Initialize Disk Failed Logical Disk Manager?

Mar 10, 2012

One of the hard disks suddenly failed to initialized. The first problem I found on this disk was unable to open one of the zip files then the machine crashed. After I restarted the machine the HDD drive was missing from the Computer. My computer has 6 hard drives including the missing one. One is Corsair SSD for the OS and the rest are Samsung, Hitachi and WD all of them are 1TB. When I checked on the Device Manager the Drive is there and the device status is properly working. I checked on the Disk Management and I got a message to Initialize the Disk then I followed the instruction. Again I got an error message " Virtual Disk Manager - The system cannot find the file specified." On the Disk Management windows the status of the Disk is "Unknown 931.51GB Not Initialized- Unallocated". I tried to initialize but the same error I got. I did not name this drive but it named automatically RV 01 and the Location is 0.I use Acronis Disk Director to fix the problem but it cannot change the status to online. What I did last week was I installed some programs to the Drive X instead of Drive C.My computer OS is Windows 7 64bits all the drivers and software are updated.

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Disk Manager Not Recognizing C: Drive After Failed Ubuntu Install

Apr 26, 2012

Basically what happened was I deleted the factory partitions on this laptop( HP Pavilion G6) using disk management down to two partitions and attempted to install Ubuntu on the other partition.After a horrendously failed attempt to install Ubuntu, disk management will not recognize my hard drive even though I can see it and access it through windows. I just want to re-partition it so I can set up a recovery partition.It wouldn't boot up after the failed install, saying I had no operating system, but I used a Windows 7 repair disc and now it boots up fine, but disk management doesn't show my hd or any partitions.

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Deleted Local Disk In Disk Manager

Mar 20, 2011

I deleted my local disk in disk manager.Now I have 200GB free space in disk manager, but it is not unallocated. When I try to make simple volume the computer says that I dont have enough space. What shoud I do?

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Unable To Initialize External HDD In Disk Management Due To I/O Error

Dec 2, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.Windows detects my external HDD but doesn't show up in My Computer. Drive is detected in Disk Management, indicated as "not initialized". When I try to initialize the drive, it gives me the following error,"The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error".What I've tried doing:Do a clean instll of windows - Don't work Uninstall external HDD driver, turned off power, turn it back on again, reinstalled driver - don't work Tested the same external HDD on another Windows 7 system - No problems, detected and able to access Tried plugging on different ports - Don't work.

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Logical Partitioning In Disk Management - Only Getting Simple Volume Option?

Sep 22, 2011

When I select unallocated space in disk management All I get is "New Simple Volume" option. How do I create an extended partition and then logicals on it? I can do this ever so easily in gparted and may resort to that but a bit infuriated at how clunky this seems in disk management.

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Can See External Hard Drive In Device Manager But Not Disk Manager

Oct 19, 2012

I just bought a new ASUS computer with Windows 7. I have a Macbook Pro and would like to transfer my photos and music onto my new computer. I have 2 external hard drives that work perfectly fine on my mac as well as other PCs. When I plug either of my external hard drives in they are recognized in device manager and say they are working properly but are not recognized in disk manager or under my computer...

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My Disk Read Failed

Mar 23, 2012

I was luckily enough to get a Beta key to a very special game that is close to my heart but now when I was downloading the client after maybe 50%-80% I get this error:

Fatal Error: Disk read failed (incomplete).

And after some research( Not so helping a I thought ) I am totally clueless about what I am going to do. Some say that it would help if I removed the read only on the file it would help but every time I uncheck the box it rechecks again.

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Failed To Initialize 3d Rendering

Oct 17, 2012

Failed to initialize 3d rendering.What will i do? I speak english bad. More games doesn't open. Standart games too doesn't open.I installed the drivers for my notebook Asus g50vt,and DirectX,but it doesn't help.

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External HDD Not Getting Initialized In Disk Manager

Mar 3, 2012

I have an WD Elements 1023 external hard drive which I want to connect to my laptop which runs a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium. When I connect the device, it shows up in the device manager and the driver is installed properly.

However, it doesnt show up as a drive and in the Disk Management, it shows as Disk1 unknown. When I try to Initialize the disk, I get a error that the "The Media is write protected".

Its been a real pain as I have a lot of data init and unable to access it. [URL]

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Hard Disk / Failed To Lock Drive

Dec 22, 2011

I am running windows 7 64 bit, on an eMachines lap top, I have purchased an external HDD and now I am trying to create a perfect copy of my system. I used DriveImage XML but it failed. I have used this program in the past with great success on a different computer running WindowsXP.The failure I get is "failed to lock drive". I've tried skipping the lock drive option and going straight to shadow copy; same problem.I can only assume the failure to lock drive is based on permissions and files being in use. So I think I need to attempt this without loading windows. Is there anyway of running a "free" drive cloning program from a DVD or USB Flash drive without booting into Windows?I would just bit torrent a win7 OS, install it on my external, and run the program from their, but I don't want to have to resort to law breaking, and I have never run linux.

Also I tried using a "backup" feature on Paragon Partition Manager, it did "backup" the system, but it didn't clone the drive. All the backup files are written in directories such as "C:/archive/" and thus I assume there is no way of booting into a system written that way. I assume it's like windows system restore, and what I need is a bootable image of my primary drive.Oh and I should clarify, that it's not my external drive that fails to lock; the external HDD has been formatted, partitioned, and can read and write data just fine, and has way more than enough room to copy the HDD in my lap top.Also, the HDD on my lap top has 1 primary partition, with two logical partitions. I have no idea what the logical partitions are for and if that could be causing the problem.

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Local Disk Management Status Failed?

Sep 19, 2012

I searched the forum and had seen a similar thread , but lost track of it and so i decided to post a new thread.My problem is this-My Laptop hard disk of 500gb shows missing in the Local Disk Management & the status indicates FAILED.It so happened that by mistake I formatted a drive (H: ) using a program WintoFlash. & the problem was i had ran the program from the H: drive itself. So i ended up formatting the H:half way & the laptop restarted. Since then it didnt load the OS.I finally decided to remove the hard disk from the laptop & hook it to a spare computer which i already have . (500gb & Windows 7 installed)I checked My Computer & the drives didnt show up. So i checked the Local Disk Management & found a cross mark on my hard disk. & it showed missing. & status as Failed.his is how it looks:Shot at 2012-09-19Is there anyway i can get my data back?

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Platform Error: Module Failed To Initialize

Dec 1, 2009

I get the error:

Platform Error: module fail to initialize

How can I fix this?

(I'm running Windows 7 64 - Bit if that has anything to do with it)

(CSS worked fine n Windows 7 32 bit! )

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Accidentally Deleted Volume In Disk Manager

Dec 4, 2012

I had 2 external hard drives connected and in disk manager I clicked delete on the wrong one? So now the drive wont show up, so I simply created a Simple volume and know it is a RAW drive? How do I recover the files there was over 100GB and some of them are really important such as records and work related stuff, it is currently a RAW partition and all the hard disk recovery softwares dont recognise it because it is a RAW drive? do i have to format it to recover the files?

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Windows 7 Disk Manager Raid 0 Failure

May 4, 2012

Setup 4 disks on a windows 7 PRO unit using the disk manager raid utility. Created a JBOD. On re-boot, all drives are reflecting a failed message.

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Disk Manager Sourced BootMgr Is Missing?

Dec 1, 2012

Yesterday i was trying to detect my external HDD on my pc. So I opened diskmanager through diskmgmt.msc, then on the external drive I right clicked and chose enable "something"( my os is not english so i don't know the exact word) but the thing i should have done was just to give it a path. Then i also right clicked on one my C drive (btw my C is drive is partioned for some reason, 100 mb and rest) and did the same "enable" thing to it, too. Now when I try to boot my pc, it says BootMgr is missing. Now I cannot format because there were telabytes of information on my hardrivers regarding my projects and I also don't have windows 7 cd.I have been trying to boot from SSD in BIOS but no 7 Professional 64 bitIntel i7 26004xKingston 4 gb 30 gb SSD2 tb HDDATI RADEON HD 6970

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Disk Manager Not Showing New Partition Arrangement

Jan 20, 2013

I used Gparted to shrink the windows partition and create other partitions for a dual boot. Windows seems to be find except that disk manager does not reflect the changes, and defragmenter will not work at all?

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Restore Failed Because Of Disk Which Was Critical At Backup Is Excluded

Jun 21, 2011

I was trying to restore my OS from a back up I made but when I run it, it comes up with this message: "restore failed because a disk which was critical at backup is excluded. to continue you need to either remove the disk from exclusion list or detach it from machine or clean it using diskpart utility, and then retry restore. if you cannot clean or detach it then change the disk signature".

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Every Program Crashes - App Failed To Initialize Properly (0xc000007b)

Feb 12, 2012

I have been receiving this error message 'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b). click ok to terminate the application'. why is this happening? the only cure i found was to reinstall the program but when i restart my computer it happens again.

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Graphics System Failed To Initialize / Please Restart Your Client

Apr 29, 2012

I've installed the latest drivers for each. When I try to play a game I get the error stated in the thread title. I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers. I've looked on several forums for this error message and possible solutions.

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Cannot Assign Drive Letter In Windows 7 Disk Manager

Jun 14, 2012

I was asked by a client to get data off a circa 2004 PC that has a blown Power Supply. I removed the HDD and proceeded with my usual recovery procedure using a drive adapter cable and power supply. The problem is that I can see the drive in the Win7 Disk Manager, but I can't mount the partition. Most of the time I've not had problems with Win7. It usually just recognizes the drive and assigns a letter to the active primary partition. In this case, I can see the partition, it's active and healthy, but I can't assign it a letter. In fact, all options are "greyed out" except "Delete Partition."I've also used MiniTool Partition Wizard, but without success. Partition Wizard can assign a letter to the partition, which then shows up in Windows Explorer. If you click on the drive letter, you get the "J:\ refers to a location that is unavailable ...." I can explore the partition with Partition Wizard, but I'm unable to access the files.

Here are the Hardware particulars:Old HDD: 80GB Maxtor HDD ATA, formatted with 76GB primary partition, Active, NTFS, This was the boot drive for a PC I'm using Win7 x64. The drive is connected to my machine using a SATA/IDE Combo Drive adapter connected to a USB port on my machine. It uses the standard USB to SATA Serial Bridge Driver.

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Cannot See Hard Drives In Disk Management Or In Device Manager

Jun 11, 2010

I have completely formatted my hard disk with seagate seatool. Then I have installed windows xp sp3. I have made 4 partitions at that time i.e. c,d,e,f. After that I have installed windows 7 now I can't see my hdd in disk management or in device manager. Both device manager & disk management are showing me my external drives like pen drive.

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Virtual Disk Manager Media Write Protected

Sep 30, 2012

Im trying to initialize disk and I keep getting this message The Media Is Write Protected.

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New Hard Disk Recognized By Windows 7 But Not By BIOS, Install Failed?

Aug 23, 2012

I have a compaq CQ60 104TU laptop, my previous harddrive crashed and i has an external 500GB hardrive lying around. So, I opened it up and took the Harddrive out and inserted into my laptop.When I am trying to load windows into it I get the errorWindows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menuThe Hard disk has no data, and i don't have a CD-Rom, have made my USB bootable manually using DISKPART (this method of installation has worked for me before)[CODE]

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Can't Find Drives On Installing Windows 7 & Hard Disk Test Failed?

Sep 6, 2012

I have a HP Probook 4530swith Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When I turn on the PC the windows does'nt start and give a option of starting windows manually, which does'nt work, and repair windows. Repairing windows with windows 7I then decided to reinstall windows 7, but while installing, on the select disk page, it shows a error saying no drives found.I then performed a Hard Disk Test which resulted in failure saying:Failure ID : UC7WX0-5NB67S-XD6V5G-60TF03

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Virtual Disk Manager - Cannot Change Drive Letter / Parameter Incorrect

Oct 17, 2012

So I can't change the drive letter. Do I need to use Partition Magic again? The more I keep hearing/reading "do you have a backup?" - makes me believe the tool (OS) isn't capable of handling/accessing the data properly.

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Disk Read Error In Sony Vaio E Series - Windows 7 Loading Failed

May 26, 2012

Disk read error ctrl+alt+dlt to restart your system.

1. Have sony vaio E-series vpcea23en
2. Fail to load windows 7
3. Even recovery dvd stop to load
4. No option in bios to run diagnostics.
5. Try to install windows 7 64bit clean install but also failed to load it.
6. Have no money for new hdd.
7. How can I format my laptop. full

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Deleted Linux Partition Using Windows 7 Disk Manager - GRUB Loading Error 22

Jun 6, 2012

I have a Dell XPS 430 that came with Windows Vista and a Windows 7 upgrade disk. I set up my main hard drive with Windows 7 on one partition, Linux on another partition, and a third partition for storage. I recently needed more space for Windows, and no longer needed Linux, so using the Windows 7 disk manager I deleted the Linux partition and extended the Win partition using the newly unallocated space.

Upon restarting my machine, I am no longer able to boot into windows but instead am presented with the message:
GRUB Loading, please wait...
Error 22

I have a Windows 7 disk that I am using to access the repair utility, which I have run countless times. I have tried severel of the tutorials to rebuild BCD and FixMBR, etc etc. Frankly I am getting lost in all the commands and not even sure what does what anymore!

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External HDD Not Working - The Operation Failed To Complete Because The Disk Management Console View Is Not Up-to-date

May 6, 2009

I recently bought a maxtor 500 gb external hdd and i just cant get it to work with windows 7, i got a computer at home where i want to keep it that has windows 7 rc , I have tryed everything i can think of to make it work but nothing does, I cant see it in my computer or with the explorer, but I can see it with computer management, It doesn´t have a drive letter or NTFS and I just cant do anything to it, I cant format it then I get the error "An unexpected error has occured. check the system event log for more information on the error. Close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer".Nothing works, I cant put a drive letter to it then i get the error "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. If the problem persists close the Disk Management console then restart Disk Management or restart the computer."Now im getting pretty annoyed with trying different things on it but can´t seem to make it work, now on the other hand it does work on my laptop computer wich has Windows vista, and it works fine, also works on another computer I have that has Windows XP, can anyone please help me with this problem I would prefer to not have to format it since I did put alot of data on it from my other computers but if I have to then so be it .

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Dynamic Disk To Basic Disk When Windows 7 Is Installed On Dynamic Disk

Mar 13, 2011

so i got this cool Hp laptop... nice the bad part ... I had a single 500 gb Hard disk. only two partitions ... experimented to partition it ... 1. I upgraded my basic drive to dynamic drive ( got four partitions now) 2. My OS (win 7 home premium x64) is on one of the partiotion on the dynamic disk. QUESTIONS How do i convert back to basic... i only have my OS key no install cd? Can i take a back up or sys image that i can use later on after converting my hard disk to basic?

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Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk Press Enter

Mar 29, 2012

im usin 2tb segate new hard disk my system i cant able to boot my os and also my hard disk...its showin that hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter ...i restarted many times its sayin the same my gigabite mobo bios my hard disk is not get detected sir....the problem is that wen im installin the new os for 2nd time its all went nice only sir but at the completion of the os it wil ask for the user name and password but in my system its frozen sir fully of black screen and i cant able to do anythin so i restarted my system from that im gettin this error as hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter.....that my new hard disk and all of my data is in that hard disk only..this problem arises wen im installing the os for 2nd time sir.

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Windows 7 Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter?

Jan 5, 2012

windows 7 disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter

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