Installed SP2 Results In Getting Screen Resolution Of 4 Bit Color?

Aug 27, 2010

I just reformatted C:, and reinstalled XP Professional. Works like a charm, but every time I try to install SP2, I lose the screen resolution; it changes to a max of 4 bit color and 480 x xyz pixels as my only choice. I reloaded the monitor drivers for the hp pavilion f50 monitor, but that doesn't help. I finally loaded SP1, and that is fine, but I cant get SP2 to allow decent screen images... and SP3 had some other error when I tried to load it, and it wouldn't even try to install.


Can't Seem To Be Able To Adjust Screen Resolution / Color

Jul 27, 2005

I just got done reinstalling XP and now am having a few problems. I can't seem to be able to adjust the screen resolution/color. I don't have any sound. And I get messages about errors in the regisitry telling me to go to to fix them (spyware?).

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Changing Screen Resolution Results In Getting Error Message?

Aug 15, 2007

Why can't I change my screen resolution? I recentely reformatted my WindowsXP and I can't seem to change my SR anymore. It says this message "Input not supported." Any reasons? I can't stand 800x600

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Installed Wireless Card: Unable To Change Screen Resolution?

Aug 20, 2009

I have a Compaq EVO D51S SFF which I had plugged to my LCD TV as a media centre, just to watch movies and all. I had not connected this computer to the internet because I did not have a wireless card.I finally installed a wireless card, and then windows started doing all sorts of updates as expected (since the version on the SFF was SP2).Once windows was done with the updates, I started having problems with the screen resolution.

The SFF does not have a stand alone video card, so I had set the resolution at 1024 x 768, and this worked just fine before the updates.Now, the resolution keeps changing and this is a problem because the LCD TV gives me a message saying "Resolution Not Supported", so I can't use the computer unless I connect it to a regular computer monitor, select 1024x768, and then connect to the TV. I connect via VGA port, not DVI (don't have DVI).

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Installed New Motherboard: Results In Black Screen?

Nov 21, 2006

i just got a brand new motherboard i pluged in my hd, my video card, processor and ram all the things needed and off course power. So when i turned on, bios screen from motherboard comes up and then after updates all the new hardwares it goes to same screen of safe mode, i press go to safe mode and all of the sudden blue screen again... i go nuts so i go get another processor that i had (compatible with motherboard) turn on, same thing happen but instead of blue screen i just gets stuck...

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Installed RegSvr32 Shell Extension: Unable To Correct Color Settings?

Oct 28, 2007

I stupidly installed this file:-RegSvr32 Shell Extension I was trying to use .ax files to add functionality to Media Player Classic (shoutcast source and subtitle finder) - but all I did was reduce colour to 4bit and the resolution to minimum, I couldn't correct the colour setting or resolution until I had rebooted. - can anyone tell me exactly what the above file did?

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Display Issues- Higher Resolution Results In Signal Isnt Compatible With This Display Setting

Jun 28, 2010

I have problems if I try and run the display settings above 800x600. I was wondering if this would be fixed if I upgrade the firmware settings and if so where would I get these upgrades? Whenever I try and run it at a higher display setting all I get is a thing saying "Signal isnt compatible with this display setting".

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Installed SP2: Results In Corrupt Registry?

Jul 26, 2005

Initially the computer had a spyware infection. While cleaning it up I got a message telling me some windows files had been changed and i needed to insert the Windows XP CD to restore them. Didn't have CD handy at the time, so I installed SP2 hoping it would replace the corrupt files. Soon afterwards I got a message on reboot saying Windows had recovered from a corrupt registry. I was going to do a SFC /scannow, but at some point I was no longer able to boot into Windows.

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Installed .NET Framework 2.0 Results In Stuttering ?

Mar 24, 2008

i would like to know how to or if its possible to uninstall microsoft .net framework. Also what exactly does it even do? I noticed that after installing .net framework 2.0 SP1 cod4 seemed to get odd stuttering issues. I installed .net framework 2.0 SP2 and the stuttering reduced however still more than before i ever installed SP1. Is it possible to uninstall it? and do i need more than just .net framework 3.0?

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Installed Sp2 Results In Hanging Up The Computer?

May 29, 2006

I have been trying for quite a while to load a new xp pro with service pack 2 .As soon as the files are loaded and the pc restarts the pc hangs. After trying this for about 20 times I decided to try something else.The PC had win98 on it so it was working .i loaded the pc with winxp pro but an older edition.It does not include any service packs .and seems to be running fine.Then I loaded servicepack one and still no problems with XP After loading the second service pack the pc hanged again at the startup.

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Installed Updates Results In Asking For Activation?

Jul 23, 2005

When I installed the upgrade, I was prompted to activate the software. I've never seen anything like that on any other software, so I looked at the manual before selecting yes and discovered that activation is required to insure that the software is installed on only one computer. I purchased the package from a guy whose computer died. He bought a new computer with XP already installed,so he no longer needed the upgrade package.When I try to activate the software what is going to happen?

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Installed AVG Antivirus Results In Increased Boot Time?

Jan 10, 2009

I've just noticed that after installing AVG Free 8.0 and ZoneAlarm Firewall that my computer's startup time has increased dramatically. Is there anything which you can advise to decrease this again?The startup time before installing these two programs was almost instant. Could it also be down to the low amount of disk space which I have available at the moment (15.5GB of 181GB free)?

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Installed External Hard Disk Results In New Profile For Startup?

Nov 19, 2006

Last night I connected a friend's HDD to my PC so he could back-up some files onto my PC before he formatted his.He did that,and then insisted that he needed to format it ASAP,so he did so using my cables.So I turn my PC on later I find that most of the contents of my desktop are missing,and that several Apps are as well.I look in C:Documents and Settings and notice a new profile called "TEMP" alongside my normal profile with many of My Documents and personal settings for apps. For some reason, my PC loads up this TEMP profile only now, as opposed to my normal one.

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Installed Genuine Advantage Results In Consuming System Time?

Jul 9, 2006

I've recently allowed Microsoft to install his WGA program because I have a genuine copy of Windows XP installed on my computer. After this wga.exe got installed my computer get's unstabled and cause several instance of a process called dumprep.exe to consume all your cpu time and memory usage leaving my computer unstable which causes my mouse pointer difficult to control until I end these instance of this process. I know how to unstall this WGA but if I do then I won't get any crital update. Have anyone else experience this problem?

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Installed SP2 Results In Crashing Internet Explorer And Outlook Express?

Dec 10, 2004

I recently 'upgraded' the family computer (running XP pro) with SP2.we've had a number of problems with programs no longer working after the upgrade. More specifically, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Norton, and HP Precisionscan Pro 3.1 (to name a few) are causing us grief.Outlook will load, but as soon as you try and view a new message, the program crashes.Internet Explorer will open, but immediately closes before any page can load. (I've installed Firefox in the meantime, so I'm sure it's not the internet connection).

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Installed Service Pack 2 Results In Getting Slow Boot Process?

Jun 11, 2005

I've been battling it out with a filth ridden computer for days,appear to be almost on top of it. It is completely clean of virii/malware/spyware I just installed SP2 on it, and since then it has been exceptionally slow to boot.Following the initial boot screen, the screen goes blank for over 2 minutes It then gets to the black screen with the grey progress bar along the bottom. It takes at least 5 minutes to get through this progress bar.

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Change Color Of Task Bar After Boot Up Color

Aug 13, 2005

I have a Windows XP and when I turned on my computer this morning, my taskbar and start menu weren't the standard blue color, but grey, like an older version. I've tried fixing this in my control panel, but it just says I'm already using a blue taskbar & start menu. I really like the modern look of the blue taskbar.

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Full Screen Results In White Screen While Playing Video Online?

Jun 16, 2010

This all started out that I was having a microphone audio recording problem the other day and was trying to solve that...A couple of days ago, I did a complete HP System Restore on my computer to try to fix the problem, not realizing that it would do all that it did to my computer. Im having to re-install alot of my programs, etc. Now When Im trying to watch a video online, if I click the 'full screen' view it comes up just totally white screen with no picture at

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Screen Resolution Won't Change But Screen Size Does

Jul 23, 2005

I just reformatted my computer a Dell, Inspiron 8100, Windows XP home edition. Screen resolution default is 1600X1200 Pixels. I like 1024X768. When I change the resolution to 1024X768 or any other setting available the screen just gets smaller. There is no change in "Screen Resolution.

I have installed all the updates and SP2. Auto-updates seems to be doing fine. I downloaded new NiNida drivers from Dell, etc. I've removed and reinstalled the video drivers several times.

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Optimal Screen Resolution For 17" Lcd Screen

Aug 9, 2005

I just bought a gateway media center computer 835gm with fpd1760 monitor 17". It came at 1024x768 setting for moniter. What are pros and cons of changing resolution to higher one? Max available is 1280x1024.

I know one downside of increasing resolution is I'll need to change sizes of fonts and icons etc. Will higher setting slow down the computer. Do you think higher setting will be preferable since I do a lot of digital photograpy work?

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Black Screen After Changing Screen Resolution On Xp?

Jun 2, 2008

I changed the screen resolution on my xp machine now all i get after the login screen is a black one.I have tried changing in safe mode but it does not change

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Screen Resolution Wont Fit Screen Completely?

Aug 19, 2005

My PC is a Dell Dimension 4600, using Windows XP Home Edition. I had problems getting online, Comcast Tech came out to help, no help from them, found out myself that somewhere I had lost a driver, reinstalled, back on line, but with problems. I cannot seem to get the screen resolutions to look like I want it to. The following is what I have and it looks great, but does not fill screen and letters so small. DISPLAY PROPERTIES: Themes-Windows Classic Modified. APPEARANCE: Windows classic Style. COLOR SCHEME: Same as above.

FONT: Normal. When I click on Screen Resolution Tab it shows the following: 1280 by 1024 Pixels, Color Highest 32 bit. As I stated above, it really is so clear, (letters, etc), but does not fill screen. Also, when Tech was here he installed WindowsXP again, so now I have two of the same and the fact that they take up so much space, I had bought "The Print Shop" before all this happened and now I cannot not install.

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Screen Resolution Set Too Low After SP2 Upgrade?

Apr 8, 2008

I just upgraded my Dell 4300 XP Home Edition to SP2. When it rebooted, the welcome screen was in blue and white instead of its usual color rich format and the background resolution was really poor quality.A window popped up and informed me that my settings were set too low and asked whether I wanted Windows to auto correct the problem. I clicked "yes", but nothing was resolved.

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Screen Resolution Problems

Dec 28, 2005

I am having issues with my Screen Resolution. Everytime I log into Windows it defaults the settings to the lowest possible settings, 640x480 ( 8 bit ). I change the Settings back to what I like, restart the computer and it will login with my settings then the screen will go blank for a couple seconds and reset to the lowest settings again. How can I fix this?

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Screen Resolution In MS Outlook

Nov 4, 2005

My Windows XP (SP2) screen display is set for 32 bit color. Whenever I open Outlook (Office 2003 with all updates installed), the screen blanks, then reloads with 8 bit color. If I change it to 32 bit while Outlook is open, after about 30 seconds, the same blank-reload happens. When I exit Outlook, the sequence reverses, (blank -32 bit reloads). I have tried resetting my display resolution, from every program, nothing works. Interestingly, changing from a CRT to an LCD monitor has made no difference at all.

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Cannot Change Screen Resolution

Apr 14, 2007

i just installed a new copy of windows xp pro. the screen resolution before the fresh istall was fine. i had all the options. i like my windows small. and now the only resolution i can get on is 1280x1024.. how can i fix this? do i need drivers?

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Difference Between Screen Resolution - Dpi

Aug 10, 2005

I am struggling with the best options for the LCD screen on my Dell laptop which has a NVIDIA GeForce2 Go video card.The ideal resolution setting for this video card and screen is apparently 1600 x 1200, but that makes things too small for me. So I learned about the dpi setting in Display PropertiesSettingsAdvanced screen. However since this magnifies things for the same resolution, I am not sure why that is better than just using a lower resolution or even what the difference between the 2 options is.

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Picture As Wallpaper Color Around Words / Under Icons Doesn't Blend In With Picture / Stays Solid Color

Sep 9, 2007

This may seem trivial, but it's bugging me. I have a windows XP and i have the windows classic theme. Every time I put a picture as my wallpaper the color around the words under my icons doesn't blend in with the picture but stays a solid color, so there's like little boxes of blue of white. How do I make those icon words blend in with the picture?

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Screen Resolution Won't Change From 640x480

Oct 8, 2008

The video card on this computer would just cut out from time to time, and i'd to have re-set the cable for it to work. i figured theres a loose connection, so i got another video card to replace it with, since this is a work computer.So after installing the new (actually its a used video card, ASUS v7700 TIvx, but still definitely works) video card, the computer starts up at the correct resolution, 800x600. It looks fine, but when you drag anything or scroll on a web page, the video lags. So i found the correct drivers and installed them, and rebooted.

The computer reboots in 640x480 at 4-bit color quality. when i change the resolution to 800x600 at 32-bit color quality, it just defaults back to 640x480 at 4-bit. i found that i can change the resolution to 800x600 at 4-bit, but when i try 16-bit or 32-bit quality, it just go right back to 640x480 at 4-bit.i thought maybe it was the video card, and tried to install the old one again (its a geforce 2 mx card). so i re-install it and install the correct drivers, and still the same exact thing happens, (prior to any of this, the geforce 2 mx card worked fine at 800x600 at 32-bit) i can't get it to correctly change to 800x600 at 32bit, it just keeps defaulting back to 640x480 at 4-bit.

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Cannot Adjust Screen Resolution After Updating To SP2

Apr 12, 2008

I updated Windows XP to Service Pack 2 yesterday. After installing and re-booting, the screen resolution and the colours of my monitor have changed (big icons and only four colours), which makes it look like it was in Safe Mode (which it isn't).I have tried to change the screen resolution and the colours under Display properties - Settings, but it only gives me the option of a screen resolution of "640x480 pixels" (the slider won't move) and colour quality of "Lowest 4 bit".I presumed it was a driver issue so I have tried to uninstall the graphics controller in the device manager and re-install it with the latest driver.

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1inch Gap On Screen - Resolution Is 1024x768

Aug 13, 2005

all (after reboot it defaults back to the 4bit VGA), so I am using the xp driver(nv4_disp.dll). This works well except that there is a 1inch gap on the right of the screen that isn't being used. The resolution is 1024x768 and when i move my mouse to the right edge it scrolls the screen over. I know that part of the screen works because when it boots there is writing right up to the edge. I have tried 800x600 and it does the same thing.

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Reseting Screen Resolution: Goes Automatically To 800*600?

Oct 19, 2009

Now for the problem: every time I restart my computer or maybe just close and open it again after a hour, the screen resolution is at 800x600I keep resetting the resolution to 1024x768 (that's the highest resolution my laptop can take without me having to scroll down to the start menu), but the computer just resets itself everything I turn it off. It's as if I did nothing. I'm pressing the "Apply" and "OK" buttons in the window, and I can't figure out if there's something else I should be doing.

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Reading The Current Screen Resolution?

Feb 18, 2009

I'm having trouble either writing code for or finding a freeware utillity to read the current screen resolution.I need it to be accurate, and I need the resolution to be output in the format: {Friendly Name} {width} {height} {color depth} {refresh rate}I should probably have it list all of this one line each, output to standard output.

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Change The Resolution Of Bootup Screen

Jun 30, 2008

How can I change the resolution of Windows XP bootup screen? i.e.The screen of Windows XP logo with a blue moving bar(Change from 640x480 to a higher resolution)

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Screen Resolution Changes While Going Into Hibernation Mode?

Dec 15, 2006

when my system goes into hibernation mode and I release it the screen resolution change dramactly, super large image.

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Getting Screen Resolution Up-to 1024x768 After Installing SP2?

Jun 8, 2005

After i installed SP2 on computer i can set my screen resolution to a max of only 1024 by 768 pixels. But before with SP1 I could increase it to max of 1280 by 1024 pixels. I tried searching for drivers online but couldnt find any that would solve this issue How could i fix this problem since i really like the other resolution better??

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Screen Resolution - Serious Virus On Computer

Nov 8, 2007

First off, I purchased my computer back in 2004 preloaded with Windows XP Home. Just last week, I got a serious virus on my computer. It disabled system restore, wiped all restore points, disabled windows help, and deleted some important files. I went out and bought a new copy of Windows XP Home SP2. It installed fine at first. But, once I logged on, I realized my color setting and screen resolution were very low. A message popped up on my system tray saying something about screen resolution and color were very low. It asked to fix it. I clicked ok but nothing happened for about 2 minutes. Then, I went into display settings, and saw the settings were the lowest.But, the slider for screen resolution was set at 640 x 480. I tried to move it, but it wouldn't move. Also, the drop down list for color quality only had one option, "Lowest (4 bit)". I restarted my computer, but it was the same. I cant change it. On the old copy of Windows, the screen resolution was 1024 x 768, and the color could go up high. I forget the setting though. Also, I did not change my monitor. Does anyone know whats wrong or how to fix it?

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Screen Resolution - Display Menu

Feb 23, 2006

1: Because of my eyesite I always have my screen resolution set at 640 by 480. On the computer with XP it is not avalible. Is there different drivers or a program that will let me make 640 by 480 avalable? If so how do I go about this?

2: I have 2 computers that are virtually the same. Both have XP Pro opperating system. I am the webmaster for a couple of sites. there is a menu at the left of the site. On one computer the menu will display on the other is will not. The menue is an applet code . Is there a setting on the second computer that I am missing to display this menue?

3: for years I used Norton. When I loaded XP I used it a day or so and then loaded Norton on that PC. It slowed it down very much. So much that I took it back off. Now I need a suggestion on what virus scan will be as good as Norton but not slow my PC down so much.

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User Screen Resolution Resets By Itself

Sep 16, 2005

I'm running WinXP SP2 with all the latest patches recommended by Windows Update.I have logged onto this machine as Administrator. I set the screen resolution to 1024x768. It should stay there unless the user changes it, correct? Well, the user logs on and at first, the desktop looks like it's going to be 1024x768... but after the desktop icons appear and a couple of the Systray icons, the screen goes blank and resets to 1280x1024. The user can set the resolution to 1024x768... and the next time they log in, it will reset itself to 1280x1024. This ONLY happens if the user is a member of the "USERS" group; if I make them a member of the "ADMINISTRATORS" group, the resolution will stay put.I would almost think it was a group policy issue, but if it is, why does it affect no other members of the group? And how did I set such a policy?

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Windows Will Automatically Adjust The Screen Resolution

Aug 1, 2005

I reformated my comp with xp pro and everything was alright, including the authentication. Setup the display and all.

Problems comes when I restart or bootup when I'm done with the comp. On bootup, it opens up a window saying windows will automatically adjust the screen resolution, and I have no other option other than click

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Changing Screen Resolution And Colour Depth?

Aug 14, 2005

Anyone know how to change these?

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution Display

Jun 28, 2005

Installed win xp but unalble to change screen resolution from 640X480 pixels. Res. Color quality (medium 16bit). Slider will not move. Can’t change dpi setting.Posted using the interface,at author's request Articles individually checked for conformance to usenet standards Topic URL: [...] 50570.html Visit Topic URL to contact author reg. req'd.

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Can't Read Writing In Current Screen Resolution?

Sep 16, 2005

I've recently replaced my old LCD PC monitor with my TV LCD monitor which is 20"however the only time I can read writing clearly is when I set the resolution to the TV's stats at 640x480 - very clear but the prob is that everything TOO big so I can't get around the screen. How do I keep this clarity at 640x480 but make everything fit the screen?I've tried different resolutions but nothing works as clear as the above.

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Unable To Change Screen Resolution To Default Value?

Aug 17, 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 2400, with Windows XP Home Edition. I installed Symantics PC Anywhere 9.2 and it reset my screen resolution to 640x480, I've tried to change it to original setting of 1024x768 but it won't let me change it.

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Finding Shortcut To Change Screen Resolution?

Jun 20, 2005

Can a shortcut be created to access the change of screen resolution instead of desktop, properties, and settings? Or is there any other way to do it?

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