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Installing .net Framework 3.5 Sp1 On A 64 Bit Win7

I downloaded "dotnetfx35" from the Microsoft web site on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. When I double clicked on this file, it said it was extracting files, but I did not see any window popping up to show that the .NET framework is being installed. Now, I see a Microsoft.NET folder in the Programs in the Programs (x86) folder on my C drive.

However, I do not see MIcrosoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 in the Start>Programs menu or in the Add/REmove Programs list in the Control panel. Am I missing something? How can I verify that .net framework has in fact been successfully installed?

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Net.Framework 3.5 For Win7
I need a Net.Framework 3.5 because when i install it says Error

i think its because its not for win 7 can some one give me a download because i cant find it.

Posted: Mar 30, 2009

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Cannot Install NET Framework 2.0 SP1 - Turn Windows Features On Or Off
I am trying to install NET Framework 2.0 SP1 on Windows 7. This is a brand new install, the only apps I have installed are Office 2007 PRO, and Adobe Reader 9.0. I get the following error:

You must use "Turn Windows features on or off" in the Control Panel to install or configure Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 SP1.

Posted: Aug 20, 2009

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Installing .net Framework 4?
I have some updated software that requires .net Framework 4 to run.I use this on an older laptop that I have not ever used on line. By never going on line, I think this is the greatest virus protection ever. Anyway, to install the Framework 4 from Microsoft, one of the requirements is to be on line, which I do not want to do. Is there any way to install this Microsoft software without hooking up on line?

Posted: Mar 1, 2012

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Installing MS .NET Framework?
Trying to install MS .Net version 4 on desktop PC.Running the 64 bit version of Windows 7.Get the following error msg.:.NET Framework 4 has not been installed because:HRESULT 0xc8000247

Posted: Jan 16, 2013

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Installing Net Framework 3 5 On Windows 7?
i cannot install .net framework 3.5 SP1 on win 7 it shows downloading then suddenly finishes the installation and gives SETUP ERROR

Posted: Jul 1, 2011

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Installing .net Framework V2.0 Fail?
i am required to install .net framework v2.0 so that my vodafone dongle will work, i have installed 3 different packages of the v2.0 and the dongle still does not run,sometimes i am told the v2.0 is already installed, yet not being picked up.

Posted: Feb 20, 2013

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2 Windows Updates Not Installing, .NET Framework 4 Issues
I have 2 windows updates that haven't installed for about a month now. Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2656351)

Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2600217) I don't have a clue why but everything installs fine. I install them, restart my computer and everything does its thing while that's happening and they just pop up again when I do a search for updates after computer has restarted.

Posted: Jan 14, 2013

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Install Net Framework Into Windows 7 64 Bit?
I am running Win.7 64 bit and need Net Framework 1.1 to run Print Shop 23. Net.Framework won't install because of 64 bit. I have done a lot of research and found out how to do it. Create a new folder named DotNetin C: drive (C:DotNet is used in this guide, you can change to any folder you prefer, but ensure that you use correct path in the following steps). Download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package (dotnetfx.exe ). Make sure the setup file is saved asdotnetfx.exe . Download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe ). Make sure that the file is renamed and saved asdotnetfxsp1.exe , so that the rest of the steps can be followed easily. Move both installation files into the same directory (i.e. C:DotNet), if you�re not saving them together. Open command prompt as Administrator . Change to the directory where the two installation setup files for .NET 1.1 are saved (i.e. C:DotNet). Run the following commands one by one, press Enter after each one. dotnetfx.exe /c:"msiexec.exe /a netfx.msi TARGETDIR=C:DotNet" Then click on �Yes� when prompted to answer �would you like to install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. Package?� dotnetfxsp1.exe /Xp:C:DotNet

Posted: Feb 2, 2013

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Net Framework V4 0 30319 32 Bit Download
Net framework v4 0 30319 32 bit download

Posted: Oct 9, 2012

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Unable To Installing Windows 7 Pro SP1, 64 Bit?
I first installed win7P (64bit) back in Dec of 2011. Clean install with 4 gigs ram with no issues. Got a virus back in April and reformatted with a clean install with 8 gigs, no issues.Had a massive power outage here in Ohio on Fri. the 29. Power came back Sat the 30th.When power went out my son was playing WoW. After power came back up, getting blue screens and crashes, with a multitude of Windows service failures. I assumed that Windows was corrupted and tried a repiar using the Win7 install disk. Decided to just do another clean install. Many errors (can't install with this hardware, blah, blah blah.) Then noticed my CPU fan wasnt running. Changed out the fan and no more stability issues, but Win 7 WILL NOT install (tried 5 clean installs); hanging on starting services, hanging on updates, missiing or currupt files. Did ram stick/slot switches with each new install and got the same problems, so I don't think I have bad ram or slots. Should I try with just 2 gigs?


q6600 quad core
8 gigs DDR2
Radeon 6700 series 1 gig GPU
700 watt PS

Posted: Jul 2, 2012

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Net Framework 2.0
Cannot run my Lexmark productivity Studio. When I try to open it I get a notification that I need to download net frame work 2.0. (running windows 7 64 bit) EVERY download Microsoft has for 64 bit net frame work 2.0 will not install. I have uninstalled the Lexmark printer, tried every version of 2.0 and still cannot get the Lexmark Studio to run. When the printer was first installed , the Studio program worked.

The error would pop up , I would clear it and then the program ran. I run the troubleshooter and it says the program is incompatible now. I have tried running it in different compatibility modes with no luck. Tried Lexmark support and so far they have been no help. can any one help me?

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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Why Do I Need NET Framework ?
I installed windows 7 on my computer. Now, I get this notice that I need to add .NET framework version 2 on my computer. I have tried to download it and I get an error that says not supported by 64 bit operating system??? Do I need it?? What do I do???

Posted: Dec 13, 2009

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.net Framework Issue
i get this message everytime i boot up, but i am running build 7230 64bit and this is for 32bit isnt it ?

Posted: Jun 27, 2009

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Issue With Net Framework 3.5.1
When I go to Control Panel - Programs - Turn Windows features on or off, Net Framework 3.5.1 does not have a checkmark. Upon expanding it, I find that

"Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation"

"Windows Communication Foundation HTTP non-Activation"

are by default unchecked for me. When I check them, I get the following message:

"An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed." When I click ok, I says it needs to restart to apply the changes. After restarting and going back to the same places, the above two boxes are still unchecked.

Any information as to why this might be and what can be done to ratify the situation would be most welcome. I need to open a program which requires Net Framework.

Posted: Nov 28, 2009

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.Net Framework Issues
I downloaded and installed windows 7 (i did the upgrade from vista, not a clean instal) upon its release last night, and now when i start the computer up i get an error that says i need the .NET Framework 2.0. I looked through the computer and i have version 3.5.whatever.

This is pretty frustrating.

Additionally, i get an unknown error when i've tried to install windows live, both via windows update and when i dl the .exe from the website. i am not sure if the two are related or not.

I did the student discount if that makes any difference.

Posted: Oct 22, 2009

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How To Install .Net Framework 1.1 ?
I am trying to install DotNet framework 1.1 on my Windows 7 pc its throughing error, Help me please how to install framework 1.1 in Windows 7.

Posted: Nov 2, 2009

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.net 3.5 Client Framework
my boss asked me to download the 3.5 Client Framework. I can only find just the standalone installer for 3.5 (Which errors on us). Im not exactly sure what he is talking about i was wondering if someone could please explain the difference and provide a link(Ive been looking).

Posted: Mar 30, 2011

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Requires .net 3.5 Framework
im trying to run a program that requires .net 3.5, so what i did is i turned on or put a check on microsoft .net 3.5 framework in programs and features. the progress bar immidiately fills up but in the end i get error saying "unable to turn on all features"

any solutions guys?

Posted: Dec 10, 2009

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.net Framework 2.0 Install Problems
Okay im trying to run my lexmark X6650 desktop software and it gives me a message saying .net framework 2.0 required to continue.

When i download the .net 2.0 redistributable x64 it says "this product is already installed as part of the operating system" Im able to print but im not able to open the software suite to scan or fax from my laptop.

Im running build 7068 on an amd athalon 64.

Does anyone have an ideas?

Posted: Apr 20, 2009

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.NET Framework Initialization Error
Whenever i try to run certain programs i get this error:

I've tried installing the version it asks for but at the end of installation it just informs me its already installed?

I've also tried to enable .NET frame work 3.5.1 (since not all features were enabled in windows features) but i just get another error message telling me that not all features could be successfully changed.

Posted: Sep 18, 2009

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.NET Framework 4 Installation Failure
I have windows 7 ultimate x64 and I have been trying to install microsoft .NET Framework 4. However, every time I try, it always fails. It gets about halfway through the installation and a window pops up asking for me to open the location of an .msi that is not there. It's not in the setup fies and its not in the location that is given.Here is a screen cap of the installation and the window that pops up asking for the .msi file.

Posted: Jun 22, 2011

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Trouble Updating .NET Framework 4
For a couple of weeks now, I've had these windows updates that wouldn't finish installing. I've been trying the recommended solutions that I could find but nothing really helps.

I've tried repairing the Microsoft .NET framework but it fails to repair for some unknown reason.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled it both manually and through windows updater, both failed.

Posted: Jul 24, 2011

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.NET Framework 3.0 Installation Error
Hmm, anyone know what it means by "Windows features" ?

Posted: Dec 8, 2008

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Net Framework On Build 5956
it also has .Net framework 2 on it, dont know if its new or not.

Posted: Dec 8, 2008

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Looking For Net Framework V4 Service Pack 1
Installing software at work and it says need NET Framework V4 sp1 before the install will work.I have found sp1 for previous versions of NET Framework, but not for v4.0 on the web site.I specifically seached there for 'NET Framework v4 sp1' and 'NET Framework v4 service pack 1.

Posted: Oct 22, 2012

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.NET Framework 4.0 Will Not Install On Windows 7
My problem is that I cannot get the .NET framework 4 to install for anything. On Friday night I began installing Sharepoint Server 2010. I had a lot of problems getting Sharepoint to install since I'm on Windows 7. I ended up having to download the EasyScript on MSDN which appeared to finally work by installing all the prerequisite files that were needed. However, it installed Visual Studio 2010 Trial on my machine which then prompted SQL Server 2012 to ask for the Visual Studio SP1 before it would run. Thus begins all the frustrations that have haunted me this entire weekend. I cannot get VS 2010 or SP1 to install for anything. It is giving me an error every time (error code 643 - .NET 4.0). I have tried everything I can think of at this point.

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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How To Install .net Framework In Windows 7
I wanted to install and work on dot net software. Plz explain where to download and what are the programs to download and install to work on dot net.

Posted: Apr 16, 2011

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Install Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1
how can i install Microsoft® .NET Framework v1.1 on windows 7.

Posted: Nov 19, 2009

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How To Install .net Framework V4 0 30319
I am trying to update my daughters e-reader. It calls for the net framework v4.0.30319. How do I find it or where is it located.

Posted: Dec 20, 2011

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