General Slowness And Audio/video Choppy

Jun 30, 2008

slowness, stalls and really choppy video and audio everywhere on my computer. even the start-up windows chime is all warbly and choppy. i have problems with video stored on my hd, played from a dvd, as well as video online on Internet and my smugmug page. i have not noticed anything in particular taking up a lot of memory in the task manager, but there are an awful lot of programs in there and some duplicates of system processes

here is what i have tried
-removed all unused programs, files
-de-fragged hd
-ran disk cleanup
-removed unneeded programs from start-up process
-ran windows, qt, media player, java and flash updates
-ran virus scanner and registry cleaner

here is what i am working with:
-toshiba tecra a6 laptop, always plugged in to ac power
-windows xp sp2
-intel cpu t1300 @ 1.66ghz
-504 mb ram
-23 gb free space of a 52gb hd
-minimal programs - mostly office 2007, outlook express, nero and adobe plus some tiny insignificant ones like my harmony remote program
-nortons 360 (though i have removed this and still have the problem)

i am pretty comfortable working my way around advanced settings on my laptop and know enough to know what i should not change without help.

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Smooth Video, Choppy Audio

Aug 1, 2009

i have a problem with audio on all internet buffers and it wasnt doing this before i tried installing the latest version of winamp 5.56. it gave me an error message saying the file was corrupted, allowing me to ignore, retry, or abort. i tried ignore and it gave me the message again so i just aborted. after that, any internet buffers have problems. for example, on Internet when watching videos, the video plays just fine, but the audio is choppy but still in sync with the video. video and sound will play for like 10 seconds and then the sound will cut out for 2 or 3 seconds only to come back still in sync with the video.
i have the same issue with netflix and listening to online radio stations.

this is not a slow internet problem

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General Audio/Flash Audio Levels

Oct 11, 2009

First off I use windows XP with the latest service pack. I'm using the onboard sound card on my motherboard Asus striker II extreme.

The volume of my flash player (I first noticed it when trying to view a video on Hulu) but other flash embedded videos won't play sound either. I thought this was a flash problem, and tried the usual fixes uninstalling reinstalling, running the update utility and removing and reinstalling the plugin. Also it likely isn't a browser issue as embedded videos didn't play on either Firefox or Opera.

After restarting my computer after a few uninstalls I noticed my startup music wasn't playing as well. I'm thinking that it might be some registry error as it seems like the music is very quiet instead of muted, and all of the volume levels in the Sounds and Audio Device Properties menu are at the correct levels, and my other media players play music and movies just fine.

I've browsed the forums and haven't seen anyone with a similar problem or a fix, so any help would be greatly apprciated.

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Audio/sounds Choppy And Slow

Oct 10, 2008

My audio and video has been EXTREMELY slow and choppy. I ran a DirectX diagnostic and came up with the following error:

Directplay test results: Failure at step 9 HRESULT=0x80158185(error code)

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Choppy Vids And Audio, WMP And Other Devices, Slow CPU

May 30, 2007

I had a playlist running on WMP and all of a sudden one of the songs started being really choppy and kept stopping, etc.When I reboot my computer, it takes AT LEAST 10 minutes until I get to the desktop and can fully work on it. It spends minutes on the opening screen with the Windows XP thing running left to right
I'm working on it now and it's going fine. Whenever I open a program though it takes a long time but ends up working ok. I can't do anything when I open a song or video.

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Choppy Video

Mar 30, 2010

I have windows xpsp3.i have completely updated my computer,including the video card. my computer plays dvds fine and is crystal clear when i play them through windows media player. (media player 11).however,when im online looking at videos through UTube,or any other type of video player,including videos from cooliris,or just browsing cooliris,my video is choppy,or blurry. i use multiple browsers and have tried them all. none of them make a difference. i have google chrome (beta),which is the only google that can be used for cooliris,internet explorer 8,firefox,and lunascape 6.i cant understand why video works great on media player while playing videos and does not when playing any videos onlie. i have an (nvidia geforce mx 4000 ) it is updated. i also updated my directx version which is (9.0).

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 5, 2005

When I attempt to play any type of video or video games at full screen or doublesize resolution, the display becomes slow and choppy.

Is there a way to check whether this is due to the computer being slow
or due to videocard incompatibility?

It's the latter case, but I am not so sure. The PC is a Pentium II 333 MHZ, with a 128 RAM, which I believe is quite slow to run WinXP.

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Choppy Video Play

Sep 6, 2005

My old pc was a Pentium 200, with also 128 RAM, but it played full
screen videos without problem. The OS was Win98.

Should I uninstall WinXp on the new PC and install Win98?

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Choppy Video Playback (WMP)

Aug 10, 2006

System Info:
Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
ATI Radeon X800
160GB HD

When I try to play video files the video will pause for a split second every few seconds and I don't know what the problem is. In fact my computer is running much slower than normal lately. I've gotton rid of unused programs, I've run SpyBot, and I've updated my video drivers.

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I just recently reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.
Same with watching videos. It's like looking at pictures really. Thats how bad the choppiness is.

So I decided to do some investigation and installed Process Explorer to look into detail. Turns out that under the System process, there is a thread called kmixer.sys which is a driver for a soundcard. This one thing has spikes in CPU usage up to 70% sometimes.
Another thread to look at under Svchost is krnl or kernel something. Also uses quite a bit sometimes.

I wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me as I would greatly appreciate it. I looked at just about every forum there is about my problems, and still haven't gotten a solid solution yet.

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Kmixer.sys CPU Usage And Choppy Video Play

Mar 24, 2010

Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Intel Pentium M processor (1.8 GHz) and 2GB RAM. I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card.

I reformatted my laptop and couldn't help but notice the horrible video playback. I did a few things such as installing DirectX, updating flash player, and unchecking all non-microsoft related startup processes (msconfig).
My laptop sometimes does great and plays my game at 20-30 FPS, but then after a few minutes, the FPS drops to about 3.

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High Cpu Usage, Extremely Choppy Sound And Video

Dec 22, 2008

I have been having this problem for a couple of days now. I was listening to music which had been skipping for a while but not to bad and suddenly everything froze. i killed winamp and hit pulled up the task mgr. cpu usage was staying around 100% different processes popping up to the top. i downloaded process explorer and it has a file highlighted in dark red wmiprvse.exe i read this could be a virus but i verifed it was in the correct folder. im running win xp media center edition with sp3. while looking at processes in the task mgr the system idle process is usually at the top of the list. my computer pretty much freezes up every few seconds now for a second or 2 and whenever i open any program it freezes up for a good minute or 2. Anything else ya'll might need to know feel free to ask. is there a way i could check if it is a hardware problem? this is a Hp pavillion laptop amd turion 1.99ghz 2gb ram. i have also tweaked xp to run faster by removing the themes among other things. I think thats the only thing saving me right now.

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Streaming Video Choppy Playback, Older CPU To Blame?

Jul 3, 2010

any hulu/Internet/etc. streaming content type videos, even on the lowest hd setting (288p, for ex.) just ends up being choppy, worst in full screen. here are my specs:

amd athlon xp 2600+ cpu
1.0 gig of ram
pny geforce fx5200 256 mb pci graphics card
windows xp home ed. w/sp3
160 gb hd

an older computer with an older processor, and if anything, it's probably the cpu that is preventing me from having normal playback with streaming content. i had a laptop with a core duo processor that worked fine with this type of video, but i fried it so i am stuck with this for now. haven't used this pc in a few years so now i am noticing it's limitations as far as this stuff goes. if anyone has had any luck with an older machine getting relatively normal playback with these streams. i have tried reducing hardware acceleration, drivers are fully updated for graphics card, hard drive is formatted so no viri are causing this, reinstalling flash, changing settings on monitor, and playback is the same.

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Hard Drive Problem: Choppy Video And Slow File Transfer

Apr 30, 2010

Trouble watching video from one of my hard drives (XP). At first I thought it was a codec problem so I uninstalled and reinstalled the codecs but that never worked.
Then I tried watching video on the other hard drive and no problem there.

I confirmed that its a hard drive problem when I tried to copy one of the files from the problematic hard drive, it showed 30mins left where it normally takes 1-2mins.

I checked to see if the channel was in PIO mode but all are in DMA.

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Imported Video Footage Playing On Audio Line Not Video?

Sep 20, 2005

I have managed to put video footage onto my PC from a video cassette (by plugging my VCR into the TV aerial socket). The video footage is saved on my PC as .mpg files & when I open them, they play fine on Windows Media Player.When I import them on to Windows Movie Maker, they are recognised as video footage and I am able to put them into the collections as video. However, for some reason, when I drag them onto the timeline, they go onto the audio line & I can't get them to go on the video line, so when I play it, the sound plays but there is no picture. I have tried saving them as .AVI files but that makes no difference

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Imported Video Skips: Video And Audio Are Disjointed?

Jun 14, 2005

I imported a video of 90 min length onto my computer. When I imported it into Movie Maker the final quarter skips and the video and audio are disjointed. What caused this?

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Try To Play Video File / Plays Audio With No Video

Oct 20, 2007

just got a new computer recently and updated the media player to windows media player 11 but when i try to play a video file it just plays the audio with no video.. anyone know why this is or have any tips?

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Try To Play Video Play At Bottom Left Hand Side Of Screen / Nothing Plays / Audio Or Video

Dec 29, 2004

i have a problem with windows media player, whenever i try to play a video, it says play at the bottom left hand side of the screen but nothing plays, audio, or video, what do i do?

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Audio, No Video

Apr 8, 2005

I'm using Win XP. Recently, in running video files, I'm getting audio, but the video portion is blank. My player is Windows Media Play 10, with current codecs. Preferences for the player are set to include all types of video files. I also have QuickTime installed, and DivX, although I don't use them. No previous problem like this. I've reinstalled Media Player and have the latest codecs package to go with it. Video files most used are .avi and .mpeg. I've got 512 ram, and that has not been a problem in the past. So, I'm guessing my video card has soured.

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Video But No Audio

Apr 13, 2007

The videos that I have been downloading (.avi or xvid) movies give me video and only background audio. The music in the background and the background noise plays, but the voices of all characters does not play.

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No Video But Audio

Sep 6, 2005

I think someone has posted a similar problem on this. I used to be able to view movies perfectly, but all of a sudden all I get is sound and no picture.
This applies also to my DVD's using the player, and these are DVD's which have worked on this machine before.

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Rip Audio From Video

Mar 23, 2006

How to extract the audio component of a video DVD film into an MP3 format.
Eg to record a song from a DVD into MP3 or similar.
What software can I use freely,

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Audio And Video Stuttering

Apr 14, 2008

with my outlook not opening for me, then act9! wouldn't open, act9 is a database system, then i couldn't uninstall act9, as i wanted to reinstallit. it said the unistall progam was missing. now when i'm watching Internet or video online it is very stuttery and the audio is stuttery too. it sort of glitches every 2 seconds or so.

logfile of trend micro hijackthis v2.0.2
scan saved at 05:44:24, on 14/04/2008
platform: windows xp sp2 (winnt 5.01.2600)
msie: internet explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
boot mode: normal

running processes:
c:program filescommon filesapplemobile device supportinapplemobiledeviceservice.exe
c:program filesivt corporationbluesoleilbtntservice.exe
c:program filestoshibaconfigfreecfsvcs.exe
c:program filesgooglecommongoogle updatergoogleupdaterservice.exe
c:program fileskservicekservice.exe
c:program filescommon filesmicrosoft .....

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Stttutttering Audio And Video

Jun 22, 2008

Stttutttering audio and video.

I have 5 hard drives in this system. My music files reside on the second SATA drive. When I am listening to music, it will stutter if I am doing any disk reading or writing, even when I am using a networked computer to access files on the machine. The videos on the other two SATA drives do the same thing; those hard drives are dynamically linked. The PATA drive has DivX movies on it, they don�t stutter quite as bad. I have tried reinstalling the OS, without any other third party software, virus, or internet security programs (I don�t network or connect to the Internet when I do that). That doesn�t remedy the problem. I remove Windows components to the basic level. None of those steps work. I make sure all of the drivers and updates are current. The problem occurs with almost all software: WMP, Real Player, Quick Time, Pinnacle, MightSoft, and others. When I stream audio or video from the network or the net, it doesn�t happen. I tried a couple of registry fixers they didn�t work either. If someone could point me in the correct direction, I would be mighty pleased. I don�t want to upgrade to Vista or another computer at this time. Otherwise, everything works just fine. I will upgrade to a dual or quad in about six months or so after Vista is more stable. However, I think I will keep this one as my sound system if I can correct this problem. I am not unintelligent (well maybe just a little slow out of the gate).

This system is an;

E Machine T5048
Intel 524 P4 3.06GHz HT
Windows XP MCE
2 GB 533 ram
2.4 TB HD total storage
650 watt power supply
4 - 500 GB 7200rpm, 2MB cache, SATA 300
1 - 400 GB 5400rpm, 2MB cache, PATA 133
16x multiformat dual-layer DVD�RW, PATA
9-in-1 Digital Media Reader, integrated
Realtek 6-channel (5.1) integrated audio
Hauppauge HD Tuner, in the PCI-E slot
Airlink 101 Wireless MiMo in the PCI slot
ATI Radeon Xpress, 512MB, in the PCI-E 16 slot
Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Trackball, USB
Bluetooth, USB
Creative Web Cam, USB
APC 1200 UPS in the serial port
1 PCI-E, 1 PCI-E 16x, 3 PCI Slots
5 USB Slots
2 serial ports
1 parallel port
22" LCD Display
Visual Basic
MS Office Pro 2007
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11
MightSoft Audio Editor Pro V2.8
AVAST Anti Virus
Norton Utilities
Norton 360
Various other tools and utilities

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Video And Audio Freezes

Feb 13, 2009

I try to play video/audio on my hard drive or the internet, my computer freezes and have to restart. It doesn't freeze everything, just the video player or internet. But I always have to restart. I could still move my mouse, however I cannot open anything else till it unfreezes.

I have Windows XP SP3. What should I do?

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Audio Out Of Sync With Video

Feb 21, 2005

When I save my movies to cd's. My audio is out of sync with my movie. Its about a second behind the scene.

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Audio But No Video With DVDs

Jun 20, 2005

While trying to watch DVDs on any program on my computer all I get is audio
and a black screen.

I don't know what info is needed to help find a solution but is available
upon request.

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May 2, 2007

When i download some stuff on utorrent like bleach (hehe) or the movie 300 the sound and video are not in synch so i used VLC player to make them synched but when viewd using WM11 its out of synch

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No Video Or Audio On Pop-up Applications

May 23, 2007

I have a dell Inspiron 6000. I cannot get audio or video to work on sites that use pop-ups for them. For example, I cannot use most online radio streams or access video clips on cnn's website. This occurs with both Firefox and IE. The pop ups do appear but there is no video/audio.

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WMP 11 Won't Recognize Audio Cds / Video Cds

Mar 4, 2007

Im new in this Forum, but I'm pretty sure someone will be able to help me.It's been some tone now that my Windows Media player 11 doesn't recognize an audio cd or a video dvd and can't pay them. I get a weird message "Cannot find the file. If you are trying to burn, play, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted." All that for a single audio cd!.Auto play is checked on, any information from the Internet has been unchecked. I just can't find a solution.I run Windows XP Pro SP2, fully updated. I also have Vista Home Premium installed on another HD of my computer.

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Audio And Video Stuttering

Aug 12, 2009

my xp stutters for a few seconds when I play any audio. I have updated all of my drivers. I reinstalled multi media but still did not help.

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