Resize User Icon On Log On Screen

Sep 10, 2009

How to resize the picture account on Log on screen ?

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Move The User Icon On The Login Screen

May 22, 2009

I used the tutorial to change what the default logon screen is, which is super awesome that it was so easy to change... but I was wondering if its easy to move the size/position of the user icon? Any info would be great!

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Desktop Icon Resize With Mouse Wheel?

Jul 19, 2012

How can I disable the resizing of the desktop icons with the CTRL+Mouse wheel without disable the mouse wheel function for other applications?

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How To Get Screen Auto Resize

Jul 1, 2011

Whenever i let the screen saver active itunes(and other windows) are resized to fit the topleft of the screen only. Can i fix it so it remains maximized? Also when i play some online games the topleft of the screen is the only part used also.

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Resize To Full Screen In Windows 7?

Sep 7, 2011

resize to full screen in windows 7

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Disable Auto-Resize Of Window At Top Of Screen?

Jun 8, 2009

If a window is moved above the screen so that parts are out of view, it is automatically resized to fit in view. Is there a way to disable this?

In Ease of Access Center, I checked "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of screen," but that only stops it from maximizing.

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Windows 7 Takes Forever To Load The Select User/switch User Screen?

Jan 17, 2013

Earlier today I turned on my Toshiba laptop (Satellite P855-S5200) and got some sort of error screen, and then it brought me to a screen asking if I wanted to do a system repair or start windows normally. I chose system repair, but then it seemed to get stuck in that process (It was taking forever and nothing was happening), so I turned off the laptop (I know, big no no), booted in safe mode, and did a system restore to a restore point from about a week ago. The "starting Windows" screen came and went, no problem. Everything seemed fine till I got to the User Selection screen (the default blue one with the little hummingbird or whatever). Then it just sat there on that screen. I could see the hummingbird and the little squiggly lines, but there were no buttons to click my user. I just let it sit there, and after about 5 minutes, the user names popped up, and I was able to continue using the computer without any problems, no other speed issues whatsoever. It now makes me wait every time, always about 5 minutes, before the user names pop up. It does this when I restart the machine and when I try to switch users.

It is a Pentium Core i7
2.3 Ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

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User Folders - Restore Default Icon

Apr 3, 2010

How to Restore Windows 7 Default User Folder Icons ?

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User Folders - Change Default Icon

Jul 14, 2009

How to Change the Windows 7 Default User Folder Icons ?

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LOST A USER Profile (folder Location Has Moved + Lock Icon)?

Jan 10, 2012

I was uninstalling windows live essential on my profile and added ms office outlook 2007 for email. For some reason, when changing users to my wife's profile, the desktop has to be prepared each time - as a temporary profile. The folder location has moved from Users/wife to Users/Users/wife and has a lock icon on it. I have tried moving the entire folder as administrator and received a not responding message.Short of a restore in which I will lose data is there a way to 'import' her profile under a new user and then delete the corrupted profile?

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Icon Box At Top Of Screen?

Dec 16, 2009

i just got windows 7 and when i first turned on my new computer there was a icon box at the very top with a media icon, security icon, internet icon, and i believe an email icon(and a couple of others). so anyway the box is gone now and i want it backdoes anyone know what it is called so i can read up on it or even better does anyone know how to turn it back on.

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Don't See Icon In Right Down Corner Of Screen

Apr 2, 2011

I've got Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and when I'm installing driver and tuning utility for this mouse it says that everything is OK,please restart but then - I don't see icon in the right down corner of the screen that I can use to access tuning tool - for applying new button settings.. In Task Manager I see the process.

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No Icon On Bootup Screen

May 6, 2009

I wasnt quite sure where to post this but when i start my machine and the "starting windows" screen comes up there is no Windows 7 icon on the screen or anything. I just get a black screen with "starting windows" written at the bottom. Ideas? I'm not dual booting by the way.

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Gmail Icon On Screen?

Sep 30, 2012

how to get gmail icon on screen

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How To Get The Volume Icon To Appear In The Middle Of My Screen?

May 31, 2012

The volume icon is on the taskbar at the bottom right, but when I press the volume buttons, only that icon is affected.

Usually, when you press the buttons a volume bar appears in the middle of the screen and tells you where the volume is. It does not appear now.

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Remove Network Icon From Screen?

Aug 17, 2012

HP, win. 7, IE 9, 1 1/2 T. Every time I update windows, the network icon appears. Windows won't allow it to be removed. I usually restore to former day, but am tired of dealing with it. How does it come off the screen?

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Startup Screen Icon Disappearing

Dec 7, 2009

No big deal, but would like to understand what might be happening.

Have "ClipTrak", a cliboard extender on my PC, and an icon to open it up was placed automatically in the area on the bottom of the screen, extreme right.

Not sure of what this area of the bottom taskbar bar is called; start-up, perhaps ?

It stays there for hours, works as it should, then totally disappears until the next PC

shutdown and subsequent start up again.

What might be happening ?

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Black Screen With Blinking CD Icon

Dec 19, 2012

I restored my computer successfully but I still got the blinking cd icon next to my mouse pointer. After I restarted my computer I got Windows 7 with a clock and "2 min" under it and then it went to a black screen with blinking cd icon. I don't understand what is going on. I can get into task manager and type in explorer.exe but that doesn't do anything. I also tried the Regedit fix, but that didnt do anything too. I need help on how to fix this. My CD Rom won't even open for some reason.

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Small Icon And Username On Startup Screen

Nov 4, 2010

When I used to boot my computer it went to the Windows 7 screen with my username, large icon above it, and a spot to enter password below. Recently it started going to the same screen upon bootup, only now my username and icon are smaller than before and I must now click the small icon before it turns big, and then I can enter my password. how to go back to bypassing this annoying extra click before entering my password?

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Strange Fixed Icon Appeared On Screen - How To Remove It

Feb 16, 2011

I've just recently started using my new Thinkpad with Windows 7 installed. Since late this morning a strange icon has appeared on the right side of the screen, whatever program I am running. It looks to be about 10% of the vertical size of the screen, is fixed, is a black rounded square and contains an arrow head pointing up standing on a narrow base outlined in white. The arrow head contains a capital A with a backward slash over it, and the slash extends out of the arrow head at the top. What this might mean, and how I can remove it?

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Get A Black Screen With The Mouse Icon Visible And Movable?

Jan 16, 2012

Upon starting the laptop it goes through the standard Starting Windows screen and then i get a black screen with the mouse icon visible and movable however the logon prompt never appears. The same happens when starting in safe mode however an error is displayed stating:Logonui.exe : The Application was unable to start correctly 0x000006 I have performed a chkdsk on the drive and also run windows repair performing startup repair that found no issues. No restore points have been created so cant try that either.t command prompt i have tried:bootrec /fixbootbootrec /fixmbrall to no avail.Other than recovering the users data and re installing the machine from scratch is there any trickery i can perform?

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Can't See All User Accounts At The Log In Screen?

Jan 7, 2012

When I boot my machine (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) I get to the user accounts log in screen where it attempts to auto login and fails. I click the little "ok" button and see two user accounts, myself (BlackViper) and "Other" with no picture, and a blank for the password.I have no password on my account, but when I click on the icon associated with my account, it asks for one. I can leave it blank and log in just fine.I then "log off" and see three user accounts at the log in screen (Administrator), (BlackViper), and (Anawvyah). At this point I can access any of the three, and they all work just fine and the correctly associated pictures are there...

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Only One User Has Black Screen?

Feb 16, 2012

I have a Windows 7 64bit computer with 3 users: myself, my wife, and my son. When myself or my son are logged in and the monitor goes black (power save) all one has to do is type on the keyboard or move the mouse to get the login screen. However, when my wife is logged in and the monitor goes black (power save)..moving the mouse or pressing on the keyboard has zero effect. She has to press CTRL-ALT-DEL for the screen to "wake up" and give her the login screen. how to get hers to function like my own?

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Can Not See User Selection Screen, But Can Log In

Nov 14, 2009

When i boot up windows 7 my screen will go black, i can see my cursor and still log in by using my arrow keys and enter.

This is incredibly annoying, since i can not see which user i have selected

In TF2 i am a professional demolition man and soldier.

I have done a full scan with Malwarebytes anti malware and i CAN see the selection screen in safe mode, i also have Avira antivirus running constantly.

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User Account Log In Screen

Jan 1, 2010

this must've happened after an update, but now when i turn on my PC, i need to click on my user name to continue to load windows.

i'm trying to find the fast login/welcome screen section to turn this off so windows loads without any input from me.

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Lock / Unlock Icon Appeared In Middle Of Screen - How To Remove

Aug 5, 2011

A flashing lock/unlock icon (padlock which alternates form locked to unlocked) shows in the middle of my screen. The machine was built a few years back and hasn't changed significantly since then The symptom has just begun today) and only impacts Windows. The Linux install on this machine is unaffected I'm running Windows 7, with Office 7, both activated successfully (also running Open Office and Libre Office which were upgraded last week). I recently changed video card, about 3 weeks back suspect this is related to some sort of Microsoft security issue can't find any references on the web. Cant generate a screen shot (which suggests this is being inflicted by Windows itself) even with bitmap capture e.g., snippy the icon is a very basic black and white padlock shape that stays right in the middle of the screen, is partly transparent and is visible no matter what programs are running - full screen games or windows applications.

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Windows 7 No Icon / Taskbar / CTRL ALT DEL Shows Black Screen

Mar 27, 2010

I know there is a thread running round with issues regarding Win 7 desktop not showing icons and the solutions to it.even CTRL ALT DEL don't work. Just shows me a black screen which fades back to a icon-less desktop. Solutions regarding finding explorer.exe and running it to show desktop icons don't work either.Just pops out the explorer window showing the desktop.And don't even start on right clicking desktop and select show icons.... cause that's the first thing I tried. System restore in safe mode yielded no results. Virus and malware scans turn up a clean bill. I'm only short of reformatting the pc, and I'm not even sure if I'm able to run the reformat from windows.

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Transfer Files From One User's Screen To Another Within The Same PC?

Jan 20, 2012

How to transfer files from one user's screen to another within the same PC (Windows 7)?

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Disappearing User Login Screen?

Aug 16, 2012

My daughter has a Toshiba Microsoft windows 7. She tried creating a guest user login in, when she tried to toggle between the admin log in and the guest all it would show is the guest. She went in and disabled the guest login now she does not have either option.

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Disable User Select Screen?

Mar 3, 2010

I've got a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium. There are two users, but I want that the computers always starts with the same user (no password) and not to show the user select screen.

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How To Remove User From Login Screen

Nov 1, 2009

I have created a useraccount via CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 in windows 7 called SharedAccess, this will be for anyone attempting to login to my machine to try and view files etc etc. I have given it a standard User Account, however i want to remove the user from the login screen so i don't have to click my main username for me to be able to log in. Firstly, have i gone about the right way fo creating this account? Secondly, if yes, then can i remove just one username from the login screen but keep the account on my Laptop for shared access purpose?

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