Firefox Does Not Clear All Recently Closed Tabs & Windows 7?

Nov 25, 2012

For Firefox 17, "Clear recent history"+"Everything"+All boxes selected sometimes does not clear all history of recently closed tabs & windows . I really don't know why but somebody said some of my installed plugins may make this error occurred.

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Firefox - How To Make Previously Closed Tabs To Open Again After Booting

Jul 12, 2012

Until a few months ago, when I closed firefox, all tabs at once, or shut my pc down with the tabs open and later booted the pc and opened firefox, the tabs that were previously open would open again. Some time ago a firefox update stopped the previous tabs from opening. I have some forums that I read and would like for them to open as before. How to make them open automatically as before or did firefox do away with that option?

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Display Recently Closed Apps?

Jun 20, 2011

Im looking for an app that when triggered would display icons of my recently closed apps. I have tried ReOpen but it just displays a list of the app names. Or maybe a rocketdock style app that just displayed recently closed app icons.

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Taskbar Tabs For Many Firefox Windows 7 Shift

Feb 23, 2012

I have about a dozen Firefox tabs open on my taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Win7 64bit on Dell E6510. But some of them will shift position on the taskbar on their own. Happens all the time, and it's very aggravating because I'm needing to be able to hit them quickly and often and need to have them stay in the expected position. Can't afford the time to hunt around for them. For example [URL]will often move itself to the far right. Even is doing this now. None of my searches on the web can answer how to stop this. It's easy to grab/drag a tab window for another application around on the taskbar, but within the single application of Firefox this doesn't work. Why/how are these windows shifting around? This never happens on my other laptop, a WinXP SP3 machine.

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Firefox Tabs Show Up As Individual Windows 7 On Toolbar?

Dec 26, 2011

When i pass over the icon of firefox on my toolbar at the bottom of the screen( unsure of its real name but the bar with the time and start icon) each and every tab shows up separately. just today i repartitioned my hardrive, and before the reinstall it only showed whatever windows were open, no matter how many tabs were in each.If there is any way i can return it to the old state that would be fantastical, i find it much easier to keep track of my browser and the windows i have open

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Firefox 3.5 Switching Tabs

Jul 10, 2009

In previous versions, you could give focus to a single tab (like clicking on it) and then use the arrow keys to toggle between tabs.

I can't do that in 3.5, did they take that out or did they just change the way it's done?

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Firefox Update Loose Pinned Tabs?

Sep 1, 2011

Every time I have a update to Firefox I loose the tabs that I've pinned to the taskbar. Is there anyway to spot this happening?

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Downloading Via Firefox Terminated If Browser Closed?

Jun 10, 2011

I d/l and installed Firefox to see 'what it's all about'. I liked it. However, one day I was downloading some files and closed the browser. I noticed that when I did this all downloads terminated and left me with incomplete files. Since IE has never behaved this way I was most upset and gave Firefox the boot. This was many versions ago and am wondering if it still does this.

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BSOD Multiple Firefox Tabs Error Stop 0x0000007A

Jan 22, 2012

My laptop was left on yesterday with numerous firefox tabs open (x20) for various websites, although no one was using the computer and this is a regular occurrence without fault until yesterday. I'd gone out fishing and noticed the BSOD and took this photo of the screen showing the full error as "stop 0x0000007A (0xc0487688, 0x3e5898c0, 0x96ed7e3e)"

I had altered the BSOD settings in the past to stop the laptop from restarting in order to have time to take note of the error codes in case of future failures, although I hadn't had any BSOD for over a year. The previous BSOD's were 0x000000d1 (netwLv32.sys) and 0x0000007e (Volsnap.sys), unlike those BSOD's, the one shown in the photo doesn't have a description other than the error code.

I had turned off the laptop while in BSOD, having completed dumping physical memory; subquent restarts were only reaching here followed promptly by a black screen with the flashing white underscore, which I could escape by alt+Ctrl+delete. At one point the laptop did load and somehow I was able to access System recovery options and selected startup repair, which I viewed the log prior to restarting and everything completed successfully and although I did restart the computer, I haven't been able to proceed further than the initial loading window or the defaulting black screen that follows.

I've tried running the BIOS setup utility, with the hard disk self test diagnostics, though this failed each time.

Not able to provide any debug logs until I can proceed further. Have the windows 7 back up DVD disc, but not sure if my DVD drive is playing up, as when I push ESC and enter into the boot menu selecting the Atapi cd/DVD rom drive, it only goes to the prior mentioned black screen and remains there long after 5 mins. The disc drive is heard to be working if the disc is within, though nothing results on the screen. I had recalled some difficulty prior to this BSOD with the CD/DVD rom, having decided it was either only a driver or possibly registry error or required itunes reinstall, as afterwards having successfully read a music cd with itunes.

I don't think I have the windows recovery discs or system restore discs, as I tried some I thought were these, but nothing occurred and I figure they must be from when I tested the windows 7 beta or W7RC or such. So only have the legit Windows 7 back up disc (32 & 64 bits), which I was running 32 bit. Only twice has it shown up "Press any key to boot from disc", although there was no response and it doesn't always reach this prompt.

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Force Closed Firefox - Desktop Icons And Entire Taskbar Disappeared

Sep 17, 2010

Basically, all of the icons on my desktop, as well as my entire taskbar, including the windows icon, have disappeared. It happened about 20 minutes ago, when I forced firefox to close via task manager. After I hit End Process, the icons and my taskbar disappeared. I can't right-click my desktop either. However, my desktop background, as well as the toolbar on the top is still there, and all of my programs as well as explorer are accessible. I've done one cold restart, and nothing changed. I've gone into the control panel, but I couldn't access anything associated to the task bar, and my windows key does not work as well.

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Middle Mouse Click No Longer Opens Or Closes New Tabs In Ie Or Firefox

Sep 29, 2010

All of a sudden I can no longer open or close new tabs using the middle mouse click (clicking the scroll wheel) it doesn work in ie or in firefox. Also seems like it doesn't work on the desktop or any other application. I have'nt installed new updates or new programs, I don't have any "mouse software" like intellipoint. This affects both my wireless keyboard with built in trackball and a serperate wireless scrollmouse. The only think I can think of is that a few days ago I changed the the speed of my cursor.. of course this shouldn't have affected anything else.... but it is really annoying as I mostly use my computer for web browsing and always open links in new tabs..

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Best Versions Of Firefox / Builds Of Firefox For A X64 Windows?

Sep 21, 2012

My two min browsers at the moment are waterfox & chrome..As the title says, Im on a x64 version of Windows 7.Has anyone any advice for me on the best versions of Firefox/Builds of Firefox for a x64 windows?same with Google chrome.

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Windows Wont Let Me Go To Certain Tabs

May 22, 2012

I recently bought my Lenevo computer new, and it's having some problems. These started upon me first going onto the computer and I figured it would sort itself. It didn't. It's running Windows 7.While trying to switch windows, and clicking onto a new tab, sometimes I have to click that tab several times to be able to go to it. The screen will flicker as if it went to it for a very very brief second and then show the original page again. Occasionally, while in the same window I was in before, when clicking a text box to enter text or a log in, you have to click it more than once for it to do anything. This is the same for clicking links as well. Sometimes when I do try to click on a pop up box which should be associated with that window, it goes to BEHIND the window I am on, instead of allowing me to interact with it. Sometimes I am randomly switched into a new window for no reason or it will not let me go to certain tabs

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Reorder Tabs On The Windows 7 Taskbar?

May 6, 2011

I have always wondered why Microsoft never implemented this feature in the first place. Back when I had Windows XP and Vista, I used a program called taskix to reorder tabs on the taskbar.Now I have Windows 7. I have set the taskbar not to combine all like tabs under one icon. For instance, when I open several windows of google chrome, each window pops out as a seperate tab.When I try to move a google chrome tab around, Windows 7 automatically moves the entire tab group around my other pinned programs. For instance, say I have four google chrome tabs open and I want to move chrome tab number 2 up one. When I try to do this, windows 7 moves all four chrome tabs around.

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All Video Windows Closed But ManyCam Still Broadcasting?

Jun 15, 2011

I closed all the video windows, and ManyCam is still going on broadcasting. I changed the camera source to a different camera and it was still broadcasting (Usually when I press the close button, it stops broadcasting unless there is a video window open). How can I find out which program or process is using it?

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In Windows 7 Recently Used Word Files Didn't Appear

Mar 3, 2012

My recently used files no longer appear in the right-click menu of the Word taskbar icon. What do I do to get them back?
Windows 7 Home Premium Office 2010.

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Having Multiple Tabs / Windows Open On Taskbar Button

Nov 10, 2011

I recently upgraded my FF 7.0.1 (or whatever the most up-to-date version of 7 is/was) to 8.0 and am noticing an issue. The problem I am experiencing is that when I launch FF (regardless if its done via the start menu or the button pinned to my taskbar), it adds a separate taskbar button (a la previous versions of Windows) instead of how Windows 7 normally handles such things. In addition to this, it also does not reflect having multiple tabs/windows open on the taskbar button (the attached image shows how the button for IE(9) displays the different tabs I have open in it, as well as the vertical lines next to the button which represent the number of tabs/windows open; however, the Firefox button does not function in either way, but you can see in the image that I have 3 tabs open in the browser window).Are these compatibility bugs between Windows 7 and Firefox (that the Mozilla devs need to address)?

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Find Recently Accessed Items In Windows 7 Ultimate?

Aug 11, 2010

Where can I find my recently accessed items in Windows 7 Ultimate?

It used to be there when I clicked in start (the little window thing in the corner) but I can't find it now.

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Switching SATA Connections To Run Windows 7 Pro From A Recently Installed SSD

Jan 15, 2013

Not wanting to use dual-booting - will I have problems switching SATA connections to run Win 7 Pro from a recently installed SSD and then from a HDD? This until I am satisfied with the transition to the SSD.

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Acer Laptop Recently Crashed After A Windows Update?

Nov 18, 2012

My acer Laptop recently crashed after a windows update. Was unable to restore or reset. Now get message telling me to install windows 7 from DVD. Like most was never given DVD.

I do however have XP from an old machine I had. Can I reload the XP and then recover my windows 7 from the partition I think is on my HDD.

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Duplicate Display Laptop Closed Sony Vaio Windows 7

Mar 27, 2011

I have my Sony Vaio laptop (windows 7) hooked up via hdmi cable to a tv, works fine but i want to close the laptop lid so it isn't open all the time to dust ect. can i close the lid without it going in to sleep mode or shutting down? How can i do this?

unrelated Also i have external hard drives hitachi 1 and 2 tb. When should i backup/replace them so i don't lose my data? Are there signs or signals to let me know and are there more reliable options for storing that much data?

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Recently Upgraded To Windows 7 And Since Then Computer Screen Will Randomly Go Blank?

Jul 29, 2011

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and since then my computer screen will randomly go blank and after I restart I get the following error message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version:6.1.7601.
Locale ID:1033
Additional information about the problem:


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Will Reinstalling Of Windows Clear All Data

Aug 27, 2012

I bought a dell laptop 2years back. It was shipped with Windows Vista in C drive and a Recovery drive. I split C drive into C, D and E drives according to my requirements. Now I want to format my laptop. If I install windows again from dell recovery drive, will it combine erase data from all drives and combine them or it will erase and re-install windows on my C drive keeping rest of them as it is.

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Clear Windows 7 From The Unimportant Things?

Mar 11, 2012

My Disk Is Full And Ican't Understand What Make It Full

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Reinstalling Windows 7 - Cannot Clear Out Errors In Event

Oct 12, 2011

I have Win 7 installed and working (built from the Dell OEM DVD - Home Edtion 64 bit). I have all the 80 + updates/patches downloaded and installed Everything is working good. My main partition is Drive C (system/boot/active) and I have an image backup of it stored on another drive My data partition is Drive D and I have file backups for it on another drive Issues. All is good except on restarts, I get chkdsk / drive consistency problems. In the event I cannot clear out the errors, I may need to reformat Question - Which, if any, of the two options should I go with.

1) Boot from Win 7 OEM DVD
2) Select Custom/Advanced/Format
3) Let Win 7 format the drive and install clean.
4) But then blow away the WIn 7 version and recover Win 7 SP1 from the image backup

Or Option 2
1) Boot from WIn 7 OEM DVD (same as Option 1)
2) Select Custom/Advanced/Format (same as Option 1)
3) Let Win 7 format the drive and install clean. (same as Option 1)
4) And then continue from there ,ie start all over again to reload all the windows updates.

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Windows 7 - Sound Will Not Record Loud Enough And Clear

Sep 8, 2012

I want to read and record stories for my grandchildren to put on cd for Christmas. WHen I use the wondows 7 sound recorder, I sound so far away. I have tried to use a gaming headset with a microphone also but still, it's barely audible.. How I can make this recording clear, and loud?

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Clear Recent Items And Documents On Exit Of Windows 7

Jun 3, 2009

How to Clear Recent Items and Documents on Exit of Windows 7 ?

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Lid Closed Options Not There?

Jun 8, 2012

recently I've noticed that when I close my laptop that it won't go to sleep so when I went to change the "when lid closed" options in my power settings they wern't there. I also checked in the power button settings to the side.

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Way To Delete Unwanted Tabs

Sep 16, 2012

I recently got a laptop from my uncle that was used in his company. When I log into the internet there are 3 extra tabs at the top connected to websites i have no use for. How do I get rid of them?

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UTorrent Says Port Is Closed

Aug 28, 2010

Just wanna know if this will limit my speed. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

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Session Saver (With Tabs) For IE 9

Dec 14, 2011

Is there session saver for IE 9? My box is windows 7 x64, and I need to save session with tabs. When I cleaned garbage files with ccleaner or other tools, I could not open the session with "about:Tabs". If there is something like session manager of FireFox.

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