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Share Printer On Windows 7 Starter Platform?

how can i join window 7 starter user to a domain

View 1 Replies (Posted: Jul 12, 2011)

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UnableTo Share Printer On Windows 7 Starter And Vista
I've got a printer connected by USB to a desktop running Vista and hardwired to a WiFi router and I've got a Nokia booklet running Windows 7 Starter and using the WiFi. I have tried to get the two computers to connect with each other, but only the desktop can get into the booklet. I cannot get the booklet to get into the desktop. It seems that because I only have Win Starter 7, I cannot form a home group. I need the full featured Win 7 to do that. Is that correct? I really would like to use the printer on the booklet, but even though it seems to send the document to the printer queue on the desktop, nothing prints. I suspect it's the same issue as I mentioned, but at least it's getting something into the desktop. When I try to print and then look at the document's properties, it says the size of the document but always says pages to print.

Posted: Jan 18, 2012

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Windows 7 Starter - Cannot Connect To Wireless Printer
I am using a netbook running Windows 7 starter. I have a Canon wireless printer that I used to be able to print with. Now, when I choose the printer I want to use it doesn't show up. It is possible that I uninstalled something but I am not sure.

Posted: Oct 30, 2012

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Share An Old Printer On XP?
I have a laser printer that is abandoned by Canon (ImageClass D761).However, I have an old XP notebook that I can print to it..Can I share the printer through XP and print to it via Windows 7? There are no drivers for it in Windows 7..Or will I just have to make PDFs of everything I want to print and send them to the XP notebook and print from there.....?

Posted: Sep 10, 2012

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Share Printer With Xp
I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium from Vista on my desktop. My home wireless networ was running smoothly. Since the upgrade I am no longer able to access my printer (Canon i9100) from my laptop running XP. My XP recognizes the network complete with my W 7 desktop and my son's Mac mini. The XP just will not connect with the printer the printer is a USB printer that functions well if directly plugged into the XP. When I try to print from the laptop with the printer plugged into the Win 7 desktop tho, it doesn't find the printer.

When I try to "add a printer" to the XP through the Win 7, it keeps wanting to download the correct printer drivers but cannot find them anywhere. I have the original disk that contains the drivers but it will not load onto Win 7 (doesn't like 64 bit). Canon does have drivers for 64 bit so the printer works fine on Win 7. Is this too complicated a post? It's late and I'm pretty frustrated with the whole subject.

Posted: Nov 21, 2009

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How To Share My Printer
Ok so i made a homegroup and set it up on the other PC, i can get info off my sons PC but he cant use my printer or see my files. Whats going on ? I have the printer set to share i cant even see it on his PC. This file sharing stuff is not my strong point, can someone try to ease my burnen. All i need to do is let him share my printer.

Posted: May 16, 2012

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HP Printer Working On Windows 7 Starter But Not On Home Pro 64bit
I have windows 7 on a acer notebook and able to use my HP 5610xi w/no problem. I recently bought an acer desktop emachine el1352g and cannot use my hp or some other software. It says that product cannot be installed with operating system. The only difference i can see is that the emachine desktop is a 64bit processor. I tried to go through hp (download driver) website but got no where.

Posted: Jun 28, 2011

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Can't Share Printer
I have used 7 (64 bit) long enough to be confident in using it as my main Windows machine.

Part of that is being a print server. I am staying with Workgroups to allow connecting to Linux boxes using Samba.

I installed the printer just fine.

But I can't see how to share it.

Google searches helped me verify some things.

Under Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings I do have File and Printer Sharing enabled.

Under Advanced sharing settings I have set the radio button to Turn on file and printer sharing.

But when I go to Devices and Printers in Control Panel, and go to properties of the printer, I do not have a sharing tab. Or anything share related on the context menu.

I can access folders on other machines, and I can share folders, but I get prompted for a password on other machines even though I have disabled passwords. That is a lower priority.

How can I share the printer?

Posted: Jul 5, 2009

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How To Share Printer From Windows 7 To Xp
I have been trying to access a printer on a computer running win 7 from one running win xp

Posted: Jun 19, 2012

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Error 0x000006cc While Trying To Share A Printer?
I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my PC, with a samsung printer connected directly to it via USB.trying to share this printer results in 0x000006cc error.I tried disabling the firewall but it didn't make a difference.I made some changes to the homegroup, disabling and enabling printer sharing, but it still didn't work.

Posted: Nov 9, 2010

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How To Share Network Printer To Other Users
how to share network printer to other users?

Posted: Jan 24, 2013

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Unable To Setup Share Printer In Windows 7
I have two windows 7 computers. computer-A is connecting EPSON printer and I have enabled the file and printer sharing function. The file sharing function is working fine. Then I tried to add the printer in control panel on computer-B, it sees the epson printer but when I try to install the driver (download from computer-A) then it say unable to connect. I have try it on different computer-C it is saying the same thing. What should I do?

I have installed the EPSON driver in computer-B (hoping it would work)but still after the install the driver (download from computer-A) by itself then it says unable to connect the printer.

I have setup all the computers with the group name of WORKFROUP. You may wonder why I don't use the Windows 7 Homegroup, it is because I have some XP computers need to use that computer-A's printer. how to make the printer sharing works. [URL]

Posted: May 3, 2012

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Can't Share Printer, Get (error 0x000006d9)?
I have a USB connected Canon iP4500 printer connected to my Win7 x64 box. I can't seem to share the printer. Every time I try, I get an error as in the picture below.It says "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006d9)

Posted: Apr 2, 2009

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How To Share Local Printer To Other Remote Computers
I have a working local Laserprinter under 64bit Win7. Through LAN another Win7 computer is connected. The remote computer can access local shared folders successfully. But it cannot access the local laser printer (connected through USB). How can I share the local printer to other computers in LAN? Do I have to define local printers explicitely as shared/accessible? Or are they automatically accessible (provided that the local user account and passwort is known at the remote computer? Do I have to install the printer driver in general at the remote computer as well or is the printer driver on the local computer enough?

Posted: Apr 13, 2011

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Share Win7 Printer To A Win98 Machine
i switched my bosses computer to Windows 7 here at work, all went fine.. we are using win98 under VMWARE 6.5 for our windows 98.. everything works great, except i cannot get it to access the printer on the Windows 7 machine, it sees it but always gets a access denied error, i have turned off password sharing.. and any of the xp/Windows 7 machines see it fine.. just the damn 98.. and i can't not use 98 cause of our POS software...

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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Printer Share 64bit System To 32bit Network?
32 bit system has photosmart 7760 usb attached.64 bit win 7 will network to 32 bit system and see printer but when you try to add, it looks for drivers and goes to windows update and looks but can not find because hp does not offer a win 7 driver for this . it states driver is part of os system comes back states not able to find driver?

Posted: May 9, 2012

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Share Win7 Printer-no Connect From Vista Prem If No Psw
Desktop has windows 7 7100 (64 bit)

Laptop has Vista Premium (32 Bit)

Desktop has USB wired HP j6480 all in one printer shared

Cannot connect to printer from laptop unless Windows 7 has login password enabled.

Any ideas on how to share this printer when windows 7 has no password

Posted: Aug 6, 2009

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Share Network Printer From Windows 7 64bit PC To One Running Vista
how do i share a network printer from my Windows 7, 64 pc to one running vista i have tried all the sharing settings, but when i upgraded my PC to win 7, my second pc running vista won't print anymore printer: hp officejet pro 8500ag

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

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Can't Share Printer On Local Network (0x00000012 Error)?
And also complicated, 'cos not even my CISCO Network teacher has been able to give me a solution. I think I need some smart people here The thing is that I can't share my printer (connected by USB to my PC) with my laptop on another room, over the local network (in Windows 7 the name is Home Group).The printer model is not relevant because time ago I was able to do what I'm trying now.All my configurations are OK, at least the basic ones, because there's definetely something wrong with my PC, and here's why: if I take my laptop and put it next to the printer and connect it to it (by the same USB cable), I can access the printer with my PC, while it's been shared by the laptop.That proves that the internal network is fine. Also, all the configurations of the printer and also of the home group are literally same in both PCs, the big one and the laptop.

Both PCs run Windows 7. I have tried this, Connect to printer error - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads, but it didn't work.The printer is also properly installed on my PC, it is not a driver problem or something like that.My AV is ESET ESSBE 4, but I don't think it's related, because I have tried deactivating its firewall, and also, on the laptop the AV is the same and theprinter did work.The services are also equal in both PC's now. I have even tried changing the network adaptor on my PC (from Ethernet to Wifi). Nothing.I recently had problems with the home group, but they are solved by now. I guess the source of the problems is the same, but I don't know where else to look.

Posted: Sep 26, 2012

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Can't Share Printer HP LaserJet3015 From Windows Xp To Windows 7 64bit
I can't share printer HP LaserJet3015 from Windows Xp to Windows 7 64bit

Posted: Sep 29, 2011

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Share Printer From Windows Xp 32bit In Windows 7 64bit
How can i share a desktop printer from windows xp 32 bit in windows 7 64 bit?

Posted: Jul 3, 2012

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Cross Platform Network Problem
This is not a specific Win 7 problem but it's involved so here goes!

I have four machines all connected to a switch, two wirelessly and two

wired. The router is wired also to the switch.

The two wired machines, one a laptop and one a desktop, both running Windows

XP, one wireless laptop is running Windows 7RC and the other Netbook,


Occasionally, like this afternoon, one of the wired machines and BOTH the

wireless machines will suddenly drop internet access, although access to

shared drives on the LAN is still there, yet the one XP wired laptop machine

does NOT drop internet access. The only way of returning access to the three

machines that have dropped it is re-boot the router, causing hassle to the

one machine that is still on the internet.

Can anyone tell me any reasons why this hugely irritating and totally

illogical scenario might come about?

Posted: Sep 29, 2009

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Internet Not Working Fine On Windows 7 Platform
I recently switched from XP to Win7. Most things worked fine, except for the internet. At first the "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller" didn't work. But I found a driver for that one. Now there are just two things left: the "PCI Simple Communications-controller" does not work and the "Intel H5 Express chipset LPC interface controller - 3B06" isn't working either. I found these problems in the Device Manager.

Posted: Dec 9, 2010

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How To Reinsert (reintegrate) A WinMail And Gadgets Platform
can you, please, post how to reinsert (reintegrate) a WinMail and Gadgets platform in already installed OS Win 7 which is "lited" (with removed this features?

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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Cannot Run Older Pc Games On Windows 7 Platform
I tried to play age of empires on windows 7 and the display is blotched with red dots everywhere in the game. I can play the game but it is really ugly to look at.

Posted: Feb 26, 2012

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Platform Error: Module Failed To Initialize
I get the error:

Platform Error: module fail to initialize

How can I fix this?

(I'm running Windows 7 64 - Bit if that has anything to do with it)

(CSS worked fine n Windows 7 32 bit! )

Posted: Dec 1, 2009

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Windows 7 Live Communications Platform Stopped Working?
I have noticed in the last few weeks that Windows Live Messenger don't start as it should be.Clicking the icon, opens the windows live messenger conneting window saying it is connecting, etc, but after a while comes out a message saying: windows live communications platform stopped working!Does anyone knows how to solve this

Posted: Nov 23, 2012

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Installing Vivid 3XE Scanner On Windows 7 Platform?
How to install vivid 3XE Scanner with window 7?

Posted: Jul 18, 2011

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Cross-platform Volume For Libraries And Installed Applications
I am currently studying about file sharing and have recently developed an urge to create two volumes that can be shared across two Windows installations. One volume will be for the contents of the user files (My documents, My Music, Downloads, etc.) and the other would be for installed applications. The main reason I want to do this is because I am currently using a machine with a Windows 8 partition and a Windows 7 partition, and the whole process of having to copy the files and install the same programs to the other partition is really daunting, not to mention a huge increase in wasted space on the hard drive.The main issue I have with the first volume I want to create, is that I really have no idea how to integrate the user files in a way that both Windows installations can find it inside the same default location.All I could think of is maybe some kind of re-direct setting or file, but I still have no clue on how to do that. On the second partition, I have experimented with creating one similar to it for games only, but when I tried to run it on Windows 8, most of the programs needed to either reinstall, or have me manually add some dll files to the Windows 8 partition.

Posted: Mar 8, 2012

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Sound Very Low In Windows Platform - How To Increase Volume
Sound of my Laptop is very low. But sound was good when I using Windows XP. Now I am using Windows 7. My Laptop Model: Dell Vostro 1014. What can I do now to increase volume?

Posted: Nov 21, 2012

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