Choppy Typing And Cursor Pauses

Mar 11, 2005

No matter what program I'm using (word, excel, firefox) , when I type, my cursor freezes/stutters causing every fifth or sixth letter I type to not show up. When I hold down a directional arrow within text, the curser freezes for a second, maybe twenty letters along. I have Norton's and Spyware Doc running, but this still happens when I shut them off. I'm trying to figure out if there's something running that I don't know of that's causing this, because it's really annoying, I usually have to type and re-type passwords three or four times before all the letters show up.

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Fat Typing Cursor

Jul 19, 2008

I'm at his friend's house trying to fix up their SONY VAIO XP desktop computer. One thing I can't fix is that there is really fat line when I type instead of just a straight thin line. It's like a black square.

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Cursor Gets All Choppy And Disfigured - Looses All Monitor Signal

Sep 13, 2005

this been happening for a while now. But all the sudden my cursor gets all choppy and disfigured and my pc looses all monitor signal. I reboot and XP cant even start because right afte the splash (b4 login) it flashes a blue screen and reboots. So I did chkdsk and a /p and NO GO. So I hiave to reinstall XP. I think its my vid card going FUBAR

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Loss Of Cursor While Typing

Jul 15, 2005

While typing a document, a sound will occur and I will lose my curser. Subsequent typing does not appear on the screen. I have to click where I want to type to reset the cursor. This happens frequently while typing. This occurs in my Word Processor, in my email, or anyplace I type. I found that the Title Bar also dims at that time and if I click on the Title Bar the cursor will return. My operating system is Windows XP. There are no error messages.

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Cursor Jumping When Typing

Dec 22, 2008

I am running XP on my Compaq laptop. When typing in any field of more than 1 character, my cursor insists on placing itself randomly within material already typed and continues my typing stream at that point. From there it will place itself randomly somewhere else and continue my typing. This is maddening. I have scanned with several AV, Malware, spyware and other utilities and the PC is cleaned of anything possibly there. I have manually inspected all directories for suspicious and unknown files that could be causing this to no further avail. I regularly use AVG, Malwarebytes, Glary utilities, Cerebus utilities, Regcure, the Uniblue suite, Counterspy and others(all sequentially). This problem has persisted for months and need advice on what else to try to eliminate this problem.

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Cursor Vanished While Typing

Jan 25, 2005

I recently upgraded my Intellimouse Optical's drivers to version 5.2. After doing this, however, I noticed that the software is automatically hiding my cursor when I begin typing. I definitely do not want this happening, and I was a bit mad to find out that the option to "hide cursor while typing" is unchecked. I tried rolling back the drivers with no luck. Microsoft's knowledgebase is of no help as usual and I am running out of options. Does anyone know why this behavior would be occurring?

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Moving Cursor While Typing

Nov 2, 2007

searched previous forums for similar issues, and saw others complaining of moving cursors while typing. The only response I saw to this was maybe the pressure on the touch pad from wrist was causing. Not the case with me.On 10/30/07 I had (i believe) a backdoor trojan creep in. I have since removed and fixed all errors (allegedly) the only lingering glitch is that while typing, (Word, Powerpt, Search bars, etc.) the cursor repositions itself either ahead or behind my typing. This is making my work take twice as long! This happens at either fast or slow typing speeds. It really is frustrating.To be a little more specific, the movement of the cursor is not visible. It happens between flashes. One flash, it is before the next letter; with the next flash of the cursor it is behind by a paragraph (or more or less).

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Cursor Disappears While Typing Or Scrolling

Nov 27, 2009

Every few seconds the cursor disappears and I have to move the mouse back to where I was typing and left click. When this happens the browser area also turns grayish until I left click. So frustrating! Have tried all the suggestions I have found online such as unclicking the "hide pointer while typing" box.

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While Typing Text / Cursor Jumps Around?

Oct 3, 2004

I've been having this problem a lot over the past year or so where I might be typing a sentence (and I think this only happens when posting at message boards) and sometimes in the middle of a word the cursor will suddenly jump to another place in the paragraph. As an example, it happened just now. When I was typing the word "sentence" above, in the middle of typing the word, the cursor jumped up to the title and the "ten" part of the word got mixed in with the word "typing" in the thread title. Sounds more complicated than it is, just wanted to give that as an example...and oh, it just happened again haha, while I was typing "give." I'm not sure if this happens to me in Word too, but I don't think so. Anyone have an idea why the cursor would just randomly and suddenly jump to another point in the text?

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Erratic Behavior Of Mouse Cursor When Typing

Nov 14, 2009

I have been using my Wacom tablet mouse for quite sometime & beginning to feel agitated. I can be typing & then suddenly the cursor will move to another are that I've typed. Which breaks up my sentence & I have to always proof read & undo what has been typed. I'd sure appreciate some feedback on this. Could my computer be hacked as I'm also using wifi {not my router like I normally do} & I've noticed that lately I have alot of users connected to my connection? I'm confused?

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Typing Cursor Will Reappear Halfway Throigh The Sentence?

Apr 21, 2010

I'll be typing a sentence , and all of a sudden , the typing cursor will reappear halfway throigh the sentence i've just typed and start overwriting it. I did an AVG scan which found 60 tracking cookies , which i deleted , but the typing situation hasn't resolved itself. I thought i'd get a priest to exorcise it with holy water or get in touch with you guys. I have a feeling it may be connected to the firefox " aero fox "skin i installed yesterday or the coloured tabs addon as all the 60 tracking cookies came from mozilla.

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Typing On Laptop Cursor Will Jump To Middle Of Document

Dec 27, 2006

can any one help why is it when i am typing on my laptop the cursor will jump to the middle of the document or as it has just done dropp to the bottom of page.

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Computer Pauses Every 2 Seconds

Aug 29, 2005

my problem is that my system keeps spiking to 57% then back down again for a split second every 2 seconds. This causes my system to suddenly pause then unpause again, very frustrating. Everything is affected- video, sound, mouse cursor.At around the same time my system begins spiking, my internet connection goes down(talk about a bad day).so when i restarted my computer the internet connection starts "Aquiring network address" then it gives up but the funny thing is the other two computers in my house which are using wireless cards to access the net are working while my computer which uses a wire to connect to the router is not getting any internet access.i'm getting help for this problem within the next few days but i thought i would put this out in a troubleshoot forum (and possibly the solution) for the benefit of anyone experiencing the same.

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System Pauses Every 4 Seconds

Oct 19, 2005

It's just a blink, but long enough to momentarily freeze the cursor and delay a letter while typing. As I look at the Task Manager Performance graph, the CPU usage goes from 0 to 22 every 4 seconds, creating a long line of spikes. The System Idle Process, which really measures the amount of CPU not being used, is always at 99 when no programs are running. So, it seems like there is something "polling" every 4 seconds and it's hanging me up. I have spybot, adaware, hijackthis, Mcafee firewall and AVG anti-virus. Please let me know what you would like to see.

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Choppy Video

Mar 30, 2010

I have windows xpsp3.i have completely updated my computer,including the video card. my computer plays dvds fine and is crystal clear when i play them through windows media player. (media player 11).however,when im online looking at videos through UTube,or any other type of video player,including videos from cooliris,or just browsing cooliris,my video is choppy,or blurry. i use multiple browsers and have tried them all. none of them make a difference. i have google chrome (beta),which is the only google that can be used for cooliris,internet explorer 8,firefox,and lunascape 6.i cant understand why video works great on media player while playing videos and does not when playing any videos onlie. i have an (nvidia geforce mx 4000 ) it is updated. i also updated my directx version which is (9.0).

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 5, 2005

When I attempt to play any type of video or video games at full screen or doublesize resolution, the display becomes slow and choppy.

Is there a way to check whether this is due to the computer being slow
or due to videocard incompatibility?

It's the latter case, but I am not so sure. The PC is a Pentium II 333 MHZ, with a 128 RAM, which I believe is quite slow to run WinXP.

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 6, 2005

My old pc was a Pentium 200, with also 128 RAM, but it played full
screen videos without problem. The OS was Win98.

Should I uninstall WinXp on the new PC and install Win98?

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Choppy Video Playback (WMP)

Aug 10, 2006

System Info:
Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
ATI Radeon X800
160GB HD

When I try to play video files the video will pause for a split second every few seconds and I don't know what the problem is. In fact my computer is running much slower than normal lately. I've gotton rid of unused programs, I've run SpyBot, and I've updated my video drivers.

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Smooth Video, Choppy Audio

Aug 1, 2009

i have a problem with audio on all internet buffers and it wasnt doing this before i tried installing the latest version of winamp 5.56. it gave me an error message saying the file was corrupted, allowing me to ignore, retry, or abort. i tried ignore and it gave me the message again so i just aborted. after that, any internet buffers have problems. for example, on Internet when watching videos, the video plays just fine, but the audio is choppy but still in sync with the video. video and sound will play for like 10 seconds and then the sound will cut out for 2 or 3 seconds only to come back still in sync with the video.
i have the same issue with netflix and listening to online radio stations.

this is not a slow internet problem

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Audio/sounds Choppy And Slow

Oct 10, 2008

My audio and video has been EXTREMELY slow and choppy. I ran a DirectX diagnostic and came up with the following error:

Directplay test results: Failure at step 9 HRESULT=0x80158185(error code)

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Closing A An Active Box On My Desktop Is Choppy

Aug 2, 2009

When closing a an active box on my desktop, it is choppy and seems to close in about 4 a curtain going down very slowly. Also, if I move an active box on my desktop, it leaves a trail of maybe 15-20 box images trailing behind it for a few seconds. Never had this before. But..only if at my desktop screen. If I have a bunch of windows/boxes open, boxes close quickly and if moved leave no 'trail' behind them

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Choppy Scrolling In Internet Browser

Dec 14, 2006

i just reloaded my operating system and hooked up my internet and everything is great except that when i scroll on firefox (the latest version) its very choppy.

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MainBoard Support - Choppy Graphic

Apr 28, 2010

every since i reformatted my computer, its been very choppy. What I mean is whenever i scroll down it's not very smooth at all. Its like it's moving in sets. A friend of mine actually reformatted my computer and told me that I have to install VGA?. I have the cd that came with my computer but there are many files that are on the cd, the cd is called "MainBoard Xp Support" PC Chillin 2000. I don't know which files to install since VGA driver has about 5 or 6 .exe files. I was wondering if someone could help me through this process and take me step by step on how to get rid of this choppy graphic problem.

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General Slowness And Audio/video Choppy

Jun 30, 2008

slowness, stalls and really choppy video and audio everywhere on my computer. even the start-up windows chime is all warbly and choppy. i have problems with video stored on my hd, played from a dvd, as well as video online on Internet and my smugmug page. i have not noticed anything in particular taking up a lot of memory in the task manager, but there are an awful lot of programs in there and some duplicates of system processes

here is what i have tried
-removed all unused programs, files
-de-fragged hd
-ran disk cleanup
-removed unneeded programs from start-up process
-ran windows, qt, media player, java and flash updates
-ran virus scanner and registry cleaner

here is what i am working with:
-toshiba tecra a6 laptop, always plugged in to ac power
-windows xp sp2
-intel cpu t1300 @ 1.66ghz
-504 mb ram
-23 gb free space of a 52gb hd
-minimal programs - mostly office 2007, outlook express, nero and adobe plus some tiny insignificant ones like my harmony remote program
-nortons 360 (though i have removed this and still have the problem)

i am pretty comfortable working my way around advanced settings on my laptop and know enough to know what i should not change without help.

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Choppy Vids And Audio, WMP And Other Devices, Slow CPU

May 30, 2007

I had a playlist running on WMP and all of a sudden one of the songs started being really choppy and kept stopping, etc.When I reboot my computer, it takes AT LEAST 10 minutes until I get to the desktop and can fully work on it. It spends minutes on the opening screen with the Windows XP thing running left to right
I'm working on it now and it's going fine. Whenever I open a program though it takes a long time but ends up working ok. I can't do anything when I open a song or video.

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I just recently reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.
Same with watching videos. It's like looking at pictures really. Thats how bad the choppiness is.

So I decided to do some investigation and installed Process Explorer to look into detail. Turns out that under the System process, there is a thread called kmixer.sys which is a driver for a soundcard. This one thing has spikes in CPU usage up to 70% sometimes.
Another thread to look at under Svchost is krnl or kernel something. Also uses quite a bit sometimes.

I wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me as I would greatly appreciate it. I looked at just about every forum there is about my problems, and still haven't gotten a solid solution yet.

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.

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Movie Maker - Music Sounds Choppy

Nov 1, 2007

I made a slideshow of pictures to music and after I burned it to dvd the music sounds choppy!! Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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Virtual Memory Message Sluggish And Choppy

May 23, 2005

I have a new dell computer. the hard drive is 80 gigs, i have about 65 gigs free. recently the computer has become very sluggish and choppy. when i start it up the windows music which plays is now very choppy sounding. often when i start up programs an error message appears that says 'virtual memory too low, cannot complete operation' or some thing to that effect.

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High Cpu Usage, Extremely Choppy Sound And Video

Dec 22, 2008

I have been having this problem for a couple of days now. I was listening to music which had been skipping for a while but not to bad and suddenly everything froze. i killed winamp and hit pulled up the task mgr. cpu usage was staying around 100% different processes popping up to the top. i downloaded process explorer and it has a file highlighted in dark red wmiprvse.exe i read this could be a virus but i verifed it was in the correct folder. im running win xp media center edition with sp3. while looking at processes in the task mgr the system idle process is usually at the top of the list. my computer pretty much freezes up every few seconds now for a second or 2 and whenever i open any program it freezes up for a good minute or 2. Anything else ya'll might need to know feel free to ask. is there a way i could check if it is a hardware problem? this is a Hp pavillion laptop amd turion 1.99ghz 2gb ram. i have also tweaked xp to run faster by removing the themes among other things. I think thats the only thing saving me right now.

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Streaming Video Choppy Playback, Older CPU To Blame?

Jul 3, 2010

any hulu/Internet/etc. streaming content type videos, even on the lowest hd setting (288p, for ex.) just ends up being choppy, worst in full screen. here are my specs:

amd athlon xp 2600+ cpu
1.0 gig of ram
pny geforce fx5200 256 mb pci graphics card
windows xp home ed. w/sp3
160 gb hd

an older computer with an older processor, and if anything, it's probably the cpu that is preventing me from having normal playback with streaming content. i had a laptop with a core duo processor that worked fine with this type of video, but i fried it so i am stuck with this for now. haven't used this pc in a few years so now i am noticing it's limitations as far as this stuff goes. if anyone has had any luck with an older machine getting relatively normal playback with these streams. i have tried reducing hardware acceleration, drivers are fully updated for graphics card, hard drive is formatted so no viri are causing this, reinstalling flash, changing settings on monitor, and playback is the same.

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