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Scanner Bearpaw 2448cu PRO

I'm looking for a working driver for this scanner. Can somebody help ?

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Bearpaw 1200 HP Scanner Driver
Does anybody know of a driver for this scanner. I have tried using vista drivers but none of them like the new windows version.

Posted: May 27, 2009

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Mustek Bearpaw 1200CS Scanner Driver
My name is Jeff. I just loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my computer. I have a Mustek Bearpaw 1200 CS scanner, but Windows 7 is not reading the software. Does anyone know where I could get a free updated driver that will read by older scanner.


Download the newest XP drivers from this site:

Get the one file installation.

You will not be able to install the drivers but you can trick them to work.

The procedure is simple:

Do not plug in the scanner, start up the

Empty your systemrootwindows emp folder

Srart the instalation and when it asks "Select Language" stop there. Then copy the all contents (files and folders) of WindowsTemp to another folder (e.g. systemroot1)

Then plug in the scanner and windows should be able to find the drivers there if not guide it to that location and let it install Mustek Twain drivers.

Enjoy your scanner.

Posted: Feb 27, 2010

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Mustek Bearpaw 1200 Scanner Driver For Windows 7?
Is there anyone that knows of a driver for Mustek Bearpaw 1200 scanner that works on Windows 7?

Posted: Mar 1, 2011

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Driver To Connect Mustek Bearpaw Scanner 1200 With Windows 7
How I connect my mustek bear paw scanner 1200 with window 7

Posted: Apr 13, 2011

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Download Driver Mustek Bearpaw 1200 Cu Plus Scanner For Windows 7?
send me the drivers of mustek bearpaw 1200 cu plus scanner for windows 7.

Posted: Feb 13, 2013

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Lexmark X342n Scanner Interface Driver Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
I will be the first to admit that when it comes to drivers etc, I'm not an authority or really a person with a great deal of knowledge etc.

I have a Lexmark x342n All in One printer (print/copy/fax) and have not used it for quite some time as I just use the university printers. However with university being on holidays I was hoping to use the scanner however, now that I have Windows 7 (I used to use Windows XP) everything but the Scanner Interface has a driver for it when I plugged it in.

I have tried on the Lexmark site and used the drivers there however these all create a new printer in my control panel -> printers area that does not print at all, yet the printer that appears in the same area when Windows 7 automatically installed drivers upon plugin will print but not scan. When I try and find a driver for the Scanner Interface it just says that "device driver did not install properly"

Posted: Feb 22, 2011

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Reinstall Or Restore The Hp Office Pro A909 Series Software With Twain Scanner Drivers?
Why is so difficult to reinstall or restore the hp office Pro A909 series software with Twain Scanner Drivers?

Posted: Feb 22, 2011

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BenQ Scanner Drivers For Acer 6698 Model Scanner?
BenQ Scanner drivers for Acer 6698 model scanner for Windows 7 or Ubuntu 12.04 (Linux). Works fine in Windows XP Pro, but not in newer versions or past Ubuntu 9.x

Posted: Jul 7, 2012

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Office 2010 Pro Plus Will Not Install On Windows 7 Pro X64?
I have been trying for the last couple of days to re-install an HUP Office 2010 Pro Plus on a new install of Win 7 x64.I switched from XP where Office worked fine.hen I first tried it I received the error code 1920 (osppsvc).So, after searching numerous MS help and support sites, and trying various so called fixes,I'm now getting; Error: 1402 Set Up Can Not Open Registry Key NKNOWNComponents88B79139D4D5BA9498A091EECE8E3D8B0004109A20000000100

Posted: Feb 1, 2012

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Upgrade Win 7 Pro 32 Bit To Win7 Pro 64bit
I upgraded from Win XP to Win7 Pro, but used the 32bit disk. What do I need to do to upgrade using the 64bit version of Win7 pro, (both 32bit and 64bit upgrade disks were sent in my upgrade purchase). Works great but want to try the 64bit version.

Do I need to reinstall WinXP to do a clean install, or can I just use the upgrade version 64 of Win7 without the XP?

Posted: Nov 17, 2009

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Fresh Windows 7 Pro Install With No Pro Disk
Is there any way to do a fresh install without a disk that my key is for? I have a pc with no backup copies of Windows 7 Pro OA that came on it. I only have a Windows 7 Home Prem disk that I bought for my laptop. Is there anyway to make it work? Will my Pro OA key from the site of the box work with the Home Prem disk I have? Or is there somewhere at Microsoft that I can download a copy of Pro OA that I have paid for?

Posted: Jan 13, 2013

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XP Pro 32 Bit To Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade
Can I have the XP Pro 32bit upgrade version and install the Win 7 Pro 64bit upgrade version?
I've not been able to get a clear answer on this.

Please note I'm not trying to run an upgrade from xp to win 7. I know it will be a clean install. That said, will Win 7 Pro Upgrade allow me to install the 64bit version if it sees a 32bit upgrade version of XP? People go off on tangents about upgrade and clean installs.

Posted: Oct 20, 2009

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Can't Upgrade From XP Pro To Windows 7 Pro
Bought a new computer 8GB DDR3, 500GB HD, Core i5.Installed XP Pro on active partition 1 (100GB)Restored XP and files/programs from the Windows backup utility. All good, everything works. Insert Win7 Pro upgrade disk (legally purchased from Microsoft)Starts install 'copying temporary files'Error message 'Windows Setup cannot find a location to store temporary installation files. To install Windows, make sure that a partition on your boot disk has at least 686 megabytes of free space - error code 0x80070490 )Boot disk C has over 60GB free space.If I try to boot from the Win7 CD to do a clean install I get an error message that it is an upgrade version and must be started from within Windows.Have reformatted hard drive and gone through it all again but same result.

Posted: Jan 24, 2012

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Remote Desktop Windows 7 Pro To XP Pro?
I have a desktop in a remote location used to connect to a PC in main location to run a program. The new computer put in the satellite office running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit did not have parallel ports and I needed two ... So I installed two PCI-E cards to add the ports. These print fine locally but the printers do not pass through to the Windows XP Pro machine.How can I make the PCI-E LPT ports available in the remote session?

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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Optimizer Pro PC Utilities Pro
i just writing to say i get this Optimizer Pro Pc pop up it by looks of things scans my pc shows things thats wrong i think its fake as i run a test on my pc and nothings found all is says 5060 things are wrong and are slowing down my pc even though i have a laptop.

Posted: Aug 27, 2012

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Installing Windows 7 Pro X64 From Digital-driver With Windows 7 Pro OA X86 Key?
I have a HP Pro 3300 Series MT i3-2100 PC. It came pre-installed with Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. On the product key sticker it states 'Windows 7 Pro OA'. I have checked the 'Performance Information and Tools' section in Windows and it states that my PC is 64-bit capable.My PC was bundled with 4 HP Recovery Manager discs, but these all state 'This disc contains 32-bit software'. I want to upgrade my RAM to 8GB so would like to install a 64-bit version of Windows 7.I would like to know if it is possible for me to do a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit downloaded from the Digital River website and activate it with my 'Windows 7 Pro OA' product key. I am aware that a product key can be used for both 32-bit and 64-bit installations as long as they are the same version of Windows 7, but can a OEM product key of Windows 7 Pro activate a copy of Windows 7 Pro downloaded from the Digital River site? (which I guess would be the retail version.)Also, my computer is partitioned into 3 drives. C: - containing the Windows operating system etc. D: - An empty drive of about 200gb, and O: - HP Recovery Drive.If I am doing a clean install of Windows 7, is it possible to retain the partitions and only wipe the C: drive during re-installation, allowing me to move any data I wish to keep to the D: drive in advance, or will it all be destroyed and I'll need to move all data to be retained onto external media beforehand?

Posted: Jan 15, 2012

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Windows XP Pro 32bit To Windows 7 Pro 64bit Upgrade?
Currently running Windows XP Pro with 32 bit HD. How can I upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit? I am unable to get to custom menu to change to 64 bit. Is there any way to upgrade without stipping the HD and reformating. If not, what is the procedure to change HD from 32 bit to 54 bit?

Posted: Oct 28, 2012

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Windows XP Pro 32bit To Windows Xp Pro 64bit Update
sry but my english is not so good,I have many programms from siemens simatic manager winncc winccflex touch paneel and so on, but the system goes very often down memory to low and so I think.. hey I have 8mb ram but only use 3.2, because I don`'t have realy the fun to pay the stupid price for'n update to 64 bit in real life such a thing is "dienst am kĂșnden" sry when microsoft is to no interested in such thing Perhaps is nearby future all user will use.

Posted: Feb 1, 2013

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Upgrade Of Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit To Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit On HP Probook
I had purchased HP Probook 4520 in september 2010 from kenya with Pre Installed Windows 7 Pro 32 bit.I want to upgrade to windows 7 Pro 64 bit.HP didnt provided windows 7 boot disk and license key.

In Disk Management it shows me 4 Primary Partions: System Partition as Active Primary partition 300 MB NTFS C: Primary Partition NTFS HP Recovery Tools Primary partition NTFS HP Tools E: Primary Partition on FAT 32

After Running Key generator i got the windows CD key and OEM Product Id tied to CD key.

My question are:

1.Can i upgrade this to 64 Bit windows 7 Pro and How.

2.Can i use 64 bit Windows 7 Pro downloaded from Microsoft site and enter the CD Key.

Posted: Jul 23, 2011

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Upgrade From Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit To Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit?
I'd like to upgrade from Windows 7 pro 32 bit to Windows 7 pro 64 bit. I already know how to do a clean install, and how to back up all my important files like photo's etc. What I don't know is how to get the "upgrade".I heard from someone that I can obtain a 64 bit version of Windows 7 pro with a "re-license" of sorts from Microsoft if I already own a license and a copy of Windows 7 pro 32 bit. All for essentially the cost of shipping. If this is true, can someone point me to how to get that disk.if that turns out to be bogus, would I have to buy a full new version of Windows 7, or a certain type of Upgrade, basically making my previous purchase of the 32 bit version unnecessary and somewhat wasteful.

Posted: Jun 17, 2010

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Scanner C5180 HP
How to install the Scanner C5180 (multifonction HP) with Windows 7 7077 ??

This scanner is connect with Wifi.

Posted: Apr 18, 2009

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HP C6280 Scanner
I've installed my printer under windows7 using microsoft standard software.

My printer/scanner is connected using ethernet.

For a long time there was no reaction from HP to support

their scanners . As far as I can see there still is no reaction ....

Could someone advice me on how to connect the canner to windows 7

general Idea flexible scanning to PDF

I'm not realy a fan of the HP software anyway ..

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

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Cannot Communicate With Scanner
When selecting Epson Scan, I get the following error message:

'Cannot communicate with the scanner'

I have turned the printer off and back on again. Removed the power lead and plugged back in.I have removed the USB lead and tried it in other ports, without hubs. I have also tried a brand new USB lead.If I use PaintShop Pro X2 and select Import > Twain Acquire > I get the same message plus another message - 'No scanner Found', but if I select Twain source, I get the 'EPSON NX130/SX130/TX130/ME 340.

I can use the printer and copy functions with no problems, so, I am assuming it may be something to do with the OS - Win 7 32 bit as I have tried using WIA and get the same results.

Posted: Jan 14, 2012

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How To Install Scanner
I have Epson 4490 scanner that is connected to one computer running windows 7.In the same room I have another computer using windows xp.I want to be able to use the scanner on both.I have tried to install the software on the xp one,but it will not open the scanner.Just says it cannot be started.Is there a way to share the scanner between the rwo,or how can I get it installed on xp?

Posted: Jun 8, 2012

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Scanner Keeps Dropping Out?
I am suddenly faced with a problem, which has never appeared before.I have a HP Scanner [Scanjet 5530] which since having moved from Windows XP to Windows 7 has until the last couple of days appeared as a DEVICE, and has been workable.However in the last couple of days it has disappeared from the list of Devices and its only by switching it's power supply off and on does it comeback.I can then use it for whatever needs to be done, but as soon as its not needed it disappears yet again.

Posted: Sep 8, 2012

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No Icon For Scanner?
no icon for scanner

Posted: Feb 2, 2012

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Hp Scanner Problems
how do I get my hp deskjet all in one to scan the image to my computer ?

Posted: Jan 27, 2010

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How To Get Driver For Scanner
Driver for veugo, brisa, 640u, scanner,64 bit,windows 7

Posted: Jul 28, 2012

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Fingerprint Scanner Not Working?
I recently purchased a laptop with a fingerprint reader, and just yesterday my fingerprint reader stopped working.

Posted: Jun 18, 2011

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