Unable To Change Screen Resolution To Original Size?

Jul 4, 2010

I recently re-installed Windows XP on my Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. My only problem with it is that I can't set my screen resolution to the actual resolution of my screen (1280x800) since the only two options are 800x600 or 1024x768.The nVidia driver I got on the acer website wont install, saying:The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

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Screen Resolution Won't Change But Screen Size Does

Jul 23, 2005

I just reformatted my computer a Dell, Inspiron 8100, Windows XP home edition. Screen resolution default is 1600X1200 Pixels. I like 1024X768. When I change the resolution to 1024X768 or any other setting available the screen just gets smaller. There is no change in "Screen Resolution.

I have installed all the updates and SP2. Auto-updates seems to be doing fine. I downloaded new NiNida drivers from Dell, etc. I've removed and reinstalled the video drivers several times.

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution Display

Jun 28, 2005

Installed win xp but unalble to change screen resolution from 640X480 pixels. Res. Color quality (medium 16bit). Slider will not move. Can’t change dpi setting.Posted using the http://www.windowsforumz.com interface,at author's request Articles individually checked for conformance to usenet standards Topic URL: http://www.windowsforumz.com/Video [...] 50570.html Visit Topic URL to contact author reg. req'd.

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution To Default Value?

Aug 17, 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 2400, with Windows XP Home Edition. I installed Symantics PC Anywhere 9.2 and it reset my screen resolution to 640x480, I've tried to change it to original setting of 1024x768 but it won't let me change it.

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution After Reinstall ?

Aug 30, 2005

Since installation of Home Ed with Service Pack 2 there have been no problems with this computer I decided to change the monitor resolution to make reading a little easier and did thid Control Panel/Display. Rebooted for changes to take effect and the normal Windows screen appeared (showing the progress bar) and then when I expected the 'Welcome' screen to appear all that I get is a small window showing the words

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Unable To Change Display Resolution To Fit More On Screen?

Aug 25, 2008

trying to change the resolution to fit more on the screen but resolution bar will not slide in display settings

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution Past 600x480?

Apr 28, 2005

I cannot change the size of me screen resolution past 600x 480...or something like that. I have reinstalled windows and everything and i just cant get it to change.

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution To Higher Degrees?

Jun 20, 2005

I've changed the screen resolution from 800+ to 10000+ range and back to 800 several times. This so that a program I am using will fit the screen (10000) and back so icons and print on desktop are bigger. Now I can no longer get dsplay to open and can't do anything with the display. I'm using Windows XP

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution From Control Panel?

Aug 5, 2010

I have just installed WXP PRO on a new (bigger) HDD in my Compaq D51SP225 computer but the screen resulution cannot be increased in control panel -- display.
I think I need a video driver but cannot install the internet connection because of thw resolution problem. All is well with this HDD. Can I download a suitable driver from the web to a CD or transfer this driver to a CD?

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Changed Video Card: Unable To Change Screen Resolution?

Nov 9, 2007

I had to replace my HD and Video card a couple of months ago. I got the new video card from Dell, it is the same card that my system came with, GeForce 7800 GO. Since replacing these two items, I cannot achieve my original screen resolution of 1920 X 1200(WUXGA), all I can get is 1400 X 900(WXGA). Yes, I am sure it is WUXGA, as shown by dell configurator : CF176 LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY..., 17, Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array..., VIDEO ELEC. STDS. ASSOC...., GLARE WIDE VIEWING ANGLE..., SAMSUNG...

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Installed Wireless Card: Unable To Change Screen Resolution?

Aug 20, 2009

I have a Compaq EVO D51S SFF which I had plugged to my LCD TV as a media centre, just to watch movies and all. I had not connected this computer to the internet because I did not have a wireless card.I finally installed a wireless card, and then windows started doing all sorts of updates as expected (since the version on the SFF was SP2).Once windows was done with the updates, I started having problems with the screen resolution.

The SFF does not have a stand alone video card, so I had set the resolution at 1024 x 768, and this worked just fine before the updates.Now, the resolution keeps changing and this is a problem because the LCD TV gives me a message saying "Resolution Not Supported", so I can't use the computer unless I connect it to a regular computer monitor, select 1024x768, and then connect to the TV. I connect via VGA port, not DVI (don't have DVI).

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Tried Changing Resolution Font Size Screen Size

May 6, 2005

i tried chaging the resolution font size scrren size i tried changing everything nothing works all my icons r big my text my task bar exc

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Getting Blank Space Around Screen Instead Of Original Full Screen Size?

May 1, 2006

I have about an 2" black space around an open page on my screen......how do I get it to return to original full screen size?

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Missing Resolution Options: Unable To Change Zoom?

Jul 25, 2007

i messed around with it for a while changing zoom, stretch, dot to dot ect .Finnaly i got the tv's view mode to normal no stretch and filled all 32" perfectly with my desktop and the resolution was something like 2040x1200 or 1920x1080 not sure exactly..i should have wrote that down but close to that..

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Cannot Change Screen Resolution

Apr 14, 2007

i just installed a new copy of windows xp pro. the screen resolution before the fresh istall was fine. i had all the options. i like my windows small. and now the only resolution i can get on is 1280x1024.. how can i fix this? do i need drivers?

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Screen Resolution Won't Change From 640x480

Oct 8, 2008

The video card on this computer would just cut out from time to time, and i'd to have re-set the cable for it to work. i figured theres a loose connection, so i got another video card to replace it with, since this is a work computer.So after installing the new (actually its a used video card, ASUS v7700 TIvx, but still definitely works) video card, the computer starts up at the correct resolution, 800x600. It looks fine, but when you drag anything or scroll on a web page, the video lags. So i found the correct drivers and installed them, and rebooted.

The computer reboots in 640x480 at 4-bit color quality. when i change the resolution to 800x600 at 32-bit color quality, it just defaults back to 640x480 at 4-bit. i found that i can change the resolution to 800x600 at 4-bit, but when i try 16-bit or 32-bit quality, it just go right back to 640x480 at 4-bit.i thought maybe it was the video card, and tried to install the old one again (its a geforce 2 mx card). so i re-install it and install the correct drivers, and still the same exact thing happens, (prior to any of this, the geforce 2 mx card worked fine at 800x600 at 32-bit) i can't get it to correctly change to 800x600 at 32bit, it just keeps defaulting back to 640x480 at 4-bit.

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Change The Resolution Of Bootup Screen

Jun 30, 2008

How can I change the resolution of Windows XP bootup screen? i.e.The screen of Windows XP logo with a blue moving bar(Change from 640x480 to a higher resolution)

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Finding Shortcut To Change Screen Resolution?

Jun 20, 2005

Can a shortcut be created to access the change of screen resolution instead of desktop, properties, and settings? Or is there any other way to do it?

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Change Resolution Appear Black Line On Screen

Sep 29, 2003

This is confusing the heck out of me. on my screen is a black line approximately a pixel thick that runs horizontally over everything. When I change my screen resolution (changing it from 1280x1024 to 1152x864 and back again) it disappears.
It shows back up roughly about once week in differnt places (closer to bottom, closer to top, smack dab in the middle, etc.) This has been happening for months. Doesn't affect my work all that much. I am just a little curious as to what causes it.

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Display Properties Wont Allow To Change Screen Resolution?

Feb 24, 2008

compaq presario 5000, 5BW130, new seagate hardrive, new install of windows xp sp2.My problem is I want to change the screen resolution, in display properties it won't let me move the slider it's set for 800 by 600 pixels, can't move it any further, color quality is: High 24 (bit) or medium (16 bit)that's it I want to make thing smaller what do I have to do, and what do I need??

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Re-Installing Operating System Change Screen Resolution

Apr 26, 2008

Recently reinstalled Windows XP SP2 Home, due to a messed up Registry and upon reinstalling my screen resolution became 640 x 480 px, and whenever I try to change it, my computer won't let me. According to Microsoft.com, I have to install the driver for my monitor. I can easilly re-download the driver from the Dell website, but for some reason my computer won't let me go to Monitor settings. In order to install the monitor's driver I need to access this. Below is an image of the Advanced Display settings window when I open it. Note how the Monitor Properties is unclickable.

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Unable To Change WinPaging File Size

May 2, 2005

On my Dell Desktop, I reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP SP2 4 months ago. Today, I tried to adjust the Paging File size but could not. The machine will go through the motions of allowing a change then call for the required reboot when I changed the file size, but after reboot, the old file size is unchanged. I cannot change it to having the system manage the file, nor can I change the custom file size.

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Unable To Display Less Than 1600x1200 Screen Resolution Correctly?

Aug 6, 2005

I am unable to display a screen resolution of less than 1600 by 1200 Pixels correctly. Instead of filling the whole displayr I end up with a Window in the centre of the display that gets smaller as I change the screen resolution to less. I am using an IBM Thinkpat A22p and this problem occured just after I attached an external LCD Monitor.

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Unable To Adjust Screen Resolution For CNet Webpage?

Nov 16, 2006

I'm really bombed out when I have to scroll left to right on any web page. I love CNet forums, but it is a constant matter of that irritating scrolling that may make me stop using it. Yeah, I've tried adjusting my screen resolution, but then the type is so small it becomes a chore to read it. And, other websites designed to use my screen resolution look ridiculous in the browser. I don't care what "statistics" say about screen resolution,the vast majority of web sites are constructed to fit 800x600 res. Either that, or the web masters are smart enough to code them to fit various resolutions.

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Changing Screen Resolution In Safe Mode / Unable To View Options?

Apr 25, 2007

I just want to know how to change screen resolution in safe mode. The reason is when I try to use certain programs in safe mode, I can't view all the options and buttons of the program because it goes off the screen and resizing dosent help.I go to desktop properties and try to change it but the bar will not slide to any other position.

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Icon Size And Resolution

Dec 27, 2008

I am setting up my other laptop (older) that runs XP, I set the screen resolution to where windows told me to but the icons and buttons across the bottom are really small.How do I make the icons, etc etc larger and more readable without sacrificing the clarity? I am attaching two screen shots to show how small things are

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Size Of The Paging File - Change Initial Size

Apr 21, 2008

I heard that the paging file should always be 1.5x the amount of RAM that is available on the machine. My initial size of the paging file is set to around 2GB and I was wondering if I should change the initial size to 3GB or put it to 'System managed size'?

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How To Change Original Microsoft Wallpaper?

Jul 11, 2005

I just logged into this forum...I was working on saving a template that I could use to start a website...but, by mistake when I went to save the image, it saved the image as my wallpaper on the desktop. My question is how do I restore the desktop to the factory Microsoft wallpaper?

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Change Product Key-Original Legal Key But Pirate Cd?

May 4, 2010

I'm having trouble changing my product key. when I upgraded from 98 to XP pro,it was with a pirate copy of XPpro CD. However, I very soon saw the error of my ways and legalised my software online by purchasing a licence with which came a new product key. This was all done online and automatically. Now, here's the thing. Due to an old and failing C drive, I have installed a new hard drive with the intention of transfering all of my files over to it before the old one gives up completely and I lose everything.

The problem is, although my existing OS and product key are completely legal, the only system CD I have is my old pirate one which will not load using the legal key.I have loaded it using the old key with the intention of changing it afterwards but, having followed the process to change it, when I run Jelly Bean Keyfinder, it shows the old key.I have also tried a microsoft windows verification and it confirms that it is not a legal licence.The process I used to change the key was: Change the OOBE Timer number in regedit, Run c:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /a and run change product key, reboot and run c:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /a again which tells me that windows is already activated.

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How To Change Back Ground To Original Display

Jul 26, 2005

I have Windows XP Home SP2 and yesterday when I started up the computer the task bar and the top of a window is displayed like a windows me theme and not XPs clean design. The only thing that might have changed it is adobe reader 7 which I installed the day before the display changed. Is there any way to change it back to the origional display?

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Possible To Change Icons Back To Original Ones From Websites?

Dec 5, 2007

Can you tell me if it's possible to change the icons back to the original ones from websites? All my Favorite icons are the same (the default IE icon). Is it possible to change them all together or they have to be done one by one?

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