Game Closes Automatically Games Portal 2 Left 4 Dead 2?

Feb 7, 2012

as soon as i open the games from steam the game closes after the valve logo automatically again n again i tried runing steam as an administrator too nthin worked out?

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Game Steams Portal Doesn't Work

Feb 26, 2010

i cannot get this game to work...the screen just flashes. anyone else have this problem? it's weird because tf2 works fine and it installed from the same damn disc. thanks. i love this freakin' game and wanna play it again!!

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Left 4 Dead DirectX Crash

Aug 24, 2009

Just my bad luck - first CoD4 crashes with DirectX error and now Left 4 Dead does that too (those are unrelated problems as far as I can tell, but still)

Anyways, straight to the point: I get "Failed to lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer" error right after intro movie starts. So far none of the solutions I found thanks to google worked so I was wondering if any of you nice people seen that problem. Or even better - solution.

Made me sad when two of my favourite games refused to work in freshly installed system

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When Run Netstat It Automatically Closes Itself

May 12, 2011

When i run netstat it automatically closes itself after it loads the list. I captured the screen when it was up. Is it not compatible with win7

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System Automatically Closes After Blue Screen

Feb 18, 2013

My system automatically closes, there is a lot of blue screen and something I close the program without my interference.

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Any 'new Tab' Related Extension Are Automatically Remove Every Single Time Closes Chrome

Nov 23, 2012

Any 'new tab' related extension are automatically remove every single time I closes my Chrome.I even stop downloading Awesome New Tab Page because it WILL get uninstall the next time I re-open my Chrome.Then I started dragging so many sites to the default 'new tab' page to turn them into App.. Guess what? It was removed as well.I tried clean re-install too.

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Windows 7 Stops Dead On Some Games

Nov 7, 2011

I recently tried to play Dr Who, which I downloaded from the BBC. Twice at the same spot it came to a dead stop. No warning no shutdown sequence, just a dead stop. I have had similar stops on other games, but do not know where to begin to sort it out. The Graphics drivers are up to date.

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BSOD When Playing Games Or When Computer Is Left On For Long-time?

Mar 24, 2012

I'll be playing a game for about 25 minutes then it will crash and another time where it crashed is when I leave it on all night to finish steam downloads. I figure it might be the CPU or the video card but i am not too sure.

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Windows 7 Automatically Go To Desktop When Playing Game?

May 16, 2012

My Windows 7 automaticly go to desktop when im playing game is it a bug or something?

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Computer Restarts Automatically When Playing Game

Mar 8, 2012

I play game and my computer restart automatically

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Laptop Is Automatically Turns Off When Playing A Game?

Jun 27, 2012

past 4 years i'm playing games in my lap but now only its happening automatically turns off...

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Which Game Controllers Will Work On New Games

Dec 18, 2011

I want to buy a controller that will work with new games that requires Xbox 360 wired controller. I bought a cheap Chinese controller but it works on games prior the year 2007. New games like Borderlands, Call of Duty cannot be played with this controller. I saw Logitech F310 controllers which looks good but not sure if it works on these games. which games can be played with controllers.

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Setup For Converting PS Games To PC Game?

Aug 20, 2012

Setup for converting PS games to PC game?

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Games Explorer Folder - Delete A Game

Dec 9, 2009

How to Delete a Game in the Windows 7 Games Explorer Folder ?

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Playing Games Screen Flickers, Goes Black Then Goes Back To Game?

Nov 20, 2011

whilst playing games (mostly RTS) my screen flickers then goes black, sometimes goes to the desktop or the game loading screen then resumes the game?My GPU is an NVidia GTS 250, I have updated the driver to the latest version but the issue still persists, the issue isnt with one particular game, it happens on Dawn of war 2, king arthur fallen champions, war hammer mark of chaos. From the sys reqs my system should be more that capable of running them.

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Media Portal

Nov 22, 2009

I have my computer connected to my HDTV via the DVI/HDMI connector. I used to watch videos, pictures etc using Media Portal in XP, now Team Media Portal say at the moment they are not supporting Windows 7 x64. Can anyone recommend another program I can use? I have tried a couple of other programs but as yet none of them appear to allow me to control the program away from the computer?

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Windows 7 (64-bit) Cannot Start FEAR, Portal, Fallout 3

Sep 3, 2011

I can play Lara Croft, Batman, but i cannot play Portal 2, Fallout 3 nor FEAR3. The games just wouldn't start. I have updated all the video card drivers, but i'm not hitting the solution of this problem.Following is the log from hijackthis:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 7:19:17 PM, on 9/3/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:Program Files (x86)Norton 360 Premier EditionEngine5.1.0.29ccSvcHst.exe
C:Program FilesASUSSix EngineSixEngine.exe
C:Program Files (x86)IntelIntel Matrix Storage ManagerIAAnotif.exe
C:Program Files (x86)Analog DevicesSoundMAXSoundMAX.exe
C:Program Files (x86)DAEMON Tools LiteDTLite.exe


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BSOD When Loading Portal 2 - Error 0x00000101

Jan 3, 2012

PC Specs:
Windows 7 64Bit OEM- Original Unmodified
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti - Driver Version 285.62 (also tried beta 290.53)
AMD FX -6100 Six-Core Processor ~3.3GHz
System and Hardware = 9 Days old
23" LED Screen

Portal 2 starts up normally, gets to the loading screen where it says Portal 2, then Crashes/Blue Screens the Computer

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Acer Bluetooth Portal Not Working After Changing To Windows 7?

Aug 14, 2012

My acer travelmate 4060 windows xp was recently changed to windows 7 and my blue tooth portal stopped working. what could be the problem?

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Mouse Controls Are Inverted Up Is Down Left Is Right And Right Is Left?

Jul 8, 2011

My mouse controls are inverted up is down left is right and right is left. I've tryed everything to fix this none seem to work.

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Play Atlantis 3 Game The Game Is Shut Down In Middle Of Game At A Certain Point?

Jun 21, 2012

when i play atlantis 3 game the game is shut down in middle of game at a certain point

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Display Down After Lid Closes

Jan 11, 2013

I updated all my drivers using DriverMax and then verified those uploads against Intel's updated driver support scan. Both agreed with each other on the updates and that all was well. It was some week later when I was working and closed the lid on my HP dv7 (Win 7 Home Premium) opened it again within 10 seconds and ever since the screen simply doesn't come back after closing the lid. I have set all power options to Max Performance, turned off Hibernation and Sleep with no change in outcome. Checked the updated BIOS (updated via OM Intel site) and no applicable (or at least identified) power settings found.

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IE8 32 Bit Flashes And Closes

Jun 22, 2011

Win 7 on Dell Vostro 64 bit os sp1.Anti Virus: Norton Security Suite, Ie 9 is where the issue started if opened it would close instantly. the 64 bit version is / was fine. Opening with no add ons had no change. I uninstalled IE9 only to find the problem stayed, IE8 32 crashes and IE8 64 bit works fine. The no add on for IE8 has no change. Running either as "Runas Admin" no change. Also resetting IE had no change. Logging in as Administrator and running it had no change. Creating a new user and attempting to run it had no change. One other issue that might be related I can not uninstall Java 6 update 25, it states the MSI is missing and I cant find a copy any where to remove or re install and remove.

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Internet Closes Down?

Mar 6, 2012

need to close internet so J can install flash player 11

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COM Surrogate Opens And Closes?

Oct 18, 2012

I have a different problem with COM Surrogate. I noticed something wasn't right when I got random freeze-ups playing audiosurf which is sensitive to CPU usage. I opened task manager and saw about every 15 seconds, there is a spike in the CPU usage. I checked the processes and saw dllhost.exe (COM Surrogate) is opening up and closing in just a few seconds, and repeats this about every 15 seconds which is eating my CPU. I do NOT get any error messages anywhere. I can view photos just fine. HOWEVER, I do see that any new photos' or videos' thumbnails are not updating. Any videos and photos I had before this problem have thumbnails, but not any new ones I create. I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

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Closes Itself About 30 Seconds After Start Pc?

Feb 20, 2013

recently i noticed this pops up every time i start my pc and im not sure what it ioutedit forgot to mention it usally closes itself about 30 seconds after i start my pc but today it doesn't close itself and i cant end the process if this is in the wrong section im sorry i was a bit worried and just licked windows 7

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Black Screen When Lid Closes?

Aug 2, 2010

When I close the lid of my laptop, and then reopen it sometime after, the screen is black. Power light is on, I can here sounds, such as plugging in a usb device, but is black. I just restart it and its back, but I shouldn't have to do that every time.

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Jun 1, 2009


i have all the Codecs and everything and i have no viruses

so what is wrong?

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Skype Closes After Opening?

Nov 20, 2011

My skype after opening. I have never had this problem before.

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Explorer Page Suddenly Closes

Feb 15, 2011

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 7 laptop. Recently, it has been "acting up". I will be online using internet explorer and be writing an email, looking at a web page, or on facebook, and the page just closes by itself. At first I thought I must be hitting something to make the screen close, but the problem continues. It's really a pain when you're searching for something, and you've followed several links, only to have the screen you want to look at close for no reason at all. What's up with that?

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Windows Randomly Closes All Programs?

May 30, 2012

Recently I have gotten a new issue. I will be doing something basic on the computer, such as opening a new tab, or closing starcraft 2, and then suddenly all programs running will close. It gives no warnings, and it has nothing to do with the specs of my computer. I have 8 gigs of ram, a 2 gig gtx 560 and a 3.2 ghz 8 core processor. One out of the 5 times it has happened, it said "facebook messenger has stopped working correctly" or something.

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