Computer Restarts Automatically When Playing Game

Mar 8, 2012

I play game and my computer restart automatically

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Windows 7 Restarts In Loop When Playing Game

Mar 20, 2011

OS: Win 7 Pro 64 bit
RAM: 4GB DDR OCZ PC2-6400 5-5-5-12
CPU: Intel 3.0Ghz Core 2 Duo Wolfdale E8400
Mobo: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
VGA: GeForce GTX260 GT200 55nm Rev B1
VGA temperature while playing games would be around 75-83 celcius.

So here is what's going on, my computer restarts randomly when I'm playing a game. Sometimes it's an hour into the game, or maybe less. After it restarted, within 3 seconds it restarts itself again in loop, I couldn't even see the mobo BIOS page. The temporary way to bypass this is to switch off the PSU, and then wait for like 5 seconds or so and then turn it on again. Then it will boot the computer just fine. I did a few O/C to the CPU and VGA, it was fine before, I could play games all night long. Just wondering what's going on with my PC. Some compatibility issue probably or might be the O/C that caused all this. Just now it restarted itself again, I wasn't doing anything at all with the computer. Rebooted the computer and then a few minutes after, it restarted itself.

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Random Restarts During Game Play And/or Music Playing

Aug 4, 2012

I just built a new PC with win 7 professional 64 bit. Has amd FX-8150 on Sabretooth 990fx board. Has an ASUS 7850 graphics card, 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM and a SB Recon 3d PCIe sound card. All drivers are up to date and BIOS is as well. The issue I am experiencing is random restarts, no BSOD, just crash and restart. I tried the other diagnostics from other posts and the HD checked out fine, so did the memtest and windows file integrity. I did also run the verifier.exe and it threw an error and gave me an actual BSOD. I have included the dmp file for that incident in the Seven Forums zip file.

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Windows 7 Automatically Go To Desktop When Playing Game?

May 16, 2012

My Windows 7 automaticly go to desktop when im playing game is it a bug or something?

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Laptop Is Automatically Turns Off When Playing A Game?

Jun 27, 2012

past 4 years i'm playing games in my lap but now only its happening automatically turns off...

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Restarts Computer Automatically?

Apr 8, 2011

My laptop (Lenovo V560) is one month old.Somehow I messed up my [COLOR=blue ! important]operating [COLOR=blue ! important]system[/COLOR][/COLOR] without backup the hard drive, That means I do not have the original OS.Now I installed a [COLOR=blue ! important]Windows [COLOR=blue ! important]7[/COLOR][/COLOR] (from Dell).My computer restarts when I doing some work.

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Computer Automatically Restarts To Boot From Cd?

Jan 10, 2012

Wen i leave my computer on all night to do like a virus scan or just leave it my computer automatically restarts to boot from cd and i have automatic restart on system failure turned off

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Computer Restarts Automatically After New Router Install?

Oct 3, 2012

After installing a Netgear WNDR4500 router, and not changing anything else (settings, sleep/wake, etc.) my W7HP computer will not stay off! I have gone into the settings (via computer management) for the mouse, keyboard, and networking card, and have unchecked the box that allows those devices to wake the computer. I had the computer set to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity, but changed it to 60 because the constant restarting grew tiresome. Now, after a period of time, the monitor will turn off, but the tower remains on.

I have heard of viruses causing computer crashes and shutdowns, but I have never heard of one that prevents a computer from staying off. The only way I am able to have the computer not restart (about a minute) after shutting down is to uplug the power cord after the machine is off, otherwise it simply restarts on its' own.

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Computer Is Hanged And Automatically Restarts And Shows Operating System Not Found

Mar 26, 2011

sometimes my computer is hanged and automatically restarts and shows operating system not found

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Computer Restarts When Playing Certain Games?

Apr 17, 2012

when i play certain games anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes my computer will just restart... no bosd (i took off the auto restart) and still restarts like if it lost power. I have replaced video card, ram, cpu fan, case, I have also tried reinstalling windows 7 and still same issue.

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Computer Randomly Turns Of When Playing A Game

Mar 17, 2012

My Computer turns of randomly when i play a game called Alliance of Valiant Arms. It will just turn off at a random time. It never use to do this but now it does it alot... My computer has o viruses or spyware or anything. All clean.


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Computer Shuts Down Randomly Playing A Certain Game

Dec 14, 2012

So I found my old copy of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (OLD game) and I decided I wanted to experience some nostalgia.I installed it and everything and it started like a charm. Once I started playing, my computer randomly shuts off. Just completely turns off, no warning, nothing.I'm pretty sure that my computer is not overheating because I play StarCraft II on this computer and do not have any overheating issues. This Tony Hawk game is a much lighter game, taking much fewer resources.I have an HP HDX18 laptop computer. url...I probably need to provide some other stuff to aid in finding the problem, but I do not know what else to provide.

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Computer Completely Shuts Down Playing Any Game No BSOD

Apr 10, 2012

I have a custom built computer that i finished almost a year ago then bout 3 months ago, it start shutting down completely while I was playing The Old Republic no Blue Screens. I thought at first since it was just shutting down and not BSODing it was either my GPU or PSU, I have now replaced both with pretty decent upgrades, and booted some games like counter strike source, minecraft, orcs must die, and still happens.

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Newly Built Computer Crashes While Playing Certain Game

Mar 17, 2012

I just built a new computer and whenever I play the game CoD:mw3 my computer randomly crashes, sometimes it'll show pale blue on my screen sometimes it'll be yellow and there really is no specific timing for it either. I've already upgraded my drivers.

Computer specs:
Asus p8z68-v/gen3 (motherboard)
Intel i5 2500k quad core 4cpu 3.3ghz(cpu) EVGA 012-P3-2066-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 448 Cores FTW 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP (gpu)
8gb RAM
500gb HDD
700W PSU

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Windows 7 Restarts Automatically?

Sep 22, 2012

My friends lenovo ideapad (i don't remember the model now) restarts automatically.It also restarts as soon as i plug in the battery charger. There is no error log created inside windows folder. I turned off the 'Automatic restart on system failure' but, it doesn't work. After that my friend did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate x86, on the system, but the problem persists. Is it a hardware problem?

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Windows 7 Restarts Automatically

Dec 17, 2011

Windows 7 restarts automatically

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System Getting Restarts Automatically On Windows 7?

Nov 10, 2012

my system getting restarts automatically for every 15 mints my os is any solution????did i need to change any hardware

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Bootmgr Is Missing - System Restarts Automatically

Dec 15, 2009

I have an Asus Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T6500 @2.10GHZ LAPTOP. I am a basic computer user and simply tried to upgrade to Windows 7 because when I purchased the computer in August it came with a free upgrade.

I performed the upgrade check and folllowed the Windows 7 sugestions. I hit the upgrade button and 2.5 hours later things were going fine. The last step was approx 50% finished (Trasferring files, drives, etc.)

The system retstarted automatically and I received the Bootmgr is missing. I went on the forum and found a sugestion to Boot from the DVD. I tried this and it worked. System rebboted fine. Got a message to repair or revover. I repaired the start up. That worked and now the computer starts from its own hard drive.

After startup, "starting windows", I see wa window that says Setup is starting services and then I get a window box that says, "Th computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows Installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.

When I hit ok, the computer restarts and I eventually circle back to this screen.

Do I need to initiate something to restart the installation?

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Windows 7 Restarts Automatically After Changing Motherboard

Jun 2, 2012

I recently got a new motherboard and installed it into my desktop. I had win7 on my HD and thought it would be a good idea for a fresh install. Well upon start up it always automatically restarts at the "Windows is starting" screen with the logo. I have tried starting in safe mode, I have tried repairing and installing with the win7 CD and a bootable win7 usb, I have tried disabling the "Automatic restart on system failure" option. Nothing is working, it just restarts and reboots just to do it again.

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Blue Screen On Start Up Then Shutdown - Sometimes Restarts Automatically

May 1, 2011

Yesterday I got this virus, I went and bought trend micro titanium and cleaned it up (was using a free30 day trial of something else) but I'm still having a problem. Whenever I go to shut down or restart my computer, it starts doing it like normal, but right at the end I get this blue screen with a bunch of messages written, it last about 5 seconds while a countdown happens at the bottom of the screen, then it restarts (even if I went Shutdown).

Sometimes minutes after I log back into the user, the blue screen comes up out of nowhere, does it's 5 second odd countdown and restarts. I should get minidump files. The countdown at the bottom of the blue screen is called "crash dump" or something like that. With the virus whenever I tried to open an internet explorer or google chrome window, all that would come up was "win 7 home security", I'm not getting that anymore though after doing the full scan with trend.

Additional info: I have windows 7, my pc is a HP Pavilion laptop, model number is DV6 - 2144TX

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PC Restarts Automatically But In Safe Mode It Working Fine

Jun 17, 2012

My friends PC restarts automatically no BOD or any error message that usually comes after the restarts.

Motherboard: Gigabyte 945 GCMX S2 on Windows 7

I check to replace RAM but same thing. One more interesting thing is that it works fine in Safe mode. restarts time is random.

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PC Randomly Restarts While Playing Games

Sep 23, 2012

My computer keeps restarting while playing games. It does it randomly sometimes seconds into a game, sometimes hours. There are no error messages or anything. It's been doing this on and off since I built this pc, I've tried older and latest graphics drivers from Nvidia 275.33 to 306.23 with no change.

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Game Crashes Failed Boots / Random Restarts Hard Hangs

May 30, 2011

[code] Now here is what has been going on since 26/05, While I was playing "World of Tanks" the game froze, sound was stuck and screen turned black with white stripes, I had to force a restart, the minidump was accusing a dll file of nvidia's which when I searched for on the internet it sounded like a random hiccup of Nvidia and it only happened once so I ignored it. But the game started crashing to the desktop since then but not very often, it never did that with my older pc, so I don't know if it's from the game side or my side.Yesterday around 8pm, I was about to transfer a 7gig folder from my main disk to the storage disk, as soon as I opened the partition that I was transfering to, I had a blue screen saying only "Unknown hard error", I force restarted and the MB resat the Bios and it restarted again and since then windows wouldn't boot, it kept asking for repair and during that repair it said "System was unable to boot" several times and after the many repair runs it kept saying it failed to fix the problem.Then I unplugged my storage HDDs and only left the system HDD, booted from windows 7 DVD and tried to repair but still said it couldn't fix the problem, in the report it said there was a problem with ci.dll, so I started "command" tried these commands (bootrec.exe /fixboot, bootrec.exe /fixmbr, bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd) after that I restarted and windows booted perfectly, right after that I shut down the computer, plugged in the 2 other HDDs, windows booted perfectly then all of the sudden, the keyboard wasn't responding (not even it's leds were working) same thing with my mouse, I looked at the HDD led and it wasn't doing anything at all, no small flickers or anything, so I force restarted, it booted like normal, I started to transfer a folder to 1 of my storage HDDs, opened up firefox, it was acting really slow, everything I was doing on it was lagging although nothing was draining the CPU or ram or anything, opened few pages, when the transfer was about to finish, the pc restarted.

After the restart, the event log says "kernal power" event id 41, category 63 and it didn't give me any minidumps. Anyway I went to sleep around 3AM, left my downloads running and was hopping nothing would happen but something sure happened, the event log says at 4:30 AM "The Windows Modules Installer service entered the stopped state." then no new events till 6:45 AM which was a warning saying "TCP/IP has chosen to restrict the scale factor due to a network condition. This could be related to a problem in a network device and will cause degraded throughput." No other events till I had waken up at 10:37 and found the monitor turned off not responding, HDD led completely off, no flickers, basically nothing was responding.So here I'm don't know what the hell am I supposed to do, I have a decent knowledge regarding windows problems, but this problem is too open and wide, is it 1 of my hard disks? is it the lonely GPU I have right now? is it the ram? is it the CPU? I need some guidance on how to eliminate each of them.before the MB resat the Bios, the CPU was overclocked to 4.2GHz and I tested it many times and it was very stable, so when the system hanged after the boot problem was fixed, there was no overclocking involved, there was no heating issue, temps were normal, I have a 1000w plus gold certified PSU.

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System Restarts When Playing World Of Warcraft?

Nov 16, 2011

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Full Retail The hardware is maybe about a year old at this point.I've only installed the OS once.s a side note, this occurrence isn't consistent. Meaning that the system will run perfectly fine for days ( and even a week in some cases ) before restarting itself. The only thing I've been able to pin point is that it'll happen while I'm playing World of Warcraft most often.My video card drivers seem to be up to date ( Catalyst 11.10 ). I've re-installed the drivers a few times using the control panel ( Add / Remove ), and then manually deleting folders and registry information that happened to be remaining.As another side note, I should also mention that I've come across one other problem that I'm able to fix after booting up. I don't believe this issue is at all related to what's been happening lately, but every time the computer is booted up for the first time it will eventually lock up when ever I move the mouse or stroke a key.I'm able to fix this by using the hardware troubleshooting that Windows 7 has. Once I run that the problem is resolved indefinitely until the computer is restarted

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System Restarts While Playing Media Player Classic?

Oct 12, 2012

i recently installed asus xonar dx sound card. after installing the drivers my system restarts as soon as i play any video on media player classic[K-lite codec 5.20] the videos are playing perfectly in vlc player, but when i play in media player classic my system shows blue screen and restarts.Iam using win7 x64 on quad core 8200 processor

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Game Closes Automatically Games Portal 2 Left 4 Dead 2?

Feb 7, 2012

as soon as i open the games from steam the game closes after the valve logo automatically again n again i tried runing steam as an administrator too nthin worked out?

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Kernel Power Event 41 - Random Restarts In Safe Mode Playing SWTOR

Feb 9, 2012

I have not been able to play SWTOR MMO. During gameplay my PC will shutdown then restart to the safe mode menu. It happens randomly 2 to 8 minutes into gameplay. Currently this happens with this game only. I do not know much about computers but I noticed the event viewer says kernel-power event 41. The PC is brand new month old. I a little frustated because I do not know what to do?

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BSOD Mostly When Playing A Game?

Nov 23, 2011

Often, when I start up a game, it decides to crash my whole system resulting in a blue screen. Do note, however, that it has also crashed when not in a game, but only once or twice.My first thought was the ram, as it was and is giving a lot of memory errors, so I ran memtest for over 10 hours with no failures. My next thought was the CPU, so I ran prime 95 on blend and small ftt tests for over 8 hours which also proved to be stable. Next was the HDD, and I did everything from examining the SMART info to a long generic test. GPU was my last hope, but Furmark doesn't phase the card, and I even ran MemtestG80 which supposedly tests the GPUs memory as well. I do realize these tests are not the end all, and there could be a problem with any one of them that the tests didn't find. I have also reinstalled Windows Something curious happened when I ran memtest the other day. I had one stick in and left the room for a few minutes, only to come back to 7k+ errors. This was it I thought, I finally found out what was causing it. I wanted to test it again to make sure it wasn't a bug in the software, but it ran for 8 hours with no errors. So I'm lead to believe it's the ram, motherboard, memory cache, or psu. I am leaning away from the psu based on the fact that I get lucky and am able to play Skyrim on Ultra with no issue.I have attached several recent minidumps for anyone who is able to understand such things.

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Pc Crashes When Playing Any Game?

Jul 9, 2011

Computer games make my Pc crash. This happens about 10-15 minutes after I start any game.However, most games only crash when the window fits the whole screen and some games crash whenever it fits the whole screen AND whenever the game is resizableFor example, whenever I play Runescape in fullscreen, it crashes in about 10 minutes after I start the game. This doesn't happen whenever I have it in a resizable window. However the game, Minecraft, crashes in fullscreen AND in a resizable window.I already tried updating my drivers but according to my computer, my drivers are all updated to date.Here are my specs:Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.110408-1633)Language: English (Regional Setting: English)System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.System Model: Inspiron 580 BIOS: Default System BIOSProcessor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHzMemory: 8192MB RAMAvailable OS Memory: 8120MB RAMPage File: 4620MB used, 11616MB availableWindows Dir: C:WindowsDirectX Version: DirectX 11DX Setup Parameters: Not foundUser DPI Setting: Using System DPISystem DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)DWM DPI Scaling: DisabledDxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit UnicodeSound Tab 1: No problems found.Input Tab: No problems found[CODE]

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Crashes While Playing Any Game, Ie Far Cry 2

Dec 13, 2011

The computer has worked great for years with 2x1 GB of OCZ PC 500 memory. I added 2 more sticks for 4x1 GB of OCZ PC 500 memory, all are matched sticks. The computer crashes to the desktop while gaming. Memory passes MemTest86, several passes with Hardware/Software memory hole enabled. One other thing, at this time I am using Windows XP 32 and what started this upgrade to 4 GB is I'm getting ready to install Windows 7 Home 64.

System Specs: K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI Opteron 185 4 x1 GB PC500 Memory Creative X-Fi Gamer ATI HD 4850 2 x 500 GB Seagate SATA 300 Raid 0

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BSOD When Playing Any Game

Apr 1, 2012

lately i have been receiving BSOD's when playing any game within 10 minutes or less. I've ran MemTest overnight and received 20 passes and 0 errors.

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