Onboard Sound For M2n-e?

Dec 19, 2011

I have a Asus m2n-e with windows 7 64bit graphics card is a radion 320, I have tryed to install a creative audigy2 when i go to install the driver's for it, I get a message sound card is not installed .

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No Sound From Onboard After Removing Sound Card

Jul 22, 2009

I removed my emu 0404 soundcard after problems (it's known to have problems with Windows 7).

My sound (with onboard) was working before installing the Emu.

What have I done wrong?


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Enabling Onboard Sound With A Sound Card

Nov 16, 2009

I fly MS FSX and I want to be able to chat to ATC with my headphones and then hear the engine noises coming out of my speakers and sub-woofer.

I have a sound-card and my motherboard has on-board sound. I can't find the bios setting to turn it on and I can't see any hint of it anywhere on the computer. Can someone help me get the on board sound going? My computer is homebuilt, I recently installed Windows 7 pro 64bit.

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8400GS Kills Onboard Sound Output?

Jan 4, 2011

I will try and make my first post as informative and direct as possible. I am having an issue with installing a NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS video card into an older HP Pavillion 6040n

Windows 7 Professional x64
Asus P5LP-LE motherboard w/onboard sound
Intel Core 2 Duo 6320 Processor, 1.86 Ghz
Seagate 7200 320GB Hard Drive
4 GB RAM (PNY but I don't remeber the speed of it)
Geforce 8400GS 512 MB graphics card with DVI and VGA outputs (no S-Video, NO HDMI outputs)
300W generic PSU

when I physically installed the graphics card into the PCIE slot and rebooted the computer the sound stopped working. the computer does not see any audio output devices that are installed. when I mouse over the small speaker in the bottom right corner there is a red x over the speaker, like it's muted, and it says "no audio output device is installed" When I remove the card and go back to using the integrated graphics card in the motherboard, the sound works fine. I am using the 3.5mm jack off the back of the motherboard to get to my desktop speakers.I have tried installing the latest drivers from NVIDIA, doing a clean install of the drivers (IE removing the old versions first)I did not let in install the NVIDIA HD audio driver that comes in the 260.99 driver I tried reinstalling both the Realtek R255 sound card driver and the older R235 Driver.Nothing I have tried has worked. Something interesting I have noticed is windows installs 4 generic High Definition Audio Devices. When I see them in Device Manager I delete the drivers and restart the computer, but every time I restart, there is still no sound, and windows once again installs 4 HD audio devices. Why would a graphics card render an onboard sound card inoperable? Would a clean install of windows 7 fix my problem? Did I go to cheap in selecting the 8400 GS? Could this be in IRQ conflict?

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SRS Hd Audio Lab Low Volume Realtek Onboard Sound?

Mar 14, 2011

I have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and i have installed SRS HD Audio Lab on my Realtek but there is a sound problemThe volume comes low...i mean very low.Its only about 30%.A

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Crackling Sound From Realtek Onboard On Windows 7

Dec 27, 2011

i just got a NEW Asus motherboard put it in with a wireless card and video card and every thing was going great untill i listened to what the speakers were doing and turns out there just poping and crackling and all static i tryed the speakers on my ipod and they work fine and worked before my old motherboard broke and i was on windows 7 before to its just all fuzzy and static and if i turn up everything and play a song u can just barely hear it. how do i fix it?

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Realtek Onboard Sound Card Static / Crackling Noises

Jul 3, 2010

i'm using the onboard sound card for my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 mobo.The sound chipset is Realtek ALC889. I've updated the latest drivers, but there is crackling/static noise when I play music.Currently I mainly use a 2.1 speaker system. But Ive tried testing it with headphones the static/crackling noises persists.It is not constant, but it shows up periodically. Furthermore, when there is no music/sound playing the noise is not there. This leads me to believe its a hardware/driver issue and not so much a speaker/interference issue.

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Amd Onboard Sound Card Drivers With Windows 7 Operating System?

Nov 30, 2012

how to activate my audio driver..i reformatted my computer in window 7.Before i reformatted it,it was a windows xp. Just now i did not hear sound in my headset.

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Using 2 Monitors On PCI GPU And Onboard GPU?

Apr 12, 2012

I am wanting to use both of my monitors on my PC, I have 1 GPU PCI and the onboard GPU. Both are nVidia brands.

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Onboard Audio Driver

Aug 19, 2009

I have installed Windows 7 but currently cant get the right drivers for the onboard sound.

The mobo is a Foxconn 915PL7AE-S

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Does Windows 7 Have An Onboard Keyboard

Nov 30, 2011

Does Windows 7 have an onboard keyboard that can be navigated similar to that of the AppleTV using an IR remote?

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How To Disable Onboard Graphics

Jan 28, 2012

how can I disable my onboard graphics ?

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Turn GPU On, Using Onboard CPU Stead Of GPU?

Apr 22, 2012

Problem: My Lenovo is using its on-board CPU [Intel(R) HD Graphics] instead of the GPU [Nvidia NVS 3100m].I want my computer to use my GPU, and I'm unsure of how to make that happen. I'm also a little unsure how to ascertain when it is using one or the other.

dxdiag display:

GPU-Z Intel(R) HD Graphics
GPU-Z NVS 3100m
Msinfo32 Intel HD
Msinfo32 NVS

it's using the intelhd graphics as I tried /disabling it in Device Manager and my screen went black. I restarted the computer and dxdiag/display showed no existing graphics display (neither the intelhd nor the nvs).

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Onboard Realtek ALC658 No Audio?

Mar 7, 2012

Is anyone having a problem with their ALC658 chipset? I bought a motherboard that came out of a Compaq with that chipset and am having no luck using the Realtek drivers. No audio whatsoever. Also, I'm trying to manually install the .inf files and Windows 7 doesn't recognize any devices to install from the .infs in the drivers which say they support

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Bluray 3d Works With Onboard But Not With 6870?

Sep 24, 2012

Asrock e6 z77 board, uninstalled and reinstalled latest drivers for gigabyte 6870 but Windows 7 64x spits a colada-scope of colors and crashes severely sometimes with blu screen the moment I press play, plays standard blurays fine. If I switch to onboard no problems. 750 psu, i73770k, 16G ram LG bddvdrw.

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Onboard HDMI Won't Allow HD Audio & Video?

Apr 3, 2011

With Windows XP SP3 I was able to transmit audio which was digital and sometimes multi-channel to my Denon reciever through the HDMI output on my motherboard; I was also able to simultaneoulsy display my computer through that same HDMI connection through my Denon reciever and on to my my Toshibe LCD TV.But when I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit the HDMI audio was very limited (only 16 bit 2-channel @ 48,000 Hz) and can only select it when the reciever is on (which makes sense, but it's anoying to have to go into sound properties and switch to HDMI if I started the computer before the reciever, I hate technology trying to pretend it knows what I want it to do, it should just be able to do what it's told.) Then, when I turn on the TV this message comes up (which I would see when I was using XP but it didn't change anything)An HDMI-to-DVI display connection has been detected. In order to hear audio on your HDMI based TV or display, you will need to have a seperate audio conecction from you computer sound outputs to your TV or audio equipment.However I'm not using the DVI at all I just want to use the HDMI into HDMI because that's the way it's supposed to work because HDMI is supposed to handle both and I shouldn't need to use another cord when I'm already using one that does both.And so then my sound no longer works but my computer shows on my TV.Whoopdee doo! why can't I have both. HDMI is supposed to support both and when computer/motherboard/OS manufacturers put these technologies on computers you'd think they should commit to applying them flawlessly the way they were intended to be used.I understand this may be a driver issue and I've tried many combinations of the newest & the just HDMI Realtek Driver as well as the Gigabyte mother board drivers and the appropriate ATI/Catalyst driver/downloads.

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Onboard LAN Won't Show In Device Manager

Nov 22, 2012

I have a Jetway PA78VM5-H-LF motherboard.


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MSI P55-cd53, Onboard Lan Acting Weird?

Apr 13, 2012

I just formated my comp, nothing new added except two older hdds from another comp, removed them so thats no worry atm, but the onboard lan just stopped getting detected for some reason?, i cant understand it, its been working perfectly, and it does work if i use the "MSI WINKY" browser and the onboard lan with cable connects to the internet without a problem, but as soon as i enter windows, its gone, nowhere to be found in device manager, when i flashed my bios to the latest version the onboard lan got detected for a few minutes but was gone after reboot, so.. im kinda good with computer and it feels like ive tried everything but now im lost.

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Onboard LAN And External NIC Card Not Working?

Sep 3, 2012

I have an ASUS P7P55D motherboard that does not show my onboard LAN in device manager. I suspect its dead. I then proceeded to install a PCI type network adapter card in one of the available slots and it was recognized by the OS with drivers installed. I connect the cable which I tested to be working fine on my laptop and it shows the led's working on the card but I still have no network capability. Is it possible to have both the onboard LAN and external NIC not work because of a chip issue, etc.? This is the first I have ever seen both not work. If I need a new board...fine...but I just don't want to waste my money if it can be fixed. BTW, I did check my BIOS and everything is enabled properly.

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Auto Switch Between Hdmi And Onboard

May 19, 2009

I have a Sony laptop with hdmi output.

I keep my hdmi plugged in as a watch dvd's everynight through media center, onto my 32" tv.

The thing is, the sound taskbar used to automatically switch from hdmi to the laptop's soundcard automatically. It doesn't any more. Basically, if I turn off the hdmi mode on my tv, it used to switch from hdmi sound output to laptop's card. When I activate hdmi again, it would automatically switch to hdmi output.

I'm using the nvidia provided drivers via windows update.

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Onboard Realtek ALC658 No Audio?

Mar 7, 2012

Is anyone having a problem with their ALC658 chipset? I bought a motherboard that came out of a Compaq with that chipset and am having no luck using the Realtek drivers. No audio whatsoever. Also, I'm trying to manually install the .inf files and Windows 7 doesn't recognize any devices to install from the .infs in the drivers which say they support ALC658.

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Onboard Speakers Only Play One At A Time

Jul 11, 2012

I had an issue recently where I upgraded from OEM Vista x86 to Windows 7 Professional x86. There was very little sound coming from the internal speakers. I also had major BSODs from then, so obviously I was focusing my attention on the BSODs as a priority. That issue has been resolved, however, or, at least, I implemented a workaround - reinstalling Vista. I no longer have BSODs. The audio, however, is still extremely quiet. I've checked the following:

- Went into properties and maximised the 'levels' on everything.
- Went into volume mixer and maxed everything.
- Went into Devmgmt.msc and tried updating drivers - drivers already up-to-date.

I have two internal speakers as well as what I guess is a subwoofer (I'm terrible with hardware - its icon looks like a box server or something. I'm currently at work so I'll upload screenshots when I get home). Only one speaker plays at a time. I can change between the speakers by right clicking and saying "set as default speaker" and that plays sound out of one at a time with no problems, unless I choose the subwoofer(?). Is there a way to make both speakers play at the same time, instead of just using one of them?

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Drivers For ADI® AD1988B Onboard Soundcard?

Sep 29, 2009

Got a P5K-E Wifi/Ap motherboard, which according to the specifications got an ADI® AD1988B onboard soundcard. Just wondering where i could get drivers for this soundcard? When i enabled it through the BIOS, Windows 7 automatically installed some drivers, and in the volume control panel it's called "High Definition Audio Device" only.

Reason am looking for some drivers, is because i was hoping there would be some sort of audio managament software that came with it, similar to the "Creative Console Launcher" that you can download for Creative based soundcards.

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Increase Onboard Video Ram In Windows 7?

Aug 17, 2011

Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report

Report Date:08/17/2011
Report Time[hr:mm:ss]:10:37:23
Driver Version:


In windows xp I had 384mb of video ram when I was using 1gb system ram,now I 've upgraded to 2gb system ram and installed Windows 7 Ultimate.But,I ve only 64mb video ram,that means I can't play any decent game.Can I increase video ram?

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Different Conflict Between Headphones And Onboard Speakers?

May 26, 2012

I've been using an Asus ROG G51J gaming laptop for a while now, and a couple months back, I noticed this weird problem. Occasionally, when my headphones were plugged in, I'd hear this popping noise. Sometimes it was just one pop in minutes, sometimes it sounded like machinegun fire. After a bit of investigation, I realized that for the duration of each pop (a fraction of a second, at most) my computer would play sound through its onboard speakers instead of the headphones. It didn't seem to change based on what programs I had running or what devices I had connected to the computer, and restarting the machine entirely only temporarily defeated the problem.

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Windows 7 64 Bits Not Starting With Onboard VGA?

Jul 8, 2012

I bought a new pc with Intel i3 2120 CPU, Asus P8B75-v mainboar and 8gb DDR3 2166mhz memory. I've installed windows 7 64bit but it's not starting after the fresh install. I tried starting the computer with onboard VGA but it's looping in restarts. After testing all the components, I managed to start the computer using a discret video card. It runs fine. When I switch to integrated GPU, the sistem enters the restarting loops. I've done some check up's in BIOS and selected video mode to AUTO or GPU but no succes. I installed the latest video driver for intel 2000hd but it;s still not starting with the onboard vga.

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Dead Onboard NIC Causing Crash Of OS Install?

Aug 19, 2011

I re-purposed an old work computer into a media server and am trying to install W7 to it. It previously had XP on it and worked fine, except for the onboard NIC. Whenever I tried to use the NIC, the computer would shut down. Luckily I had an external USB wireless adapter which allowed me to bypass the onboard NIC.Now, when trying to install W7, it gets all the files copied/installed, then upon setting everything up, the computer shuts down. I'm guessing the reason for it is the NIC driver is attempting to install itself, but haven't seen it to be certain.Unfortunately, the board, an Intel DG965WH, is out of warranty and I can't afford a new board. I don't think I can disable the NIC in the bios, or with jumpers on the board (though don't quote me on that 2nd thought).Anyway, trying to install W7 again, and I'm going to try to browse to the Linksys adapter's driver if prompted. Maybe that will bypass the onboard NIC.

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Driver For Gigabyte Onboard Raid Controller

Jun 25, 2009

So I installed the Windows Seven RC x64 today on my desktop machine after having a great experience on my notebook.

Most things worked out just fine, but the onboard raid controller is giving me alot of trouble (I got two hard disks connected there, should be raid0?), my mainboard is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 an this is SiSoft Sandras report on my disk controllers:

Browsing this forum I found severel interesting posts, for example I tested the drivers of Driver and I tried the mainboard drivers for Vista in compatibility mode, but nothing works. I also looked for the "ITE IT8212 ATA RAID Controller" drivers directly, but there was nothing concerning Windows Seven. After that I tried the Released: Intel Chipset Software but that still did not solve anything.

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Asus P4b533 Onboard Audio Driver?

Jun 3, 2012

I have an asus motherboard (asus p4b533) with onboard audio I think should be this:

'C-Media Electronics Inc'

is there a driver for windows 7 sp1 - 32 bit?I tried various driver found on google but no one worked I tried to install xp driver but didn't work?

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Horizontal Adjustment For Onboard Intel Graphics LCD TV

Aug 13, 2010

so I have a low profile Dell computer in the living room hooked up to an LG LCD TV. It did have an ATI graphics card which used the PCIe slot, and a USB stick for wireless internet. The wireless stick wasn't working great so I've just got a wireless card installed, however it also uses PCIe and there is only one slot. As the computer is not being used for games, the wireless card is much more valuable to have in the slot.When I had the ATI card in there though I could use CCC to adjust the screen over slightly (there is about an inch cut off on the left side of the screen). It is not a spanning/stretching issue, merely just needs a nudge to the left and it will all be good.I have just installed Intel Control Center, but when I click on monitor/tv settings it says that they are not supported.There is no option to adjust this in the Windows 7 display options either, so I'm not quite sure what else to try.

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Turned Off Onboard Graphics Controller But GPU Still Heats Up?

Jul 6, 2012

I have a dedicated gpu now. So turned off my onboard graphics and its getting extremely hot why?

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