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Change 32 Bit To 64 Bit Without Losing Data?

i would like to switch from 32 bit vista ultimate to 64 bit because i want to upgrade to 4GB of RAM and be able to use all of it to it's fullest. Right now i have 2 paritions on my single HDD. 1 is my back-up windows xp partition, it is also the larger of the 2 so i put most of my data and programs on there. My second partition is my Vista Ultimate 32 bit version on which i use some programs from my windows xp partition that i wouldnt like to lose. Is there any way i can change from my 32 bit version of windows vista to a 64 bit version without losing all of my data... including the data on my windows xp partition if possible.

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64 And 32 Bit Versions: Is The Product Key That Is On The Computer For A 64 Bit Or A 32 Bit
I just got a vista computer yesterday. the people I had gotten it from said they installed a 64 bit system and 32 bit is what is reads on the system is 32 bit. what my question is. is the product key that is on the computer for a 64 bit or a 32 bit. and since a32 bit system was installed. if it should ever have to be reformatede, could it be done with the disk they gave me or does it have to be a 32 bit?

Posted: Aug 13, 2009

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Change From 64 Bit To 32 Bit
my vista came with 64bit os . i want to change to 32 bit os either vista or windows 7 . my computer has a recovery drive factory image d. now my question is it possible to change the os to a 32 bit operating system even though it has a 64 bit now . also if something happens or it doesnt work out will i still be able to access the image drive and would that go back to my original operating system of vista 64bit os . or could i make a bootable disc of my recovery drive and how would i do that.

Posted: Nov 2, 2009

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Change 32 Bit To 64 Bit
How can i change my 32 bit vista home to 64 bit? can i find any upgrades in Removed By dmex!

Posted: Sep 27, 2008

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Change Ultimate 64 To 32 Bit
Ihad Vista Ultimate 64 bit preinstalled on an HP laptop and now need and want 32 bit for a variety of reasons and programs (no 64 bit driver for WiLife and no TurboTax support).I understand the HP recovery disk will not let me put 32 on instead, and I will probably just buy a 32 bit version.If i do,am I correct (1) that I have to reformat the drive, thus loosing everything?(2)If that is correct,if I make a backup of all the progarms(eg MS Office) can I then reistall on the 32 bit or will they be looking to(and only run on) the old 64 bit? I'm not worried about data (photos,docs,etc)since I have copies,but I don't know what happens to apps.(3)Will I need to get drivers for all the hardware again?I assume HP or the manufacture will have the necessary 32 bit drivers.(4)I've tried MS Virtual PC and that didn't solve my problems.

Posted: Mar 26, 2008

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Change From Ultimate 64 To 32 Bit
I had Vista Ultimate 64 bit preinstalled on an HP laptop and now need and want 32 bit for a variety of reasons and programs (no 64 bit driver for WiLife and no TurboTax support). I understand the HP recovery disk will not let me put 32 on instead, and I will probably just buy a 32 bit version. If i do, am I correct (1) that I have to reformat the drive, thus loosing everything? (2) If that is correct, if I make a backup of all the progarms (eg MS Office) can I then reistall on the 32 bit or will they be looking to (and only run on) the old 64 bit? I'm not worried about data (photos, docs, etc) since I have copies, but I don't know what happens to apps. (3) Will I need to get drivers for all the hardware again? I assume HP or the manufacture will have the necessary 32 bit drivers.(4) Any other tips, tidbits, cautions, experience to share? I've tried MS Virtual PC and that.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Change Boot Screen (32-bit Only)
There is finally an easy way (easier than before) to change your Windows Vista boot screen and use any high resolution photo as your boot screen.  Using a great tool written by Dan Smith it is now possible to automatically generate the replacement language MUI file that contains your boot image files. All you need is two photos at 800x600 and 1024x768 saved as 24-bit windows bitmaps. Then follow these steps:

Download Dan Smith's Vista Boot Logo Generator.

Install and then run from the link in the Start Menu.

Hit Browse for image and select both the 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution bitmap files for your boot screen.

Click on File and select Save Boot Screen File as and save your file.

Next, you will need to replace the winload.exe.mui file in c:WindowsSystem32en-us with the one you just created.  Before you copy in your new file, make a backup of the original. You will need to take ownership of all files in en-us as well as give your account file permissions to replace the file as well in order to copy the new winload.exe.mui file in.
The last step is to enable the alternative boot screen setting as shown in this tweak....

Posted: Jan 17, 2007

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Uninstalled Change Running Vista 32 Bit
Use to know how to do this but forgot the trick When I right click on Recycle bin I see Browse with Paint Shop Pro7. Weeks ago I completely uninstalled this program so I need to change this to whatever you recommend. What's the fix for this? TIA Running Vista Home Premium, 32bit and IE8

Posted: Feb 27, 2010

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32-Bit Vs. 64-bit, Batch Processing Of Camera RAW Files With Photoshop CS3
I've got a Dell D830 with Vista Ultimate 32-bit pre-installed. It's got the max 4GB of RAM installed. I do not yet own any software or hardware which claims it can benefit from 64-bit so what are the advantages? I will not be doing any gaming but I will be doing a lot of batch processing of camera RAW files with Photoshop CS3. The guys in the Photoshop forum said there is no benefit really unless I was able to load more RAM.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Unable To Install As Visual Studio 2005 Is 32-bit Supported And My Os Is 64-bit
I have a vista home pre 64 bit os. I tried to install visual studio 2005 standard edition but i am unable to install as visual studio 2005 is 32-bit supported and my os is 64-bit.

Posted: Feb 9, 2010

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Desktop Icon Position/Restore (32-bit And 64-bit Versions)
All free stuff (not necessarily 64-bit, but I have found them flawless with vista x64 and I'm sure most of you probably know these already)

- "Transparent" Tools -

- Desktop Icon Position/Restore (32-bit and 64-bit versions) Restore your icon layout after updating your display driver, etc.

- ClipBoardPath (32-Bit) As far as I'm concerned, this is much better than the default in vista. I use a lot of design programs and I need the file paths from inside viewers such as acdsee and this desplays nicely, whereas the default vista one can't be accessed.......

Posted: May 26, 2008

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Running Vista 64 Bit Change 64 Back To 32bit
If I have an entire PC backup (windowsimagebackup) from Vista 32bit then use it while running a Vista 64bit will it change the 64 back to a 32?

Posted: Apr 10, 2009

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System Freezes In Both XP Pro 32-bit And In Ultimate 32-bit
This entry is going to be long because I am going to tell you everything that Ive done to try to make my machine work without crashing so solutions wont be given that I have already tried. The purpose of this thread is to diagnose what my problem actually is, so that I can go and get an exchange for it.) This is the 2nd computer I have ever built. I built my old Pentium 4 from scratch when I was 12, no issues there and now I have built this. There is plenty of ventilation, 7 fans, in my system all up, not incl. the PSU. So my problem starts about 2 months after buying my PC.

Put XP pro 32-bit on it updated it to SP3, working fine. Added my sound card just AFTER this problem first appeared. So my screen Froze, Ctrl Alt Del didnt work mouse wont move, I try to move my mouse with both my mice and my keyboards (they both have touchpads) still nothing. If audio is playing at the time it loops the last 1/2 second over and over, I NEVER GET A BSOD. (Blue Screen Of Death). I thought this sucks, it is a new PC Ill hard restart it and then check the event log. Nothing irregular in the event log, so I ignored it.........

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

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Can Upgrade Install A Windows 7 32 Bit Into A PC With Vista 64 Bit?
Can I upgrade install a Windows 7 32 bit into a PC with Vista 64 bit?

Posted: Dec 14, 2009

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FREE Programs For Both The 32 Bit And 64 Bit Vista Versions
FREE Great Programs for Vista Information These are completely FREE programs for both the 32 bit and 64 bit Vista versions. I have tested all of these programs below without any problems. The list is in alphabetical order using the program's name. I will add more as I run across them, so be sure to check the list every so often.

AbiWord -AbiWord is a free multi-platform word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. Active ISO Burner -Active ISO Burner is a application that will allow you to burn an ISO image file to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DL DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. abcAVI Tag Editor -abcAVI Tag Editor is little stand alone utility for viewing/editing tags in AVI files. In short it allows you to get information on movie from Internet Movie Database or type it by yourself and save that info inside AVI file. Supports RIFF INFO tags, MovieID tags, IDivX tags. Allows editing more than 40 tags, not only "Title", "Subject" and "Copyright". Support of RIFF INFO tags ensures backward compatibility with standard Windows players like MS Media Player.........

Posted: May 27, 2007

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32 Bit Windows Explorer In 64 Bit Version Does Not Work
I'm trying to see 'thumbnail' previews of graphic files (Microsoft Photodraw ..mix extension, adobe illustrator .ai, photoshop .psd, etc.) which ALL worked in Windows XP but now they do not work in Vista. I had a prior thread on there than said to do the following, but that does not work. Any idea on how to use the 32 bit windows explorer on a 64 bit vista o/s to show thumbnail previews of graphic files?..........

Posted: Apr 17, 2009

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How 64 Bit Registers Increase The System Speed As Twice As 32 Bit?
I've been reading in some websites saying 64 bit systems can run as twice as fast as 32 bit systems. I'm not able to understand this. I understand the registers are of 64 bits in size. How come having 64 bits registers increase the system speed as twice as 32 bit?

Posted: Jun 15, 2009

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64 Bit Upgrade From 32 Bit: Operating System Failed
My neighbor bought a Compaq Presario with an AMD Athlon 64 bit processor which came installed with Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit operating system. If he buys the upgrade to Windows Home Premium will the disk recognize he has a 64 bit processor and install the 64 bit operating system and not just upgrade to 32 bit Vista Home Premium system.

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

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64 Bit Vs. 32 Bit (drivers, Software, Antivirus, Hardware)
I need Vista for DX10, and I eventually will probably want around 4GB of RAM (future comp.) Should I buy a 64 or 32 Vista? With the 64 I can get more RAM right, and most games/quality hardware has drivers for 64 bit right?

Posted: Feb 4, 2008

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Update Not Involve Losing All Data
After posting my original thread and noting probs with start up repair, my local computer man has said he has had a few people with problems with their computers and that he can fix if if i bring it in - this will not involve losing all my data either. So as I know how good he is i will be taking it in for repair. Check out your local repair centres for help. He also advised me never to accept any updates from vista!! How come Microsoft have not even acknowledged there is a problem with these updates yet? Where is their moral responsibility?

Posted: Jun 2, 2008

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Upgrade Without Losing Data And Settings?
I got a new laptop with windows vist home premium installed, I have been using it for a while, can I upgrade it to bussiness edition without losing my data and settings?

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

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Upgrade Vista Ultimate 32-bit To 64-bit
Is it possible to upgrade my Vista 32-bit to Vista 64-bit without a reformat? I really don't want to have to go and deal with the PITA backups and reinstallation of programs... I looked around the net and got distracted by my 64-bit version of Windows 7 (which got me thinking "Damn it, now I need more RAM) before I could find any answers...

Posted: Jan 12, 2009

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32-bit And 64-bit Vista RAM Limit?
I have this question that what is the RAM limit with vista 32-bit and

I've heard that it is 3,2 GB but I've also heard that it would be 4,0GB
(because 2^32 = 4.294.967.296. But then 64-bit systems could use over 18
exabytes of RAM, because 2^64 = 18.446.744.073.709.551.616? Isn't that a
little too much o.O).

I've also heard that Vista with SP1 ?recognizes? 4GB of RAM (earlier
windows reputedly recognized only 3GB of RAM so does this mean that from
Vista SP1 windowses *recognize* that 4th GB of RAM but can't *use* it?).

Posted: May 28, 2009

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Good Idea To Go From 32 Bit Vista To 64 Bit?
I thought i'd give 64 bit a try, what a bad decision it's terrible. I've had nother but blue screeens and other problems with it.

Think i'll revert back to the good old trustworthy 32 bit, never had any problems with it.

Posted: Dec 2, 2007

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Does 64 Bit Machines (Dual Processors) Need A 64 Bit?
I don't know if this was asked before, please forgive me if this is just a repeat. I am new in the forum.

Does 64bit machines (Dual Processors or Quad etc) need a 64bit Vista to maximize its capabilities? I noticed that new PCs and Laptops shipped today have pre-installed Vista but 32bit OS . . . why is this? Or does it really matter? Please explain this puzzling mystery to a non-techie like me.

Posted: Nov 7, 2008

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32-bit And 64-bit Distinctions With Home Basic
I am confused. I recently purchased a brand new Toshiba Satellite laptop (from a very well known retail vendor). I have Windows Vista Basic running on it. For reasons I won't go into right now (but perhaps in a later post after this), you might say I was forced into doing a little research on my laptop in order to determine whether it is a 32 or 64 bit operating system. Well I found out that my version of Windows Vista Home Basic is 32-bit. However, I am also aware that it is available in a 64-bit version. I also found out that there is such as thing as Windows Vista Starter Edition, which supposedly is the ONLY version of Vista which is NOT 64 bit. If this is true, then why does my System Information tell me that I am running a 32 bit version of Vista Home Basic edition? I do not understand this.

Let me clarify something very quickly here. I am a Computer Networking major at the present time. I do not need someone to speak to me in terms which only someone who doesn't know who to turn on a computer would understand. Lastly, let me also clarify one last thing (hopefully). If there is such as thing as a 64 bit version of Vista Home Basic, then why does my laptop only have the 32 bit version? Is this because I have the "starter" edition, and in order for me to get the better one I would need to actually PAY to upgrade? But why in the world would I need to actually have to PAY in oder to get nothing more than yet a DIFFERENT edition of the exact same OS that I am already running on this laptop of mine? To me, either Windows or Toshiba would have made this a whole lot easier to understand if they would simply have made a DISTINCTION between Vista Starter edition and Vista Home Basic.

Posted: May 24, 2008

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64 Bit Versus 32 Bit: Programs Will Not Working
I want to get a new laptop pc and don't know if I should get a 64 or 32 bit pc. What's the advantage of one over the other? I hear a lot of my programs will not work on a 64 bit machine.

Posted: Feb 10, 2009

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Upgrading 32 Bit Home Premium To 64 Bit
When I put the 64 bit install disk in, it goes through the usual install process. I entered the product key from my 32 bit box, and continued. The install then fails as it says it cannot find an authorised disk to install on. My 32 bit Vista is fully activated, so I am not sure how to get around this.

Posted: Mar 26, 2008

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Installing 32 Bit From 64 Bit Windows Old Folder
I recently installed the vista Ultimate 32 bit after using the 64 bit for several years . The reason behind that was i missed using some software and my Epson Scanner. I have reinstalled the 64 bit twice. First time i deleted the Program Files Windows old without an issue , Second time i could not delete it. When i installed the vista 32 bit , there it was again but i let the updates finish , defraged The drive and found that the windows old created a Program Files X 86 folder and there was all my old 64 bit software and drivers. I could delete all but the common files , windows Collaboration, Windows Media Player.

My Question : Is / Was this Normal ? I don't think so. How do I Delete This? windows old Folder in C drive ? and the Program Files X 86 folder? Should I start over? There was never an option for the windows old Folder. It was bought and paid for. I have also posted this day about two other issues in the Media Center. It can not get the right TV Guide listings and the other was my Display will not turn off when the PC is off. The monitor just displays the "no signal" message.

choose "drive options" then format the partition you intend to install the OS to and that will do away with the Windows.old folder. since i now have the 32 bit version installed, and i reinstall the 32 bit again, I'm guessing the windows old 64 bit program files will not be there except what I cant or have not yet deleted will no longer be there. Considering That I have another question now. If I do manage to create a Partition in Drive C How can i use that second Partition to store all of the restore points or other related files? I have a second Drive 1 TB. in the past windows used it automatically to store backup files. Especially for the complete PC backup ...

Posted: Jun 16, 2009

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Home Premium: 32 Bit Version Vs. 64 Bit
I have a laptop with the Vista Home Premium 32 bit version installed. I am
thinking of upgrading my desktop from Windows 2000 to the same platform, since I would prefer to keep these two computers as look-alikes. Some desktops (e.g., Dell) are now sold with the 64 bit version. I am told that the 32-bit version will read up to only 3 GB of RAM, whereas the 64-bit version will read up to 4 GB (?).

If I were to install the 64-bit version on my desktop, are there other complications that I might run into when I attempt to run programs/exchange data on both systems? I also run some DOS programs from an earlier century;

Posted: Apr 1, 2009

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