How To Order Toshiba Recovery Discs ?

Nov 7, 2009

i want to order recovery disc. Call or email Toshiba support? Have product model number and credit card ready.

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Download Recovery Discs For Toshiba Satalite?

Oct 18, 2012

did not make a disc for satellite L7750-S7222 and had a crash. replaced hard drive now need a recovery disc.[url]...

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Recovery Discs Toshiba Satellite 1655d-13l?

Nov 23, 2012

i need a set of recovery discs for a toshiba satellite l655d-13l

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Making Windows Recovery Discs?

Dec 29, 2011

I'm helping a friend with her windows 7 emachine (64 bit) and when its all back in working order, I'd like to make her a set of recovery discs but I have a few questions before proceeding. I read that you only get the option of doing it once - so it better be right the first time.I've found instructions for making a repair disc, also instructions for creating recovery discs - would those be the same? The computer did not come with any os disc at all, so I'm wondering if making repair/recovery disc is possible without an os disc?

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Making Windows Recovery Discs

Mar 28, 2012

I bought a refurbished dell laptop with windows 7 on it the other day but I'm normally a linux user. I am trying to make a disc image but it is behaving a bit weirdly. I follow the steps but after it made the first disc, it tells me to insert another disc and also label it newuser pc with the date and the number 1. Not long ago, I made back up discs for a friends windows 7 desktop and it did not behave this way, it instructed to use 2, 3, etc for the next discs. I'm not sure if this thing is making any progress or not.

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Cannot Make Full Recovery Discs

May 22, 2011

I have been trying to make recovery discs for the Toshiba Satellite laptop. I went throught the Recovery Disc Creator Wizard which informed me to have five DVD discs ready. By following the onboard instructions I completed three discs on Verbatim DVD-R 8.5 GB: Recovery Disc 1 and 2, and a 3rd Windows Recovery Environment disc. However, when I was starting the 4th disc the computer fist failed to acknowledge it and then opened the drawer requiring another disc. The disc was empty as far as I know but I went back to the shop and bought five more discs and the system also rejects these although they are identical. However, the applications disc requirement states either a 4.5 or flashmedia to be inserted to make only one disc. I think I will buy the 4.5 disc and see if it works.

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How To Create System Recovery Discs

Jul 1, 2012

Just picked up my first Win7 computer, and it came with no discs. No surprise there, but I'd like to make some recovery discs, but not the kind that Windows says you can make. I don't want access to tools for recovery, I want access to a physical install of the OS and the drivers.

Like the discs enterprise people get when they buy their machines. I must be googling wrong, because all I'm finding are results that teach me how to create a recovery tools disc, which isn't quite what I'm looking for.

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BSOD After Obtaining 3 Recovery Discs From HP

Dec 14, 2011

I am running a HP G62 435DX Laptop with AMD Turion II P540 dual core processor, have received multiple blues screens and lockups so i did a reinstall to factory condition, still got blue screens, HP said that my extra recovery D Drive was probably infected with malware which i disagreed with so they sent me the 3 dvds to reinstall everything and it was running good for a day then 2 freezes and tonight first BSOD, no message but i am gonna include the dump file, I have a feeling that my memory may have dust in there or is not seated right but I have not opened the laptop yet. HP says if I open it they will not replace it if it is bad. Its windows 7 64 bit OS and i just installed all the windows updates available, I probably shouldnt have installed the optional ones, but i did.

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Does Reinstalling Using Recovery Discs Work

Dec 17, 2012

I'm about to help my mom reinstall her computer. She has a nasty virus that is preventing her from her job as a reservation agent (she works from home), and I need to make sure I can fully reinstall correctly before diving in. Whenever I have needed to reinstall my own computer, all I have to do is restore directly from the hard drive. Her computer isn't quite built like this. Initially, she had to create recovery discs to restore from instead, and I have never dealt with recovery discs before. Is it done the same exact way as restoring from the hard drive? I have found 4 DVDs. She initially created 2 but they failed and apparently she had to start over and create the 4 I found. I'm slightly worried about installing this wrong.. I'm afraid there might be a 5th disc, although she insists there are 4. Are there any precautions I should take before going through with it?

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When To Burn System Recovery Discs

Jul 4, 2010

When do you burn your System Recovering Discs (SRD)?The manufacturers of PCs all seem to recommend you burn your own recovery media shortly after you perform the initial Win 7 chores, thus providing one more return path to heaven when catastrophe strikes, loss of your primary drive and the hidden recovery partition (HRP), or some incredible error on the part of the sys-admin who one day flunks his IQ test and tries something bold and exciting. The preferred or required medium for these discs is either DVD-R or DVD+R type, something hard and physical and large enough not to get lost but also readable under most circumstances. Note that Windows 7 only lets you perform ONE SRD burn. So far all is simple. Burn a DVD. Well, not so fast. I�m getting two HP systems, one laptop (LT) and one desktop (DT). The LT will have a Blu-Ray/ DVD reader but not a burner. The DT will have a full burner. Both systems will be on a LAN so on some versions of Windows 7-64 I will be able to burn the LT SRD on the DT burner. On some other versions of Windows 7 that may not be possible.

Now here is the tricky part. Since I�m getting in two new systems I opted to get the multi-system license for Office 2010. The multi-system license gives you three installs and is much more economical than buying several separate Office vendor installs. HP does not install that pre-ship so if I make the SRD immediately after Windows 7 install it will not reflect the later Office install. Notice that with the multi-system Office license each install eats one of the allowed installs hence you don�t want to do a repeat during system recovery. So it would seem that a possible strategy might be to postpone the SRD burn, which you only get one chance to do, until after the core applications are installed. The SRD burn is like old marriage; until system death do you not part. The above questions and strategy raises the more fundamental questions: What exactly is contained on the SRD and HRP the when the SRD is burned? Does the SRD contain and recover any changes made as a result of pre-burn installs and other system activity? Should you install all your critical and trusted applications that have limited licenses before you burn the SRD thus allowing an almost pain free restore from backups?

Note: Some context. In this configuration the intent is that the LT be an almost mirror of the DT, just on a smaller scale. When both systems are linked directly on the LAN, or via a VPN link, then resources will be shared. Else work can proceed on the either with all facilities possible. Both LT and DT will have Windows 7-64 Pro. Exactly how data synchronization will occur is still an open issue.

Note: Some retailers discourage buyers who ask about recovery media. They of course want to sell a plan where they do the recovery and will do so forever � promise, cross their heart and hope to die -- or until the U.S. Bankruptcy Court settles their affairs. HP on their Web sites strongly recommends you make the SRDs but also offers to provide them in the event of need with the caveat that they may not have the SRD for your model at some future date. Consider � your system dies Monday, you decide by Tuesday morning you have no choice but to recover from scratch. You order SRD�s FedEx next-day and by Wednesday or Thursday they arrive.

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Vaio Recovery Discs For PCV-6603?

Apr 4, 2012

Where can I get the recovery discs for a Sony Vaio PCV-6603, the Sony tech support site does not even recognise the number, also where can I get a replacement ethernet adapter?

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Recovery Discs For Gateway Computer?

Aug 14, 2012

are there recovery discs that i can buy from gateway for DX4860 UB32P?

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Alienware Aurora Not Reading Recovery Discs

Sep 2, 2012

I have alienware aurora custom built pc

it keeps saying boot prority no medium i have tried putting several boot discs in but it still says no medium :/

There is no OS on the hard drives i have been trying to install windows 7

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Windows 7 Activation After Recovery Discs Installation

Oct 18, 2011

Did a fix there recently on a HP pavilion. it suffered a hard drive failure and there was no recovery discs in situ. I purchased a replacement hd and purchased recovery discs from hp. So the build went fine and everything installed ok. Then it asked me for the product key. Now I have several Windows 7 discs but the only reason I had purchased the recovery discs is because the key sticker had faded and was illegible. So after spending 38 bucks on these discs I cant get past the activation issue. I was able to read an xp key before in the OS but when i googled this procedure for Windows 7 I ran into all kinds of key finding tools etc. I tried 4 but none of them worked, they gave me keys but activation rejected them as default keys.

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Get The Program Without Purchasing It Or Will A Set Of Recovery Discs Work?

Aug 15, 2011

I am receiving side by side errors when trying to open windows office and Quickbooks. When searching these errors, I was told I need to reinstall windows 7. I don't mind doing this, but where can I get the program without purchasing it or will a set of recovery discs work? If so, how do I get the recovery disc. No discs came with my laptop.

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Installing Windows 7 HP On A New Hard Disc From Recovery Discs

Oct 29, 2010

The hard disk of my Gateway NV78 notebook pre-installed with Windows 7 HP has crashed. I have made the recovery discs in 3 DVDs . I will be buying a new hard disk. I would like to know whether it is possible to install Windows 7 HP on the new hard disc from the recovery discs or I have to go in for a new installation disc.

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Sony Vaio Will Not Restore From Recovery Discs After Changing HDD

Dec 5, 2011

I changed the hard drive in my Sony Vaio FW51ZF from a 500gb to a 750gb and when I try to restore from the recovery discs I made when I purchased the machine (I made 3 sets just in case!) it restores the recovery partition and I think drive C but when it says remove disc and restart to restore programs to drive C, I get a recurring error message saying "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer , restart the installation". The only thing that is different is the hard drive size, but I kept the C drive partition to the factory default size.

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Deleted Restore Settings - Recovery Discs Not Loading

Sep 13, 2012

I deleted my restore settings by mistake and don't have a disc to restore from. I ordered discs from hp but that wont work, its a hp compaq cq57 that came with windows home premium which I installed ultimate on myself. I have loads of issues and would like it back to how it was when new.

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Factory Image Recovery With System Backup Discs Freeze At Disc?

Sep 12, 2011

I am performing an image recovery. I have 4 DVDs that came with my laptop from geeksquad. They say HP System Backup. Everything runs smoothly in disc 1. When I get to disc 2 nothing happens at all. I do have an external hard drive. I was considering trying to copy the System back up discs from a different computer onto the external and then trying to do the system restore.

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Windows 7 Clean Install On Sony Vaio Laptop W/o Recovery Discs

Nov 3, 2012

So I made a mistake while taking on a friend's problematic sony vaio laptop. They were wanting to install a newly purchased Kaspersky av, but after uninstalling the old version of Kaspersky there was a problem with an unresponsive usb mouse & mouse pad. I wasn't able to resolve the issue through various repair programs and manually reinstalling the driver, which was giving off the error code of not being properly installed or functioning. With owners consent, I decided to let Vaio Care to bring the computer back to factory condition. (I wish the owner had the owners manual to this thing.)I made sure to backup all of the files that the owner needed saved, but failed to make any sort of backup recovery disk for the computer. Not sure if it's too late to do so, but the computer will not boot to windows any longer. I get a white blinking cursor on a black background immediately after Vaio disappears from the screen upon bootup, but cannot do anything with it. I made a windows 7 home premium iso dvd, and when booting from it I reinstalled windows onto one of the 3 partitions on the hd (the largest of the 3 which was labeled "Primary" type). Of the other two partitions, one was labeled "Primary" and was named "System Reserved" but only 101MB, and the other was labeled "System" and was named "Recovery" and is 7.7GB. When installing, the computer does a restart but then boots up from the disk again starting the entire process over again. So I changed it to boot from the HDD, but still get the same problem of a blank cursor and windows not booting up.When attempting the System Recovery Options on the Windows 7 dvd I'm given 3 different partitions (2 of which are 400+GB, labled windows 7 operating system, and located on (D: ) Local Disk). I'm guessing this might stand for the old windows 7 from the factory, and the one I installed. The other partition is 7.7GB and labeled Start VAIO Recovery Center located on (Unknown) Recovery.System Restore, System Image Recovery, and windows Memory Diagnostic aren't doing any good. Startup Repair only gives me an issue for one of the 3 Partitions, the (Recovery Partition), and states that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically, saying that the "Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline".

When going through command prompt I see that old data & drivers are still on the disc, but was wondering if it was too late to make some sort of a recovery disc for it? My concerns are that when I do a wipe of the drive and a clean install of Windows 7, I'm going to have many issues without having sony's factoryware installed. Am I able to make my own disk to reinstall Sony's factoryware? What's the best way of getting this computer back to fully functioning?I have access to the drivers on Sony's support site: Sony eSupport - VGN-FW510F - Support

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Order Windows 7 Explorer View To Order Files And Folders Alphabetically?

Aug 26, 2011

how can i order win 7 windows explorer view to order files and folders alphabetically like this[CODE]

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Windows 7 Recovery Toshiba?

Jun 19, 2012

I have a toshiba satellite with Windows 7; approximately 2 years old.I would like to reinstall Windows 7 and have a series of Recovery DVDs. However, I am not exactly sure how to go about doing this.I need detailed instructions as I am not very computer savvy.

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Recovery Partition Toshiba?

Nov 4, 2012

Approximately how large should the recovery partition of a Toshiba Satellite A505 be?May it be deleted or formatted by mistake, or is it protected?

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Toshiba Recovery / Recover From The Partition?

Aug 9, 2012

I'm trying to restore my computer to computer factory settings?I've made the 4 discs, but every time it tells me to insert the next disc (not even the number). I've inserted in all 4 of them and none of them seem to get the recovery to continue.Is there a way to recover from the partition?

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Re-installation Using Recovery Disks On Toshiba?

Aug 9, 2012

I have a toshiba satellite L740 laptop. I have created the recovery disks from recovery media creator. I am trying to reinstall windows 7 using these disks but i'm not knowing how to do that. I am not able to enter the bios settings on start up. Should i have the original windows 7 installation cd to reinstall windows or can i use the recovery disks? I was not given any windows installation cd when i bought this laptop.

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How To Install Toshiba Recovery Disk

Oct 2, 2011

i have one toshiba laptop model no c660 i want to reinstall my recovery disk

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Download A Toshiba Recovery Disk?

Dec 7, 2012

Download a Toshiba recovery Disk?

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Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk?

Dec 29, 2012

idk how to tell which reboot disk my laptop needs. how do i find out?

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Get Recovery Disk For Toshiba Laptop?

Feb 2, 2013

need recovery disk for Toshiba laptop serial #9816144w

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Toshiba Recovery Partition Download

Feb 19, 2013

I want to recover my data after I Had formatted the computer .first Ithe desk was four partitions after that it became one partition. which is the best programme to recover the old data.

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Fixing Deleted Recovery Partition [Toshiba]?

Aug 12, 2012

I deleted my recovery partition before realising it was the recovery partition. That 11.26GB unallocated was the recovery partition.I was installing Ubuntu as a dual boot, and wanted to install it on its own partition. But I already had 4 primary partitions (the 1.46GB bootable recovery partition, C:, E: and the 11.26GB partition with the recovery files). So i shrunk C:,deleted the 11.26GB partiton and created the new primary partition. I later discovered it had the recovery files.Ubuntu installation needed some other partitions and it must've converted E: to a logical drive.I have installed the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v7.5 The results of a full quick scan: Double clicking the HHDRECOVERY partition (unallocated space) shows the recovery files: However, doing a full scan of the unallocated space also shows a small partition labeled "Boot": Double clicking that drive shows the following:However, that folder does not appear to contain any files. There was a [+] to the left of the folder, but clicking it just made it disappear since there was nothing to show. I'm not sure if I can just ignore this tiny section or not.

I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how I should proceed. I have not ever attempted partition recovery or used this program before and feel like I only have one shot at this and don't want to screw it up, if it is even possible.Also, yes I did create recovery discs, I think I've done it twice, but I'm not sure where they are. I've had a good search but haven't found them. Although I've other places yet to search but so far not the opportunity. I know using these discs, if I find them, will reinstall recovery partitions.My laptop is a Qosmio F60 running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.

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