe it was a problem with my mouse's batteries, because I have a cordless mouse. So, I changed the batteries. It still kept doing it. Then I checked the cords and unplugged everything and plugged it all back in. Still doing it. The only two things I can think of to do next would be to uninstall and reinstall the mouse and see if that works, or go and buy a new mouse entirely. Both of which I dont want to do if I dont have to. And, right now I dont have an updated virus scan program, though I hope to be getting a new one soon. I run my computer for spyware and such occasionally, and every now and again I use the Trend Micro or Panda Software free scan off of their site. I just haven�t used them since this started happening. (Stupid, I know, I should use them more often, they just take up a lot of time.)

Posted: Jul 19, 2005

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How To Prevent Taskbar From Scrolling?
With the classic style in windows XP, the programs that I open (IE, FireFox, others) just keep compressing together as I add more and more. This is what I want.However, with the XP style, after a certain point the icons are pushed to a different "page" of the task bar and I have to use the scroll button to go back to them. My question is: How do I keep the XP style, but lose the scrolling of my programs?Is there a way to keep everything about the XP style, but bring the classic taskbar behavior over?

Posted: Jun 28, 2006

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No Longer Smooth Scrolling
I am helping my sister fix her laptop. I am using mine to post and search since hers is very slow. When you try to scroll it rolls the screen (very irritating).MFDnSC was helping me but I think he went to bed (plus, i think I drove him nuts !)Sorry about that MFDnSC, my house is crazy with my 3 kids all under the age of 6.
So anyways I need Help. Below is the latest hjt log, I really hope someone can help me.At this moment I am running ActiveScan and so far it has found 3 spyware and 4 hacking tools and potentially unwanted tools.

Posted: Apr 3, 2006

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Scrolling Down Screen Rolls
i have windows xp home edition. I recently got my computer back from being serviced and the way it scrolls down the page using the mouse is like it is "rolling" or "wavy" and I miss alot when trying to read any page. it is very annoying. I want to get it back to the old, standard way that I can just scroll down line by line. Does anyone know what I am talking about and can anyone suggest something to try to correct this.

Posted: Jul 3, 2008

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Scrolling Virus Of Continuous O S And Not Able To Use O
Please help top two rows of keyboard keep typing 'o's instead of correct letter and then scrolling 'o's across screen endlessly.

Posted: Apr 5, 2010

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Page Studders When Scrolling
I just reinstalled windows XP on my computer and its like the graphics card didn't install cause when i scroll it like studders kind of. I've tryed using the device manager to reinstall it but it says theres nothing wrong with it. If anyone could help that'd be great.

Posted: Sep 15, 2007

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Choppy Scrolling In Internet Browser
i just reloaded my operating system and hooked up my internet and everything is great except that when i scroll on firefox (the latest version) its very choppy.

Posted: Dec 14, 2006

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Scrolling Screen Down And Watching Movie
when i scroll down a page it sort of flashes instead of moving smoothly. also when i'm watching a movie or clip it also flashes.

Posted: May 9, 2006

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Boot Screen With The Scrolling Bar Freeze Up
I have recently been given a processor by a friend who was having problems when trying to boot windows.It would get to the boot screen with the scrolling bar then freeze up. The friend said that when he booted in Linux he had no problems. I have a machine with a new MB and new memory in which I installed the processor.I booted from my Windows XP Pro Disk and did a full install.When finished the same thing happened, it would freeze when it got to the Windows screen with the scrolling bar.I do not know much about computers so assumed that if the processor was faulty the computer would not go through a windows install or work with Linux.

Posted: Apr 22, 2006

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Security Update Now Waves Scrolling On Screen?
I tried installing the latest security updates from microsoft 2 days ago.. One of them KB980218 refused to load at all after i tried 12 times.. after reading alot i read its because its NOT supported by my older version of Windows.. Im running Windows 5.1 i believe there are NOW waves in all my pages when im scrolling up or down in all my images. web pages. etc.. terrible waves like its having a hard time even scrolling.. the images are in waves..AND my Mc Affee virus scan gets to 788 files (20%) scanning and just stops.. wont complete a scan.

Posted: Jun 13, 2010

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Internet Explorer Webpage Scrolling Not Smooth
I need to know how i can fix how my pages scrolls in internet explorer it doesn't scroll "smoothly"

Posted: Feb 1, 2005

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Bios Screen Load - Scrolling Blue Bar
I know most people dont like dells but i have one. I have a dell dimension 8300 with P4 3.0, 1.5 gig ram, 120 gb hard drive, and 6800xt graphics card. I downloaded speed fan program just to see what it was like and it stopped responding. so i waited for it to "end now" and it wouldnt. i got impatient and shut the computer off manually with the button. i went to go turn it back on and the bios screen would load then the windows xp screen comes up with the scrolling blue bar. after that it goes to a black screen with no error messeges and no cursor.

Posted: Oct 4, 2006

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Scrolling Program - The Last Part Of List Is Off The Screen
Does anybody out there know how to get a scrolling program list in win XP? The last part of my list is off the screen. Maybe too many programs.

Posted: Apr 16, 2007

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Moving And Scrolling Down Making System Very Slow?
WHen i move a windows go so slow! Or when i scroll down in internet explorer 6 goes SLOW, i just formated the pc...

Posted: Sep 24, 2007

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