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Desktop Icons Don't Show Up On Startup

After running Ad-aware, a trojan file was detected that couldn't be quarantined, cleaned or deleted. Husband found a way to get it deleted, but there was a warning saying that it was associated with another file. Deleted anyway.

Ran McAfee VirusScan and deleted unwanted programs it detected. After that, the mouse wouldn't work, so shut computer down by holding button in until shutdown (only way it could be shut down).

Start up went normal until the desktop background came up. Message stating "C: couldn't be found, check address again(???)" popped up. I clicked OK then it just sat there. I shut it off again.

Start up went normal again up through desktop background. No message this time. Mouse seems to work, but no icons or start up blue bar.

The only thing we can think of is the deleted file was associated with our desktop icons.

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Icons Don't Show Up
When i turn my computer on the icons don't show up, i can see my desktop pic and the pointer in the middle that's it, what's the problem? i have tried restarting in safe mode but get a blank screen

Posted: Aug 6, 2008

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Icons On Right Corner Don't Show Up
I'm not sure if my com is infected with spyware, virus, or some other things or not. but it seems to work rather slow recently, and sometimes the icons on the right bottom conner next to the clock just don't show up.

Posted: Dec 6, 2005

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Icons Don't Show Up For Specific Programs
I find that certain programs show up blank boxes,instead of the icons which are supposed to be there. For example when I click on Mcafee antivirus software, it opens up a blank box. I can't remove it through 'add remove programs' because when i click 'remove' on it another blank box pops up,which is actually supposed to have the 'uninstall' icon. The same is the case with System restore. I cant do a system restore because nothing comes up when i click on it except a blank box. I do not know what other programs would have this kind of problem. Please help me resolve this issue.

Posted: Aug 23, 2007

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Icons Don't Show Up Or Start Bar Only Backround
on my laptop the icons don't show up or start bar only the backround. I don't download much so i think it might be a hacker getting in through my unsecure wireless network because this happened to my other laptop as well.

Posted: Oct 28, 2007

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Taskbar Or Desktop Icons Don't Load For Over 20+ Min
Whenever I boot up my computer, in Normal mode, and I click on my or any other username, it takes at least 3 minutes to log in. Then, after it finally logs in, my taskbar nor my Desktop icons appear, but Explorer.exe is already loaded. This happens for all usernames, and I created a new one. I can load Task Manager, and I can load individual programs and files from there. If I kill Explorer.exe and then restart it, it still doesn't work. I have no Restore Points, by the way. I can go on Safe Mode, which is how I'm posting this. There is like a 10% chance that its a virus, but I highly doubt it due to the fact that im a computer "guru" and I maintain my computer well. Im guessing its just corrupted registry settings. Also, I cant run HijackThis in Normal nor in Safe Mode, and I tried reinstalling too.

Posted: May 14, 2008

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Webpages Don't Show
About two days ago I can't seem to open the majority of webpages, everything just comes up as an error message, event the stuff in "Favorites". I have no clue why. I called the internet company and everything is OK. Some of the pages open and usually the same ones do, so it isn't a connection problem. the rest just say "Internet Explorer Can't Show the Page" or something to that effect.I've used Superantispyware, bitdefender, Nod32 and Spybot. Sounds like a configuration thing? Forgot to mention that after turning off windows firewall, some pages (like this one) came back, but most others didn't.

Posted: Oct 10, 2007

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Software Don't Show Up
I have WindowsXP Pro. And in the WindowsXP, I have 3 account,
1. Account1 with password as Administrator
2. Account2 without password as Administrator
3. Guest
I always login as Account1, and I install all applications using Account1. I just check Account2 and Guest, not all the software that I installed are showing up in those 2 accounts. Does anyone know why? Is there anything I can do to show all applications that I installed?

Posted: Sep 17, 2005

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Programs Don't Show On Taskbar
I have a gateway notebook running Windows XP. There are 2 user accounts, each with administrative rights. I recently installed SP2, defragged the hard drive, and cleaned up some spyware and adware with spybot and adaware. I am also running Norton Anti-Virus and all definitions are up-to-date. (This is my college daughter's computer). All ran fine after doing this, but after the next boot, the taskbar completely disappeared. I was finally able to get it back, but only by selecting the quick launch toolbar. If I deselect the quick launch tool bar, the whole taskbar goes away. The real problem is that programs no longer show up on the taskbar when they are opened (Word, Excel, IE, Trillian, etc). And, if I open a program, and then minimize it, it goes away completely as though it were closed, but if I open task manager, the application is still running. I have to close the applications from task manager. The really odd thing is that this is only happening on one of the user accounts (my daughter's). The other user account is functioning normally. Short of creating an additional user account or using system restore and starting all over, does anyone have any ideas on how to repair this?

Posted: Dec 29, 2004

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CD-Roms Don't Show Up In My Computer
I've been trying to fix this problem for 2+ days. Okay, so, I just got a new cd-rom and i installed it into my computer and hooked everything up one as a primary master and the other as a primary slave.those two cd-roms show up in BIOS and they show up in Device Manager.I need help. I've tried switing them to secondary, switching them back and forth with master/slave.I tried switching out my cables.I do have everything connect cause they open and close and show up like i said before in BIOS and Device Manage.I really need some help cause i'm really lost with ideas.

Posted: Jan 15, 2008

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Cannot Login To XP / Profiles Don't Show Up
Since yesterday, my computer is not showing the user profiles and I am not able to log-in to my Win XP laptop. I tried loggin into the 'safe mode' or 'last saved configuration' but both of them also stop at the page where the user profiles show up. Probably, my user profiles got corrupted or something. Is there any easy way to log-in into the laptop and create new user profile? Otherwise, I will try repairing the O.S or installing a second O.S and backing up the data before re-formatting everything.

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

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Application Don't Show On Taskbar
I use windows XP professional SP2. After open any program it don't show on taskbar. If I minimize program I can not see program on taskbar. I must use ALt+Tab for show my program. How I fix this problem.

Posted: Jun 12, 2005

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D And E Drives Don't Show Up In My Computer
I have a problem. Suddenly and for no apparent reason, my DVD burner (D drive) and CD burner (E drive) do not show up in my computer any more. I looked in device manager and they both show up but have yellow triangles with black exclamation points next to them. The message for them is something to the effect of the drivers are installed but it cannot locate the hardware. I have not tampered with them. The only thing I did was attempt to install Simple Backup and there was an error so it rolled back and uninstalled itself. After that was when I noticed the drives don't show up anymore. I have XP home on a compaq presario computer. DVD burner is HP dvd writer 300i and CD burner is a LiteOn something or other.

Posted: Nov 13, 2005

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Downloads Don't Show Or Install
I am running CCleaner version 2.31.1153 on Windows XP Pro SP2. I have spent the day trying to download Version 2.32.1165 from both Piriform and File Hippo. I get a box saying ccsetup232.exe. I click on Save File (the other option is Cancel) and everything disappears. I get a notice that all files have finished downloading but the Downloads box is blank and there is no Installer on the desktop. There is nothing which allows me to right-click and install as Administrator. I have turned off all programs which might interfere. I have Used System Restore to take me back 3 months but it still won't download and install.I can't update WinPatrol either. (It's turned off now.) The same thing happens.

Posted: May 28, 2010

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Content IE5 Folders That Don't Show Up Anywhere
I have a report regarding a couple of high risk temporary internet files that are supposedly located inside certain content.ie5 folders, but those particular folders aren't showing up in any of the user profiles of this system.How do I locate them? I've done a normal search for folders named content.ie5 with 8 folders showing up, but none show the number-letter folders listed on the report. I've done a search in the XP registry and even the content.ie5 folders don't appear anywhere. Tried doing a search on just the number-letter subfolders mentioned and still nothing.I have all files and folders not hidden, including subfolders, but obviously XP ignores that direction with regard to these 'history' or 'temp int files' folders.The report came from SpyDoctor on a trial run prior to purchasing the program, so it can't remove them without purchase/registration. I've been able to remove all others listed in the report manually but not these entries because I can't locate them anywhere. If they don't show up anywhere, how does spydoctor find them?

Posted: Oct 1, 2005

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Drives Don't Show Up In Disk Management
When I go to Disk Management, my hard drives are not listed. They are visable in My Computer. Nothing is listed except my DVD drive.The reason I was in Disk Management in the first place, I plugged in my backup external drive (500GB Seagate FreeAgent Desktop) and it did not show up in My Computer, so I thought it was a drive letter assignment issue. So I go to Disk Managment and none of my hard drives are listed!

Posted: Apr 9, 2009

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USB Drives Don't Show In Safely Remove
USB thumb drives and external HDD no longer show up in the "safely remove hardware" screen even tho they show up fine in 'my computer' and work fine with autoplay.there is nothing in the SRH screen. this happens with USB ports on the motherboard and on a USB card. The drives show in device manager. I can detect and remove the USB drives with 3rd party software like 'USB disk eject'. The drives are 'optimized for quick removal'.
I've got rid of all 'ghost' drives and hubs in device manager and related registry entries (with drivecleanup). 'plug and play' service is running. I can't think of any strange software and drivers recently installed. I've googled a lot with no results.

Posted: Jun 22, 2010

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Deleted Files Don't Show Up In Recycle Bin
When I delete files in Firefox they do not show up in the recycle bin even through they appear to have been deleted.

Posted: Jan 13, 2005

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Processes Run But Don't Show Up In Task Manager?
I have a strange issue. I have a couple of processes that do not show in task manager at all. The strange part is they do on my other PC's.If I start Word I don't see word.exe if I start some games I don't see their *.exe's I find it to be strange that htings aren't being listed in here. Uninstall and reinstall of offending softwares is not changing anything.Mind you Process manager is not empty it has a fair amount going on... just some never show up.Also no rhyme or reason as far as application opening times I can start up word first and it not show up but then start up internet explorer and see the iexplore.exe.

Posted: Sep 20, 2006

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Deleted Files Don't Show Up In Recycle Bin
something is wrong with my recycle bin ni wonder wuts wrong. wutever i delet doesn't go to Recycle Bin one more thing i noticed dat the icon for Show Desktop is not working either..i tried alot im so pissed off.

Posted: Mar 30, 2006

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Computer Slow To Show The Desktop Icons
When I booted up my computer this morning, Windows loaded, I signed in, and then it took nearly an hour and a half to get the program icons to come up on the desktop. When I try to open one, it can take upwards of 20 minutes to do so, then response within the program is no better. It seems like all the resources are under use, but no one can see what's bogging it down.

Posted: Mar 26, 2007

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Explorer - Desktop Dont Show Up On Startup
I got a dell laptop (inspiron 6000) and windows xp media center about a year ago. Since a month or so, most of the time windows is done booting, all i can see is my desktop picture and nothing else. Everything is accessible only via task manager (running firefox.exe, explorer.exe...)Only once out of 7-10 times will it start up normally. I have no idea what this is all about or how to find out.

Posted: Oct 21, 2006

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Don't Have Any Icons Or Start Menu
I only have a backround nothing else, the only way i was able to get online was by following the link in the error report, the error report was about my computer crashing, which it happens alot and i have to reinstall the computer many times a week. I updated my computer just now with the windows updates, and i dont know what to do now.

Posted: Mar 21, 2005

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Icons Are Wrong - They Don't Have Names
when i load my laptop, below is how it looks. my icons are wrong, they don't have names - right click doesn't show information and my start bar is out of whack. to resolve it i just reselect windows xp theme. - though again, every time i restart the laptop i'm in the same has seemed to move over to some of my browsers, it seems like only firefox will work - and some things are still off. for instance the images below - the game was loaded in ff w/ ie tab extension, and google chrome - and the Internet video has been loaded in ff

Posted: Oct 10, 2009

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Generic Icons That Don't Work
I was given a Toshiba notebook and only told it doesn't work. It will boot into XP but all of the non system icons have the same generic icon. Non of the icons work (nothing happens when you click on them). Basically can't get into anything. Trying to run system restore from Run brings up the no program associated with this file message. Safe mode is the same and Last Good Config was also the same. I tried running system restore from Safe Mode with command prompt using %systemroot%system32estore strui.exe. which brings up an empty system restore box. Although it looks like it came with a XP CD, all that I have is a restore CD. One other thing that bothers me is that about once a minute what sounds like the system fan goes on for about 10 seconds. I don't mind using the restore CD(it's not my laptop or info that will be erased), but I would like to avoid that if possible.

Posted: May 19, 2006

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Enable Zone Alarm Anti Virus - Check Don't Show This Message Switch Off
I'm having a problem here...I have zonealarm suite and norton antivirus on my com. But recently, I have switched my antivirus to kaspersky, the problem is, every time I start the com, zonealarm will warn me and ask me to enable zonealarm antivrus, which I think it should not be case since I have kaspersky load on every startup. I even check the 'Don't show this message....' in the warning message, but it didn't help. Hence, could somebody please enlighten me on how to switch off the warning?

Another problem I'm having is, I see something in msconfig, under startup, the item is %systemroot%system32dumprep 0 -k, I tried to search in google what this is but to no avail, search results shown only dumprep 0 -u, and not dumprep 0 -k. Is this two thing the same? Would disable it do me any harm? And what does it do to my com if I enable it?

Posted: Mar 25, 2006

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Start Menu / Icons / Task Bar Don't Appear
The Start Menu,icons,taskbar,dont Appear Only The Desktop Background Image Appears..But When I Restart The Computer Everything Appears Normal. So My Computer Will Only Show Everything If I Restart After I 1st Boot It Up..So Everyday I Have To Boot My Computer Up Twice To Make It Work..Also Drives Keep Trying To Install Themselves When They Are Already Installed.

Posted: Aug 13, 2006

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Startup Items Don't Appear In Sys Config Utility
when I went to MISCONFIG/System Config Utility, under the startup items, there are a lot of items, but few, if any, of the items I, in fact, have in my startup. My items still startup when I boot, but the list is not in Sys Conf Utility!

What happened to them? How do I get my working startup items bacK? I recently installed Process Explorer, a program which I found of no use to me. I have uninstalled it, and still the problem persists.

Posted: Feb 27, 2008

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Task Manager & Explorer.exe Don't Run On Startup
So basically my computer is not doing just about everything - I am lucky for it to be working right now. So much errors - explorer.exe does not run at start up - task manager sometimes is disabled by administrator (but works sometimes, like now, so that i can run explorer.exe from it) - windows live communictaions always has problems - MSN, not working, just freezing. There has also been shortcuts to porn sites and gaming sites put everywhere. CMD is not working either, hardly anything is. I have no idea how to fix it, someone said something about a SkyNet virus but I think it's more.

Posted: Aug 8, 2009

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Startup: No Start Bar, No Taskbar, No Desktop Icons?
When I start up Windows all I see is the background. Just my wallpaper, with no start bar, no taskbar, no desktop icons, etc. BUT, oddly enough, when I check running processes in Task Manager, explorer.exe IS running. The only way that I can get it to "appear" or run correctly is if I end that task, and then run a new explorer.exe. Also, when this happens, my computer doesn't seem to have completely loaded all drivers, such as sound. I have not installed any odd programs lately, and I have run a bunch of spyware checks as well.

Posted: Aug 24, 2006

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