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Windows 7, Sound Limit, Audio Card Is Loud Windows Is Soft

I am working with Windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 755, but teh issue is with the System Volume setting. When I go to the audio mixer and do the test and configuration, the SoundMax audio level is loud and clear. The problem is with the Windows system settings somewhere, is there a limiter or cap setting in teh registry that I can set to maximum? I know that it is not the standard slide bars/levels but somewhere that Windows 7 Professional is cutting the volume on any Windows application. The drivers are fine, if I invoke the card directly it will blast the sound out. But in any application it is too soft.

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Creative USB Sound Card Causes Loud Pop At Startup And Shutdown, Sleep?
I have installed a new Creative "Soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB Audio System with THX SB1095" soundcard. I disabled the old on-board card. Note: It's USB. When I start-up, shutdown, sleep or wake, I get a very loud POP thru the speakers.I contacted Creative and they told me this is "normal" because Windows 7 is polling the USB input to see if there is anything connected. This doesn't sound right, because it happens when I shutdown or sleep, too! Why would Windows poll a usb input while shutting down or going to sleep?

Posted: Oct 11, 2011

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Increase The Amplification Of Sound Card Which Is Sound-Max Integrated Digital Audio?
Is there some way I can increase the amplification of my sound card which is SoundMax integrated digital audio

Posted: Jul 23, 2012

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Volume Not Loud Enough - How To Bypass Volume Limit
I like to listen to music loudly sometimes. I have both the volume mixer and my application's volume set to maximum levels, but it's not loud enough for my liking. Is there any way to increase the maximum sound volume in Windows 7?

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

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Dvb Card Doesn't Work After Worked With Com Port In Other Soft?
I have a USB DVB card that works good! 3 days ago I have working on virtual com ports in matlab soft! and after that when I connect dvb card to my laptop usb ports the dvb software doesn't detect dvb card! and shows this message: all capable dvb adapters are busyno free device has been found after that I try to reinstall matlab and dvb soft and dvb driver too, but it hasn't work yet

Posted: Jan 7, 2013

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Run Games Audio Via Another Sound Card?
i want play games with headphones and at same time wife wach tv. i buy aditional sound card but dont know how swith(cofigure) that flash player use optical way game front socket (front panel connected on aditional sound card)i try see in game (f1 2012) options to change audio but no setups for that.

Posted: Oct 27, 2012

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Is The Realtek HD Audio Manager A Sound Card
Is the Realtek HD Audio Manager a sound card

Posted: Jan 19, 2012

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Connecting Front Panel Audio To Sound Card?
I have a front audio panel and a CMI 8738-6ch sound card.The front audio does not work and has a wire coming directly from the back of it with this plug on the end of it... There are 4 wires going into this plug.On the sound card I have a 4 pin connector which, by trying with the computer turned off, I know fits this plug. Despite them fitting together, this being the only wire coming from the front audio panel and plug being on the sound card we all know that naivety often makes 2+2 = 5?

Posted: Mar 26, 2012

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No Audio Device (Sound Card) Installed Error
I am having an error with my speakers, it says no audio device is installed, I did directX diagnostic tool test and it says I have no sound card installed...

Posted: Jun 25, 2012

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Install Latest Audio Sound Driver Card?
how to i install latest audio sound driver card

Posted: Dec 13, 2012

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Creative XTREME Audio Card - No Rear Sound
I just purchased and install a Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Card and downloaded from Creative the Win 7 drivers. Everything started to go fairly well. I configured for a Quadraphonic Speakers configuration. Tested sound, using Manage Audio Device, at all four speakers and I could hear the sound. However, when I used the Window Medial Player or any other player, no rear speakers sound can be heard.

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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Ext Video Card Takes Audio From Ext Sound Card
PI have to use onboard sound card to have audio through HDMI output from video card. The external sound card installed is Xonar DG and it comes with SPDIF output header to be interfaced with video card. But I do not see no such header on the video card. I wonder what video card has such an interface header.

Posted: Oct 25, 2012

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Sound Very Loud With Headphones
I have volume set around 8% and for some reason it is way louder than on Vista. On Vista I usually have it around 22% when I use headphones. On Windows 7 RC it's extreme loud when I set it to 22%. Anyway to fix this? I tried everything in the sound properties.

Posted: May 15, 2009

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Updating On Board Audio Drivers For Sound Card On Windows 7?
i need to update my sound card drivers.... i am on windows 7 and went to the biostar website to update my on board audio drivers and there was nothing available for windows 7.... only vista,xp, etc.

Posted: Dec 7, 2011

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IBM T42 Sound Card - Audio Driver Not Installed
I think I got all my drivers figured out except for the sound card. I've tried the Lenovo site but it says Vista should use the Microsoft drivers and those don't seem to be working. In Device Manager I see "Multimedia Audio Controller" with the ! icon by it. "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). There is no driver selected for the device information set or element. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver." I search for updates and find nothing... I tried the XP version but that didn't work.

Posted: Nov 12, 2009

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Windows 7 Keeps Installing HD Audio Drivers-disables Sound Card
I have an Echo MiaMIDI sound card for recordings, when i first installed it i had to disable my motherboards onboard sound through my bios before windows would use it. This has been fine for 2+ years.

Windows 7 (64 bit home premium) has suddenly started installing the "HD Audio Device Drivers". I dont understand this since I have all windows updates turned off. But when it installs these audio drivers it disables my Echo MiaMIDI card.

So i go to device manager and it shows the Echo card but says there is not enough resources to use it due to other drivers being used, and it lists the HD Audio Device being in use. So i uninstall it but moments after this Windows starts installing it again. It still says disabled in my bios. its driving me crazy because i cant use my sound card!

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

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Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ - External Sound Card For Win 7 64 Bit
I am purchasing a Laptop for my DJ rig.. it is a Dell Inspiron running Windows 7 64 bit OS...I am looking for external sound cards (similar to Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ) that are compatible with Win 7 64 bit OS...

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

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After I Did A Clean Install Audio Isn't Loud Anymore
I just did a fresh install of windows 7 and now my audio doesn't even get 1/5th as loud as it use to

Posted: Oct 27, 2012

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Windows 7 - Sound Will Not Record Loud Enough And Clear
I want to read and record stories for my grandchildren to put on cd for Christmas. WHen I use the wondows 7 sound recorder, I sound so far away. I have tried to use a gaming headset with a microphone also but still, it's barely audible.. How I can make this recording clear, and loud?

Posted: Sep 8, 2012

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Loud, Annoying Continuous Beeping Sound After Bios?
This is a annoying loud continuous beeping sound. This happens after the boot diagnostics, at the point where windows should boot up. There is a cursor in the upper right corner, and that is all it does.This is a HP Pavilion Elite m9040n PC. It came with Windows Vista, and I am upgrading to Windows 7. I stupidly didn't run upgrade advisor, and am now regretting it.When I go to HP to find drivers, no Windows 7 drivers show up for this PC. Stupidly, again, I assumed this meant that they were packaged in with Windows 7.I don't think this is a hardware issue. It happens repeatedly at boot up, but when I put the installation CD in, the PC boots off the CD just fine. This probably doesn't eliminate any hard drive issues, but the PC wasn't showing any signs before, and the installation goes through without a hitch. Is this caused by not having compatible drivers? Are there computers that can't be upgraded? I do meet the minimum requirements. 2.4 Ghz, 3 GB Ram. What may I be missing?

Posted: Aug 11, 2011

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Laptop Give Loud Noise Sound When Switch On?
when i start my laptop a loud very noise is starting... and the cpu fan is running for 4 or 5 second then stop...

Posted: Jan 9, 2012

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Soft Recording Volume With Blue Yeti / Increasing Volume Distorts Audio
so i have a blue yeti, and i'm an online animator/voice actor. whenever i record audio on my blue yeti (or any other mic) i record about 4-6 inches from the mic, and turn the gain down enough that the audio doesn't peak as i yell or whatever. this is what you're supposed to do if you don't want your audio levels peaking and making your recording sound horrible and corrupted. however, afterwards, it means i have really quite recordings. not a problem right? now that it's recorded right, i can boost the volume of the entire clip afterwards right? wrong. i'm not an audio expert so i must be missing something. but why in gods name would the audio distort and peak after it's recorded successfully? it's all there, it's all clean audio. if i turn the volume on my speakers all the way up it sounds crystal clear! all i want to do is do that inside the computer so that when i upload it to Internet people don't have to turn their speakers so far up. but if i increase the clips volume in the computer, it distorts! it sounds awful! why?! i tried in sony acid and audacity and they both do the same thing! i can take sound effects, and recordings made by other producers and crank them up nice and loud, but mine just fall apart!

Posted: Mar 28, 2012

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"HD Audio" Drivers Keep Installing - Disabling Recording Sound Card?
My motherboard has on board audio which I disabled in my bios in order to use my recording sound card. This worked flawlessly for over 2 years. Then sometime last year Windows installed my "Missing HD Audio Driver" which disabled all sound until i enabled the on board sound in the bios again, this of course meant i couldnt use my recording card.ll Windows and driver updates have been turned off, it still installs.After many attempts at fixes i found online I gave up until more recently when i reformatted the computer and got it working. Then yesterday it started again

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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Connecting "HD Audio" Cable From Front Panel To Sound Card?
My sound card Xonar D1 doesn't work properly and i wrote to ASUS and they told me to connect the "HD audio" or "speaker" cables from the front panel of motherboard to the sound card's front panel. Is that safe to do? weather it will work or not, is it safe to try?

Posted: Jul 2, 2012

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FPS Drop Because Of Sound Card / Sound Card Drivers
I've recently upgraded my os to windows 7, and noticed a significant

fps drop in all games I've installed. The problem seems to come from the sound card.

I've disabled it in device manager and I gained a steady 15-20 more in most of the applications.

Any idea what to do? Is it a driver issue or something? I got an Athlon 64x2 4600+, Asus M2N mainboard,

2 gigs of ram, Gainward 8800GS video card, Sound Blaster Live 24bit soundcard.

Drivers are downloaded from creative.

Posted: Sep 19, 2009

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Intex 5.1 Sound Driver Support For Ess Sound Card For Windows 7
i need sound driver of ESS Solo-1 / ES19385 / G279 sound card .

Posted: Oct 27, 2011

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Sound Card Drivers Show As Working But Still No Sound?
as stated in the subject, I am unable to hear any sound from my speakers since upgrading to the windows 7 64 bit. I followed the other post that I found on this but I still cannot hear any sound.I have a dell inspiron 531. The hardware ids from the device manager areHDAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0888&SUBSYS_1028020E&REV_1000
HDAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0888&SUBSYS_1028020EI have installed the realtek drivers and they as working but I still get nothing but a slight hiss from my speakers. I have tried them on my laptop and they work fine.Does anybody know what might be causing this? I am half tempted to get a new sound card but I am reluctant as it says my existing one is working (it just seems to have forgotten to tell the speakers!)
If anybody knows a fix for this I really would be eternally grateful

Posted: Mar 18, 2011

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Headphone Amplification And Better Sound Sans Sound Card
I've solved my gaming graphics issues, namely by choosing the parts I wanted rather than buying yet another "Media-Center"-style all-in-one unit that did everything, but not very well, I'm now in need of a solution to my present awful headphone sound quality. I have a generic Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card that is not very good, sound-wise, and, because it doesn't even include an optical out plug, goes unused. I purchased a refurbished Turtle Beach headset w/DSS decoder, and, while it works as advertised, the headphones are terrible for music. I've replaced the TB Headset with a much better-sounding Pyle set, and will buy some "real" headphones as soon as I've determined that the source itself is sending out a good-sounding signal.I've seen pro and con arguments about sound cards, like the Xonar series that have headphone amplification included. My issue with that is I am more concerned with the graphics for games, and I've built this system with SLI (another gtx580) in mind, and I do not see enough room under or in between the dual GPUs for proper installation of such huge sound cards, though I'm glad to have my ignorance in this area demonstrated. The anti-Sound card group seems to be gravitating towards a separate headphone amplifier, and I"ve seen them from the $20 dollar model included free with another headset I purchased, to the $1800 tube amps. I think I would like to either go this route, or purchase a home stereo receiver that can output the PC sound, thus having both satisfactory amplification for low-volume music listening( or ear-bleeding levels, if desired) and the ability to power speakers elsewhere. I guess what I'm asking is for some entry-level priced PC headphone amplifiers to start off with. I see countless rating comments for the FiiO series, and while the prices are certainly attractive, the fact that they're so low-priced also makes me leery of their actual amplification abilities while staying neutral in tone.

Posted: Oct 21, 2012

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Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound Card Compatibility
I just bought a new pc from Dell. I opted out of buying the SB sound card they had as an option and now I am sorta regretting that. I loaded RC 7100 as soon as I got the machine and after going through this forum I am sorta left with the impression that SB cards don't work with Win 7. Is that really the case?

I was looking at an "Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound Card" but if it will just cause me grief it's not worth it. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can get and not pull my hair out trying to get it to work? The main game I play sounds sorta mediocre with the on-board sound.

Posted: Jun 6, 2009

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Sound Card Drivers Show As Working But Still No Sound
as stated in the subject, I am unable to hear any sound from my speakers since upgrading to the windows 7 64 bit. I followed the other post that I found on this but I still cannot hear any sound.

I have a dell inspiron 531. The hardware ids from the device manager are


I have installed the realtek drivers and they as working but I still get nothing but a slight hiss from my speakers. I have tried them on my laptop and they work fine.

I am half tempted to get a new sound card but I am reluctant as it says my existing one is working (it just seems to have forgotten to tell the speakers!)

Posted: Nov 8, 2011

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