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Block Security Alert Popup

when i am accessing any secure site.the security alert pop -up come up ,i donot want that pop-up how to block security alert popup?

View 2 Replies (Posted: Nov 12, 2005)

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Popup Virus Disguised As Online Security Guide/Security Troubleshooting?
Its making these icons appear that are either porn or these downloads to those trojan spyware things. There are two icons where the time is, a yellow yield sign and the red x and they just lead me to more of those sites, can someone help me get rid of them?

Posted: Feb 23, 2008

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System Security Block Internet Explorer
I recently wiped my computer and installed a new Windows XP SP3. Now I keep getting an alert that Windows Security is blocking Windows Explorer. How do I settle this problem so I don't keep getting the alert?

Posted: Aug 22, 2008

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Download Security Alert
Often, when attempting to download a particular file, I will get the Security Alert message: "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." For example, this message appears when attempting to download IE 8 and regardless of the security settings, firewall on or off, etc.

Posted: Oct 19, 2009

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Security Alert Infected Files
I definitley have some sort of virus on my computer and all sorts of pop ups keep coming up on my computer encouraging me to buy a program. I can't get to any other websites besides the one for this program as an alert pops up on the browser sayng my computer is infected. Also everytime I try to open a file a "Windows Security Alert" pops up and says that whatever file I sm trying to open is infected. This is a probloem because I have tried opening task manager, system configuration, and even using the run function wiuth different commands and nothing will open! I also tried downloaging Ad-aware on my external harddrive and then running it from there but it won't open either!

Posted: Sep 12, 2010

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System Security Alert Firewall Not On
im am getting a windows security alert that says windows firewall is not on ,but when i goto turn it on in the control panel it says its already on???

Posted: Sep 12, 2005

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Zonealarm Security Alert Message At Every Startup?
For some reason zonealarm gives me the following pop-up every time I boot up my computer : ZoneAlarm Security Alert/Server Program/ Generic Host Process for Win 32 Services is trying to act as a server. Identification: None Application: svchost.exe Source IP: 135 I click : "remember this setting" [or I used to] and it does NOT remember - it comes up every time.I've tried rooting around in Zonealarm to figure out how to turn this off - no luck. Any ideas folks????

Posted: Nov 26, 2008

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Security Alert Indicating Infection Files
I was checking out a website online when a window with the Microsoft Windows Security logo popped up indicating infection with several types of Trojans/viruses. I did not make a note of them but the boxes all had green check marks against the purported trojans/viruses. I believe it instructed me to download something Instead, I immediately shut down my pc, and ran Scans in Safe Mode and also did an online scan with Trendmicro housecall. All the scans showed 0 infections. I am therefore wondering what this was all about as the Security alert had the exact logo as the Microsoft Windows Security.

Posted: May 14, 2010

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Blue Screen Error Along With Windows Security Alert?
The computer would load with large icons and large screen. after that the windows security alert comes up. RIght now its doing a total system scan. It says 156 total objects infected. If i purchase the malwarebytes anti malware will that fix the security alert along with the blue screen error? Thank you guys in advance... o .. and i have read the other posts that is why im running the malware.. but if i need to know anything else

Posted: Feb 7, 2010

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ZoneAlarm Security Alert Appeared Whilst Browsing...
I was browsing the internet and suddenly my internet stopped receiving packets and wouldn't work at all. So I restarted my computer and then as soon as I connected, ZoneAlarm appeared with a message saying:

ZoneAlarm Security Alert - Dangerous Behaviour:DrWatson Postmortem debugger is trying to communicate with SVCHOST.exe -k netsvcs by opening its process.

Posted: Dec 24, 2005

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Getting Fake Security Center Alert / MSN Loaded And Disappeared?
i am using a windows xp, sp2, computer and here is a low down on whats been going on:fake security center alert, about a virus called "win32.netsky.q" try to run msconfig get a warning saying "msconfig has caused system failure" and system restarts firefox / ie will not load and crash instantly msn loads then just disappears avg and Anti-malware scan show nothing. managed to get msconfig to stay open and removed from startup something called "fhexj6825097" under "Application data/google" and now msconfig will not close

Posted: Dec 12, 2008

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Security Center: Popup Windows Firewall Detected Suspicious Network Activity?
This message keeps popping up every so often.. is it legitimate? or is it just a part of a pop-up ad/adware/etc.? "Windows Security Center WARNING: Windows Firewall detected suspicious network activity on your computer. Malicious software codes try to steal your privacy information, such as credit card numbers, electronic mail accounts, financial data or passwords.

Posted: Jun 19, 2005

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Security Center:no Options Listed Under The Manage Security Settings?
There are suddenly no options listed under the "Manage security settings for:" heading, just blank space, so I have no way to edit my Firewall, Antivirus or Windows Update settings from the Center. I opened services.msc and it shows the service started automatically.

Posted: Sep 7, 2005

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Cant Block Remote Shutdown
i have this problem at my school, some very annoying people found out how to use the remote shutdown command in my engineering class. hence they can shutdown my computer, and my friends, whenever they feel like it. i dont think they should have access to this but whatever they are doing it is really annoying and i need help. i tried making this program to abort the shutdown, but it only works if the shutdown time is greater than 0

Posted: Feb 26, 2008

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How To Block Silver Light
I'd like to find a way to block Silverlight completely at the source- sort of like using the hosts file to block web pages. Not OS specific, just some completely viscious way so I never-ever see that pop-up, pop-over, pop-under again. I can go to Firefox or Chrome, but still, sometimes I've got to use IE8 and I dislike Silverlight in the strongest terms. TIA

Posted: Jan 21, 2010

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Block The Uploading Of Files
A folder called upload keeps appearing in my hard drive with 1000s of zip folders and files, I deleted them yesterday, and they're all back again today. Does anybody know who I can block the uploading of these files, if they keep appearing?

Posted: Sep 9, 2005

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Block Commands In Server 2003
It is possible to block sos commands for users in server 2003. Through a gpo something?

Posted: Oct 3, 2007

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Download To Block Certain Websites From Compute
I would like to block and others from being used on my computer - does anyone know the best/cheapest way?

Posted: Sep 30, 2006

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Block Text On Taskbar Icons
Is there any way to turn off the help text that appears when you float the mouse pointer over the permanent icons you put either in the Systray or on the other end of the taskbar? To me, they're annoying/get in the way.

Posted: May 8, 2005

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Block Computer From Downloading Programs
Is there a program that will allow me to block my kids from downloading programs and or music from the web. I don't want them to be able to download or install anything without some type of authorization process.

Posted: Sep 13, 2005

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Block Face Book Chat
Hi I was wondering if it possible to block face book chat from my computer but still access the site.

Posted: Apr 7, 2010

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Shows Line And Block Across The Screen
This is not cool, I am using windows xp. The problem is line and blocks across the screen (if you don't know what i mean, theres a picture in the attachments). if any one knows how to fix this plz let me first happened when i open world of war craft, but i don't see this being the problem cause its played different games with much better graphics like s.t.a.l.k.e.r. this is really frustraiting and i need help muchly.

Posted: Oct 1, 2007

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Sharing And Security Settings Not Showing Security
I've forgotten but in a new install of XP-Pro,SP2 using NTFS on C: I don't have the Security Tab when I right click on a folder to setup sharing. I want this so I can set Permissions, etc. I have it on my other PC set up the same way but for some reason I don't on this new install.

What am I doing wrong? My username is a member of the Andministrators group.

Posted: Jun 23, 2005

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Getting Security Warnings That My Security Settings Has Blocked?
I haven't been to this site for a while and I noticed I'm getting Security Warnings that my security settings has blocked of an ActiveX install. I know how to change those settings, but am reluctant to do so. Can anyone shed some light on this. I occasionally will get similar warnings on other sites, but it is consistant on this one. Once in a while IE6 will hang up on this and I'll have to got to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get out of it.

Posted: Feb 13, 2009

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With Bit Torrent And Norton - Popping Up Asking Want To Block?
while im uploading something from bit torrent, norton, is always popping up asking me if i want to block it or permit the bit torrent program. even if bit torrent is on my permit list, its always asking me, and its bugging the crap out of me, while im trying to type something, the damn window keeps popping up, im already having a hard time typing this.

Posted: Jul 20, 2005

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Spam Filter - Block International Email?
I was told I could get some enhanced spam filtering for Outlook Express via to where you can block international email,

Posted: Jan 15, 2006

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MSN Random Message Not On List - How To Block ?
I was on MSN the other day and i got a random message from someone not on my list. They said 'Hi love' and sent me a camera invitation. I rejected because i didn't know this person. What i'm asking, is this a virus they tried to send to me?

Posted: Nov 25, 2008

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Limited User Accounts - Block Certain Actions
I need a program to block certain actions on limited user accounts. I am the administrator on my computer, however my mom and sister use the computer as well. They have limited user accounts. My sister and my mom have accidentally screwed up some settings before, and deleted files and such, there better then they used to be, but i don't want to take any chances. I am looking for a program of some kind to block certain actions, such as right click properties on the start menu tool bar, etc. i have made there accounts have classic folders, i have hidden the my computer icon from the desktop and start menu so that they only see "my documents." however, because they have messed my system up before, i just want piece of mind and have a program block certain things that i select.

Posted: Sep 17, 2007

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Firewall Block To Download Belkin Programs
Hey I am trying to connect my Belkin router. I have bell south. And when i have all my stuff connect then try to connect online with my bellsouth to start the install process on the Belkin install program. Well first it won't connect the bell south thing thats not allowing it to download the belkin program. I think its a firewall or something blocking it but not sure.

Posted: Feb 25, 2007

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Want To Block Particular Words Like Games / Porn In Any Search Engine
Don't know where to post it so i will post it here anyways. I want to block particular words like games, porn etc in any search engine so people don't mess around with my pc. Is this possible if so how?

Posted: Apr 10, 2007

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