Save All Works And Files In My Documents Folder In Windows Xp OS

Jul 14, 2005

I have a problem with my pc. Can anybody help me? I normally save my all works and files in my documents folder in my windows xp OS. I have a username to log in to my pc.underthis user name I had made my documents private.One day to do some work I logged in to the PC as an administrator.Here I delete my user account and created with same name again. But now I have lost all my documents. I can see it's there in my documents and settings but access denied because of the folder made PRIVATE. Can you help me to get my documents back?

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Save MY Documents Files To Flash Using Send To

Sep 18, 2007

Going to save My Documents to my flash drive but when I right-click on the folder, the send to option is gone. It's there for other files on my desktop. What happened? How can I save my files to the flash drive without it?

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How To Convert Works Documents To Word Documents

Jul 18, 2006

has a Works name and address list that needs to be converted to MS Word name and address list. And he needs to print labels from the Word list. how to convert the Works data to Word data.

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Windows Explorer And Folder Shortcuts Open To "my Documents" And Not The Folder

Apr 2, 2007

I made the change below however, if I click on a folder in the left hand "Folders" pane, it works as before and opens the folder and displayed in the contents in the right hand pane.

However, if I click on any folders in the right hand (files pane) a new windows explorer window opens a displays the "my documents".

The same thing happens if you click on a shortcut to a folder. Instead of the folder opening, it opens a new window and displays "my documents".

This problems started when I added a new function to the folder file folder file type properties to print out the contents of a folder by calling a batch file that piped the content to a file.

In the file association for file folders in the advanced section I now have three functions
- the afore mentioned 'create file list'
- explore (the default), and
- find

For the folder file type I just have:
- explore and
- open

Any suggestions on how to put things back to the way Windows Explorer always worked before make clicking folders in the right hand pane open them up properly in the same window as per clicking them on the left hand pane?

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Unable To Save Files - Pictures Folder Does Not Show Up

Jun 13, 2006

I do alot of image work so i have alot of images... when i go to save an image in the my pictures folder, it does not show up. so i think, i go into windows explorer to the my pictures folder and only some of them show up.

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Unable To Recover Files From Old 'my Documents' Folder?

Sep 3, 2009

I had a system crash related to installing xp sp3. The only way I could get the system back up was to reinstall windows. Is there any way to find the files that were in the previous windows installation's 'my documents' folder? I had a few important files lost thru this process, and wondered if there is any possibility of recovering them.

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Necassay To Have WORKS To Receive WORKS Files?

Dec 9, 2006

A friend of mine in a craft site created a document in WORKS. There were problems for others on that site opening it that have WORD and not WORKS.
Is it necassay to have WORKS to receive WORKS files??

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Renaming My Documents Folder: Immediately Reverts Back To Username's Documents?

Jun 22, 2005

I have a user's My Documents folder redirected to a share on our domain controller. The name of this user's My Documents folder is username's Documents. Whenever I try to change this to My Documents, it immediately reverts back to username's Documents.However, if I open a command window and say dir, I see My Documents which is what I would expect.

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Deleting Shared Documents Folder W/o Removing My Documents

Apr 17, 2008

I want to remove the shared documents folder from everywhere but I want to keep the my documents folder in my computer.i am using winxp sp2.

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Target Folder Location - Shared Documents - Pc1's Documents

Jul 27, 2007

im using winXP i go to desktop and double click "My Computer" in my computer i see:
Shared Documents pc1's Documents (Local Disk C:) (Local Disk D:) i have already manage to change the target folder location of "My Documents" (c:Documents and Settingspc1My Documents) --> (d:Documents and Settingspc1My Documents) now the problem is; i want to change the target folder location of "Shared Documents" from(c:Documents and SettingsAll Users.WINXPDocuments) (d:Documents and SettingsAll Users.WINXPDocuments)

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Unable To Save Any Files Cannot Save Any Files In A Save As

Sep 4, 2006

my computer is unable to save any files at all. It cannot save files off the internet or save any files in a Save As.. format? Ive searched the internet for the last 2 weeks looking for some infomation on the problem but i cannot find anything?

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Windows Folder Has 18,000+ Files Using Over 30GB?

Dec 30, 2005

I have Windows XP with 40GB hard drive. My Windows folder has 18,000+ files using over 30GB !!! I am running low on space and I am not sure what to delete from the folder. I do not use Mcafee.

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Save Desktop Wallpaper To My Documents

Nov 3, 2007

I'm using a photo I got from the web as my desktop wallpaper and when I saved it I used the Set As Background option. I would like to save a copy of the photo into my Document files

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Save The Icon Order Of Music Folders In Documents

Apr 11, 2010

I have one question. Is it possible to save the order of my music folders (and files!) in My Music folder. What I mean is that I'm going to transfer all of my music (55 GB) on external HDD and then back to freshly installed Windows 7. And what I would like is that my order of folder is sorted as I did it in Win XP, and NOT by alphabetical order or something else. I have really huge collection and organizing it like it is now would be a nightmare. I do not want music to be sorted like: ATB, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Trance; but in my order (like Coldplay, Linkin Park, ATB, Trance). I wonder if thumbs.db hidden file has to do something with order of the icons (I guess not ) So is it possible or not?

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Moving My Music Folder From Shared Documents Folder

Feb 6, 2009

In previously highlighted issues regarding backing-up shared documents to my Seagate Freeagent hard drive, I simply decided to move the My Music Folder from the shared documents folder, but Windows is disallowing me from doing this stating that My Music is a Windows system folder & cannot be renamed or removed? Any help please on getting around this to move My Music from the shared documents? I'm running XP with servce pack 3.

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Password Protect A Folder Rather Than Documents In The Folder

Feb 28, 2007

Is there a way to password protect a folder without having to password protect all the dcouments in the folder?

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Changing The Opening Folder In The Works Word Processor?

Jul 8, 2007

I have Windows XP Pro, SP2 and version 8.0 of Works.

Now when I start up the Works word processor and I use the "Open" function, it always opens in "My Documents". When I use "WordPad" it opens in the last folder used. Is there a way to make the Works word processor act like this? If not, is there a way to change the default opening folder? (Also is there a way to change the default location where a file is saved?)

Also, since this is closely related, I'll ask this: When you use the Open function in the Works wp, you get the "Open" dialog box. At the bottom there is a drop down box called, "Files of type". It always opens with "Works Document (*.wps). If you click the drop down box, one of the options is "All Files (*.*). Is there a way to change it to this?

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Windows Cd Broke: Using Someone's Else Xp Cd On My Pc Works?

Jun 25, 2010

i brought windows XP home SP2 oem and i recently tired to reformat but I broke my cd.... now my friends have windows XP home SP3 & Windows XP Pro could I use theres to install on my pc then and use my cd key or does it have to be the same version?

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Add Personal Folder To Places Bar In Save Dialog

Aug 24, 2009

How can I add a personal folder to appear in "Places Bar" of all Save Dialogs (irrespective of the application) in Windows XP Professional SP3.The personal folder, added, in any Microsoft Office document's "My Places" bar, appears in Save Dialogs of only Microsoft Office documents. But I want a personal folder to appear in ALL Save Dialogs, irrespective of the application.

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Can't Save Word Documents To DVD Drive Using MS-Word 2000

Jul 3, 2009

I have Windows XP Pro SP2 as my OS. When I try to save a document directly from Word onto my DVD I get the message that is read-only. The OS does see the DVD drive because Roxio can burn to the drive. I prefer saving directly to the the drive from Word. What could be the problem?

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Documents In This Folder Are Not Available

Jun 22, 2005

Just recently I began to get the error message "Documents in this folder are not available. The folder may have been moved, deleted, or network problems may be preventing a connection to the server." every time I try to access one of my web-based folders. These worked before, and just recently stopped working. I am not sure if a security patch I applied did this

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Getting Old Documents Folder

Oct 23, 2007

New user, first time post here. I've got a problem with Windows XP. So a friend of mine gave me a copy of norton ghost 2003 to try out. Well, it must have been a bad copy because when I tried to run it, the program just hung up and did not start the dos ghost, despite waiting for an hour. I shut off the power to the computer, and then it was stuck in this loop of going to pc-dos whenever I turned on the computer. It would not bypass this despite picking the option to skip ghost and go straight to windows. So, I had a new hard drive to put into the computer (which precipitated this whole ghost business in the first place), and i reloaded windows, which went fine

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Lost My Documents Folder

Jun 22, 2005

I had a serious crash with windows xp (SP2) last night that resulted in having to reinstall Windows XP (it wouldn't repair, wouldn't let me partition and wouldn't let me install windows into a different
directory - was crashing for anything but a full reinstall). As a result of this, I've lost access to the my documents folder of my original user profile. Moreover, it shows as being 0 bytes in size, except the total size of my HDD has not been reduced.

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Location Of The My Documents Folder

Jul 30, 2005

Is it better to have the MyDocuments folder outside the local C: drive or to use the default MyDocuments folder that is a subfolder to the local C: drive? Why? I have been using a MyDocuments folder that is at the same level as MyComputer in the directory tree, because I was told that there is a limitation to the size of the MyDocuments folder. However, it also was mentioned that the size limitation does not exist with WinXPpro.

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Rerouting The My Documents Folder

Jan 20, 2006

I am trying to find a way to change the location where files saved to the My Documents folder on one computer (smaller HD) to a network shared folder on another computer. My thought was to delete or hide the computer's My Documents folder and create a new My Documents folder on the network folder and place a shortcut to it on the the other computers desktop

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Re-directing My Documents Folder

Oct 4, 2007

On MS Windows XP Professional, SP2, is there a way to re-direct My Documents to another location other than the default? In this case, I am using XP Pro not logging into the domain, so I cannot use the GPO in AD.

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So Many Access Folder To My Documents

Mar 13, 2010

One thing I haven't figured out yet is why there are so many accesses to My Documents in folder/windows explorer view.For example:I am the only computer user of this operating system. My account name is Hawkfire, this account name is the administer one; there is that account, a unused guest account and an unused .net account.

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My Documents Folder Missing

Jul 19, 2005

One of the users on my PC does not have the My Documennst folder appearing the list "Files stored on the this computer".

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Cannot See Other User Documents Folder

Aug 7, 2005

I share computer with my wife. Both we have administrators rights.When I opened "My computer" view in Windows Explorer I used to see items like:

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Sharing My Documents Folder?

Sep 9, 2005

How do I share "My Documents"?

I can share any drive or folder except "My Documents". It doesnt even give me the option.

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My Documents Folder Has Vanished

Jul 12, 2005

There are 4 user profiles on my computer, which runs XP Pro. For some reason, the 'My Documents' folder for my own profile no longer appears, but it's contents seem to have migrated into my daughter's 'My
Documents' folder.this possibly happened when I had the Beta version of Microsoft Spyware running, as my daughter mentioned some messages coming up to do with changing the path for 'my documents'

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