System Restore Wont Work In Both Normal And Safe Mode?

Sep 24, 2009

I tried System Restore a week ago, but it didn't work. It ran but at the end I got the error message that it didn't complete and couldn't restore to the earlier point. It displayed the red "X." I deleted all of the restore points and set the amount of store to the maximum and set a new restore point. Still it didn't complete. I also ran Malwarebytes - it couldn't find any issues.I tried it in Safe Mode and it worked - it set the new point and renamed three files - two of them were Norton files, the third I didn't recognize. I set a new point and again it DID NOT COMPLETE - I got the same error message!


Vanished Data From Harddrive - System Restore In Normal - Safe Mode

Dec 25, 2007

After starting my pc i noticed what 99% of data in my hard disk has vanished. it used to be only a 1GB free space there and now it shows 38,8 out of 39 GB. I tried system restore in normal and safe mode. .Thorough description of situation:
PC runs on Windows Xp SP2. It has 2 hard drives where the biggest one is paritioned into three drives: one for Windows installation, second was used for installation files of other programs (I kept Program Files folder there) and the alst one was dedicated for data storage. So the problem occured with the second drive. and as a result i do not have most of my programs running.

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Computer Won't Get Out Of Safe Mode / System Restore Wont Work?

Sep 15, 2007

I bought a new cpu awhile ago. When I moved my old cpu to my other desk and restarted it, it would only let me start in safe mode. It was working fine prior to this. I tried system restore to many differnt days, but nothing would work. I think I probably need to reinstall windows, but before I do, I was wondering if there is anything else I can try.

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SP2 Only Boot Up In Safe Mode: Wont Work In Normal?

Jan 28, 2007

I have a machine running win xp home edition SP2 that will not load windows up unless I do it by way of safe mode. It goes to the black xp screen and hangs up there. I did a system restore to an earlier date in safe mode but when it resarted i got the same results. Is this a symtom of a bad CMOS battery? The system has been running good for 3 years and this just started today.

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System Start Normal Mode Even Set As Safe Mode

Oct 13, 2009

Went into msconfig and set up safe boot on restart.PC will not load in safe mode or in normal mode it just keeps looping back to the same screen.I have tried all the options on the screen.Is their anyway to get back to msconfig.I have the XP setup disk.

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System Freeze In Safe Mode And Normal Mode

Sep 29, 2008

Ran smitfraud and rebooted but my computer keeps freezing both in safe mode and normal. I tried last good configuration but the same thing happened. Either just a black screen with the mouse icon or frozen on the long list.

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SP2 Only Start In Safe Mode: System Wont Boot In Normal?

Nov 30, 2005

I am working on a Dell GX280 which had issues with its heatsink. Also, at the same time the machine continues to not boot up. It freezes at the Windows XP logo screen. It will not go any further. We think that when the fan started racing the user got worried, pulled the power cord and maybe did damage.However Im still working on fixing it. I can boot up into safe mode, I have disabled all non microsoft items in services and all items in start up and I continue to have the same problem, freezing at start up.

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My PC Works Only In Safe Mode - Syst. Restore Doesn't Work

Sep 29, 2007

Windows XP Home : My desktop boots only in safe mode and system restore fails. Last known good configuration doesn't work too. Normal boot falls in a restart loop. Can somebody help, please ? Problem created by malware (trojans,worms,etc).I use Avast antivirus.

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System Runs Fine In Safe Mode But Blue Screen In Normal

Jul 10, 2008

i have windows home xp edtion on parkard safe mode it is fine,but when on normal bootup mode it will hang up after 2mins aprox(then restart saying crit error,check hardware etc and being to dump files kernel),on a blue screen.

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Restore Shut Off: System Restore In Safe Mode?

Apr 26, 2006

i want to restore my laptop. had restore turned on until about 3 weeks ago shut it off. question:if you shut off restore does it still keep the last restore points? and is there a way to restore in safe mode (cant boot in reg mode) if restore is shut of. when i try and turn on sys restore in safe mode it say "i cant"

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Virus - Browser Issues In Safe Mode/hangs In Normal Mode?

Dec 23, 2008

computer was in blue screen. Unplugged and rebooted. Hung at Starting Windows. Unplugged again and rebooted. Selected user and continued on. Hung after desktop image was downloaded and normal desktop was presented. If I moved the cursor to the task bar, got hour glass. Could not get task manager to appear and could not start any program.Booted in safe mode with networking.

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Monitor Display Issues-distorted View On Normal Mode But Fine On Safe Mode

Jul 26, 2005

we cant change the display depth below 16bit. we can only see windows in safe mode it just shows a garbled screen in normal mode

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Safe Mode - Couldn't Delete Normal Mode Suckers

Dec 18, 2004

but i think i posted this in the other area before. i had some bugs i couldn't delete in normal mode, so im like oh kay, easy, go in safe and delete the suckers. i restart my computer and f8, and try to go into safe mode, said something about your computer was shut down incorrectly or power lost and some files are missing now.

so im like, ummmmmmmmmmm... how do i get round this. so, i restarted my computer and put it in to the (Last Known Good Configuration), i know, i went to Run>msconfig>Boot.ini>tick /SAFEBOOT and restart my computer, not knowing this was one of the biggest mistakes i've ever done. it starts and it runs a little big and boooom!!! blue screen pops up and this is what it says, "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damange to your computer....

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Windows Xp Will Not Start In Safe Mode/normal Mode

Sep 17, 2009

An infinite loop it seems. i was trying to start my pc in safe mode, to delete a .exe file from C:WindowsSystem32 which was suggested by a post to fix the "windows not genuine problem". To be able to do that, i ran msconfig and selected /safeboot under BOOT.INI tab. now everytime i try to reboot my pc it asks me to select an operating system (windows xp pro/microsft windows) if i select windows xp then it asks me to select a startup mode (safe/normal/last successful) and then no matter what i select it will reboot it self, and do the same again. If i select microsoft windows (instead of xp) then it shows MS Windows 98 screen and then goes into DOS prompt. from what i have read in some of the threads is that, i have a virus which is preventing my pc to boot in to safe mode, and because i have selected /safeboot from msconfig windows will only boot in safe mode, meaning i am stuck. the workaround these threads were suggesting was to find the boot.ini file and rename it to something else, which would fix the problem, because this file holds the info about in which mode your pc should boot. i tried to rename this file from command prompt (i cant get into windows, thats why), using "ren c:oot.ini boot.ini" but it says file name invalid. i think this is because its a hidden file. then i tried "attrib -h boot.ini", but it says attrib cannot be used in DOS mode.

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Wont Boot In Safe Mode Or Normal Mode?

May 3, 2005

I went into MSCONFIG and checked the box to go into safe mode so i could run some virus scans and adware scans and stuff like that. Now when it gets to the desktop it has the window that says Loading Windows and then after like 2-3 min. it says password is incorrect and that i should retype it and becarefull of caps lock and stuff like that. The thing is don't have a password. It does this when i boot normally too but it lets me hit ok and hit Cancel without a password entered.

All of a sudden it tries logging me in automatically when I start up but the thing is i dont need to log in. So I try to go back into normal mode and Ican't. I hit F8 during startup and went to the Boot Normally option but it still does to safe mode. What do I do? How do I log on or how do I get rid of this password thing? One more thing, the window that tells me the password is wrong has an OK box but theres no mouse on the screen for me to click it and I can't use the keyboard to select it.

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Wont Get Into Safe Mode Even Though Normal Mode Works

Jul 26, 2005

I've got a problem booting Windows XP in safe mode though it works wll in normal mode. I press on f8 at the begining, I do get the menu where I chose the option "safe mode" and then it seems to boot up but after a few seconds all I get is a black screnn and a blinking cursor on the top left (this lasts for more then 15 mins when I get fed up and try again) What can I do?

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Get Online In Safe Mode W/ Networking, Not Normal Mode?

Dec 14, 2005

I am working on a computer now that is failing to get online in normal mode. It can get online in safe mode.

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BSOD When Booting To Safe Mode, Not Normal Mode?

Oct 10, 2007

I've got a Dell Dimension 4550 running windows XP w/ SP2 and ALL the latest patches here in my shop, and I've got the weirdest problem. I wanna sweep it clean of viruses and spyware, but can't boot to safe mode. It boots completely fine in normal mode, no errors or anything. The BSOD I get is: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT _LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000D1 (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

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PC Slow In Normal Mode , Fast In Safe Mode?

May 21, 2008

Hello everyone , i have read a lot of posts about slow pc in normal mode but i cant find any help. My PC Starts up very slow... WinRAR , Winamp .. starts also slow , for example i download a file which is rared. i press Open and then it stop responding for awhile

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Can't Run Safe Mode Or System Restore

Oct 6, 2010

have a new virus in my computer that deleted one of my files in WINDOWSsystem32 folder, and now when I run my pc, I get an error saying that a file is missing from WINDOWSsystem32 , I want to run system recovery but it won't let me. I tried pressing almost all the F#, so I decided to run safe mode and do a system recovery from inside my windows xp, but my safe mode doesn't work ether. For safe mode I tried F8, and F5

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Not Able To Run System Restore Safe Mode

Apr 21, 2005

I am not able to run system restore neither in the normal mode nor in the safe mode? After selecting system restore nothing happens

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System Restore In Safe Mode

Jul 22, 2006

Computer having a boot problem. Computer turns on and the screen shows up showing XP loading then the screen just goes black not blue no error messages. I can boot it in safe mode and wanted to do a system restore but evidently system restore is turned off in safe mode so I cannot do that. I tried to boot several times in normal mode and I would get the XP is loading screen followed by a black screen with nothing on it.

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After Restore System Is Booting Only In Safe Mode

May 21, 2006

Basically the original problem was a non functioning WinXP OS that led to using the system restore disc on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Now the system will only boot in safe mode. So far I've done the restore several times. Gone into msconfig, checked Hide Microsoft services and disabled the rest, unchecked load startup items and tried a Diagnostic Startup. Device Manager looks fine, but I tried disabling items without change. It looks like the Restore Disc is the right one for the system.

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Win Xp Can Boot Safe Mode, Not Normal Mode?

Mar 20, 2007

I have a dual boot linux/xp system.I was looking at partitions - just listing them - in linux, and now win xp won't come up in normal mode. It will come up in safe mode, however. Can you help me get my "normal mode" back?When the horizontal moving bar comes up in normal mode, it just goes on forever. I see the disk light go on for about 8 cycles of the bar. It usually runs 11 cycles before giving me the user selection screen. Now the disk light goes out after cycle 8, and the bar keeps going. I waited 32 cycles before giving up.

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Loads In Safe Mode But Not Normal Mode?

Jul 7, 2007

I can boot up in safe mode, but it's frozen up a couple times, over about 20 hours of usage, and I've had to restart.I've tried running adaware, windows defender, housecall, kaspersky online scanner. They came up with 4-5 items but it didn't fix the problem.

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From Safe Mode Canot Go To Normal Mode?

Nov 17, 2007

On System Configuration utility (start<run<"type" msconfig) on boot ini tab I selected Safe mode & Minimal (Alternateshell) & restarted. Then On the screen I see only a dos prompt window, CMD.exe. No graphical window. No start menu or other destop icons.Restart & try with F8 key, other F keys...... no use. Then I repaired with the win xp cd. The problem going more worst than before. The machine display a message "Windows xp setup cannot run under safemode . Setup will restart now". Either I close it or OK it, machine restarts. I can't even try anything now

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Login Neither In Normal Mode Nor In Safe Mode?

Jul 4, 2008

I can not log to the admin account (no password set for the admin, hit enter).I tried that in normal mode and safe mode but no success.It is not a password problem.When I tried to log in it logged me out immediately.

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Shuts Down In Safe Mode - Not Normal Mode?

Apr 9, 2010

Installed drivers - now it wont shut down in normal mode, but will do in Safe Mode

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System Restore Was Disabled - Cant Enable In Safe Mode

Jan 17, 2010

My computer was having a personality disorder so I decided to save all my files from the hard drive and do a system restore back to the original factory settings. I don't have the installation disks anymore and would like to avoid having to order them. When I started the process, the desktop locked up on me. The keyboard wasn't recognized and I couldn't mouse to any programs or functions. It didn't even complete it's startup sequence, and the icons on the right side by the clock never showed up.

So I restarted the computer in safe mode and saved my files. When I tried to do a system restore from safe mode, I got an error stating that system restore was disabled and couldn't be enabled in safe mode. I'd have to restart in normal mode and change the settings. Therein lies the problem: when I start in normal mode the computer locks up immediately, and I can't change the settings

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Comp Only Works After System Restore In Safe Mode

Aug 15, 2010

I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 running Windows XP that doesn`t do anything after start page is loaded except turn off or restart. I can ONLY (won`t allow me to do it in normal mode) do a system restore in safe mode & then it works perfect. When I turnoff or restart it goes back to the same problem - freezes up after start page has loaded. I have to do system restore in safe mode only all over again.

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Can't Boot In Safe Mode - Disable The System Restore

Aug 30, 2010

I had a problem's in my PC because the viruses, I cleaned my PC with a lot of anti-virus and tools to fix that problem's I disable the system restore but the viruses back again.I tried to access to safe mode to clean the system but the PC restart after loading

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Cannot Log Into XP Normal Or Safe Mode

Dec 26, 2006

It all started when my mouse stopped responding and during subsequent reboots, I would just get the windows loading screen forever and never get past it.I have xp home edition and its a custom built system. Let me know if you need any other specs.i tried using a different mouse initially but didnt help.I've reseated the hardware, checked all connections.I cannot even load into safe mode.I get the option, choose it, and it begins loading all those necessary drivers and then just stops at some driver (I cannot remember which one.I am at the library writing this).It always does this.I tried using last good config,nothing.When starting Windows normally, it just hangs at the loading screen with the little moving bar.I re-installed windows (I have two drives; I reinstalled over Windows on the drive that had windows); ive tried repairing Windows; I then formatted the drive with Windows and tried a clean install and it hangs at the same point.

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Xp Pro-Boots To Safe Mode But Not To Normal

Oct 23, 2006

My XP Pro box will not boot in Normal mode. The XP screen appears with the little timing bar active, then the screen goes black, I hear a brief chatter of the disk, and then nothing. No bootup sound and no further noise from the disk.After a forced reboot, the various options appear and I can get to Safe Mode.CHKDSK finds no errors.A system restore results in the same hang.(and after returning to safe mode, it indicates that the restore was successful).The ONLY thing that I remember doing before this happened was to set my Power Settings to Desktop, which only has Turn off Monitor afer 10 minutes. I went out for a while and when I returned, the screen would not return. IE it stayed black.

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System Restore Disabled In Safe Mode Minimal (alternate Shell) ?

Apr 11, 2007

i was following someones guide to remove some viruses, in this proccess i turned off system restore and went into safe mode, but instead of normal safe mode minimal i went into safe mode minimal (alternate shell) which i am now stuck in, i have tried a system restore command which wont work because i'm in safe mode

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Returning The System To "normal Mode" From "safe Mode"?

Aug 13, 2005

I have been in safe mode for a couple of days. Nothing I do will return me to normal mode. Tried "run msconfig.exe and checked normal mode but that does not work. On opening windows tried f8 and it shows normal mode in highlights but still no luck.

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PRO Boots Normal But Can't Boot In Safe Mode

Apr 4, 2005

I am trying to clean up my hard-drive, and want to run my virus-scan program as well as ad-ware/spyware programs in the safe mode. My computer will bootup fine in normal mode, but will not bootup in any safe mode. It starts loading lines of sys files and stops at mup.sys pauses for about 3 seconds and reboots. It doesn't matter if I try safe mode, safe mode with network, or safe mode with command prompt. Any ideas how to get it to boot to safe mode? I have a new (P9MS)motherboard with a p4 2.8gig cpu 512 meg ram, GForce fx5200 video card, seagate 80 gig 7200 rpm drive.

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Fails To Boot In Normal And Safe Mode

Jul 29, 2008

I have a laptop running XP Sp2 which as of today failes to boot in Normal mode and in Safe Mode.Both modes fail with the same error dialog:mmc.exe Application Error.Unable to reference memory.I have also tried using Last Known good configuration boot option with the same result.I am currently running a chkdsk / p from the recovery console.No hardware or software was installed yesterday and the system was running successfully and then shut down normally without problems.

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Unable To Boot Normal And In Safe Mode?

Jul 21, 2009

Very simple problem; my Win XP computer will get up to the Windows XP loading page (the black page with the blue bar moving in the middle), it then gets stuck for about 2/3 minutes and just restarts time and time over again.I do NOT have a virus of any kind, I know this for sure as Safe Mode works and I took an antivirus scan - no virus at all, so I need some help here.

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Normal Mode Became Safe Mode By Itself?

Feb 17, 2009

Something triggered an auto shutdown of Windows the other day, so I booted into Safe Mode and fired up Malwarebytes. It found a Trojan Vundo so I got rid of it. I may have run VundoFix or ComboFix as well. I boot back into Normal Mode but Windows prompts me to sign in a Safe Mode with a normal resolution (1024x768). The USB ports work but the "theme" taskbar and start button are in Safe Mode style, the sound card doesn't function and certain programs such as iTunes do not run. I can boot into Safe Mode and it is basically the same but with a lower screen resolution.

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Can Browse In Safe Mode With Networking, But Very Buggy In Normal

Feb 13, 2005

In normal mode, internet explorer will not display any web pages. However, if you try
to bring up any site (By IP, or URL) and let it sit there for 30 minutes, it will eventually. Then, once it brings up a single page, you can browe. BUT ONLY IF YOU ACTUALLY TYPE "HTTP://" AT THE START OF THE URL OR Click on a link on the page it finally brings up. Now, to make matters worse, it does not exhibit any of these problems in Safe Mode With Networking. In that mode, everything works perfect. I can browse with no lag what so ever, I can do just about anything.

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GDI32.Dll Not Found / Can't Boot Normal Or To Safe Mode

Jul 15, 2005

After running windows update i recieve the following message when booting my machine: "STOP: c0000135 {Unable To Locate Component}.This application has failed to start because GDI32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." I am running XP Home. I can't boot normal or to safe mode.

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Unable To Get Out Of Safe Mode / Wont Get Back To Normal?

Aug 26, 2005

Ok hereS the problem... I'm using Windows XP Home edition with SP 2, I was having some problems with my Mcafee anti-virus software, so I booted up in Safe mode (using msconfig) to do a system virus scan. Once I did that, I tried to load msconfig to get back into normal mode, but i kept getting an error saying I must be logged in as the Administrator to do it, Which I was. Can someone please help me get back into normal mode so I don't have to reformat? Also: I do not have system restore enabled so that is not an option.

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Computer Wont Run Explorer In Both Normal And Safe Mode?

Apr 8, 2008

For the life of me my cousin's computer will not run explorer. In normal mode, safe mode, etc it will not run. I can get a command prompt when I run it in Safe Mode with Command Prompt, but in either mode if I Ctrl+Alt+Delete and try and run a new task and type in Explorer, it says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. Checking the event viewers seems show that most error seem to coming from the hard disk and unexplained application errors, unfortunely I cant cut and paste anything because I have no access to the explorer....any insight?

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2000 Professional Stop Error / Cannot Get Normal Or Safe Mode

Jun 14, 2005

I have never helped anyone with windows 2000 or 2000 Pro before. When you start the computer it is a blue screen with txt and starts out saying a stop error

Stop:0x0000007B (0x81872030,0xc000014F,0x00000000,0x000000007 INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

Then it says ot run a virus scan and chk disk etc but I can't get into normal or safe mode to do that, when you press F8 to get into safemode it comes up and you press enter then the next screen for windows you press enter then it ends up back at the blue screen witht the error again.

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Wont Log Into Safe Mode + Freezes After A Minute On Normal Boot?

Aug 15, 2008

Recently, I accidentally clicked on a few bad google links. Soon after, my computer started acting weirdly. I started receiving windows notices saying that my computer was infected with spyware. I could tell that these were fake and started scanning my computer with avast anti-virus. It was acting weirdly and then I saw that a window popped up called "vista anti-virus" i then googled this and found that this was a fake anti-virus that would install more viruses on my computer. So, I panicked and manually shut down my computer with the power button and booted into safe mode.

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