Error 5 Access Is Denied When Installing Via Hardware

Aug 2, 2005

I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 with Windows XP Professional SP2.In the past,I've installed device drivers for scanners, external DVD drives,modems, software, etc. I'm currently having trouble installing a device driver for an 802.11g PCI card.The hardware is found by the "Found New Hardware Wizard", but fails to install with "Error 5: Access is denied" the setupapi log shows that it couldn't properly write to the registry. My account has Administrator privileges. I've tried to completely uninstall and reinstall the driver, and the same fault occurs. Obviously, every time the machine boots, the same problem cycles through again.I've been trying to resolve this with the vendor, who is probably just as confused as me, because it looks to be an issue with the OS.

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Error When Installing SP3 - Access Is Denied

Apr 25, 2009

I have a desktop machine with XP pro and whenever i try to install SP3, i get an "Access is denied" message about half way through the installation.

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The Infamous Access Denied - Error When Installing SP2

Aug 27, 2007

I'm running XP Pro, finally updating to SP2. About halfway through I get the "Access is denied" error message. I followed Microsoft's instructions to locate the registry subkey causing the problem, however (as shown in the attached picture) the problem isn't in the usual (infact, that file isn't mentioned at all in the setupapi file), but in the DependOnService. Problem is, it doesn't exist under the directories listed. As shown in the second uploaded picture, it's not in the SSDPSRV directory itself, and the only subdirectories are a pyramid of jibberish (none of which contain anything except a "(Default)" value).

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Installing SP2 - Access Is Denied

Aug 17, 2005

I have tried for months to install the SP2 for my Windows XP. I even ordered the CD to try to install it that way. No matter what I try, including printing out all the help steps and doing them, it seems to be about to the half way point when I get a message that says 'Access is Denied' and it stops

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Access Denied Error?

May 2, 2007

My dad accidentally installed Windows XP Over the current working Windows XP Service Pack 2.THis is on an old laptop which has some important school work which I have been trying to get copied to memory stick but with no luck.My dad thought the laptop was running ever so slow and thought that reinstalling XP would make it quicker again.Now after it has done, the laptop not running well at all.It loads but when you choose ANY user account it loads up till the desktop and nothing happens after that. THe start menu and icons don't show up. Its like its got nothing else to load. The task manager can be run (control+alt+del) and everything is responding. have also tried running it in safe mode but the same still happens.THe closest I have got was to use the XP disk and use the recovery console and try to use the command promp to copy the documents and settingsmy documents into the memory stick but when it tries to go to documents and settings it says that the access is denied .

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My Documents Access Denied Error ?

Sep 25, 2008

I recently had a computer crash and die, it was an old computer, I don't know what went wrong, I don't really care now because I realize it was old and got a new computer. Anyway I knew my hard drive was still good and I have important data on it that I needed, so i removed it and bought a hard drive enclosure. I hooked it up to my new computer and everything is coming up fine, but my "e://documents and settings/owner/" folder. That was the administrative account document folder that I used for my work. When I try to open it it's giving my an 'Access Denied" error. I can access all the other accounts just fine.

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Access Is Denied Error Message

Jul 14, 2005

I have some cd's which I cannot access on my XP system. When I try to read one of the CDs, but there is a message stating "SONIC DLA - your version of DLA can read files on this disc but you will not be able to edit or add to them". When I try to accessing the other CD, there is an error message stating "d: is not accessible. access is denied". I did try to install UDF Reader, but I still couldn't access the CDs.

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Access Denied Error After Using Msconfig

Jan 24, 2007

I remember seeing this posted a few weeks ago and wondered if anyone else has come across the problem or a solution. After using MSCONFIG and applying changes I get the message "An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service you may need to log on using an administrator account to make the specified changes".
I've searched high and low and can't find any real reason.. And I'm the only account on my pc. Now for a new twist.. Today when I went by to do some maintainance on a business network out of curiosity I tried MSCONFIG on the computers there and lo and behold they all did the same thing.. These computers have nothing in common with mine as far as firewalls, antivirus, etc. (which I had read might be the culprit). The only thing I know that all have in common is they have all recently have had all Windows updates installed

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Access Denied Error When Trying To Run Msconfig

Aug 20, 2005

When I click run and type in msconfig, I get a message saying Access Denied, need administrator privileges, etc.The thing is...I'm already logged in as Administrator automatically and even the icon in the Start menu shows this.

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Access Denied Error When Trying To Run Ms Configuration

Aug 19, 2005

When I hit Start | Run | Ms config, it tells me that access is denied and that I may need to log on as Administrator to make program changes. Only, I'm already logged in as Administrator!What's going on here and how do I fix this so I can run Ms config? I'm running WinXP Home with SP2.

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Access Denied Error/'0x80070005'

Mar 4, 2010

this morning i went to use my desktop computer, and much to my chagrin, apparently I have been denied access to all my programs and files. I suspect that it may have to do with the windows updater, because when i try and log into my user account, i get an error message mentioning registry issues. My computer was runing fine last night when I went to sleep. 'my efforts thus far'= I can run safe mode, and have done a system restore, a malware program sweep, checked user accounts and various programs; and all allow full access to the 'trouble account' according to safe mode. In short, My main account is in lockdown, my safe mode works. The majority of error messages refer to 'denied access' and upon trying to log iin a get the error message '0x80070005'. I have googled my heart out trying to solve this myself, and apparently Microsoft wants 60$ to even hear my problem,

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Received 'access Denied' Error When Upgrading To SP2?

Jan 29, 2006

Received 'access denied' error when upgrading to SP2. After I clicked OK, SP2 uninstalled itself.

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Error Access Denied - Limited User Only

May 24, 2005

Just set up a new PC (Dell XPS Gen 4) and was running OK for a week with just myself as user with admin rights.

Decided to add limited accounts for wife & kids.

Every time the accounts are logged in to, they get the error message - Error - Access Denied. The process for this is LVCOMSX.EXE somethin to do with the logitech webcam me thinks.

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Msconfig: An Access Denied Error - Need To Be Administrator?

Dec 5, 2006

I just recently tried making changes to the startup using msconfig to try to fix a different problem, and in doing so, came across another. Whenever I try to make a change to the startup, I get a "an access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes".

However, I am the administrator when I'm making these changes.

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Access Denied Error When Running Msconfig

Aug 20, 2005

Why doesn't this forum bump posts when you reply to them? What good does it do me to reply when the thread keeps sinking

Anyway...I did a search on my computer and have only found these 2 files relating to msconfig

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Unable To Install SP2: Comes Up With Access Denied Error?

Jan 7, 2006

I have managed to repair the OS (XP Home) but am still experiencing one or two problems. The main one at the moment is that though it has downloaded and successfully installed 33 MS Critical Updates it is not able to install Service Pack 2. It gets about half way through installing SP2 and then brings up an "Access Denied" Error.

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My Documents And Setting Error - Access Denied

Apr 1, 2005

My Documents comes up with an error (C:Documents and Settingsuser is not accessible. Access is denied")
I dont see how this can be because i am the administrator and the only account on the PC.

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My Documents Transfer Error - Access Denied

Sep 7, 2009

operating system went corrupt on the primary SATA HD in my rig and I was forced to <skips the pointless stuff>...basically here I am installing a fresh XP on a new internal. Meanwhile, I hooked up the old HD to an external to rip off the files. good news is that it was able to be read and I could pull off the files. Program files with preferences for my ggames, pretty much everything... EXCEPT My Documents for the primary user (Brian). It says access is denied to this folder, and is marked as read only. Basically, I need a way to get into that folder and get the information out of it. It has all my school/work files (most of which are backed up but some I need), and I'm not exactly sure how to go about that.

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SP2 Shows Error In Installation - Access Denied

Aug 1, 2005

Windows XP SP2 will begin installation, but about midway through the install,
installation stops with the same error message. The error message is (access
denied). I have tried countless times to install this update using automatic updates as well as using the CD, all with negative results I'm about ready to update my operating system to XP Professional, I have XP Home Edition. Before installation I followed all the preperation instructionsfound on the Windows website.

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Service Pack 2 - Access Is Denied - Error 5

Sep 9, 2007

I own a SONY VAIO desktop PC, and I'm trying to install the XP Service Pack 2. However, whenever I try to, either when prompted by Windows Automatic Update or when I do it on Microsoft's website, the installation would always pause midway and return with an "Access is Denied" dialogue box. Microsoft's website had something regarding this issue -- -- but under Step 2, I couldn't find any specific registry key that resembled the one that was given Quote: The found entry in the Setupapi.log file should be similar to the following example: #-007 Deleting registry key #E033 Error 5: Access is denied. This is what I see in the setupapi.log text file:

Code: #E008 Setting registry value HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesssdpsrv\DependOnService#E033 Error 5: Access is denied.#E065 Parsing AddReg section [Product.Add.Reg]......................

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Stop: C0000218 Error Get Access Denied During Repair Xp?

Dec 29, 2005

I'm trying to repair a xp installation and when I use the recommened solution I get access denied. Any thoughts as to what I can do. Thanks

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Error Setting Up Service Pack 2 / Access Is Denied?

Sep 17, 2005

I finally decided to install the service pack 2. During the install I keep getting messages of the form: Service pack 2 could not back up registry key
XXXXX to file c:windows$NtServicePackUninstall$ eg00013: Access is denied. Anyone knows what the problem might be? I located the directory and it does get removed when I cancel the update. I'm running as an administrator.

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Access Denied Error - Running In Safe Mode

Dec 15, 2006

I'l running xp pro - sp2 I'm having a problem deleting the below folder because the "" file is being used and I get a access denied error.Adobe 6.0 has been uninstalled. C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsAdobe PDF I tried running in safe mode to delete but it is already running and can't be deleted. I've have a log of items running below

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Update Service Pack 2 Access Denied Error

Nov 5, 2008

i just recently bought a new ipod and i need to install itunes but first I have to update my windows xp to service pack 2 or higher everytime I try i get the install halfway then the access denied message pops up. I tried the various solutions i found on google and its still doing it, I even d/led registry mechanic and clean and repair all my registry and its still doing access denied error.

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Error C_437.nls Can't Access Denied In Recovery Console

Feb 10, 2008

I receive an error message c_437.nls missing or corrupted. I booted with windows boot cd and go into recovery console. When I try to copy the file c_437.nls from windows boot cd to windows system 32 directory to overwrite the file.When I try this i get access denied. How do I logon as administrator to fix this file in recovery console. I don't have a password for my administrator account.

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Installing Sp2 Results In Getting "Access Denied" Message?

Oct 11, 2005

Is there an easy way around this access denied thing when installing SP2

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Service Pack 2 Updating Show Error - Access Denied

May 27, 2006

When i try to update to service pack 2 I get an error that says Access denied and then stops the update. I used the windows knowledge base for help I do what they say but I get to the point Where i reset the permission for Hkey_classes_rootDxDiagprovider But it gives me an error "You do not have permission to view the current permission settings for DxDiag.DxDiagprovider, but you can make permission changes." After that it comes to the permission editor but i am unable to make changes

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Installshield - Install Game Error 0x80040707 - Access Denied

Aug 20, 2005

When I tried to install the game C&C Generals, it keeps on saying "Error Number: 0x80040707 Description: " and then it says "Access is denied"

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Error - Access Denied When Attempting To Open Private Folder

Jan 26, 2008

I have a new Dell computer with windows xp operating system. My old computer was a gateway with windows xp also. The mother board on the gateway crashed and I could not find a replacement thus I purchased the new dell. I extracted the hard drive from the gateway and installed in an external drive case. All works well and I am able to retreve data from the gate way hard drive with one exception. While the hard drive was installed in the gateway I elected to make some of the folders private, ie right click on folder, click on sharing and security and clicking on private. This worked fine in the gateway but when I installed in external hard drive I am getting an "access denied" error message when trying to open with the Dell.

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An Access Denied Error Was Returned While Attempting To Change A Service

Aug 16, 2007

The entire error msg is:

An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service.You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the changes.

The only account on the system is mine that is an administrator account but i still get this error.

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Access Denied Error Was Returned While Attempting To Change A Service

Jul 4, 2008

I have only one account on my Windows and it is the administrator account (mine because I'm the only one using the computer). The problem is when I make changes in msconfig, when I click on Apply, I get this message "An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service.You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes".I am the administrator and there is no other account than mine!

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