Data Recovery - How To Initialize Drive / Unable To Access

Mar 30, 2011

My power supply on my old comp died, so it was time to upgrade computers, I went from running windows XP to windows 7 now. I saved my old "previously upgraded" 320g wd internal drive to recover the data to my new machine. I got an external drive enclosure, installed everything but windows is telling me I don't have "access" to the drive. When I go into disk management, it sees the drive but it's not initialized, nor will it let me initialize it when I try.

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Formatted C Drive Data Recovery?

Jun 19, 2012

I formatted my C: (win 7 64 bit os), bt on d way realized that my most imp data was kept hidden under C:UsersPrashant , but couldn't help stopping the format.

Now, since the C: drive is formatted , I can't access C:UsersPrashant , so is there any way to recover back my "mostttt imp data"..

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Recovery Of Data From Partition Drive After Formatting

Sep 5, 2011

if a partition drive is formatted by mistake how the data can be restored...

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Get Data Back From Formatted Drive Without Recovery?

Feb 12, 2013

How to get data back from formatted drive without recovery

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Cannot Create Data Recovery Disc To Let Me Format C Drive?

Oct 29, 2011

My son is running Windows 7 Pro on a sad little 1 Gb RAM PC 3.4 GHz and of course it is somewhat underpowered and the PC is badly in need of a formatiing anyway..Problem is I can't get to a Format command anywhere??????I can get into BIOS OK, set the DVD as first boot option but when I save it (F10) and then it reboots, the screen always comes up with the "Start Windows Normally" option! I can reach the "boot from any CD/DVD option but for some weird option the arrows on the keyboard will not alow me to move away from this latter choice yet the board works fins with everything else.I can't get it to boot from the original Win 7 CD, Windows Vista or even Pro OS's ................ so of course again cannot get to the format command.I have created a System Recovery Disc but I am not 110% sure how to use this disc but nonetheless cannot seem to find an option for formatting there anyway.

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Data Recovery Sandisk Usb Flash Drive Xp To Windows 7

Jul 17, 2011

I have a usb flash drive with sandisk u3 software that was password protected. My home computer was XP. My work computer is windows 7. When I put the flashdrive in it could not read it and asked if i wanted to download the sandisk windows7 compatible software. so i said yes. When the question came up if I wante to format my usb drive. I said no. Now it is not seeing any of my original data. Either under xp or windows 7. I have the turbo tax data files from last tax season that i did not make a back-up, that was included. how I can recover the USB data?

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Data Recovery From Former BitLocker Drive On Which New Windows 7 Installed

Nov 5, 2012

I happen to have reinstalled by mistake a new Windows7 OS on a drive (I had two drives one with an OS and another with a bitlocker drive used for back up, both drives were IDE drives and the bitlocker was under slave mode if that hosted very important data and was encrypted by Bitlocker. How to recover this formerly encrypted data? The drive is now recognized as an active healthy partition with an associated drive letter (different from the original one). I don't have the bitlocker key.

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BitLocker Password Recovery - How To Regain Drive Without Losing Data

May 2, 2011

If password of the bit locker of windows 7 is lost and no recovery key is kept how to regain the drive without losing data???

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Unable To Initialize?

Nov 29, 2011

i have several programs that will not run properly and not sure why. Firefox says it cannot initialize the applications security component. i have tried the way that the firefox support has said to fix it with no success. so does anyone know what i have done to make several programs not start?

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Unable To Initialize Installer GUI

Sep 8, 2011

I have been unable to solve this riddle. It appears tohappen when using web dowloaders, and with me happens only with Cnet Downloads!!! I have even tried going direct with CBS to no avail!

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Cannot Access Data On Laptop Drive?

Jan 30, 2013

i think the motherboard went out on my laptop (have a gateway nv53, turned it on one evening after using it that day and the power light came on, the cpu fan came on for a second, then nothing, no "no hard drive detected" no beeping, nothing.after taking it apart and trying to see if something came loose, i found nothing. i have a thermaltake backxduet internal drive docking station. I can see my drive, i can see everything on it, except what i really want, windows 7 puts everything in a library, i see it under user, my name, but if i click on the folder it tells me access denied. that is where all my photos and documents are, and that is what is important to me. I can get a motherboard for $150, but i dont know if it is the motherboard for sure or not, i am guessing since i get power, the cpu starts to heat up if left on for a while (amd chip) so i know the cpu is getting power, the fan is getting power, the monitor has a plug that i think i power, it is getting voltage, i also tried plugging in an external monitor and i had nothing.

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No Downloads - Unable To Initialize Installer GUI

Aug 12, 2011

Whenever I try to download any thing I get "Unable to initialize installer GUI". I have a ASUS notebook N73SV running windows 7 home premium.

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Unable To Transfer Data From Hp V155w 4gb Pen-drive?

Oct 2, 2011

I had bought HP 4 GB pen Drive for last year. Now it is not working well. I am unable to see my save folders in it.

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Unable To Copy Data To Pen Drive In Windows 7?

Jan 27, 2013

not able to copy data to pen drive in windows 7 .

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Unable To Initialize Error 0x20000017 1-click

Jun 24, 2012

I use 1-click and I get the above message at Windows startup. Have re-installed application.

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Unable To Copy Data From Windows 7 64 Bit Professional To Pen Drive?

Apr 5, 2012

we are unable to copy data from Windows 7 64 bit professional to pen drive, give access denied but i login from administrator, i copy data from pen drive to local disk

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Unable To Initialize External HDD In Disk Management Due To I/O Error

Dec 2, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.Windows detects my external HDD but doesn't show up in My Computer. Drive is detected in Disk Management, indicated as "not initialized". When I try to initialize the drive, it gives me the following error,"The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error".What I've tried doing:Do a clean instll of windows - Don't work Uninstall external HDD driver, turned off power, turn it back on again, reinstalled driver - don't work Tested the same external HDD on another Windows 7 system - No problems, detected and able to access Tried plugging on different ports - Don't work.

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Access Data On A Western Digital Passport External Drive?

Jan 21, 2013

I have a WD Passport, vintage 2007. I cannot access some large files that I created several years ago that I want to see, and then dump so I can use the file for backup for my new computer.

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Windows 7 Starter - Hard Drive Unreadable / Cannot Access Recovery Partition

Oct 9, 2011

The hard drive on my netbook is unreadable, so I cannot access the recover partition. I bought a new hard drive. Can I download windows 7 starter from the manufacturer website? My netbook is a dell inspiron mini.

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Unable To Access External Ssd Drive?

Jan 17, 2013

my SSD drive was suddenly inaccessible after a reboot, so I put my backup spindle drive into my laptop to get it started. Because I have important files I need to access from my ssd I put that into a case and plugged it into the USB port. Now windows explorer just hangs forever trying to detect/access it! in Computer management I cannot see the disk partition but I can see the harddisk device in device manager.

In windows explorer I can see one drive letter assigned (there should be two drives on the ssd) but when I tried to access the drive it just hangs forever. It also hangs with any other methods I try to access it (chkdsk, data recovery programs, Testdisk by CGSecurity)!!I think the main issue is that the external ssd is locking up everytime some program tries to access it... perhaps if I can somehow remove this lock I might be able to attempt a data recovery.

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Unable To Access/edit LAN Hard Drive Folder?

May 15, 2011

Linksys/T-Mobile Hot Spot (wireless) ROUTER with Ethernet connections to 1) Home Phone, 2) iMAC PowerPC/OS X Leopard, 3) PC/Windows 7 32bit and 4) IOMEGA HOME MEDIA NETWORK HARD DRIVE (herein "NHD").

PERTINENT SYSTEM STATUS:The NHD contains 1) a "BACKUPS" folder with sub-folders containing scheduled & unscheduled backups and system images from both computers and 2) specific folders e.g. MOVIES.

THE PROBLEM:Upon attempting to open the "BACKUPS" folder on the NHD from the PC, a WINDOWS SECURITY panel opens 1) requesting a user name and NETWORK password to the NHD, 2) listing the PC name as a DOMAIN name and 3) a red "X" - Access Denied.

CONFLICTS & FACTS:1) As User/Administrator, I have not set any "folder" security/passwords, 2) I can open, view, edit and delete any of the other folders on the NHD from the PC and can open,view, edit, delete ALL folders from the iMAC 3) I have NO domain setup, only a WORK GROUP name, 4) Network access protection is OFF.

General Tab: ♦File Type > Share
Network Tab: ♦Computer Name > the NHD ?? ♦Computer Type > Windows NT 4.9 Server ??
♦Work Group > "WORKGROUP" (Control Panel System Info shows true Name)
Security Tab: ♦Object Name > \Iomega-....Backups
"You do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission settings."
Previous Versions Tab: None

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Unable To Access 1.5TB Western Digital SATA Drive

Jan 12, 2012

I opened my external drive case and took the 3.5" hard drive out so that I could connect to the computer internally with a SATA cable because I don't have an external SATA cable and internal SATA interface. I started the Windows 7 Ultimate system. The computer screen remained on "Starting Windows" forever.If my memory serves me right, I remember I did manage to access it with another computer before. That computer has been out of service. At present I can access it while the drive is in the case connected with a USB cable. The Windows explorer shows all the partitions in the drive.

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User With Non-admin Rights Can't Initialize Drive?

Jul 2, 2010

Run-as local admin doesn't quite work. I also started the initialization process then gave the drive back to the user to finish formatting in NTFS. However, the HD is 2 tb and he only got to 10 mb before Windows 7 quits and shoots failed error.

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If Go To Initialize A Drive There Is Only 2 Enable Option Delete Volume

Jun 27, 2012

i am having 2 drivers in my system window 7 o.s. but after installing of another o.s i.e linux mint 12 i lost my main data driver partition. but dat lost driver is present in disk management, but it not able to perform any operation over that , it is having 2 enable operation i.e delete volume and help and i dont't have to delete that volume.

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Using System Drive Data As A Data Drive On Separate Machine?

Oct 31, 2010

I have a system drive on a workstation which is 1) removable, 2) contains 2 partitions - one for the sytem & data files, one reserved by the os.

I would like to use this drive and it's file data in an external drive case (SATA) connected to my notebook.

Will the notebook handle the external drive properly?

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Data Recovery 3tb HDD

Dec 12, 2012

i have an external hard drive 3tb wd that I removed it from enclosure the other day and installed it in my pc with information on it and then now its showing up as unallocated space I have tried using minitool power data 6.6 partition minitool recover my files recuva get data back recover my files wise data recovery all these programs show me or don't show me the drive do the scan nd show me no files after the scan? I think they don't support 3tb hard drives? is there a program that's user friendly that's supports 3tb hd . ps I know there is one cause I used it few days ago but cant remember the name. testdisk is also another one I have used but one shows testing please wait and I wait and wait nothing the drive is working cause I used this other program that showed me all my saved files and videos about 700 800 gb saved data

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Looking For Data Recovery Software?

Jun 20, 2012

I came back from a holiday after three weeks only to find that my entire office is flooded due to a pipeline burst. All my computer hard disks are now damaged and I have lost a lot of precious business data and contact information. Can anyone suggest a good data recovery tool for Windows 2007?

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Moving Boot Data To Data Drive

Aug 18, 2012

So I've been using my 64GB ssd as my windows 7 boot drive and i have a 1TB hdd as my data drive. Recently the my computer has begun to freeze up with errors like "explorer.exe" has stopped responding or "windows" has stopped responding and half of the time when i try to boot it says it cant find windows. This has lead me to believe that my ssd is dying despite being only a year old. I need to RMA my ssd but to do that i would be losing my boot drive for weeks. So I thought id try to create a system image so that i can simply put my boot drive on my hdd, but when i try to create the image it says that the image would be 711GB because its including all of my hdd (which contains all my user libraries and downloads). My question is: how do I make windows stop thinking that my hdd is a system drive so that I can create a reasonably sized image, or more generally: how can i easily move my boot drive to my hdd? Also, I've read some posts about using "easyBCD" to accomplish the latter but I'm not sure that's exactly what i need in this situation.

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Formated Data Recovery From Partitions

Mar 5, 2012

I accidently formatted my boss hard disk. Is there any good data recovery software for recover datas from formatted partitions.

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Data Recovery After Accidental Delete?

Aug 13, 2012

My Packard-Bell iMedia D2525uk running 64 bit Win7 comes as standard with 2 partitions, the C and the Data D. However, by default all stuff created is saved in a series of Libraries which is on the C partition.Over the year or so I've owned the machine I've saved nearly all my stuff on the Data D partition, for obvious safety reasons! but noted that it seemed to be duplicated in the Libraries series of folders. In an attempt to prune the mass of duplicate folders I started backing them up and then deleting.However, I made a mistake and, being presented with a dialogue box giving me a choice whether to permanently delete a folder too big to go in the recycle bin, I did so. The folder was on the Data D partition so I thought it wouldn't affect the duplicate one in the Libraries series, but it did and now I've lost all my documents.

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Deleted Vista Recovery Data?

Dec 24, 2010

I originally had Vista on my computer when purchased. The computer had C:, D:,. The HP recovery was on D: with everything else on C:I deleted the Data from the D:recovery disc as I had no more use for Vista and most of the programs that came from HP would not work with Windows 7. I have recovery disc if I do need them at a later date to reinstall Vista.I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on C: This left D: partition empty. I have most recently used D which is about 13 GB for4 abackup of some of my programs.I also have another 640 GB hard disc which is G: that I use as backup for my windows system.I would like to do away with the D: partition because I can also put all my program backups on G: as well.How do I delete the D: partition and incorporate that space into the C: partition? I think I know but am not sure of myself and would like advice

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