Windows 7 64 Bit And BJ-30 Inkjet Printer 32 Bit?

Apr 8, 2011

This is fitted with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit and Office 2010 SuiteThe Printer which | have hitherto used is the Canon BJ-30 running with Windows XP.The Printer itself is very compact,light and it only prints in black. It is ideal for transporting around in a Padded Computer case with the Laptop.I would like to continue to use this Printer if possible. Is there any way I can do?I have contacted Canon who said that they did not make a 64 Bit Driver for this Printer only 32 Bit. Have I to consign this excellent Printer to the Garbage Bin because of the compatibility.

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Hp Inkjet Printer Driver Software For Windows 7?

Apr 29, 2012

i need hp inkjet printer driver software for windows 7

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Drivers For HP 1210 Psc All In One Inkjet Printer

Nov 10, 2009

do anyone know where can i get drivers for my model of printer??

my present drivers are not compatible for windows 7...

if anyone knows where can i get it for Windows 7 i will really appreciate the help.

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1100 Hp Inkjet Printer Is Compatible ?

Feb 14, 2010

my 1100 inkjet printer does not install properly on my new HP laptop windows 7. what can i do?

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Canon Inkjet Printer S200spx Compatibility?

Jul 9, 2011

what canon s200spx printer support in windows 7?

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Hp Business Inkjet 1100 Drivers For Windows 7

Aug 31, 2012

Does not appear to be drivers/software available for me to run my business inkjet 1100 on my acer laptop with windows 7 64bit. Is this correct??

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Free Software And Drivers For Hp Inkjet 3325 Suitable For Windows 7?

Oct 28, 2012

send me free software and drivers for hp inkjet 3325 suitable for windows 7

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Getting Drivers HP Business Inkjet 1100 - Model C8124A?

Aug 31, 2012

top ACER aspire 5551 with Windows 7 (64bit I think). Have spent hours looking for drivers/software but cannot find any for this Printer, can anyone help as I'm reluctant to discard this printer.

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Aio Printer Listed In Windows 7 Device Manager As Printer And Fax

Aug 22, 2012

my AIO printer is listed in Windows 7 Device manager as printer and fax separately.Printer acts as a fax machine I am not able to use windows fax and scan modem facility in my windows How can I change the present set up

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How To Delete Obsolete Printer Listings From The Printer Selection Window

Apr 26, 2011

having moved once and having add and removed computers from my home network, along with other changes, I now have a cluttered Printer Selection Window, by which I mean the window that pops up when I want to print a document. I have five versions of a Brother printer and four versions of an HP printer, and only one of each is actually good. How do I clean up that window by getting rid of those obsolete references that no longer work? It's ridiculous that they don't simply disappear when I select one of them as the default.

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Wireless Printer Giving Printer Error On Shared Folder

Dec 18, 2012

I bought a new wireless Epson Workforce 545 printer. It has worked without flow for quite some time (nearly a year). Now all the suddenly it wont print.I have it as a shared printer. There are three other family members on the network and all three others print without any problem. Mine worked fine and now wont print. It goes through the motions and then times out. All it says is "printer error".

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Printer Driver Printer Model HP Lasejet P1007 For Download?

Jun 25, 2012

download in my computer hp laserjet driver P1007

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Computer No Longer Recognizes Cannon Printer And Cannot Find The Printer

Jul 14, 2012

Why did my computer stop recognizing my printer. I cannot find my printer desk.

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Printer Spooler Keeps Stopping And Printer Drivers Keep Disappearing

Mar 8, 2012

I use Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. My problem is: Whenever I try to print something (word, pdf, or any other file); printer spooler stops working and when I check the Devices and Printers all the printer drivers seem to be disappeared. I checked the Print Spooler" in the Services tool; and set the "Recovery after subsequent failures" option to Restart the Serviceā. Therefore all the printer drives coma back after 1 minute. However the spooler stops immediately again when the uncompleted printing job starts; hence I can not print anything more than a page. Earlier in this forum, someone posted that Microsoft issued a hotfix for this problem ( hotfix 2388142) which can be downloaded from article: [URL]. I downloaded this hotfix and tried to install, however it gives an error message of: The update is not applicable to your computer and quits installation. I did uninstall and reinstall all the printer drives, but this did not help either.

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Can See The Printer In The Add Printer Window But Comes Up With Cannot Connect With Error Of 0x0000000d

Jul 8, 2011

I have 2 computers on my home network. My desktop is running Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and I have a kodak 5500 Aio connected to it. I also have a laptop that's running windows 7 home premium 64 bit that connects wireless. I was able to print until today and now I can't print from the laptop. I can see the printer in the add printer window but comes up with cannot connect with error of 0x0000000d

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Printer Driver Printer Model HP P1007 For Download?

Jan 12, 2012

i want to download software and driver for hp laser jet p1007 . I am unable to use my printer.

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Printer Driver For Lexmark 5400 Series Printer

Jul 20, 2009

Windows 7 recognizes the printer but has a yellow triangle exclamation point. it will not print, but I cannot find any printer driver for Windows 7. any ideas?


Are yere any more details on what is the matter with the printer in device manager?

You should be able to download the Windows Vista drivers for that printer from here, which should be compatible with Windows 7:

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Printer Icons Are Missing On 'Device And Printer'?

Dec 16, 2012

I downloaded Printers' drivers, one for HP and the other for Epson by accessing their web-sites.Both are USB-connection and working fine, however icons of both printers on, ... Start > Device and Printers,.... there are no printers' icons, even though other devices, such as thumb-drive, monitor, keyboard and others.Just wonder why icons of both printers are missing on 'Device and Printer?'

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Printer Name In Devices And Printer Keeps Changing Every Few Seconds?

Sep 13, 2011

I have an MX850 and an MX870 printer both connected to my LAN.I also use an application called CD Label Print. When I started that program I noticed that there were 3 MX850 printers listed, the original and a (Copy 1) and (Copy 2).So I went to devices and printers and saw there was a MX850 and a MX850 (Copy 2). No (Copy 1). So I removed the (Copy 2) printer and fax.I went back to CD Label print and saw that it still said MX850 and MX850 (Copy 1). Went back to devices and printers and sure enough, MX850 was gone and MX850 (Copy 1) was present. So I pressed F5. It changed to MX850. Press F5 again, it changed back to MX850 (Copy 1).It changes non-stop. It alternates betweem the two settings every time I press F5.I've tried uninstall re-install. I've also contacted Canon support who are dumbfounded. I also had to manually remove the registry entries and start menu entries because the canon uninstaller doesn't so it.I cannot use CD Label print. Each time I try to print a label it insists on asking where to save the file, rather than printing it.

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Printer Driver Printer Model HP P1007?

Oct 31, 2011

find out the correct driver hp laserjet p1007

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Wireless Printer Does Not Show Up In Devices And Printer

Oct 17, 2012

MY HP wireless printer is not showing up in Devices and Printers in Windows 7.

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Printer Driver For Network Printer?

Mar 18, 2010

We have just added our first Windows 7 pc to our XP network. I would like to connect to the Windows 7 PC to a shared "Epson lq-590" printer on one of the XP machines.According to the Epson website the only drivers available for this printer are through Windows 7 update in the "add a printer wizard". If the printer is directly attached to the Windows 7 PC the driver installation via "add a printer wizard" works without a hitch. When trying to add the printer over the network the Windows 7 "add a printer wizard" cannot find the driver for the printe

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Using Printer Server To Access Old Printer

Apr 17, 2011

Have an older HP 812C parallel port printer and a new Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 and no parallel ports. Bought a parallel to USB cable but it doesn't work... prints gibberish. Was wondering if there is a way to hook up a wireless print server (with parallel port) and use the printer that way. Unfortunately live in a rural area and still using a slow phone Internet connection. But couldn't this setup be just a simple LAN with no Internet... just signal from computer through wireless print server to old printer?? Would this work?? Apparently, info from HP forums, Windows 7 does have drivers available for this old HP.

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Printer Is Not Settings Default Printer?

Dec 1, 2012

my printer is not setting set as default

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Printer Continues To Work Only After The "printer Spool Service" Restarted Manually

Mar 31, 2011

I have a problem with my printer, my printer stops working frequently. printer continues to work only after the "printer spool service" restarted manually

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"A Printer Error Has Occurred, Turn Off The Printer, Then Press On Button To Turn On. See Your Documentation"

Jan 18, 2013

My printer keeps giving me the error message "A printer error has occurred, turn off the printer, then press on button to turn on. See your documentation" I have unistalled it held down the on button and cancel button at the same time to print a test paper, but still can't get anything to print.

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Computer Is Not Seeing Wireless Printer When Trying To Add "New Printer"?

Jun 13, 2011

I've had the worst luck with this HP Officejet 6500.or some reason my computer always sees it as "offlineWell the only way to get it back online is to delete the old printer & add a "New Printer" via Devices & Usually that works even though it's severely a pain in the a**!But now my computer isnt even seeing the printer at all any more to add?I've restarted my computer twice, turned on/off the printer a few times, re-synced the printer within the wireless router successfully & it still isnt showing up.I really need this up & running asap to finish my work, but I also need to get to the bottom of the problem of this stupid thing going "offline" and making me re-add a new printer.It makes using the computer so frustrating. It happens a couple of time a week maybe.

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Hp Printer 64 Bit Windows 7?

Jan 16, 2012

i wanna get .inf file for hp printer(HP officeJet K7000) for windows 7(64 bit).

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Printer For Windows 7

Sep 1, 2009

I'm about to buy a printer, and i want to know your experiences with different brands of printers on windows 7. Can't really find driver support on web sites.

This printer will be rather complex because it will be networked/fax/OCR operational/Printer.

I have one brother model and a HP L7680 that contains all the goodies that i need. Anybody here got any experience with any of those brands on Windows 7? 64 Bits of course.

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XP Printer For Windows 7 Loophole?

Nov 5, 2011

I cannot use my Lexmark laser printer with my new net book that has only Win 7. Lexmark told me that it stopped adding Win 7 drivers for it because it is now a discontinued model. Isn't that nice...a perfect machine and cannot use it with Win 7....BUT, I think I found a loop hole. With my XP desktop i tried a test printer page and on it, it says compatible with Windows ( not Win 7 or Vista ) but also compatible with Linux. So I'm thinking if I install another browser on that Win 7 net book, i then could use my printer? If so, after installing Linux, how does one "Add a printer" without Win 7 getting involved, to deny it?

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No Printer Driver For Windows 7?

Aug 16, 2011

My new boss has a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop. We are trying to hook up to a Xerox WorkCentre 128 wirelessly. It connects, but prints only gobbly-goop. When I talked to Xerox they said there are no drivers for the 64 bit Win 7, and changing his computer to Vista, or getting a new printer.

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