How To Restore Computer To 48 Hours Ago?

Feb 14, 2012

Previous Windows OS's let me quickly and easily restore to a time that I wanted, however what I'm getting with 7 is "no restore points have been created". Hmmm. I've searched this forum for an explanation that makes sense to me to no avail; not yet ready to admit to stupidity but will acknowledge that I'm past middle age and well into frustration.

I'm in safe mode now; in regular mode my laptop has slowed to the point of only allowing my desktop to appear & I can't get anything else to work. Every time I click on something that infernal little blue donut just keeps running and running.

64 bit Sony. Is it possible to restore to a config that was working 2 days ago?

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Computer Stuck On System Restore For 24 Hours

Dec 8, 2012

My computer has been stuck at "please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored System restore is restoring the registry" for almost 24 hours. I have a Toshiba with Windows 7 home premium 64bit .

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Use Computer For More Than 12 Hours?

Jun 20, 2012

I have intel core 2 duo E6400 2.13ghz......and i bought it 5 years ago so i wanted to know can i use it for 12 hours consecutively or will it harm my computer.....or should i use it for 10 hour and give it a 2 hour rest and the use it for next 6 hours?

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Computer Shuts Off After Few Hours

Sep 24, 2012

My computer has been shutting itself off within 6 hours or so of being turned on. It is always idle when it shuts off.

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Computer Won't Start For Hours After Shutdown

Dec 14, 2011

When I shut down my computer it takes a couple of hours before it will restart it's just like dead nothing will light up the fans wont spin but a couple of hours of being left alone it starts right up so ive been having to leave it on for days at a time.

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Computer Slows Down After A Couple Of Hours Of Use: No More Info

Jan 22, 2013

This has been baffling me for at least a month now, my PC will randomly start to slow down after a few hours (2-4) of being used. This began to happen randomly and after no new software or updates where installed.So far I have tried to take off all my overclocks, run a CPU test for 24hours (stable) and all the defrags and disk cleanups that I could be bothered to run. Worst thing is this started happening a day before I was going to make a restore point.All my system info is on my profile.

EDIT: I forgot to mention where the slowdowns occur, they include programs taking a good 5 seconds to open and more confusingly sites take a good 30-40 seconds to load when shortly after boot it takes less than a second.I have checked my network usage and system resource usage and both are within their normal ranges.

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BSOD When Computer Is Idle. No BSOD When Playing Games For Hours?

Jul 3, 2012

I started getting BSOD two weeks ago. As far as I can remember the first time I had a BSOD was on the day I installed Max Payne 3 (I read somewhere that the some guy had also this problem when he installed max payne). There were two occasions that I got a BSOD upon starting Max Payne 3. But lately I'm getting BSOD when doing low-load stuffs like browsing with no other apps opened. I've already done memtest with 10 passes with no errors. I'm 24 hours prime95 stable. I just don't get it! I've manually set my timings for my ram. I'm not doing any overclock. Everything is on stock settings.

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System Restore Will Not Create A Restore Point Or Restore To A Previous Date & Time

Apr 10, 2012

System Restore will not create a restore point or restore to a previous date & time.The error message was: A restore point could not be created: An error was detected in the Volume Shadow Copy Server (VSS).The problem occurred while trying to contact VSS writers. Verify that the Event System Sevice and the VSS service are running & check for associated errors in the event logs (0x80042318).Volume Shadow Copy is started & running (done in system events).Event System Sevice and the VSS service are started and running. But no cigar, SR still broken.

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Can't Restore My Computer

Apr 25, 2012

So a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. After a week, it started crashing a lot, to the point where I couldn't get past the log on screen without it crashing. I wanted to uninstall Windows 8, but I found out that you can't. I decided to just restore my computer to its factory settings. I backed up all my files on 5 Verbatim DVD+R. Now I am using Windows 7 again. When I tried to restore the files on the DVD, the Back up and Restore feature wouldn't let me restore from the DVD. All my school work, picture, and music is gone now.

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How To Restore Computer

Dec 28, 2012

I am selling my laptop. I need to completely delete everything from my computer apart from the os. I there actually a way to do this or will I have to restore it to factory settings? If I have to restore to factory settings will the serial for windows 7 64 bit still work on this computer if I go and get a windows 7 disk?

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How To Restore Computer Through Ms Dos

May 30, 2011

my laptop when it goes into sleep mode will not come back out.. ive tried restoring to an earlier time but still no luck.

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Can't Use Recovery To Restore Computer?

Jan 5, 2012

Something got into my computer (McAfee got a virus) and I cannot restore or recover my software. I can't get on the internet. I'm using my husband's computer now. Can I download "Recover My Files" to a disc or thumb drive and will it work to restore my computer.This computer is 6 months old and all the software came preinstalled.

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Put Together Own Computer / Don't Know How To System Restore It

Mar 27, 2012

my computer doesn't have 'factory settings'.I'm not all that versed in computers and this is the first one I've build on my own, however, it's beginning to run very slowly and I would like to completely restore it back to it's original form, from when I first built it.I have my windows discs (but i don't have the drivers for my hardware, which I'm assuming I can find online).Is there a way to restore a home build computer? Everything I've read talks about 'factory settings'.

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Can't Get Computer To Do A Factory Restore?

Feb 16, 2013

1st off, My user name is not a joke. I have a hp G72-B27CL Notebook that was purchased online from aGoodwill auction. The notebook looks brand new & in their listing for the auction they said it just needed a hard drive so I put my WD 500 GB hd in it & attempted to do a system recovery. It went through the whole process & ended with Welcome TO YOUR NEW HP COMPUTER, About a minute later it was showing Restoration Incomplete with the options to Retry or try to find out what the problem was, Well it would only allow me to try again, Which I did (actually 2 more times) Of course same results. Their is no recovery CD'S that came with the computer, However it does have the windows product key # on the back of it. This computer will not let me do anything else except keep trying to recover it. (Which is a total waste of time) Should I erase everything on that hard drive ? It really has nothing I care if I lose or not & how would I go about erasing the hard drive ? The computer I'm talking about wont let me do anything except what I have shared.

And I don't want to put the hard drive in another computer & mess up what ever computer I put it in. This really is a bummer because I felt I was getting a good deal + helping out a organization, So the bottom line is right now I have a pretty laptop that doesn't operate & I am currently down $232.00 + shipping cost. I truly apologize for the length of this post, But as I stated from the start I'm truly lost. Any suggestions & please remember you are replying back to someone that is truly lost, so if at all possible if you choose to respond. Talk in language I understand.

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How To Create A Restore Cd For Win 7 From Another Computer ?

Nov 18, 2009

I just bought a Packard bell notebook last week, I know is going to sound silly, but after I have created my user password, next time I'll turn the computer on, I find out that I forgot my password, I didn't created a recovery disk, or a password reset disk for this computer.

Please I just need some help to restore the computer to a factory settings. The computer didn't come with CD or DVD factory.

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Toshiba Computer Won't Restore

Jul 4, 2011

my computor will not restore to an earlier time

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Restore Folders In Computer?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a Minecraft server in Kaspersky's safe run folder which is located in 'My Computer' so me and my brother have easy access between our user accounts (it's tiring going back and forth through our documents.) I removed Kaspersky and I'm sure I unchecked 'Remove Safe Run Folder' and it erased . I've tried data recovery software but it doesn't have support for folders in My Computer.

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Computer Performs Factory Restore

Jul 11, 2012

his Compaq laptop keeps automatically performing a factory reset. This time it seems when he was installing Service Pack 1, it began the factory restore operation.

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Can't Restore Computer To An Earlier Time

Jul 14, 2012

As of last night when I click on Internet Explorer none of my Home Page Tabs show up anymore,well they do but it says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" I have two bars so I don't understand whats going on. If I type in another webpage in the search engine it then takes me to the webpage but then I wind up getting kicked of once again. HELP !!! This all started when I clicked on the tool bar in the top right corner,went down to Internet options,clicked on the Advanced Tab,then clicked reset Internet Explorer settings. I have tried Restoring my computer,"Control Panel",then under "System and Security" I went to 'Review your computers status',then all the way at the bottom "Recovery" then when I Choose a Restore point "I chose two different restore points and both times it tells me "

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After A System Restore Computer Won't Startup

Jan 14, 2013

my computer says windows is starting up, then windows is shutting down.

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Restore To Get Computer Back Up And Running

Mar 30, 2011

I have tried to uninstall McAfee 5 times each time I have had to restore to get the computer back up and running.First I uninstalled with windows then I uninstalled with McAfee tool then I right clicked it to run as admin then I found a setting in McAfee that said do not delete McAfee system files changed that then I tried in safe mode still no luck called McAfee then did remote tech support they uninstalled it and it blues creened.Now they are saying it is not their fault since McAfee is uninstalled!!

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System Restore Won't Let Computer Boot All The Way Up?

Jun 24, 2012

Earlier this evening I downloaded My Colors and put it on my computer. For some reason it wouldn't load up all the icons and was messing up my browser when I would go online. I did a system restore back to a previous date. Now I am in a huge mess. It will not boot up fully. I get a window with an easy access button in the lower left corner and a shut down button in the lower right corner and that is it. I don't want to do a full restore. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. It is running Windows 7. I'm not sure what more information you need or that I can really get to you at this time.

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System Restore Breaks My Computer

Oct 22, 2012

so i dont know what happened to my hard drive but it went blank, so not it real life but i have a very very old computer. Its one of em hp media center pc's from the 2007 or the 2006. my intel thingy is intel platinum 4. my windows is windows 7 and when i launch the system repair disk it does not sense my hard drive and when i dont launch a disk in the computer and i boot it it says "please insert a boot disk or press a key to boot thingy"

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Restore Computer To Factory Defaults?

Oct 3, 2012

I remember a while back I got a BSOD, but I fixed it by reformatting my C drive, this didn't remove my OS or touch anything on my D drive however. I would now like to do the same, not because I have a problem but because my computer is becoming sluggish and I haven't reformatted for a long time. However, searching up how to reformat the C drive, without removing this OS seems literally impossible, every post I see just says the following: get your OS disk. Despite this, I managed to get the C drive back to factory defaults while keeping the OS, all my drivers for my hardware (graphics card, sound card etc.) intact. I would like to do the same again, if it is actually possible. This was originally a box PC so I don't have any CDs except for the one for my new graphics card which I replaced a faulty one with.

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Restore Points After Restoring Whole Computer

Feb 24, 2011

My friend just tried to run a restore on his computer (against my advice) and he somehow uninstalled all of his programs and reset his rights to standard user. I know for fact he didnt have any restore points on his computer (company computer, they dont have it turned on) would this restore go back to his fresh install? I'm trying to figure out where to go from here.

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Restore A Backup To Computer With Different Hardware?

Feb 25, 2011

i meet a problem, some of my hardware are old and needs upgrading, but i don't want to reinstall the system and my applications, My system is windows 7.

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Restore Computer To Factory Settings With No Cd?

Jul 31, 2011

how to restore my computer with out a cd.

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Restore Username After Turning On Computer?

Feb 4, 2012

Up until yesterday, there were 2 users on my computer ... me and my son. NOW, when I switch on my computer, only his username appears. Mine has vanished with all my documents. how I can retrieve username and password .

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Computer Won't Start / Repair Or Restore

Feb 11, 2013

I've had prolonged problems with my computer; blue screen crashes around 5-10 times a day, everyday for past 2 years. Anyway my problem today is that finally it will not start up. I get the start repair (recommend) or start windows normally. The latter of the two just fails and restart the computer. When clicking repair it say it cannot repair automatically, I have also gone into advanced boot settings and tried safe mode which also failed and restarted the computer the same goes with trying last good configuration which also does the same. I have also tried repair disc and back up disc I have but I don't if it some I'm doing wrong but they are not loading.

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BSOD Every Few Hours?

Sep 3, 2012

Every few hours I'm running into an error and I can't seem to figure out where its stemming from.

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Pc Is Crashing After 2 Hours

Sep 28, 2012

my pc is crashing every 2-3 hours...ive run spy bot for worms ,microsoft essentials can't update,and i can,t log in facebook,gmail,ymail,Internet because of another error that i will upload with the zip file that sf diagnostic tool took.

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