How To Get Back Old Menu Bar Of XP Into 8.1

Nov 10, 2013

I really don't care for this graphical drop down menu bar in Windows 8.1. Is it possible to get the old menu bar back?

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How To Get Back Menu Bar At Top Of Page

Aug 17, 2013

I seem to have lost the "Menu Bar" at the top of pages. It has "File" etc and when you click on "File" you have several choices like "Exit"......

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Screen Starts Flashing - It Goes Back To Sign In Menu?

Nov 21, 2012

I was messing around with my screen resolution settings when I switch over to portrait mode on desktop PC. When I hit apply the screen started flashing and it went to protrait. I saw thye option to revery back but with they screen flashing I couldn't hit it. Then the settings set in and the screen went back to the sigin in menu in portrait.

I can enter my password, sign in, and then it tries to load the start menu but the screen starts flashing and after about 8 seconds, it goes back to the sign in menu. Now I am stuck in this process and cant get back past the sign in screen to access the control panel and set the screen back to landscape.

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Setup Installation :: How To Change Windows 8 Start Menu Back To Win 7

Sep 5, 2013

Is it possible to change the way win 7 looks,such as the lack of the start button,and the applications as they are in win7 from the start button?

The Windows 8 came with the laptop. The only reason I am interested in Windows 8 is bitlocker.That is probably the only feature I am interested in.

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Setup Installation :: How To Get Back (Choose Your Operating System) Menu

Mar 28, 2014

I have a multiple operating system and used to get the blue graphical boot menu with a rectangle with the name of each operating system in it. After a few boots it went back to the text menu, and only returned a couple of times. Is there a way to get the graphical boot menu back permanently? It looks a lot nicer. I have XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 .....

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Enable Confirm Window On Deletion - Stop Start Menu From Switching To Menu View And Change Taskbar Transparency

Mar 30, 2014

I've recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. First question is how do i enable a confirm window to pop up when deleting something? I don't like how i can just hit delete and it moves it (Only to the recycle bin, but i'd rather it didn't).

Secondly how do i stop the start menu from switching to that Windows 8 menu view? I did originally change it so that when you click the start menu (Bottom left in) it would actually bring up the start menu, but it seems to have reverted. On top of this how do i change it so that pressing the Windows button brings up the start menu rather than the Windows 8 menu view thing?

Thirdly how do i enable file details when in Windows Explorer. So in Windows 7 when you select a file it would give the size, name, author, date last edited etc in the details pane. How do i get that now?

Finally, how do i change my task bars transparency?

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How To Make Task Menu Launch From Start Menu

Jun 14, 2013

When you launch skype from the startmenu it is a huge square, when i launch task manager from the startmenu it is launched to the desktop.

Could there be a way to make the task menu launch from the startmenu to be a big square like skype is "phone eddition"

This would be useful because when im in games and the game freezes, i can bring up the start menu like SUPER FAST and it is visible but when i launch the task manager it is behind the game no matter what, so im always pressing the key stroke of the first letter of the game and pressing delete to see if i closed the game or not.

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Change Menu Background Color In Win 8.1? NOT Start Menu

Jun 22, 2014

I actually have no problem with the Win 8.1 Start menu, but the colors of the regular desktop environment are killing me. Namely, the weird, off-off white of the menus. The High-Contrast White option under Personalization gives me the right color for the menu backgrounds but everything else about the theme screams windows 3.1, so I'd rather not resort to using that.

Is there maybe a registry tweak that I can use to change this one little color? I've tried a few things but nothing so far has worked.

See attached pic to see what I'm talking about.

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Start Menu / App Right Click Menu Not Working

May 22, 2014

Im referring to this bottom menu; when I right click my app/programs, nothing pops up below. I also cant rearrange tiles, groups and stuff.

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Rolling Back 8.1 To 8?

Jul 16, 2014

I have had so much trouble with Windows 8.1 that I have decided to go back to 8 now I have not got a recovery partition on my disc and I didn't make a recovery disc when I had W8 installed, as this will be the fourth installation this year due to W8.1(takes time to get through that its crap) I know I am going to have to reformat the c drive but as I have had a policy of saving any data onto external drives that part will be okay, I have checked the web and it appears that it is not possible to just roll back.

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Hatch On Back Of All In One Pc?

Jul 4, 2014

I have a Dell Inspiron One 2020, and theres a little hatch that's basically impossible to open, before I break my PC on accident,what's under this hatch? I've noticed there's no HDMI anywhere on this thing, and I'm leading to believe it's under the hatch.

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How To Roll Back From 8.1 To 8

Nov 9, 2013

I upgraded even tho I had planned not to. Now, I regret my decision, and would like to "undo" the upgrade.

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Getting Win 7 Low Battery Notification Back On Win 8?

Jun 8, 2014

I was wondering if it was possible to get the old, unobtrusive low battery notification from Windows 7 on Windows 8? As it stands, whenever I hit 10% battery, this huge bar pops up right in the middle of my screen and minimizes anything I might be working on. This is fine in most cases, except for when I'm gaming and end up running off a cliff while trying to get the game window back up. -_- Is it possible to just have a little popup appear above the taskbar when my battery gets low, like in Windows 7? I'm really trying to like Windows 8, but stuff like this is unacceptable.

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How To Get Back To The Code Page

Mar 26, 2014

I have a Surface tablet. When trying to download an app I get sent to the security verification page where you eventually are emailed a code that you must enter to continue. How do I get back to that page after checking my email? If I start over again downloading the app I wind up back at the start of the verification process and the code I was sent no longer works. At home I can use my phone to get the email, but out of the country I may not be able to use my phone.

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How To Go Back To A Previous Screen

Dec 30, 2012

I'm using 8 on a non-touch laptop. I generally like it, but the most frustrating thing to me is that I can't "go back" to a previous screen. For instance, I open an email attachment and it automatically goes into full screen viewing. When I'm done looking at the attachment, how to go back to the previous email screen. So I have to go all the way back to the start screen, and then into my email to get to the previous page. I'm clearly doing it wrong.

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Maintenance :: How To Back Up All Of Files

Mar 20, 2013

how can i back up all of my files like i have done in windows 7 to external hard dirve

also how can make a backup image of computer like in windows 7

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Possible To Revert Back To Windows 8 From 8.1

Aug 23, 2014

When I installed the free upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 I tried to access a web page I use for work and now I can not read it. When I was using Windows 8 I could read the page every time. Now I cant. My question is: can you revert back to Windows 8 from 8.1.

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Getting W8.1 Apps Back After Uninstallation?

Sep 1, 2013

I've uninstalled my mail-people-diary windows 8.1 apps when i'm trying to get them back from the store, the store installs the windows 8 version apps, I want those w8.1 apps back, what can I do?

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Screen Turns Off Will Come Back On

May 8, 2013

My friend's Dell Inspiron laptop is set to turn off the monitor after 10 minutes. Once that happens, we cannot get the screen to come back on again, hitting any keys or mouse buttons, or even tapping the power button, does not do it. It is not asleep or hibernating, the power light is lit and hard drive is spinning. Have to force a shutdown.

I know I can tell it to just not turn off the monitor

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How To Get IE8 Back When IE9 Was Preloaded And Not Showing

Jan 25, 2013

Normally I could go to control panel>View Installed updates and it would be there. Problem is, it appears as though it was preloaded on the machine so the Internet Explorer 9 update isn't even listed.

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How To Revert Back To Windows 7

Dec 1, 2012

I would install it on my Dell laptop running Windows 7. If after using Windows 8 for awhile, I may decide I like Windows 7 better. How is it possible to revert back? I read that once you do an upgrade the license of the older OS is lost according to this reference:


which is quoted here:

"If I use a Windows 8 Upgrade disc/download to upgrade my Windows 7 computer to Windows 8, can I then use my old Windows 7 disc and product key to install Windows 7 on another computer?"

No. The Windows 8 Upgrade license replaces the previous Windows 7 (or Windows Vista or Windows XP) license.

To be clear: your old version of Windows that you upgraded from can no longer be used on your current, or any other, computer.Click to expand...

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How To Back Up Windows 8.1 Activation Key

Sep 2, 2013

I have now activated windows 8.1 pro rtm .I want to back up my activation .how to do it ?

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Dell :: How To Get Back To Windows 8 From 8.1

Dec 17, 2013

I have Inspiron 15R 7520.

It Came with windows 8.Recently i upgraded to windows 8.1

Now i want to get back to windows 8.

Can i restore to factory settings?

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Security :: Win 8.1 - UAC Setting Itself Back To Do Not Notify

Mar 16, 2014

My windows 8.1 keeps on changeing the UAC setting back to 'do not notify' without my interaction. Every time I want to reboot I need to open UAC first and then adjust the setting back up.

What could be causing this... couple of notes below:

Domain laptop - yes My windows login is with my private email not one that's on the domain The IT boys use to have me in the XP Active directory group - I'm in the win 8.1 now I'm local admin on my laptop

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Metro Vanished / Disabled (Can't Get It Back)

Jan 4, 2013

I've been using Win 8 Pro for a couple of months now, but a few days ago the metro interface stopped appearing, and I've been unable to get it back. I know a lot of people want it disabled, but I've gotten used to it, and in particular the WIN+I shortcuts for the menu....

The keyboard itself is still functional. I ran a check using OSK, and it shows that the system registers the key as being pressed, so it's not a physical fault on the keyboard.

The metro screen no longer opens when the WIN key is pressed, and the system panel doesn't open when the move is moved to the far right either...

I've had to resort to installing the "Win 8 Start Button" Application to get me the functionality that I need. Is there some kind of quick key that disables it which I might have pressed by accident?

The only changes I can think of are having plugged in two USB hard drives which had some old data and were then formatted. FYI the virus scanner didn't alert me to any potential threat.... The change that I think is more likely is one of the auto updates from either Microsoft or the antivirus program (BitDefender 2013), but I can't remember which one performed last.

Is there a way just to force the metro to start?

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How To Turn All Fonts Back To Normal

Nov 26, 2013

I recently install Left 4 Dead on my laptop and it changes my font to bold, not only in the game but all in my system, my default font is now bold.

I uninstall the game but the font was not changed. I went to Font Settings on Control Panel and make it to default, it now go backs to normal but not for all programs.

For instance, my Firefox's font was still bold, changing to default also I can't. So how do I turn all fonts back to normal? Look at image and see how my Google looks like, it's bold I want all back to normal. I think the font is Arial Bold.

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Security :: Firewall Won't Switch Back On

May 25, 2013

My windows defender firewall has switched off and won't switch on I have avg on my laptop and neither is that it won't allow me on the internet.

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Accounts :: How To Get Local Account Back

Aug 3, 2014

I installed the Windows 8.1 a number of months ago. Since then (I'm thinking, now), I could not sign in with my microsoft account and neither could I get an energy report using the admin command prompt, and was also having problems with the One Drive sync. I never thought these were related, but after months now, I finally, after seeing the new 15 gb free with One Drive, thought I would try to open an account to get 15 free gb. I didn't realize I could open more than one microsoft account, but yeah, a new account opened with the free 15 gb on One Drive.

Okay, so I got this new account, and I could then sign in with a Microsoft account using this new account, which also made my original Microsoft account available, but the problem starts with my original local account. I can no longer sign in with my original local account (see attachment). To me, it is as if I have made a new microsoft account with a sub-account, which is my original Microsoft account. One is for Windows 8.1, (the new MS account), and my original MS account was for Windows 8, which no longer exists. Somewhere in the process of creating the new account, I was given the option to elevate it to Administrator and I did, it even shows as Administrator in the User Accounts "change your account type" where the "standard" and "administrator" are available, but this is not where I somehow elevated it. Now, it seems to be the boss, my original MS account seems to be secondary or an alias.

I closed the account, but it won't be official til October, since there is a 60 day recovery plan. Even with the account closed, folders and things, because I'm currently signed in with my original MS account, need to logged into with the new account info, which is what I mean by "the boss". I can't be doing that if I'm closing the account.

I did get an energy report, but the .html file wouldn't open (see attachment).

I learned One Drive is different with Windows 8 or is it just 8.1, haven't got into it to much, right now.

How can I get my local account back, keep my original MS account, and still be able to sign in, get an energy report, and use One Drive sync?

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Tablets :: Get Back Mail App That Comes With Windows 8?

Jun 6, 2013

On my Asus Vivo Smarttab, I couldn't get my email programs (1 yahoo; 1 gmail) to work using the Mail App on the Start screen.

I thought I'd get an update for the Mail App from the Windows 8 store. Here's where I did something stupid. I uninstalled the Mail program first.

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Accounts :: Windows 8 - Can't Get Log In Screen Back

Sep 29, 2013

I have been using my win 8 computer for a few months without the log in screen. I did this by way of the netplwiz run command to the User Account dialogue box. I thought I would go back to using the log in screen, but when I got to the User Account dialogue box, the check box for "must sign in with password" was already checked. So now there doesn't seem to be a way to get the log in screen back.

Is there a way to get my lock screen/login screen back?

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Folder View Always Goes Back To Details

Feb 2, 2013

I made the mistake of buying windows 8 assuming it was just windows 7 fixed up, wow was I ever wrong The problem I am trying to solve at this moment is I set my folders to show medium icon view and no matter what it always reverts back to details (default view) I have reset all folders and applied to all folders but it changes back. The same thing happens for example.....

I like to see file extensions but it changes by itself ,it is strange that sometime it will keep my changes for a time but it will always go back to default. I have also gone back to the factory setting 3 times thinking I did something wrong cuz one time I couldn't get the preview pane (pain) or the navigation pane to remove. The only thing Im using at the moment that didn't come with the system is the Classic Shell Windows 8. My OS is windows 8 X64. I have always tweaked the system I was running at work or home but this OS doesn't wanna cooperate at all.

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