Background Image Not Choose For Desktop

Oct 9, 2007

Now, I removed every program off my computer at the moment. The internet is up and everything, and i am on Internet explorer 6.0. I am having some problems with my computer.Can't choose a background image for my desktop, but the colors change fine. Computer says at start up unable to find accounts, but then it logs me into the only account I do have. I cannot view pictures / images / icons on Administrater on safemode. Just shows text.

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Using Any Image File As Desktop Background?

Sep 14, 2005

One of the best features of Win XP is to use any image from any image folder as your desktop background, wallpaper. For some reason this feature has stopped working and of course I have no idea why. I haven't changed any folder options or made any changes for that matter.

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Hardware IBM Desktop - Background Image

Aug 14, 2005

It seems that I am the likely victim of an exploit of some sort, but I have been unable to find any information on it.The hardware is an IBM desktop, running Windows 2000.Somewhere along the line, I discovered that when I do a ctrl-alt-delete, the "background image" that appears has been replaced with a porn image. This is also the same background that appears during the Windows start and shutdown sequence, before/after the desktop appears.

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Image For Desktop Background Is Too Large For The Screen

Jul 11, 2010

Every image i use for my background is way to big for my screen, even the ones that come with my computer

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Image Position / Configure The Desktop Background

Jun 21, 2005

Is there a way (short of editing the registry) to configure the desktop background so that an image occupies only a portion of the screen other than the center. I would liike to place a personal photo in, say, the right upper quadrant of the screen and leave the rest of the screen a simple solid color?

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Unwanted Desktop Image / Regular Background

Mar 28, 2007

I have windows xp. Somehow I inadvertedly put an image from on top of my regular background picture. I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of it like restore computer to earlier time...changing background..etc. nothing works. It ruins the beautiful background picture having this smaller picture overlapping it.

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Primary Image - Background Pattern In Desktop Wallpaper

Sep 21, 2006

When I used win98 I used to be able to put a primary image, usually centered, on my desktop and then was able to put a background pattern (eg. triangles or bricks) around the primary image I am having difficulty doing this with XP. Can anyone tell me how to get the background image pattern to work.I have SP2 and Plus.

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"Desktop-Background" Image Off-center?

Apr 4, 2010

I noticed that my Windows' "Desktop background (wallpaper) image" no longer displays correctly. After selecting any image (normally, I use one of my .jpg's), and setting it to "stretch," it will not display the "stretched" version to fit the image dimensions fully. It no longer "shrinks or expands" to fit the horizontal, actual size of the image to the width of my monitor's display area.

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Background Button Gone: Wont Change Desktop Background?

Aug 24, 2008

the Background button is gone and i can't change it it is flat blue Help

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Set An Image As The Background For A Folder

Mar 23, 2005

I have searched on google, but can't find the answer, so I post it here. The problem is:How can I set an image as the background for a folder (eg, when open this folder in Windows Explorer, the image appear as the background on the right pane). I saw that in some machines (WinXP), the desktop has a portion that I think is an HTML file (because it has hyperlinks and other content in it). When I change the desktop background picture, the picture changed, but the HTML portion is still there

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Change The Background Image

May 6, 2007

i go to change my packground image by going to the properties menu then display and here is where the problem begins. Normally you would find the images that come with the PC and the image you already have on the screen, well on my PC it used to show that now it is showing all of the pics in the "My Pictures" folder. What could be the problem, i went to the desktopicon in my System32 folder and there is nothing on the notepad?

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Set As Background Image Selection Gone

Jun 18, 2005

When I would use the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to look at pictures,I was able to right click on them and select them to be Set as DesktopBackground. Now the selection is gone!

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Create Background Image For Welcome Screen

Jul 14, 2009

At my current job we are looking to create a background image with the company logo on the welcome screen before a user logs in. We use the following registry entry to do that

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Folder Background Image - Change The Atttributes

Jun 18, 2005

I managed to set the background image and the font color in a file system folder, when I was running WinME - I seem to remember it being an Active Desktop thing. OK, so I migrate to XP (SP2) and now I want to change the attributes of that folder back to standad - it's a legibility issue... :-) However... I can't for the life of me find where to change either the font color or the folder background image. Note: It's NOT the folder icon or the folder miniature I'm talking about, nor a mail folder.

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Set As Background Image Selection Gone - Downloaded Pics

Jun 23, 2005

No I had never changed it. I had downloaded a pic and wanted it as my desktop and noticed it was gone. I am unsure how long the option was missing.

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Change Background Image For Login Screen

Oct 16, 2008

How do you change the background image for the windows login screen with a picture of your choice?

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Display Properties - Unavailable - Background Chosen Image

May 2, 2006

when I open my Display Properties and move to the Desktop tab and choose Browse to choose a picture to set as my background, after I have selected Open and the box closes, the Apply button is unavailable and the image I chose does not appear in my list or in the preview. I've also taken notice that certain images that were once in the list of available backgrounds images, such as Ascent, Autumn and Azul no longer appear to be available. Right clicking on an image and choosing Set as desktop background does not work, and neither does choosing the same option from the Picture Tasks. Does anybody have any idea what has happened and how I can restore whatever settings I may have changed without applying a system restore?

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Background But No Desktop

Sep 16, 2007

A friend has a Compaq laptop running Windows XP. When you power up the system, the Windows XP logo screen comes up and then the desktop background comes up but it stops there. You never get any desktop icons or taskbar so there is no way to navigate. If anyone has any suggestions on how to debug this it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Cannot Select Desktop Image

Feb 20, 2007

I am running Windows XP on a Compaq Presario SR1300NX Desktop computer.My desktop no longer supports a background image. When I go into properties to select a picture, all the options are highlighted and I cannot deselct them. In Windows Explorer, when I right click, set picture as backround, nothing happens.I've tried restarting and setting the theme to default, but even then the default wall paper doesn't show up.However, when I try to restart my computer, or turn it off, right before the screen changes to the logoff display, the old background image I had set shows up, but only for less than a second.

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Can't Get Any Image On Desktop Anymore

Oct 17, 2005

Last nite, I picked up a worm or virus. It added doser.exe, and a dialer, and some others to my Windows/system32 folder. I went into safe mode and got them out.But now, I can't get any images on my desktop. It doesn't even show an option to do it from the properties window. The browse button is greyed out. However, it DOES show the background right after it boot up. At that time, there are no icons. Then the background becomes a solid color and the icons appear. Otherwise, the system SEEMS to be running fine.

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Trying To Retrieve A Desktop Image

Nov 5, 2006

I had an image from an email as my desktop image and accidentally changed it to the default. The email image I was using previously is not saved anywhere on my computer and I do not have the email anymore. For the first five or six times I turned the computer on or off the old image would flash for a brief second (this no longer happens). I am wondering if the email image might be saved somewhere that might be possible to retrieve or is it gone for good?

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Can't Change Desktop Image Any More

Jan 28, 2007

OK this problem just popup of nowhere it seems, when I try to change my back ground image for my desktop the tab simply refuses to open. It just close. I pretty much can play will all the other settings but not this one. I can change my desktop background if I use, '' use this image as desktop'' when right clicking on a photo but not with the right click propriety setups.Ok something new here, after a moment I get a message that rundll32.exe has add a problem.

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Desktop Background Won't Accept JPG?

Sep 2, 2005

I have two computers, both running XP Home SP 1. On the desktop at home, I use a JPG image as my Desktop Background. On the laptop at school, I can't use a JPG. I have to use a BMP. The BMP file is about 7 times larger than the JPG file. Question: How do I tweak the laptop to let me use a JPG file as a Desktop background?

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Desktop Background Display

Jul 25, 2005

Desktop preview screen is blank, however, the image does display on the desktop. Background images with bitmap icon will display in preview, but not those with what appears to be a film icon. Some of the regular Windows images, i.e. Azul, Windows XP, etc. have the film icon, and do not display in preview.

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Can't Display Desktop Background

Sep 15, 2010

On display i have desktop themes and background choices. i imported a picture from my computer,from using the browse function but it imported the whole folder of pictures. how do i remove the pictures it imported into this background box please. this is slowing my dell down to a snails pace on start up and shut down.

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Set Your Desktop Background Permanently

Feb 6, 2006

How you set your desktop background permanently. At the minute I loose the picture every time I re-boot or undock the laptop from the docking station.

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Can't Change Desktop Background

Mar 19, 2006

I am having difficulty changing my desktop wallpaper. No matter what I do, I cannot put a different picture or wallpaper on the desktop. I have already tried using the right click on the desktop and going into the properties that way. It won't even let me select any of the options for the wallpaper. And I used to be able to go to my photo files and just pick one, right click on it and select the "set as desktop background" option. But now it won't let me change it at all.

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Cannot Changer Mt Desktop Background

Aug 30, 2006

only this i can change it to is colors but i see that when i go to shutdown the pc just befor it shuts down i see a quick flash of what i tryd to put on my desktop, so i try to change it and it dosent change but i go to shutdown and i see agen for a sec it pops up with what i tryd to change it to. does anyone know whats going on here?

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Desktop Background Lost

Oct 8, 2006

Look at my pc if you notice the blue xp backround is gone what happen.

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Deleting From Desktop Background

Apr 5, 2007

I need help deleting some pictures from my desktop background (Appearances & Themes-Change Desktop Background-Display Properties-Desktop-Background).

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Xp Desktop Background Picture

Jul 22, 2005

i went to a website today and downloaded a winxp backcround picture and when i clicked the picture to set as background it set it okay, but it was showing the picture as multiples of small pictures that filled the screen.can some tell me how to make it one whole picture that fills the screen.

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