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Won't Recognize 3TB Size

I'm having an issue with Windows 7 Home not recognizing 3TB drives. They show up as 746.5GB in Windows Setup (3TB in BIOS), and I have them running in RAID1 (via Intel RST 10.8). From everything I could find this was a problem with Intel RST 10.1 and older, and should no longer be an issue OR can be fixed in Windows through some extensive maintenance.

Can I fix this prior to Windows 7 Home Installation? If so, how?

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New 3TB HDD Won't Partition Correctly
I just bought a new 3 TB hard drive and I'm trying to install it. So far so good (I figured out how to do it) but for some reason it only partitioned 2048.00 GB on the drive. 746.52GB is unallocated and I can't figure out how to add it?

Posted: Nov 20, 2012

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PSU Died, New PSU, Bios Won't Recognize SATA Devices, Now Won't Turn On
Synopsis: PSU died, replaced PSU with different model, system boots to bios successfully but does not recognize any devices in SATA ports, nor do those devices appear to be getting power. Now can't even get to BIOS, entire PC flicks on and off repeatedly as soon as I turn the PSU on regardless of whether I hit the power button on the front of the computer.

System Specifications

Original PSU that died: SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM 750w PSU
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz
GPUs: ASUS 670 non-top version, SLI (2x)
MOBO: ASRock Z77 extreme 6
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) SDRAM DDR3 2133
Optical drive: Sony AD-7280S-0B 24x SATA Internal DVD+/-RW Drive
SSD: SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch (OS is installed here)
Storage drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III (This was not connected when power supply died)

Detailed explanation:About a week ago my PSU (Seasonic 750w) died randomly while the computer was left running in sleep . I RMA'd the dead seasonic. In the mean time I happened to come accross an extremely good deal on a new PSU, so I bought it (Thermaltake smart m850w PSU) to have a backup and to get my machine working again. I hooked up the new PSU to GPUs, CPU, fans, ATX power connector, and to all of the SATA devices, (the SSD, the HDD, and the Optical drive). I made sure to connect the data cables to the SATA devices in the same configuration they were in when working properly. The computer boots successfully to the ASROCK BIOS, all fans spinning. However, I get the error code "A6" on "dr debug" (the led display on the mobo). The manual says this means "SCSI detect". I have no idea what that means.

I was able to load the UEFI, and bios recognized all components except for any of the SATA devices--(SSD, the HDD, and optical drive not recognized). The RAM, GPUs, processor, and fans were detected. At this point I was stuck in BIOS because I couldn't boot off anything.I did not have the HDD connected when the PSU failed, but now the BIOS won't read that either. I don't think any of the SATA devices are actually receiving power. Again, the UEFI showed that there were no SATA devices connected to any port, when in reality they clearly were connected both by power and data cable. Then things get really strange. I unhooked all of the SATA devices except the HDD (the one that wasn't hooked up when the original PSU died). I plug the AC into the PSU, then turn on PSU (not the power switch for the computer, the switch on the PSU). The computer starts flicking on and off in this weird rhythmic pulsating pattern "" with about a 1/2 second between each click. Each time the power flicks on, the LEDs come on and the fans spin briefly. The strangest part is that I don't need to hit the power button on the front of the case for this to happen, it just starts as soon as the PSU is turned on. In fact, I can't get the computer to turn on at all--the switch on the front of the computer appears to be dead.

1. Unplug the power cables from everything and re-seated them.

2. Reseated the data cables to the optical drive and the SSD on the drive end, not on the MOBO side as they are covered by my GPUs and I would have to take them out in order to do that.

3. Tried hooking up a SATA power cable from my old modular PSU and using that in the new PSU in an attempt to power the optical drive (didn't work, I know, bad idea--I learned you aren't supposed to do this shortly after I tried it)

4. Setting all preferences to default in the UEFI.

5. Disconnecting the power cables from one or both of the GPUs.

I think that this is either a problem with (1) the motherboard, (2) the new PSU, (3) all 3 SATA devices (unlikely). The fact that I can't even get into Bios anymore tells me that this may be a MOBO or PSU issue.My main question is how to procede from here? I suppose I can wait for my Seasonic to come back from RMA--perhaps that will clear up the issue. I just can't shake the feeling that this is a MOBO issue though. I am worried that if I keep screwing around with it I may end up frying my CPU and GPUs. I can eat the cost of a MOBO or PSU if necessary, but I can't afford to buy a new processor and two new 670s.

Posted: Oct 18, 2012

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Netbook Won't Recognize Wireless Networks, Just Shows Red 'X'?
Basically, my netbook doesn't recognize any networks despite the fact that my other netbook, laptop and iMac all do recognize the networks in the area and connect to my network without a problem. I have already tried resetting the router and all that kind of stuff. In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, where the network strength icon is, there is just a red 'X' signifying that there are no available networks. Sometimes, upon restarting the computer, it does recognize that there are networks (strength icon has the gold dot in the middle), but when I try to join my network, it says that it is unable to. Then the weird stuff happens:

Posted: Sep 29, 2011

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Windows 7 Won't Print Recognize External Hd Can't Access Control Panel
my laptop was working now it won't print i can't access print manager, it won't recognise the external hard drive i can't get at the control panel, i've run a full scan alls well!? tried various prompts

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize Disc?
I made a slideshow with music of a trip my wife made to Italy and my when I inserted a DVD the computer only recognizes the disc as a CD with 700mb instead of 4.2 gbs. I used drive E. I tried Drive F and I keep getting that the disc is a CD of Sinatra, which I played last week.

Posted: Jul 19, 2011

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Windows Won't Recognize EasyCAP
I've just got a brand new EasyCAP capture card and my computer won't recognise it. In device manager it appears as SM-USV 007 in "Other Devices", and none of the tutorials i've been looking at say that. They all recognise EasyCAP as a capture card. My other problem is that my laptop won't read the installation disc for some reason. I don't know if it's the solution to my problem or it just contains drivers and the screen capture program. I have downloaded the Windows 7 x64 drivers and installed them but it fails to find them for the device.

Posted: Apr 5, 2012

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Laptop Won't Recognize Scanner
I have an Acer laptop running windows 7 . I plugged in my scanner but the computer won't recognize it, no matter what USB port I use. it's a bearpaw 1200 cu scanner.

Posted: Feb 13, 2012

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ITunes Won't Recognize Some CDs
I have just found to my irritation that iTunes _will_ check CD info such as song names etc. ....however....

Every now and then it fails to find info. It almost seems as if it does not even try. Usually when I insert a CD, it tells me it's checking with Gracenote, and in short order the details pop up. Then suddenly it will just not get details. I have read the instructions and reasons why.

What does not make sense is that in two instances, Disc 2 of a double disc set will register, but disc one will not. This has happened with Physical Graffiti, by Led Zeppelin, and a Best Of by Faith No More. Of the maybe 1/2 doz CDs that have failed so far, the others were single disc. The failures have failed in spite of repeated attempts, restarts and even a reboot. All the failures were pretty popular, and what I thought were far more obscure stuff worked fine.

EDIT: I now have three double CD sets that have had the first disc fail, while the second gets info. So that is over-represented, but not exclusive: that is to say I have had double CD sets that worked, and single CDs that have failed to supply info from the web.

Posted: May 27, 2012

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Headphones
I wondering if anyone could help me, when I'm playing a game on the pc I would like the sound to come from the speakers but use the front jack to plug in my headset and talk to friends on skype.My problem is the sound from my game comes through my headset as well and it's very annoying! Also if someone else is on the pc and i'm on a skype call I have to ask them to mute the sound on the pc.
I have Realtek Hd Audio Manager installed and it recognizes the headset when I plug it in but in control panel under sound it doesn't,it thinks my headset is speakers.I've searched and searched for a solution, apparently older versions of Realtek had better options for controlling jacks,the one I have even though it's all updated is very basic with no options to change any settings to do with jacks.

Posted: May 28, 2012

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Monitor?
suddenly my win 7 ultimate won't recognize viewsonic vg2230wm LCD monitor. Installation of driver doesn't help. It always show non-PnP monitor and max 1024x758 resolution which should be 1680x1050. Hardware id shows just default monitor. However win 7 recognize my other monitor correctly. I'm out of options.

Posted: Jan 21, 2012

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It Won't Recognize Keyboard On Startup

Posted: Aug 24, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize Cd Drive?
I can't download my music to itunes.

Posted: Sep 21, 2012

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Card?
my sim card reader want read my sim card,

Posted: Nov 22, 2012

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Monitor?
Try wigging the cord. Mrs Webster's third computer at school still detects monitor as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor".

Posted: Nov 28, 2012

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Sim Card
On my PC there is a card reader connected. It shows up as 4 different drives when I look at "My Computer" and elsewhere. One of the slots in the reader is for sim cards. When a sim card is inserted a Windows sound is heard and the "Installing Device Driver" window shows up but then another window stating the installation was not successful. Any further action from within windows does not solve the problem. I tried an external card reader connected via USB and the same negative results. this was tried with 3 different sim cards.

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize Disk Drives
I have switched CPUs in order to upgrade my system, but I have copied over all the important files from my old computer. The current CPU was used by my dad before me and worked perfectly. It runs on Windows 7. However, since unplugging the tower and moving it back to my room, it no longer recognizes any of my CD/DVD drives. They are both functioning, turning on and opening and closing, but they are not listed under COMPUTER. I have tried several fixes on this site including merging my registry with a file on Notepad and running a program called cdgone but it still doesn't work. When my computer boots up I go to a screen with F2 that allows me to view my system. The drivers are listed as off but when I switch them over the computer will not let me. [code]

Posted: Jun 15, 2011

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Win7 Won't Recognize External Harddrive
I have a Sony vaio FW 490J with Windows 7 Pro RTM on. When I plug my external my into my usb port it does not show up in computer but shows in devices and printers. I try to assign it a letter driver in Disk management it wont work. The hard driver does show in Disk management. Can someone please help to resolve this problem I'm having. I didn't have this problem when i had vista on the laptop.

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize The Hard Drive
I am building a computer fort the first time and I am having trouble getting Windows 7 to recognize my hard drive. My har drive and mother board are as follows: Hard drive-Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive, Mother Board-GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard when I go to install windows 7 I eventually get to a screen where it ask for an install location, unfortunately it doesn�t seem to recognize my hard drive. It gives me an option of installing driver so I went to the gigabyte website and downloaded the drivers that it said I required. I believe there was an ACHI driver and a Raid driver. After I stalled both of these drivers the hard drive still was not detected. One strange thing I noticed was that when I browse for a driver my hard drive is listed as a place I can search. I then proceeded to the Bios to try and match the drivers. The hard drive is detected in the Bio. When the HD is set to IDE my BluRay play is able to read the windows install disc. But windows won�t recognize my HD. If I set it to ACHI or Raid I can�t seem to get the windows CD to load. Do I need an IDE driver? Out of frustration I tried installing a windows XP to see if it would be able to recognize my hard drive. It seemed to load on the hard drive fine but entered this weird loop where windows would install itself but wouldn�t actually load as the operating system. In other words when I try to restart my computer and run the OS off of my hard drive it gave me an error message. Something like (windows OS could not be located) When I went to go install windows 7 again my hard drive still was not detected as a place to intall windows but when I search the hard drive (as if I was searching for a driver) I can see the Windows files that were loaded from when I tried to install XP.

Posted: Mar 5, 2011

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CD/DVD Drive Won't Recognize Discs?
OS: Windows 7 Pro

Computer recognizes the drive, but no CD or DVD is recognized. When anything is inserted, the drive is completely silent. I try to open the drive, then it ejects the CD or DVD automatically.

I have uninstalled and automatically reinstalled upon rebooting, but no changes. I tried the Microsoft website automatic fix, but it didn't work either. Says the driver has the latest version.

Posted: Feb 16, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize Mp3 Players?
I'm having trouble getting my computer to recognize mp3 players. I was using a Sony, it broke, I bought an ipod and it wasn't recognized by my computer at all when I plugged it in, but because my phone and camera both work in the USB ports I thought it was the ipod and returned it. Now I've got a Creative Labs Zen and having the same problem. It's brand new, I plugged it in and it says the device driver software failed to install. When i try plugging it again, it doesn't even attempt to install.'ve tried all of the USB ports, updating the drivers, and clearing "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" from the USB root hubs but nothing seems to workThe USB ports work with other devices so I'm guessing it can't be a problem with that. Also, it makes a sounds when i disconnect/connect the player so the computer has got to be recognizing it to some degree somewhere

Posted: Dec 17, 2012

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D Drive Won't Recognize Any Discs Inserted
I'm not particularly computer literate, however my desktop computer won't read discs. Whether it be a DVD, a set-up disc or even music CD's, there's a 1 in 10 chance that it will see it is there. On the odd occasion it opens, it works fine.

Currently an issue as I am trying to install wireless stick software but the disc will not load.

Posted: Jan 9, 2013

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Blank Discs?
I have now installed win 7 three times, 64 bit and now 32 bit and have the same problem. I have read many similar problems on various forums and microsoft have been remotely on my PC for the last 2 days, and cannot resolve the I have 2 DVD RW drives, and both of them can read all types of media with no problems. When blank discs are inserted, all programs trying to access the drives just lock up. The "not responding" message will clear as soon as the disc is ejected and everything is then back to normal. If I leave the disc in the drive it will eventually recognise it after about 1.5 hours, but I can then do nothing with it.Microsoft have stated to me today that it is not an issue with Windows 7 and I should contact the manufacturers of the drives for help or updated drivers. All my drivers are showing as being up to date, and I cannot find any other drivers on the OEM websites.

Prior to purchasing, the upgrade advisor stated that I would have no issues moving from XP to WIN 7. Microsoft have informed me today that the upgrade advisor will not guarantee any piece of hardware will work correctly after win 7 install, it only indicates if any hardware will cause instability problems !!!I have an internal LITE-ON SHM-165P6S, and a USB Lightscribe drive built into my HP C8180 printer. These are 2 completely different drives that are exhibiting the same problem (only win 7 is the common theme)

Posted: Jan 22, 2010

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Windows 7 Setup Won't Recognize Any HDDs?
I'm trying to install Windows 7 and the setup isn't recognising any of my hard drives. I know they work because I've tested them on another computer. Odd thing is the BIOS just says 'Hard Drive' rather than listing the manufacturer and model like it usually does.

Posted: Apr 4, 2012

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Won't Recognize DVD Drive During Installation
I've tried installing a couple times now and I keep on getting an error saying that I'm missing a driver for the DVD drive.

Thing is, I'm installing Win 7 using the DVD drive.

So I've looked for a driver for my drive (Lite-On LH-20A1S) and all I get from the Lite-On site is Firmware. I've also tried the USB/DVD Download Tool to make a bootable USB stick but that program says my .iso isn't valid.

Posted: Jul 14, 2010

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Disk Drive Won't Recognize Disks?
I am trying to do a backup, but it keeps telling me to put a cd into drive E. I have tried both slots and still have the problem.

Posted: Mar 4, 2011

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DVD Drive Won't Recognize Dvds
I have an ASUS laptop fairly new and I tryed playing a dvd and it won't work, says it doesnt recognise the format (normal region 2 dvd) it plays cds just fine but not dvds, ive tried updating the drivers and checking its set to the right region but they say they are up to date?

Posted: Jun 8, 2011

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Any Installed Program
Suddenly everything on system partition is unavailable..nothing works, or appears in start meny, even calculator, default games....or any program installed. Windows 7 won't uninstall programs or install, it says that program is already installed...but I can't run.

Posted: May 8, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize Keyboard Or Mouse?
My mouse dropped and hit th floor. As a result, my HP Desktop will not recognize my mouse and keyboard. I purchased a new mouse which works with my other computer, It does not work with the HP either. Installed a back-up disk, but since there is no way to click on the command line, nothing happens

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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Computer Won't Recognize USB Connector
I have had a Sandisk Sansa Fuze MP3 with its own USB to recharge battery and add/delete music. Suddenly, my computer won't recognize the USB connector and I am told Code 34 is the issue.

Posted: Jul 15, 2012

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