How To Copy System Drive To A New Smaller Hard Drive

Aug 19, 2012

i have a (spinning) hard-drive with my windows 7system and data on it. it is up to date to this month. the hard-drive is a 320gb. there is jsut 69gb used on the 320gb.i just bought a 256 gb SSD (solid state HD). i would like to place everything on the 256 and put IT in my laptop. i have saved a system image of the 320gb on DVD. windows seems to want an exact size (320gb) to restore the system to.

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Recovering Windows 7 System On Another Smaller Hard Drive?

Aug 15, 2011

I have a duplicate image of my windows 7 system. I want to move my windows 7 system off from my 2TB drive on to a smaller 500GB drive instead. I used an imaging program to duplicate the drive contents onto the 500GB drive. My question now is, is it safe to switch to my 500GB as my primary drive and boot up from it without affecting my Windows 7 activation status, or do I need to de-activate it first on the 2TB drive then re-activate on the 500GB drive?

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Copy Whole System To New Hard Drive

Oct 8, 2009

im looking to get new harddrive and was wondering isit possible to copy whole os to new hdd?

meaning like copy whole os to new hdd so i dont have to reinstall all my programs because im going to use my current hdd as external storage using caddy and my new hdd as my sole drive

ive been told theres some program called ghost something that does it,,is this true or even possible

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Recovery To Smaller Hard Drive?

Dec 23, 2011

hp Windows 7 won't let me recover os to a smaller hard drive original 1ter to 250gig.

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Can't Get Permissions To Copy From PC Hard Drive To USB Pen Drive

May 1, 2011

My PC was somehow configured so that I cannot copy files from the internal hard drive to a USB pen drive (e.g., to make a back-up).

When I try to do this, I get the following message: "Destination Folder Access Denied You need permission to perform this action."

There is definitely enough room on the USB drive. The USB drive is configured with a password, which I entered correctly after plugging in the drive. After doing this, I am able to see the files from the drive. The configuration is such that I can copy files from the USB drive to the PC's hard drive, but I can't copy in the other direction, which is what I need to do.

This sounds like a Windows permissions issue to me. I have taken ownership of the file in question, and I have assigned full control to that file.

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Upgrading Hard Drive On A Solid State/Hard Drive System?

Oct 25, 2011

So, I have a i7 2600K system with a solid state disk as the boot drive, and an older (c2008) Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB drive as the data drive for programs (that I deem as not worthy of the quick load times). The hard drive has given me some errors over time, and I bought a hard disk to replace it (a Hitachi 1TB). The issue I'm having is that the fact that Windows 7 puts a small (100MB) partition on the F3, and for some reason, even though I'm running Acronis 2012, it doesn't seem to be able to clone the F3 over to the Hitachi. I've also tried Drive XML, and for my 2 hour wait, I only managed to acquire a boot error. Thankfully, I've not done anything rash to destroy the data on the F3, but given the fact that I've seen corrupted files in Steam from that drive, I'm not will to trust it long term with my data. I really need to get the data onto that Hitachi, though... Anyone have any advice for upgrading the HDD in a SSD/HDD system? I don't really feel like it should be so hard, especially if I've bought Acronis True Image, but maybe they haven't designed their product to handle this scenario quite yet? 

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How To Copy Hard Drive?

Oct 16, 2012

I'm trying to back-up our office DVR system that came with some very expensive software (and the warranty on it has already expired.)So I bought identical hard drives (to the ones installed -- 3 total) so now I need to make one-to-one copies from the originals. My idea was to hook each drive pair (original and backup drives) to my other Windows 7 desktop and do the copy, but what software shall I use?

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How To Copy DVD To Hard Drive

Jun 24, 2012

A friend burned a home video to dvd and has let me borrow it. She has no objections to me copying the dvd to either my HD or to another dvd disc. How to do this and if I require additional software to complete this task.

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Copy Os To A New Hard Drive?

Feb 22, 2011

I am making a new computer for my little brother and i'm wondering if can just copy my existing hard drive to a new one for his computer so that i dont have to buy windows 7 again. Will i need a new product key or after copying it will it work fine with no product key?

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Make A Copy Of Hard Drive

Jan 1, 2010

Ok I have the Windows 7 Ultimate beta, and was wondering how do I make a copy of my hard drive so that I can transfer all of my stuff to my new Windows 7? I have 2 hard drives, and I want to be able to play games on my new version of Windows 7 like Call of Duty without having to re-install them or re-download them. I know I can't use the easy tansfer wizard on this version of windows, so what do I do?

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Complete Copy Of Hard Drive?

Jul 29, 2011

I am currently using a 250Gb hard drive that is almost ful due to me recording large amounts of audio and other music related products(VST's and effects etc).

I need to buy a new 1Tb hard drive and copy all of the 250gb hard drive right across, Win 7 included. Everything even virus' if they are there and I need for it to just run straight away as though nothing has changed except for the extra 750Gb of memory if you can see what I mean. I don't want to have to go re-install of of my stuff.

I have a 1Tb drive that I am using as backup at the moment, a slave drive but it has a lot of valuable data on it so I don't want to wipe it, I would prefer to buy a new 1Tb and go from there. Can this be done? how to copy a whole hard drive over like this??

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Hard Drive Failing - Get A New System Drive?

Aug 11, 2010

My primary system drive where Windows 7 is installed is a: WD 7K 16M SATA2 WD3200AAKS HD 320G - OEM. Long version (feel free to scroll down to short version): Yesterday, I came back to my computer, and all of my applications and desktop were frozen, but I could move the mouse. When I clicked on a window, the cursor would turn to the blue spinning thing, and the window would eventually say not responding and turn a lighter shade of white. I couldn't click on the desktop of the start menu, so I did a hard reset. The computer then wouldn't pass the black "starting windows" screen. I did another hard reset, and it asked me if I wanted windows to try to repair start up. Soon after that, it asked if I wanted to restore windows, but when I clicked OK, I got what looked to me to be a memory error. Then startup repair seemed to do nothing for a few hours, till I got impatient and restarted the computer. I was able to get into Windows, and I scheduled a memory test, and reset the computer. Memory test ran and found no problems. I restarted and Windows loaded, but soon after my computer was laggy and the programs were freezing. So then I thought it may be a HDD issue, so I scheduled to run check disk on that drive, and reset. Check Disk found corrupt files and bad sectors. After that, I was able to load Windows normally, but when I tried to open MC7 for "Live TV", it wouldn't pass the searching for tuner stage, so I closed out MC7, and got an error message in the action center. So I ran chkdsk again. This time, windows wouldn't load after restart, so I went back into repair startup, and it seemed to have found the error really fast, restarted and everything seemed fine. I decided to run chkdsk one more time for good measure, and it had a couple more read errors and found more bad sectors. Now I have been running windows with no apparent issues yet.Short version, computer froze, ended up running chkdsk 3 times, had to repair start up, and now everything is OK for now, but obviously I'm worried about more harddrive failure. Here are my questions:

1)How troubling is this? Do I need a new harddrive ASAP, or can it run for years with a few bad sectors? Any further tests I could run?

2)If I am to get a new system drive, what should I get? All I have on it is windows and my programs. I have separate disks for data. I'm using roughly 32 GBs out of 298. Should I just try to get the same drive (same speed, same capacity), or is there a good upgrade and is it worth getting an upgrade (I don't need more space, but something that would help performance maybe?) or any good deals on sale now?

3) I bought my current (failing) HDD on 9/24/2008, and I'm pretty sure WD has 5 year limited warranty. Should I peruse that angle?

4)How should I got about moving/restoring this OS to the new drive?

4a) I have a half dozen Windows Image Backups saved. Should I just use an old one from before the failure, or should I try to create a new one now, even though the disk may be corrupt?

4b)Or is there a better program to be using than Windows backup and restore?

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Copy Files To An External Hard Drive?

Jul 10, 2011

how to copy files to an external hard drive( photos and music0 there dosent seem to be a "copy to " option on windows 7

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Move Or Copy Drivers To A New Hard Drive?

Sep 6, 2012

I recently purchased a new notebook which has Windows 7 HP on it. Because of all the bloatware put on it by the mfg and since I have a spare hard drive I wish to do a clean install of Windows. Since I do not have the drivers anywhere but on the original HD, I need to transfer them to the new HD. I tried using DriverMax and found it to be very unsatisfactory. What are the other options?

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Re-placing Hard Drive With The Same Copy Of Windows 7?

Feb 22, 2011

Recently, my Laptop which is running a student offer Windows 7 Home Premium decided to mess up on me by telling me that "Windows detected a hard disk problem" asking me to start the backup procedure and replace the hard drive. The problem began occurring when I started to install my old Sims 2 collection. Whenever I start the laptop and log-on, I receive the message about the hard drive every time. I also get a Blue Screen Of Death when trying to install the rest of my Sims which I'm halfway through installing.I do have slight suspicions that the problem is malware related but I've checked using,Kasperski's tdsskiller application;Malwarebytes' Anti-malware,And AVG Free 2011,None of these applications really indicate that the cause is malware so it's probably safe to say the hard drive really has met its premature end. Especially seeing as its only a year old. However I need to find out if I still have a warranty and that the hard drive is covered under it.It would also be useful to know if there are any good diagnostic tools to check the hard drive with. I've used SeaTools by Seagate and It failed a "short DST" test. The information from other diagnostic tools would also be useful to know to determine the cause of the problem.I have selected a hard drive replacement which has a better storage capacity and I think the same interface type. Samsung HM500JI 500GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm 8MB Cache,Samsung HM500JI 500GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII.The next problem is actually swapping the hard drives and putting my copy of windows on the new one. The copy of windows I'm currently running was one bought with a student offer online and the product key was emailed to my old college account which has now been removed from their databases. However, it may be on record with my bank and with Microsoft that I bought it. Is it possible to retrieve the product key and deactivate windows, replace the hard drive, then reinstall windows with that same product key? If possible I intend to swap the product key so I can have a key for 64bit windows if required then possibly put the old hard drive in an external enclosure.


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Copy Itunes To Passport Hard Drive?

Mar 2, 2012

How to copy my itunes to my passport hard drive

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Only Copy A Few Items At A Time From External Hard Drive?

Apr 3, 2011

I'm trying to copy 6,400 songs or 28 GB worth of music from my Seagate External Hard Drive to my Windows 7 PC. At first I tried CTRL+A, CTRL+C and then tried to paste them into a folder called "music" that I created on my "C" drive. That didn't work so I tried right clicking copying and pasting. No luck.I then selected only one folder. That copied and pasted. So I can move about 50 songs at a time. Is this the only way? Or am I missing something? I've done this on other computers with no problems.

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If I Reinstall Windows 7 On The Same Hard Drive Will The Copy Still Work ?

Jul 8, 2010

I am planning on building myself a new computer and I am using the same hard drive as I am currently and I wanted to reinstall win 7 and clear my hard drive to have a new start as my hard drive is currently full of junk .So I was wondering if I reinstall win 7 on the same hard drive will the copy still work or will I have to buy a new license/serial key.

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Copy DVD On To Acer Aspire One 532h-2db Hard Drive?

Mar 21, 2011

i have been trying unsuccessfully using anydvd, dvdclone, handbrake to copy dvd to the hard drive. I wish to compress the data removing surplus subtitles, languages, etc to keep the file size to a minimum but always end up with the film split in several files. Please can someone advise how i can copy the dvd into one file for viewing on the Aspire one?

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Hard Drive Failure On Preloaded HP Laptop - How To Obtain Copy Of Os

Mar 18, 2012

I have a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop and getting alerts saying the hard drive is failing. I've pushed all my data up to NAS storage and will install a new hard disk but... How can I get a replacement of Windows 7 Home Premium. With the drive failing, Windows is becoming unstable and I need to do a fresh install on the new drive once it's installed.

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Upgrading Laptop Hard Drive, Wanting To Copy All Files Onto New One

Feb 7, 2012

I have a Dell inspiron 1545 with a pretty measly hard drive of 135gb. I have an old hard drive from another laptop which is 320gb and i'm wanting to upgrade. I have done this before but i just used all the installation disks to reinstall windows and everything onto the new hard drive. This time however, i want to be able to copy the whole contents of my current hard drive onto the new one so that when i swap them over and i boot up the computer it contains the operating system, software and files that are currently on the 135gb hard drive. I presume there is some sort of wires, software and housing that i might need to achieve this. So far i have been pointed in the direction of this software pack (Apricorn EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit (SATA and PATA 2.5" Notebook Drives) Deals, #EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL - UK) but i was wondering if there was a cheaper way to perform the required task.

I was also wondering if the new hard drive will affect battery life. The new one spins at 7200rpm compared to the old at 5400rpm.

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Copy Files From Old Computers Stand Alone Hard Drive To New Laptop?

Nov 20, 2012

I broke my screen on my laptop, I bought another laptop (Acer Aspire one) exactly the same and I want to transfer some files over from my old laptop to the new one. As the screen doesn't work I have removed my hard drive from my old pc I want to attach it to my new pc and drag and drop the files from it to my new pc. But I don't know what cord to by to transfer the files over from my old hard drive to my new pc..

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Copy Operating System To Another Boot Drive?

Sep 3, 2012

I made the mistake of putting W7 on a small partition of the 160GB D drive. I was not aware that much of windows 7 programing would not allow me to change the destination to install and insists on installing on the OS drive. I am looking for a way to copy, move or coerce all of the current system onto another drive without erasing that drive.

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Can't Copy Anything From My Pen Drive To System And Vice-versa

Aug 20, 2012

We can't copy anything from my pen drive to my system and vice-versa

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Can Copy Operating System On Cd To Flash Drive

Jun 15, 2010

can i install windows 7 to my neo edge z1283 using a flash drive?

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Clone Hard Drive To 64gb Flash Drive And Restore To Another Hard Drive?

Nov 14, 2012

I have a hard drive I want to backup to a 64gb flash drive and then restore it to another different hard drive than where it came from. I have windows 7 and office on my laptop and I want it on my desktop pc. There isn't close to 64gb of info on my laptop so it should be fine even though the hard drive says I have 160gb. It is all free space except for those programs.

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Need To Copy System Reserved Partition To New Drive Too For Windows 7 To Work

Sep 11, 2010

I have bought a new hard drive to use as my main one, and am planning to use my current, larger one as backup, as i found i was not filling it. So i need to completely duplicate my current drive, a 1tb one, with 180gb of stuff, to my new 320gb drive. i have made a full disc image with driveimage xml, which comes to 180gb, but when i try to restore it to the 320gb one, it says it it too big. How do i gp about setting this up? do i need to copy the system reserved partition to the new drive too for windows 7 to work, or can it not be copied? should i install windows 7 to the new drive from my install disc? if so, how to i get my settings, programs and data back without too mcuh hassle?

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Unable To Shrink 1.5Tb Drive Smaller Than 651Gb?

Sep 7, 2011

I just purchased a new HP Pavillion with a 1.5 Tb drive. I want to shrink the C:drive down to about 100Gb, and create other drive letters, with roughly 500Gb, 500Gb and 400Gb.I went into Disk Management and began the process by attempting to shrink the C: drive, but the smallest it would let me shrink it was 651Gb. I got a message saying that unmovable system files prevented it from shrinking any more.I tried defragging, but that didn't get me any more shrink.Then I tried disabling the paging file and defragging again, but that didn't gain me any more shrink.CallThey said this was outside the scope of their warranty.

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Boot From Smaller Drive And Use Larger One As Primary?

Jan 12, 2013

Got a new 2TB hard drive (f and have it installed, obviously showing up as an empty drive at the moment. Is it possible to use my old 320GB (c drive as boot only but still have the new one as the primary drive, programs install there, download there etc? PC is a homebuild running Win 7 64bit.

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Install The Vista Hard Drive Into The Windows 7 System And Boot From Either System?

Apr 30, 2012

I have a WIN -7 system with 1 trig SADA hard drive. I also have a Vista system with a 750mb hard drive from my old computer.Can I install the Vista hard drive into the Win-7 system and boot from either system?

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Can Run A Hard Drive Using XP In A Windows 7 System

Jan 3, 2012

Assuming the hard drive for my last (XP) system wasn't the part that failed, I'd like to find some way to use it in my new computer. The old hard drive has an expensive program on it that I need for work, and the program either won't work at all or wont work without an upgrade according to the supplier when I asked why I can't run the program using Windows 7. Is it possible to install it in the new case and run the XP based programs?

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