Random Beeping From Inside Computer

Apr 1, 2008

I have a random beeping noise coming from inside my computer. It happens daily, for no specific reason I can think of... it sometimes beeps when Im away from the computer.I say inside the computer, because I have the volume muted and I still hear it loud and clear, like a warning beep.I searched a few posts already, but cant seem to find a solution. Someone mentioned it might be the fan. Can someone be so kind to run me through the HOW TO turn off the Smart Fan thingy (hehehe...Im a beginner...I really dont know what Im talking about lol)I think Im suppose to go into BIOS and turn something off, but I dont even know how to do that. I follow instructions very well, so if you could talk me through it, I can give it a go without having to take it to someone.


Computer Making The Beeping Noise At Random?

Apr 25, 2006

you know that noise a computer makes when you boot it up that beep noise? well my computer makes that noise at random when it's on,it just slows down for a second then makes the noise then goes back to normal is that bad?

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PC Making Beeping Noises At Random?

Nov 13, 2006

It keeps making beeping noises. At random: Boom Boom Boom and so forth. My computer blocks ads. Is that why it's beeping?

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Computer Goes On Beeping

Sep 9, 2005

My computer sounds like one of those European Police cars heading to and emergency. Beep-beep! Beep-beep, etc.

I am running Windows XP Pro

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Computer Beeping / Won't Come On

Oct 16, 2005

The compaq shut down fine last nite, now when you turn it on, it will only beep beep beep. Nothing on screen! Please help! Is that my mother board gone?

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Computer Freezing And Beeping

Aug 9, 2007

I've been away at University and have since come back and my parents are having some problems with one of the computers at home.Basically when using the computer Windows will just completely freeze up randomly, the mouse will stop moving, the keyboard will stop moving, and the clock will stop. As this happens, a noise comes from the computer which sounds the same as one of the noises when I turn the computer on, but it repeats a couple of times. It's a more mechanical whirring noise rather than an electronic beep or anything like that. It's very hard to explain - sort of like a build up of 'whirring-ness' and then a click (x I was wondering if this could be a hard drive problem for one - although I have done some diagnostics on the drive with SpeedFan and everything seems to look fine.

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Second Computer Keeps Turning Off And On Beeping

Aug 21, 2007

i seem to be having a problem with my second computer. it keeps turning off and on. it beeps when ever it turns on.i have no idea what the problem is.i was trying to reformat the drive but it would not stay on long enough to read the cd.so i was thinking it might be the harddrive. so i put another harddrive in it that i know is working fine. it does stay on but i get first the safe mode screen. it does not matter what option i pick like start windows normally or start in safe mode after i hit enter i get a blue screen telling me windows has shut down to protect my system from a fatal error. it tells me to check my harddrive for viruses or errors. my problem is i don't know how to get past that blue screen to check my harddrive. i have to turn the computer off. it happens every time i turn it on.i would give you a log report but i can't make one.

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Computer Starts Beeping In XP

Jul 16, 2005

I have a Gateway computer with Windows XP. As soon as XP starts to load the system board speaker starts to beep. The beeping is not consistant and periodically beeps in a different tone. I repartioned and reformated the disk but I still have the problem. Is there any one with an idea of what might cause this. It does not appear to be heat.

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Turning Computer On And Beeping

Jun 3, 2005

I've been having really bad computer troubles recently and really need some help, cause I've wracked my brain trying to think of possible solutions here.To give a bit of background:The computer in question is an AMD Athlon 1800+ that I've had for about 3 years now. It's not the most stellar computer, but I mainly use it to surf the web and play some low-end games nothing spectacular.Recently however it had started to reboot constantly, and eventually just power off and never come back on. I figured it was the power supply, so I purchased a new 400W one, installed it and everything was working great.Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and I started to hear a really odd noise coming from the computer. It sounded almost as if sparks were flying around inside, but I removed the case and checked what the problem was, and it seemed the CPU cooling fan was having some troubles, and eventually stopped working. So just today I went out and bought a new CPU cooling fan, installed it, and again, everything was working fine.

However, just tonight, the computer began to reboot randomly again, and now it is at the point where it will not turn on, and when I do power it on, it just idles and beeps constantly. They are fairly short beeps, but they continue on and on indefinitely. I read up on the beep codes and how they coordinate with the BIOS setting, but problem is I have no idea which BIOS setting I have, so I am not sure what could be the problem. To be safe, I began to unplug the cards one by one, seeing if any of them stopped the beeping, but to no avail.So I am at a total loss here Having just bought those two things recently and STILL having the computer act like a pile of garbage is disheartening to say the least, and I just hope someone may have an idea on what or how I could fix this.

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Beeping Sound When Computer Restarted

Sep 17, 2009

So my computer was knocked by an object my brother threw at it, and now something seems to be wrong.When you restart it, It tries to boot but comes to a black screen with a message saying "Drive 0 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-0 Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility".Im not a computer genius, so simple language.

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Computer Beeping & Monitor Glitching

Mar 21, 2006

I don't know what's going on... so Im not sure if I post this here.I was watching a video clip online, and got a instant messege and suddenly everything froze. I could move my mouse. And then My computer started Beeping like hell. it wasnt one long one, it was alot of fast beeping. I clicked my mouse a few times, and the beeping stop. Then my screen started glitching. something flashing across the middle. What the hell, this hasnt happened before. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

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Computer Wont Boot / Just A Continuous Beeping?

Apr 22, 2008

My computer does not boot up. Whenever I push the on button, it does not boot. Nothing appears on the screen, all I get is a continuous beeping.

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Computer Beeping And Event Viewer Errors

Aug 12, 2007

Does anyone know why my computer beeps occasionally while it's turned on? The beeps do not come from the speakers, but from the computer itself and happens when I surf the net or check my e-mail or if I'm not doing anything at all.This couldn't be connected to the errors I get from my Event Viewer...could it? BTW...is there a way to fix Event Viewer errors?

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Computer Makes Beeping Noise / Will Not Run On Start Up

Sep 17, 2006

I turn on my computer it makes a beeping noise for like five seconds and nothing happens the monitor will not come on. But CD drive still opens and closes

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Blank Screen And Beeping Noises Coming From Computer

Oct 14, 2007

I don't know what's going on with my PC. I have a HP 6420nx windows xp.

My PC suddenly froze while I was using it so I turned it off for a couple of minutes. THen when I turned it back on, it started making beeping noises. There was also no start up screen, the monitor is just blank.

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Computer Making Beeping Sounds Internally All The Time?

Apr 2, 2005

I purchased Windows XP Home and installed it on my computer, but sometimes, especially if I am playing a game , it will make beeping noises, very much like the old arcade game I don't know what it is doing this, but I get the same sounds on different games, it will also do this when I am just in Windows and not playing a game.This is internal and not from my speakers.

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Computer Wont Start (beeping Sounds Unlimited)

Nov 17, 2007

Since today my computer wont startup, i tried fixing the power supply cable but i think something went wrong since it wont startup anymore,When i push the power button it starts to beep long beeps with an interval of 2.5 seconds.I noticed aswell that my fan of my powersuplier does not run. i was having trouble with the cable connections . my guess is that i made a mistake there since i have no idea of hardware related issues like this. ( and i doubt that that thing is just broken now) but hey i dont know.. do u?

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Cleaning The Inside Of Pc

Nov 25, 2006

Dusting out the entire inside of my pc. i noticed that the fan that cools my pc is full of dust, will removing the small fan covering the cpu cause any problems. like cuasing me to do a clean install because i removed the cpu? i just want my Computer clean and free of all the dust.

If i were to remove the CPU to dust it and put it back , would it be like any other hardware, i.e. the memory where i can just remove it and put it back with no further actions to take, or is it way different?

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Desktop - Two Blocks With Red X's Inside

Jul 23, 2005

i have two blocks with red x's inside them. how do i get rid of them?

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Random Slow Down The Computer

Aug 25, 2005

A few days ago i went to use my comp, which i use on a regular basis, and i relised whenever the computer opened a program or was "thinking" my audio would slow down and distort.. Slowly i started realising a general slow down in my comp on a general.. I don't seem to understand what could have caused this.. i have ran full virus scans.. and every feature offered by norton utilities..nothing out the ordinary has happened with the computer..and no processes are eating the CPU.

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Slow Computer And Random Pop Ups

Jul 30, 2007

i have had enough of whats been happening to my computer over the past few days and i have tried everything to sort it out when i use mozilla i will be just searching through the websites well its running slow and all of a sudden a new window will open with a stupid advertisment on it completely at random i have a HJT log so plz can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong.

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Random Computer Restart

May 20, 2005

My computer restarts at random times: Sometimes when I'm playing a game, sometimes when I'm surfing the web, and sometimes right when it has been previously restarted. I haven't a clue what the problem could be.

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Computer Rebooting At Random

Mar 18, 2006

Starting yesterday my comp has begun to restart for no particular reason. Sometimes I can be on for a while, other times I can barely do a thing before it reboots. I first noticed it when I went to an Amazon page. I thought nothing of it, but upon going back to that same page it happened again. I assumed their must have been some bug in the page causing that, however unlikely that seemed. But soon after the computer was restarting seemingly at random. And for some odd reason if I click on my Ad Aware desktop icon this will also prompt the comp to restart. I'm stumped. I'm hoping it's just some virus I managed to pick up, and not a problem with the hard drive.

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Computer Shuts Down While Random Work?

Dec 20, 2005

while i am playing a game or watching a video, my computer tends to either freeze or just completely shut down.

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Computer Keeps Turning Off At Random Times?

Jun 24, 2007

I'm not sure whether this is a hardware or software problemBasically at random times my computer just seems to lose power and shuts itself off. Ive have taken it too computer shops and had it looked at, they have done various things like change motherboard etc and none of that has helped. The last piece of advice I had was that it was probably software related and the best way to fix it would be to simply wipe the system and start from scratch but if possible id like to avoid that.Sometimes the PC will stay on for 4/5/6hours at a time and run fine, other times after just 5 minutes it will shut itself off. Then when I try to turn it back on it won't switch on unless it is left for a while.

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Random Stop Errors On Computer

Sep 26, 2006

for the past week I have been recieving problems with my computer. the problems started coming up at September 14th 2006 and I went to alot of forums to reasearch and I have discovered these crashes. these are in Hex numbers but these were recorded from the event Viewr Program in XP. they are all in order.

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Computer Has Restarting Itself At Random Times

Sep 27, 2007

Lately it has been going super slow I have been trying to play my sims 2 game which was working fine until I installed the Sims 2 Pets. which seems to have trouble running on the computer. However the computer had been running slow previous to all of this. It had also been restarting itself at random times which we thought was because of the video card as the fan is humming and vibrating making all kinds of weird noises. I have now deleted all unecessary programs and uninstalled all of the sims programs. I have also ran two different anti virus programs whilst in safe mode which did not pick anything up each time. As of now it is running pretty efficiently but I can not do anything with it when i open IE6 it will load Google but no other pages.it just doesn't work it stays open sometimes when IE6 freezes the whole computer freezes and I have to restart by using the power button.

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Computer Is Having Random Re-boots Automatically?

Feb 22, 2006

hi there, can anyone please help me find out why my pc keeps re-booting. there seems to be no one thing that makes it do it, as it can happen at any time and while doing anything. DRIVING ME NUTS! Dont know where to start looking to find out why. please can anyone suggest anything that i could do. thankyou. also tryed running a defrag and it is telling me that it is scheduled to do a Chkdsk /f and wont let me defrag. what does this mean??

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Computer Freezing At Random Times

Jan 29, 2006

For odd reasons, my computer likes to freeze when I'm doing anything. I'm using a new eMachines, and it has an AMD 64-bit processer. I have lots of memory too. 512 mb. So if anyone knows of any fixes, please let me know.

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Random Processes Take 100% CPU, Slow Computer

Jan 17, 2005

I just bought a compaq presario laptop a month ago, and now it's having problems. Every time I turn it on for a few hours, it starts to run at close to 100% CPU constantly, even when I'm not doing anything. I check the running processes, no single process seems to be doing the thing. It would be Mozilla using 80% of the CPU power while tskmgr.exe uses 20% one second, then next second it would be explorer.exe using 50% of the CPU power while svchost.exe using 50% of the CPU power. Sometimes, the processes would show that System Idle Process is at 95%, while the performances tab would indicate that 100% CPU power is being used, which is absolutely confounding to me. End tasking processes don't work, it'll just be different processes or some imaginery process taking 100% of the CPU power.

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Computer Freezes / Random Restarts

Oct 31, 2007

please people, bear with me. im sure you have seen a ton of these, but this one isn't like any one i have heard of. i cant figure it out and its driving me up a wall.An interesting thing is that when i run Team Fortress 2 in the background, it doesnt seem to freeze at all. i have 2 GB of RAM, TF2 takes up approx 450mb of RAM. i dont know why my computer would run so well with that much ram being taken up. I tried doing a harddisk error read through windows, but it froze 40% through the scan of the free space (part 5 of 5).i couldn't seem to get a RAM scan to run properly. i tried using the WINDIAG device put out by windows, but none of the commands worked. any other possible ways to scan my memory for errors? I am in a dorm at Ohio State, and i had these same problems last year living in a dorm. they eventually went away, and now that i am back here i am having issues again. except now, i have to restart my comp at least 20 times a day just to get things done. running itunes seems to make it freeze within 5 minutes.

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Random Restarts - Computer Recovered

Jun 14, 2006

My computer randomly restarts. It does not do a proper shut down it just powers off and then restarts.My computer specs are:AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67GHz)256 mb memoryXp Profesional Service pack 2When my computer restarts in comes up with the message Your computer has recovered from a serious error.

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Random Blue Screens - Random Crashes

Oct 29, 2006

I keep getting random crashes and I don't know how to go about diagnosing the problem. Every so often I get random STOP error messages, and from the articles on the Microsoft Support site it appears to be a driver problem, but I don't know which driver. These are the errors I got recently (in order)

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Verifying Memory Sticks System Have ( 1 Or 2) Without Getting Inside Pc?

Sep 15, 2005

on a lap top, where can I tell someone to look and verify how many memory sticks they have ( 1 or 2) without getting inside pc

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Laptop Giving BSoD - Minidump Inside

Oct 5, 2008

Normally I can get by these on my own, but my friend is having frequent BSoD and I'm very unfamiliar with this one.

Gateway MX3701
-Windows XP
Probably caused by : ntoskrnl.exe ( nt+22f13 ) Minidump attached. (There were several, but they were all the same. This is the most recent one.)

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Changing Colours Of Taskbar And Inside Folder

Jan 3, 2006

am having problems changing the colour of my windows xp taskbar, and the colours of the bars inside a folder.the problem is when i try to change the colours to the original, using the appearance tab in the display properties, all it shows is windows classic styles, it doesnt show the original xp styles. (see attached print screen), what i want is the original colours of the folders and the task bar that are available when u first install xp.i had a trojan, spyware and malware problem, when i removed it the colours changed into classic.so, how do i change it into original,

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Downloaded Program Files Bigger On Outside Then Inside

Sep 25, 2006

Under OS win98se regarding winXPpro windows folder.Online virus scan says there is two adware programs, WUpd & Maxifiles under windowsDownloaded program files. Thing is though when I go into the folder I see five files totaling 192k in size with names like "java run time environment 1.5.0" But when I go outside of the folder and click on properties it tells me there are 22 files in there totalling 22.2mb in there. Whats up with this? I have "show all files" enabled under hidden folders. Why can't I see these files?

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Random Points During The Install It Shuts Down Computer?

Jul 18, 2009

I am trying to install windows xp professional on a partition on my laptop. At random points during the install it shuts down my computer. It usually shuts down at loading Keyboard layout dll thing after it says starting windows. I have re-tried and got to the point of formatting my Partition to NTFS. Why is this problem happening? I have an HP G60 120US laptop currently running windows vista home premium.

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Computer Running Slow / Freezes At Random?

May 27, 2005

Hi I hope someone can help, I am using windows XP home edition. my comp. is running very slow and programs keep saying not responding ,both online and offline. it takes a long tiome to starrt up and shut down and when i try to change or do more than one thing at a time my computer freezeup on me.

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Computer Running Slow: Crashes At Random?

Apr 15, 2006

My computer is slow often crashes, it is progessively getting worse. Please can someone look at my hijack this log and see if they can see any problems Also on another note how can i stop windows messanger running when i log in. Its really irritating as I use msn messanger and both programs run on logging in and conflict each other.

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Computer Lockup Random Timings - BSOD

Aug 22, 2008

For the past week my computer has been locking up at random times, now I am pretty dang sure I know the general cause, which would be my own fault -.- I just moved to a new place, long story short, mixed up my surge protector with my standard power bar, rolling power outage hit, turned my computer back on and wham, it randomly locks up...I restored it back to about a week ago, and it seems to work fine (sans a few random freezes upon booting up) Of all the times it has frozen, it only gave me one BSOD

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Computer Slow To Shut Down, Random Restarts

Nov 2, 2008

I am wondering if they are all related. When I click start>shut down, computer hangs up for about 5 minutes before the box, shut down, restart, etc. shows up-computer then shuts down normally.When I print documents, the first will print, then it takes a long time before another will print. The printer is new and works fine. It is connected to this computer, but shared over a home network. Does the same with the other computers in the network.The computer screen will occasionally go dark and just reboot.

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Random Message - Now Computer Is Slow As A Slug

Jul 31, 2009

Today I was on the internet when I got a window asking me to reboot, titled "Systems Settings Change" and saying "Windows has finished installing new devices. The software that supports your device requires that you restart your computer."Immediately I thought it was a virus since I hadn't done anything to prompt such a message, but a scan reported nothing. I restarted and it took a VERY long time to reboot. I decided to do a system restore. After the restore, I got the same "Windows has finished installing new devices" message. What should I do?I should add that every subsequent reboot has taken a very long time as well (I'd say ~3 times as long as it took before all this happened).

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Random Computer Lockups And Screen Freezes

Mar 2, 2007

I awoke by the sound of my computer posting. I was confused, but concluded it was just a Windows Updated rebooting my computer. It happened again the same night, waking me up. I woke up, started looking around my Event Logs (which show no Warnings or Errors by the way), and it froze. I have tried reformatting, updating video card drivers, updating BIOS, running MEMTEST86, clearing CMOS, and none of these have cured it or helped me diagnose the problem.I was watching a movie the other day on my computer, and it froze. Weird thing was, I continued to hear the video for about 20 seconds, but the screen was frozen, and couldn't move my mouse or use my keyboard (couldn't SEE me using it anyways).My mouse has been acting up, so I thought maybe in some weird way, that's affecting the freezing. I unplugged it, using only my keyboard, but of course, it still froze. I can still hear the HDD activity, and the LEDs flashing, but nothing changes on the monitor. I have also tried different monitors, but that didn't help either.http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/3595/tempsmx4.jpg Temps; accurate.Could it be a video card problem? I do not have any other PCI-E or even PCI video cards to test with, so I'm SOL there.

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Random Computer Crashes - Video Card

Jul 30, 2009

This has been happening on and off while playing games and pretty well only then. I don't get any error messages or anything of the like, my computer just freezes and that's that. I've checked my video card for overheating by using the nVidia monitor program and it runs fairly cool, I guess i should double check what the numbers are under stress but I don't see any artifacts or other weird images on my screen that would suggest a dying card (i use a bfg 8800gts 640mb). My motherboard also runs pretty cool too so i would highly doubt it's a heating issue there either.just recently i had to replace the motherboard due to failure and i fear whatever is causing these crashes may have caused my previous motherboard failure and possibly this new one to fail as well.

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