Windows 7 Stuck In Rebooting Loop During Installation?

Jan 27, 2011

Okay so i have this machine, acer m3100, that originally had windows vista. I tried to do a clean install of windows 7, with an original windows 7 installation cd.Everything would go okay until right after the computer restarts and goes to the part of COMPLETING INSTALLATION. At that moment my screen suddenly flashes with the blue screen of death. i wasnt able to right the error that shows up though. Then the computer restarts and goes to setup devices and right after that an error message appears saying, windows did not complete installation, due to an unexpected restart, restart the computer and restart the installation. If i click okay it will go into an endless loop. Restarting one time after another. So i thought i would install windows vista again. Try to make things the way they were before, but i get the same error. i'm only able to install xp. With XP everything works fine. I do want to be able to install windows 7 though.

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Installation Stuck In Loop

Dec 20, 2012

I'm trying to install Windows 7. I've tried a full format and once it saves files and reboots it doesn't continue further it just starts from the beginning again. The HD has come from another PC that was working. Where can I start?

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Stuck Rebooting In System Recovery Console?

Jan 23, 2012

My computer is constantly rebooting in the Recovery Console. I chose this option because I was trying to restart in safe mode, but I didnt see that option, so it was basically a mistake. But now that I have done that, I can not get it to boot back up normally. Also, when I try to use option 1 in Recovery, I put my password in and it says its incorrect

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Windows 7 Stuck In Startup Loop

May 3, 2012

I was using EASUS partitioning tool to repartition my hard disc a few days ago as my C: drive was running out of space. I merged the C: drive (which is my system drive) with my D: drive (which contains a lot of data as well). All seems to be going well, but after the usual reconfiguration and restart, my windows 7 is stuck in the startup repair screen. Windows is trying to repair my startup without success, which is resulting in a loop. Fortunately i am able to go into safe mode and save my data.

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Windows Will Not Load - Stuck In A Loop

Nov 7, 2011

A friend asked me to look at their Acer laptop since it was acting up. It was riddled with viruses so I did a system restore. It is now stuck on a loop saying that Windows could not finish installation. Please restart to finish. I've restarted it several times and am still getting this message. I've used the system restore on several other computers and laptops and have not had this problem.

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Windows 7 64 Bit Machine Stuck In Boot Loop

May 24, 2011

I have a windows 7 pro 64 bit HP desktop computer that will not load windows. I have tried safemode, safemode w/ networking, and last know good config. I've run startup repair both from windowsRE and an original windows 7 pro disk. I have attempted multiple system restores (non destructive) to a number of different dates. The system restores say that they work but the machine still loops.

I know it's just some small windows corruption. I would have no trouble backing up my files with a linux distribution live flash drive and restoring the OS but I REALLY don't want to do that. How can I identify and repair the problem without starting from scratch. I'm familiar with msdos cli, but don't know which commands (if any) will help. I also don't know of any live CD's/ tools that will allow me to fix this problem. My problem here is simply lack of information.

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CHKDSK - Windows Stuck In Loop When Booting

Jan 25, 2012

When I tried to boot Windows 7 yesterday, I got a prompt saying that a disk check had been scheduled. I initially thought this got stuck because it seemed to freeze on 10% and the numbers alongside that figure didn't go up. I rebooted my computer and let it start again, after a few hours(!) the disk check finished and started on another of my drives. Again, I let this complete and it eventually rebooted itself. Upon rebooting it however, it did the exact same thing and appears to be in a loop just doing the disk check over and over.

I Googled this and opened the command prompt and checked all my drives (it disk checked f and c) but none are marked as dirty. I ran the command to stop the disk check on all drives anyway but still the problem persists.

Right at the start it says I can cancel the check by pressing any key on the keyboard but for some reason, it doesn't work - not sure if it's not recognising the keyboard or not.

I've also tried to boot into safe mode to see if that bypasses it but that hangs at classpnp.sys so that's a no go right now as well. I tried renaming the file to classpnp.old as a forum suggested but it blue screens and restarts if I do that. I'm currently trying a linux boot cd to replace to file to see if that works.

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Windows 7 Stuck On Reboot Loop Just Before Login

Jul 25, 2011

when I was playing a game and it crashed on a loading screen, I then could only boot into windows extremely slowly so I knew something was wrong. Since then I have booted into safe mode and done a virus check and it found nothing, I had then done a start up repair multiple times and for one reason or another the system would then reboot just as the login screen is loading. I have recently de fragmented the drive externally and run a slow disk check which found nothing. I've launched start up repair again which says it's unable to fix the problem and I can't boot into safe mode because it'll reboot. I should also mention I was having problems with the drive a few weeks ago where I was getting different error messages before booting but I managed to sort that out. If a solution can't be found it would be safe to say the drive is failing. Here is the bsod when I disabled automatic rebooting along with the startup repair error.

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Windows 7 X64 Fresh Install On SSD Rebooting On 'completing Installation'?

Mar 10, 2012

I seem to be having an issue doing a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 Enterprise on a 40GB Intel 320 series SSD. The install will go as far as 'Completing Installation' before the screen goes blank, the computer restarts, makes another attempt to complete installation, with the screen eventually going blank again (monitor indicator turns amber, system non-engaged)I've done an extensive amount of Googling, and have followed the installation guide found here on the sevenforums - SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation (specifically, routine #4)[CODE]

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Dell / Windows 7 Stuck In Infinite Boot Loop?

Jun 16, 2011

A Dell Inspiron E1705, w/ 2x2gb mem, 500 gb hd, ATI Radeon x1400 vid and Win 7.There were no Dell drivers or programs and the system BIOS was ver A01. Checking the Dell website against the Service Tag, I found 22 drivers and programs specific to the computer. Most of them ran and installed under Win 7 with no trouble. The last one was the bios flash utility program to update the bios to ver A10. The bios flashed, seemed to go ok. But on system reboot, after the initial screem about resetting the memory sticks, the computer is stuck in an infinite reboot loop.It loads the initial POST screen, completes the POST, seeks for its boot device and when it finds and starts to access the installed HD it reboots. I have reset all the bios settings to factory default settings. I have pulled the system battery and "cleared the cmos", but no joy there. I have created a bootable usb flash drive with another Dell laptop, and the computer will boot from that. I have other bootable cd's, and the computer will boot from them. I can use the bootable cd's to determine that the programs they run (freeware backup programs and a copy of bart pe) can access the installed hd,and see the files there, so the installed hd is intact. But i still can't get the computer to boot from it.My first thought was to reinstall the ver A01 bios, but it would not complete the process and remained at ver .A10. I was able to flash bios A09, and then A07, etc, all the way back to ver A04. But after that I could go back no further, A02 and A01 flash utilities returned an error message. If I found some compatible mem sticks and a smaller hd, installed them, could I reflash bios ver A02 or A01? Would that do me any good? (I have 2 x 256 mg mem sticks from a dell inspiron 5100 which I upgraded to 2x1gb, and a 40 gb 2.5in hd that also came out of the 5100, so I could use those parts in the e1705 to reflash the earlier bios)

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Windows Stuck In Boot Loop / Safemode Included

Oct 11, 2011

i installed LibUSB-Win32- drivers so i could use iRecovery on my iPhone,on completion of installation of LibUSB my keyboard and mouse turned off, well all of my USB was disabled. so i was forced to restart, sadly same thing, login screen no keyboard or mouse, i tried in safemode, same thing. however my keyboard works in CMOS and BIOS so i know its a OS issue. and this only happened when i installled LIBUSB, i looked it up and tried manually removing LibUSB using the Win7 setup disks command prompt. i deleted LibUSB0.sys out of Windows/Systen32/Drivers so that LibUSB wont be called upon during start up, however doing this has now meant my PC will reboot after loading Windows even in safemode, the Starting Windows screen appears. fades and riight before it goes to the login screen it restarts, Safemode too. i have no Restore points and i cannot and i mean Cannot Format this harddisk, its not backed up and i have over 400GB of data i absolutely NEED.Im so stuck its not funny i have no idea what to do to get windows booting again and without this silly LibUSB stuff! i dont have aany PS./2 Ports on my mobo either!, what can i do >? Please ive asked everywhere and no one knows what i can do except reformat.

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Windows 7 Stuck In Safe Mode Reboot Loop

Sep 23, 2012

My Windows 7 ultimate x64 is rebooting itself at the welcome/logon screen, in safe mode only. Normal mode is fine. The reboot happens instantly, after a few seconds at the welcome screen, the screen goes black and the system is rebooted as though I had hit the "reboot" button on the case, with no clean shutdown taking place. I am at a loss to know what could be starting in safe mode, that _doesn't_ start in normal mode, to cause this.

I have recently done a repair install of windows (the problem was there before that), I have tried replacing the safe mode parts of the registry with clean ones downloaded from an AV vendor website (mcafee if I remember correctly), and have tried doing sfc /scannow which resulted in a corrupted boot.sdi being replaced with the archived copy. None of these have fixed the problem.

Obviously, given that I have a usable normal mode, and good backups, this isn't the biggest problem ever, but it would be nice to get it fixed especially for the next time I need to fix a dodgy driver install or similar. What I can check next, particularly in regards to understanding the startup process and what will be loading at the welcome screen that might be causing the reboot.

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Windows 7 Stuck In Safe-mode Loop CLASSPNP.sys

Oct 19, 2012

I went into msconfig on the work laptop and changed the boot to safe boot network, as soon as I went to boot up the laptop and get into safe mode, the laptop freezes at CLASSPNP.sys then I have to reboot.I need to get it to boot back into windows normally, but even selecting "Start windows normally" sends it to safe mode because I set it to boot there in msconfig. What can I possibly do? I've tried running start up repair but says it cannot repair the issue. Due to security, the laptop hard drive has been encrypted with truecrypt, and therefore when I put the OS DVD in to try and do something from the command prompt, there are no OS's listed as installed so cannot alter the bootmbr or any windows files.

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Windows 7 Crashed During Install Now Stuck In Infinite Loop?

Apr 3, 2012

I was trying to reinstall window 7 on my laptop i couldnt factory reboot it so i was installing it with a window's 7 set I had on my laptop but it crashed part way through and no its stuck in an infinite loop and it comes up the error of "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannon proceed. to install windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

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Windows 7 Boot To Safe Mode - Now Stuck In Reboot Loop

Oct 13, 2011

I have windows 7 home premium 32 bit dell laptop. Lately, it takes more than 10 minutes before it boots before the windows logo appears). From there the computer works normally. I got a suggestion to check for malwares or viruses so that is what I did. I started by going to msconfig and edited the boot options to start automatically to safe mode with networking, then rebooted my system. After booting, it loaded up the initial screen of safe mode, but then it restarted by itself.

I am now stuck on this reboot loop going into safe mode, it won't even let me go back to normal mode. I went to startup repair, but it didn't find anything, so had to reboot again onto the same situation. I have searched for possible answers, and the best that I could get was to remove the safe boot options and go back to normal mode. The syntax to type was bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safe boot but it didn't work, same with bcdedit /deletevalue safe boot.

I am getting this : "An error occurred while attempting to delete the specified data element. Element not found."

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PC Won't Get Past Windows 7 Loading Screen Stuck In Reboot Loop

Sep 7, 2010

So I booted up my PC today and every single time it would get past the windows loading screen, a BSOD would flash on the screen for a split second and reboot. I tried booting into safe mode and that would not work either. The next step I figured would be to format and do a clean install, but here's the thing... Windows didn't even recognize my partition! It has my other 2 HDDs but not my Windows 7 partition. The HDD in question shows up in BIOS, but not in Windows. So, should I just get a new HDD? Startup Repair didn't work either, as it just hung/froze.

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Stuck In Restart Loop

Feb 17, 2012

So, my computer is stuck in a restart loop. every now and then I see a screen with option to start windows normally or safe mode, but it loops faster then I can hit enter. being a comp guy and knowing enough about comps, tried to load Windows 7 install disk as well as Ubuntu Live Disk.. No luck, loops before they can load. Tried disconnecting everything except CPU, Graphic Card, HDD(3 different), and RAM (1 and all sticks).. No luck there either.

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Stuck In A Loop In System Repair?

Feb 16, 2013

I got a new computer on friday and have set it up today. I installed my windows 7 home premium 64bit and it downloaded,i then went on to put in my xfx AMD graphics card software disk and the download stopped half way through so i started it again and it got right to the last step where it has to re-start the computer. When it started up again insted of loading windows homepage it loaded the system repair screen, it searched and searched but said it had found no problem, so i clicked on the recovery tool restart option that then re-started the computer and the process started again and went straight back onto the system repair screen again. Is there anything i can do to stop it?

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Endless Black Screen Instead Of Rebooting During Installation?

Oct 29, 2010

Have Windows 7 on my laptop and it's been working OK so far. When my WinXP install on my desktop started acting wonky and refused to launch except in safe mode, I figured I'd go ahead and trade up to Windows 7 since I'm a student and can get a copy for $20.I pulled all the data I wanted onto a USB drive, then started installing. Did a clean custom install; deleted both previous partitions and made a single new partition for it to install on (plus the mandatory 100MB partition). It chugged along and seemed to be progressing nicely: Copying files... check. Expanding files... check. Installing features... check. Installing updates... check. Completing installation... VIDEO MODE NOT SUPPORTED. Suddenly my monitor doesn't understand the output it's getting. The system doesn't see the keyboard either: caps lock & num lock buttons don't toggle their associated lights. So I gave it an hour. Still nothing. I figured it must have locked up, so I power-cycled it, hoping it had completed the installation. No such luck, I get an error message saying the installation ended unexpectedly and I have to restart. So I restart. Same thing happens.

During the portion of the install just before the final reboot, while it says, "Completing installation..." the screen goes black to show a single blinking cursor in the top left for a second or so (like it kicked out of the OS), then goes black & says video mode not supported, like its receiving invalid input from the computer. I connected another monitor and instead of saying video mode not supported, it just shows a black screen, like its getting good output from the computer but the computer just wants to show all black (this monitor does have a 'video mode not supported' equivalent screen, which it's not using in this case; that's why I think it's getting good output from the PC). I know the system isn't reaching the actual reboot, because it doesn't do the 10-second countdown before automatically rebooting, it just jumps straight to the black screen.

Machine Stats Processor is a 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo. Has 2GB of RAM. GPU is an Nvidia 8800 GT. Monitor is a Dell 2007WFPb. Disc I'm installing from says "Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS License Required (Product Key Required) - September 2009 Systems Student Media".

Current Things to Try Install WinXP and give Upgrade Advisor a shot. Current Operating System, pre-install- Never multi-booted before, not planning to start now. Current Hardware- 1 SATA hard drive- 1 SATA DVD drive- 1 USB external drive, but not connected during install- Didn't see any disks with an exclamation point or yellow triangle - Not a new HD; as I said, it's one I was using before, I deleted the two partitions I was using with WinXP, made a single new partition (plus the mandatory 100MB one), and formatted the new one using the installer's Disk Manager Windows 7 installation details - Disc says Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS License Required (Product Key Required) - September 2009 Systems Student Media ... I saw on various forums before I started that Upgrade versions could do clean new installs as well - 32 bit (x86) version - Bought a legit DVDInstallation Media- From a DVDThe procedure and speed of burning the ISO to DVD has been the most frequent cause of installation failure- Bought itOther- No overclocking?

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'Windows Cannot Complete The Installation' Loop

Aug 17, 2011

My sister has a miniHP 110, which was experiencing virus troubles, so I offered to do a factory restore. I have used that option several times on my regular HP laptop with no issues, but on her's, it's giving me the error message 'Windows cannot complete the installation in safe mode. to continue installing windows, restart the computer.' It goes on in a loop. I've tried booting it in safe mode, but to no avail. I've been playing around with it for a couple of days, and got to the screen where you choose accounts from. It said the account had been disabled, and to check with my administrator. I would go through the trouble of getting a windows 7 disk, but with this version of HPmini, there is no disk drive. I'm at a complete loss, is there anything I can do?

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Windows 7 X64 Installation Loop OOn New Computer

Nov 5, 2011

I have Windows 7 x64 Enterprise installed on a slightly older mother board (Asus MB 775 Intel with 2 GB of RAM) and has worked well for a couple of years or so. I am passing this MB/CPU/RAM combo to my son's computer and have purchased an upgraded MB/CPU/RAM.I've purchased an ASRock H61/U3S3 MB, 2x2GB RAM, Intel i7 2600. In swapping out the MB, I just attempted to plug my hard drive into this MB without doing any installation/upgrade. Unfortunately, when I plugged in the hard drive and turned it on, the computer froze on startup and more specifically, on loading the file CLASSPNP.SYS. So I figured I would have to do a fresh install of Windows. I have an identical hard drive for mirroring and deleted the partition, created new one, formatted, then attempted the reinstall. I began the installation, it copied over all of the files, installed, restarted, then when it was starting it restarted (apparently prematurely). When it restarts after locking up, I receive the error: "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encounter an expected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click 'OK' to restart the computer, and the restart the installation." and so the loop goes on. I've clicked OK many times, but without restarting the installation this error comes up each time. During the final stages of completing the installation of Windows, the computer appears to randomly restart. I'm pretty much stuck and will contact the store that sold me the MB as a last resort.

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Windows 7 Installation Loop At Bootup

Aug 6, 2011

I bought a new pc from, it came in good nic and works fine. I booted up the pc, noticing a very strange lack of any motherboard logos or bios buttons, and proceeded to insatll windows 7. I chose the 64 bit version, I got to the part where it says it is going to restart windows in 5,4,3 etc. It restarted, only for the windows installation to start back at the very first setup screen. I looked at the partitions in custom install and it said that both partitions had installed correctly, my problem was getting to the oncluding install option. I shut down the pc, and took out the windows disc and restarted it. Again no bios options, just a black screen saying "loading operating system" and then "windows did not start correctly" , it took about 20 seconds for the screen to change and then immediately restarted itself taking another 20 seconds? It loaded the windows files and I was releived to get to the final setup screen. After finishing the installation it told me it was going to restart windows, which it did, only for it to reset itself about 3 times, again saying "loading operating system"..... I had a play around with pc, altering the resoluton and stuff, and shut it down for about 5 minutes. When I turned it on it told me "windows did not start correctly" and took me system repair, in which it found a problem and couldn't fix it. The hardware was fine, but it said "a patch stopped the system from starting". It is very hit and miss and sometimes starts normally and sometimes takes me directly into system repair. I managed to get into the bios once by pressing delete rapidly at boot up, and hardrive was selected as priority, so that couldn't be the problem involving windows.

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ASUS Laptop Stuck In Reboot Loop?

May 30, 2012

I reformatted my hard drive to install a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit (I had Windows 7 Premium, 64bit before) and the installation ran just fine. After the installation, it boots up to what I guess is the desktop, waits a few moments, then just reboots. Every time before it boots it goes to the "Windows is loading files..." screen. I also tried 32bit, but got the same results. If you need more information, just ask and I'll be glad to provide it for you. A USB stick was used to install.

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Statup Stuck On Startup Repair Loop

Apr 19, 2012

my problem is rather odd (or at least I haven't seen it before). Whenever I boot up the netbook it goes right into startup repair, without the option to cancel it, even if I try to start windows in safe mode (or any other startup options for that matter), the system launches the startup repair.The repair itself runs fine (doesn't freeze or antyhing like that), however it is never able to fix the issue ("Startup Repair is unable to repair this computer automatically").

The problem details read as follows:

Problem signature:
Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem signature01:
Problem signature02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem signature03: unknown
Problem signature04: 6


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Wireless Network Is Stuck In An Identifying Loop?

Sep 26, 2011

My wireless won't connect to the internet at work and get stuck saying it is identifying. It works at home. All the other computers in the office work so it must be my computer. I've tried stuff on other forums or just get ignored. I operate a Lenovo V570 with Windows 7 64bit. The internet works when wired. Its just the wireless.

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Wireless Network Is Stuck In An Identifying Loop?

Jul 24, 2012

My wireless won't connect to the internet at work and get stuck saying it is identifying. It works at home. All the other computers in the office work so it must be my computer. I've tried stuff on other forums or just get ignored. I operate a Lenovo V570 with Windows 7 64bit. The internet works when wired. Its just the wireless.

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Stuck On Startup Recovery Loop / Can Backup My Files

Mar 1, 2012

I have a pc that is setup with a 60 gb SSD for Windows and a 2TB RAID 0 for the rest of the stuff. Last night I decided to partition some of the RAID to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview and see what the fuss was about.I partitioned it just fine, and everything was going smoothly, until I decided to use the windows tool to make my pendrive bootable with the Win8 ISO.In the middle of the process, I was doing something else (unistalling firefox to be more exact) and suddenly a blue screen comes up!Now my PC is stuck on the famous startup recovery loop, and I cant find a way to make it boot.

- Manual CHKDSK
- That tutorial on this forum where you mess around with the prompt wnidow
- restarting 1 billion times
- booting up from the windows DVD and trying to repair the hard drive

And as you can imagine nothing happened and I am still stuck with my har drive being unbootable.Now I cant help thinking that this was due to my pen drive being in the middle of that process in some way, but I have since removed it, burned it and buried in a forest, and still my problem persists.Since I havent found another solution online, I think now that the only way for me to get my PC back running is by reformatting my SSD (while hopefully keeping all my RAID files intact) and reinstalling windows. BBUUUTT!!! I have 100s of hours worth of Skyrim in that drive, and if I loose that I will seriously freak out! While I dont play it a lot anymore, when the expansions come, Dovahkin will rise again!Can I copy my files from my messed up SSD to somewhere else, before formatting it and starting a new life?

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System Stuck In Boot Loop In Safe Mode

Jul 23, 2012

My system is stuck in a boot loop while booting in safe mode,I was updating the drivers on my video card. I used driver cleaner pro to remove my old drivers. I then used msconfig to boot in safe mode with the minimal option selected. When the computer reboots I get to the screen to type in my password for 5 seconds an the computer reboots itself.

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System Restore Saying No OS Installed - Repair Stuck In Loop

Jan 26, 2012

Last night I closed my laptop without shutting it down. I woke up this morning and turned it on and it went to the system repair screen and ran through that. It says there are problems but they are not automatically repairable. I then tried to do the system restore to an earlier point in time and had one option for a couple days ago. I ran through that but it says there is an error and when I expand to see the error one of the things listed is no OS installed. I have windows 7 64bit. Why it would say I don't have an OS installed but it is running through the system start up repair as well as listing a date that I could restore it back to. I have not tried installing the hard drive into a new computer yet.

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Refurbished Asus G74sx Is Stuck In A Boot-up Loop

Oct 29, 2012

My refurbished Asus g74sx is stuck in a boot-up loop. Because it is refurbished I have no back up discs. I have tried all the advanced boot options with zero success or headway. It has been suggested that I may have corrupted windows files, but I lack the funding to pay for a new disc or professional tech support When I run start up repair the I get a Problem signature reading Problem Signature 04: -1?

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Zoostorm Freedom - Stuck In Start Up Repair Loop And Can't Re-install?

Jun 25, 2012

has a zoostorm freedom which was working fine and now it's not!! It is stuck in a start-up repair loop. My husband has tried to follow solutions suggested on this site but no joy. Have also tried to re-install windows 7 but no luck either. Took it to PC world and they can't h

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