Virtual Disk Service Has Stopped In Windows 7

Oct 14, 2012

Virtual Disk Service often stops working in my notebook HP G60 125NR.the dependencies PLUG-N-PLAY and REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL are running.Without VDS, my Notebook does not recognize many USB devices and USB HArd Disk.HOW TO ENSURE THAT VDS DOES NOT STOP? Or. HOW TO RESTRART IT?

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Virtual Disk Service Error

Nov 26, 2012

I have been trying to install windows 7 but when I select the partition to install it says something like that "it has current MBR partition table ..on EFI systems windows can only be installed on GPT"While following the above instructions and using "OPTION 2" I get this error when I type "convert gpt" "Virtual disk service error"

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Can't Connect To Virtual Disk Service In Computer Management?

Jan 25, 2012

No error message, just endless stall. Virtual Disk Service is on. Have no idea what problem is or what to do.

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Windows 7 Virtual PC: "Cannot Attach The Virtual Hard Disk ..." Error?

Sep 6, 2012

Got a new Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit machine, found that it did not come with virtual PC. Downloaded the critical patch Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu and installed it. Windows Virtual PC shows up in my Start Menu. Good so far. I go through the steps to create a virtual machine and use the option to 'use an existing vhd file' and when I click 'Create' I get the above pop-up message "Cannot attach the virtual hard disk to the virtual machine. Check values and try again". A factual message but completely useless as with all error messages from Microsoft. I have tried the following:1. When I attach that vhd using Disk Management, it mounts in drive E:, I can see the files and browse the dirs in E:. In the Disk Management View, the drive shows up as 127 Gigs but 107 is unallocated space. The physical size of the vhd is only 25 Gigs2. Others in my company were able to create the virtual machine with the same vhd, checked the byte size and timing, so nothing is wrong with the vhd file itself.

3. Tried to create after shutting down all virus protection including the Micorsoft antimalware protection service. No luck4. Tried Vhd resize to resize the vhd to a smaller size (since it showed up in disk management as 127 Gigs, I thought maybe it was that size), but VHDResizer could not open the input file, gave an errors "Can only load fixed or dynamic drives"

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Windows 7 Service Stopped?

Jan 24, 2013

So it was all happened yesterday , all of my Windows 7 services stopped (Windows Firewall, Network, Connections, etc)*2 months ago, I wanted to play Hitman Absolution but my Windows 7 was not SP1, so than I downloaded Advanced System Care (it's Pro of course), and scanned my computer with it, found errors, and automatically repaired by it (it seems that Advanced System Care downloaded Windows Update too) and I was able to play Hitman , and Far Cry 3 until yesterday*i noticed on the taskbar if Windows Firewall has stopped, I thought it was a simple problem, but it wasn't. Tried to turn it on = failed , from service.msc = failed , and i checked most of Windows 7 services stopped eventhough they're all set "Automatic" in msconfigTried SFC scan, Windows Fix-it , was a failure,tried to enable services manually , stopped again after reboot

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Upgrade / Virtual Memory Service Can't Start

Nov 16, 2009

I am trying to upgrade my son's laptop from Vista to Windows 7. My son's computer is a Toshiba Qosmio and I ran the Toshiba Upgrade Tool with no problems. The problem I have now is that the virtual memory service is not starting so when I start the install of windows 7, I get the error "windows could not retrieve information about disks on this computer". I tried to manually start the service and get the error "service failed to start".

If I put it on automatic, it just stays on "starting". Obviously, this is not allowing windows 7 to see my disks. Disk management does not show my disks due to virtual memory service not being able to start. The computer is ready for the upgrade, just can't get passed this problem. I don't want to use the recovery disks if I can help it.

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Windows Installer Service Has Stopped Running

Nov 4, 2011

My Windows Installer service has stopped running and it wont run again

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Windows Search Service Started Then Stopped

Jan 20, 2013

I can no longer search in outlook. I've traced this back to the search indexing - if I go to control panel > indexing options it states "indexing is not running".Sure enough, if I go to services the Windows Search Service is stopped (even though it's set to start on "automatic (delayed start)")If I try to start it manually it says : "The Windows Search service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs".Goggling the error takes me to this very specific microsoft support article which covers exactly this error: Windows Search Service will not start, Error: "The Windows Search service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs".The article states the solution is to delete all the files in the "C:windowssystem32configTxR" directory. But I tried this and only some were deleted, but 3 remain as they were "in use".I've googled around for ways to delete locked files, and tried every trick in the locked files book - but I just cannot get rid of these 3 files - and if these files are what's stopping the search service from starting then apparently I'm screwed...

I've tried deleting them using an admin cmd prompt, safe mode with command prompt, removing the system/hidden attributes etc etc, even lockhunter gave up on these files complaining that it was the system that was using them so it couldn't delete/rename them or kill the locking process.I use the outlook search all the time (I have zillions of stored emails) and not being able to search is a nightmare...

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Windows 7 X64 / Firefox 14.0.1 - Extension Service Stopped Working

Aug 9, 2012

I just reformatted back to Win7 and is it just me or has the extension service stopped working? I searched using the in browser search for adblock plus. No results. I even went to Firefox's extensions site, did a search and got no results.

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Indexing Doesn't Work - Windows Search Service Stopped

Apr 6, 2011

My indexing stopped. When I checked "Windows Search" service is in auto startup mode but it wasn't running. When I tried to manually start, it gave me "Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified." message.

Without an ability to search my computer I am pretty much lost now.

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Windows 7 Vmware The File Specified Is Not A Virtual Disk?

Jul 20, 2012

When i power On Vmware Windows 7 The file specified is not a virtual disk. I get this error The file specified is not a virtual disk.

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Open XP Disk In Windows 7 Using XPmode Virtual PC?

Dec 29, 2011

I want to open some old files on an old external NTFS hard drive formatted in WinXP on my win7 laptop that recognises but rejects the old XP-formatted disk as an "invalid disk".

Rather than installing XP on the laptop as a dual boot along side Win7, I would like to know if I install XP-mode Virtual PC on my Win7 laptop will I be able to open my XP disk from within the XP-mode Virtual PC?

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Welcome Screen Stopped After Installing Service Pack

Mar 28, 2011

This happened to me on my last build and last night I reinstalled my computer and the issue stopped. Now, after installing Service Pack 1 (it seems), it continues to stop at the welcome screen and forces me to click my user to continue logging in (No Password). Is this handled by a setting or is it an actual issue? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

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Crash To Desktop When Playing BF2 (PkBstrB Service Entered Stopped)

Mar 21, 2012

I've been trying to chase this issue for quite some time now. Randomly I experience a crash to desktop when playing Battlefield 2. Doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, just bam!

The only thing I can spot in the logs is one in system saying: (Happens Everytime) Quote: "The PnkBstrB service entered the stopped state." There is also one that will show in the app log saying: (Happens once in awhile) Quote: "Faulting application name: bf2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4a8d6629
Faulting module name: Memory.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x497ec791
Exception code: 0xc0000005


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Getting This Warning Event Id 4001 WLAN AutoConfig Service Has Successfully Stopped?

Nov 13, 2012

i have been getting this warning for ages now event id 4001 WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully stopped.


- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig
[ Guid] {9580D7DD-0379-4658-9870-D5BE7D52D6DE}

EventID 4001

Version 0

Level 3

Task 0

Opcode 2

Keywords 0x4000000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2012-11-12T13:34:36.929908100Z

EventRecordID 12133


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 140
[ ThreadID] 2736

Channel System

Computer Mark-PC

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-18


and i think its to do with my wireless card, i have disabled it from adapter. at least i think this is what it is.also i keeps getting this one as well event id 315 The print spooler failed to share printer HP Photosmart 2570 series with shared resource name HP Photosmart 2570 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network. this is my printer but i do not have it connected all the time i pack it away when am not using it.

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Does Virtual Box Write To The Disk

Oct 25, 2011

Does Virtual box write to the disk or does it contain it within your host operating system?

I have tried to understand it but can someone pls confirm that what it does is that if your OS is windows7 then what happens is that all virtual OS you add are actually processed and executed by NTFS Windows7?

Reason I ask is b/c linux needs ext2/3/4 to work not NTFS so how can that happen?

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Virtual Disk Error On SSD - Cannot Clean

Jul 1, 2012

first time installer of an SSD here! I'm extremely excited to pop this bad boy in mainly for a faster overall boot of my computer. Recently, my friend gave me his Crucial M4 64GB SSD, which I am very thankful for. I plan mainly to put Windows 7 64-bit on it and that will be all. I was reading this guide: (SSD - Install and transfer the Operating System)

Once I opened up the command prompt, I did all the processes stated until I got to, "Clean" for whatever reason, after typing in the command a prompt came up that stated:

"Virtual Disk Service Error: Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump, or hibernation volume."

So, what I'm asking is there anyway I can bypass or fix this problem so I can continue the process of putting Windows 7 on the SSD? And another question is, would it really be worth buying the $20 program that the guide offers?

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Mounting Virtual Disk Triggers UAC?

Jan 2, 2012

I'm running Daemon Tools Lite, and have a conceptual problem. If I create a virtual disk, and then mount an .iso image of an OS on it, and then click on setup.exe to install the virtual OS, Windows 7 triggers a UAC warning.I don't understand why anything happening on the virtual disk would be subject to the host Windows 7's settings. It makes me fear that I'm not actually virtual, though the drive path certainly looked virtual.

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Virtual Hard Disk - Create And Attach VHD

Nov 17, 2008

How to Create and Attach a Virtual Hard Disk in Windows 7 ?

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Virtual Hard Disk - Unattach And Delete VHD

Nov 24, 2009

How to Unattach and Delete a Virtual Hard Disk in Windows 7 ?

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Attach A Virtual Hard Disk To Install XP?

Oct 4, 2011

if there is a way to open the Command Prompt during Windows XP installation (booted from CD) and find a way to attach a Virtual Hard Disk so you could install XP on it (just like with Windows 7 and 8)?

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Moving Virtual Machines To Start Of Disk?

Nov 1, 2012

I have 3 Virtual Machines on my 2TB drive, but it's close to full already and most of them are right at the end of the disk, where the drive is slowest. This doesn't make for an overly enjoyable experience when in use so, if possible, I'd like to move the VMs to the start of the drive in an effort to speed them up somewhat.I've got Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional, which allows for system files to be moved to the start of the drive, but I can't see an option for moving files of my choosing.Getting another drive and copying files across isn't an option either, as I don't have one to hand.

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Uninstall Virtual CD Drive Created By Magic-disk?

May 6, 2012

I installed MagicDisk awhile back because I was trying to mount a copy of memtest. Anyways, I ended up uninstalling MagicDisk, but the virtual cd-rom drive it created stayed behind.However, every time my computer either boots or even wakes up from sleep mode, windows automatically reinstalls the drivers and re-enables the virtual cd-rom drive. where to find the registry files I have to delete to tell my windows installation that I don't want that drive anymore?

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How To Remove Oracle Virtual Disk To Clear Up Space

Aug 2, 2012

I downloaded Oracle's VirtualBox because I wanted to test it out, but it created a 25GB virtual hard disk that I want to remove.Since I am using an SSD I have limited space (120 GB) and during the virtualbox setup I pressed cancel on the "create virtual disk" but it went ahead and did it anyways.I uninstalled virtualbox since, but the hard disk didnt remove itself along with the unistillation.

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Virtual Disk Manager Media Write Protected

Sep 30, 2012

Im trying to initialize disk and I keep getting this message The Media Is Write Protected.

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Virtual Disk Manager - Cannot Change Drive Letter / Parameter Incorrect

Oct 17, 2012

So I can't change the drive letter. Do I need to use Partition Magic again? The more I keep hearing/reading "do you have a backup?" - makes me believe the tool (OS) isn't capable of handling/accessing the data properly.

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Service Error: Volume/disk Not Connected Or Not Found

Feb 28, 2011

I've just used Windows Update to install SP1 on two more or less identical computers with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. On one of the computers only the following error and warning are showing in the event viewer, from around the time the actual installation started (ie immediately after the download completed):Error - Source VSS, Event ID 12305 Task Category None:Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Volume/disk not connected or not found. Error context: DeviceIoControl(\?GLOBALROOTDeviceHarddiskVolumeShadowCopy18 - 000000000.....). Operation:Processing PostFinalCommitSnapshotsContext: Execution Context: System Provider________Warning - Source Ntfs Event ID 57 Task Category (2)The system failed to flush data to the transaction log.Corruption may occur.(end of messages)Both messages showed exactly the same time. System restore shows that a restore point was created at the same time, which suggests that it did manage to create a restore point despite the error.I tried restarting the computer, and it didn't try to run chkdsk (which I would expect it to do if there were any disk errors, and which has been mentioned on other forums). Disk management shows all disks and partitions to be healthy (before and after the restart).

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Make Windows XP Mode Use A Virtual HD For Virtual PC 2007?

Dec 14, 2012

I upgraded to Windows 7, but I have a few software I installed on Virtual PC 2007 before. I use XP mode but can't find a way to use the virtual HD created with Virtual PC 2007. Is there a way to convert the virtual HD so that XP mode can recognize?

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Windows Virtual PC - Change Virtual Machine Settings

May 5, 2009

How to Change Virtual Machine Settings in Windows Virtual PC ?

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Disk Cleanup Stopped Working

Jan 17, 2012

I've recently formatted my laptop, maybe a month ago or so and this is the first time i experience such a problem. I click in Disk Cleanup and it simply crashes, I googled around couldn't find anything useful, I tried most of the solutions suggested here: In Windows 7, Disk cleanup stops working on System Files after - Microsoft Answers and nothing.

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Windows Virtual PC - Delete A Virtual Machine

Jul 25, 2010

How to Delete a Virtual Machine Created with Windows Virtual PC ?

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