Delete A Primary Partition?

Aug 2, 2012

I have two primary partitions and I want to delete one of the and completly expand the other. When i get in my computer/manage/disk management if i right click a partition it won`t let me le delete it or expand it. How can I have A SINGLE hard drive completly expanded ?

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How To Delete / Format XP Partition And Make Windows 7 Primary

Jun 21, 2011

I am on my grandparents desktop, and they recently had me dual boot Windows 7 onto their Windows XP machine, and they now no longer need XP anymore. The XP partition is listed as a System, Healthy, Active, Primary partition. The 7 partition is listed as a Boot, Active, Healthy, Logical partition. How can I delete/format the XP partition and make the Windows 7 a primary partition? I have tried by using Disk Manager, and Eauseus Partition Manager, but it won't let me convert it to primary, or format the XP partition.

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Delete Dual Boot Ubuntu Partition And Convert To Primary Hard Drive C:?

Mar 14, 2012

I installed Ubuntu on a older Toshiba laptop. When I boot up it asks me to select either Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I want to get rid of the Ubuntu disk partition and give that 2.9 GB space to my primary hard drive. I go into compmgmt.msc but I can't execute any commands on that disk partition.

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How To Create A Logical Partition Inside Existing Primary Partition

Oct 19, 2012

I had my friend Dell Laptop. He want me to create a two extra partitions in existing primary partition which is C:The HDD is 1TB in size.One hour ago I had used Dell data backup program and created recovery discs and then formatted the Laptop to factory default. I thought before formatting it will give me options to create a partitions but it did not had any option.

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Can'T Format A Primary Partition

May 28, 2009

I want to format my D: drive to clear some space. Thing is my D: used to be my C: drive under XP when i was dual booting so its showing as an active primary partition and Windows 7 wont let me format it.

Ive tried deleting everything but some things are refusing to go (like the file boot which i assume is to do with dual booting).

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How To Create More Than 3 Primary Partition

Jul 29, 2012

I reach my limit and have 3 primary partition but I want to create one more. So is there any software or method to create a primary partition?

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Extend Primary Partition

Oct 24, 2009

Running out of space and I'd like to extend my primary (C) partition to the next drive (D) but in computer management D is listed as "Page file, Logical drive" and it will not allow me to delete it.

Would moving page file from D to E partition allow me to extend C into D? If so, how do I move page file in Windows 7 to another partition?

If I can't do this in Windows natively does someone have a suggestion on 3rd party software?

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How To Partition Primary Drive ?

Dec 26, 2009

I have a new Laptop with Windows 7 Home edition (factory installed). It has only primary C: partition.

Is there any tweak to partition the HDD directly using windows without re-formatting the HDD

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4GB USB - Won't Create Partition Primary?

May 28, 2011

kay I am trying to make bootable USB so I can reinstall my Windows 7, but when I get to the step to create partition primary, it tells me there is insufficient space to do so. What's up with that? I really need to get my laptop back working before the 14th, because I am going up to my grandparents' house for the summer and would like to bring my laptop with me. I also don't want them to find out I broke it so...heh.Also, I've tried burning the ISO to a 4GB DVD disk with ImgBurn but every disk I do gives me an error, and I only have 3 DVDs left and I don't want to try again because I don't want to waste them. I actually just went out to buy this USB so I'm really upset that I'm having issues with it

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Make Win 7 Primary Partition

May 21, 2009

At the end of each semester, I typically restore my primary laptop (Asus G1S) to the factory default settings. I realize that this isn't technically necessary, but there's something psychologically pleasing about a freshly installed operating system. It's somewhat like returning to a hotel room in the afternoon after the maid has tidied up. The bed is made, the bathroom is stocked with clean towels, and the free water bottles have been replenished.

I'm currently downloading the Windows Seven installation files, and have been reading through various guides. Many writers recommend partitioning one's hard drive to permit a dual boot. However, since I've just restored my system completely, I would rather just turn the entire thing over to Windows 7 without any Vista remnants clogging up the machine. If things go south, I can always unpack the restore disks and revert to the factory default state.

Is this advisable and possible? Can I completely wipe out Windows Vista and turn my machine entirely over to Windows 7?

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Windows 7 No Primary Partition

Jan 16, 2012

i dont have the blue colour window above my C drive in my computer

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C Drive Or Partition Lists As Primary?

Apr 10, 2011

I just got my laptop back from Acer and they had given me a new hard drive. I restored a disk image backup that I had made from Acronis True Image. The backup seemed a little strange going in, but none the less it worked anyway. I then went to Disk Management to look at the setup and noticed that my primary partition is now listed as a Logical. I'm posting a screen shot of the partions and someone tell me if that looks right to them and if not how do I get my C drive back to Primary. As I said it boots ok but when I did the recovery with Acronis it didn't seem to go as smoothly as it should have.

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Shrinking The Primary Windows Partition?

Feb 13, 2012

I'm trying to shrink my primary Windows partition because I want to create a partition to install Linux Mint on. Well, when I go into the Windows Disk Manager and try to shrink the partition, it doesn't let me shrink it more than 32MB. I need quite a bit more space than that.I've disabled System Restore, Hibernation, and the page file.After defragging, I had 200MB of space available to shrink with. That's not much of a step up.I also want to try to avoid third-party applications unless they're basically guaranteed to work. I've heard some horror stories about third-party partitioners completely ruining systems.

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Change Primary Partition Size?

Jul 24, 2011

back to make my main partition (C: ) where I installed windows only 50gb big. What I wonder is, is it possible to decrease the second partition in size and move that extra size to the main partition without damaging data on both partitions?

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Create A New Primary Partition At End Of Drive

Nov 20, 2009

Here's the scenario: I have a 1TB disk with several partitions on it.

#1: Primary partition with Vista on it.

#2: A 500GB primary partition used as storage/backup.

#3: A 50GB partition encrypted with Truecrypt, Logical drive

Now, I want to create a new Primary partition at the end of the drive, so I can install another copy of Windows 7. Notice my 500GB storage partition does not need to be Primary, but it is, and I cannot create any more Primary partitions. How can I change the storage partition to a logical drive, and have my new partition be Primary?

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Chkdsk Failure Primary Partition

Oct 29, 2012

I noticed this problem when I tried to delete something off the drive, then I tried to run an antivirus scan and it gave me an error if incapacity to delete viruses due to a dirty disk and that I should run chkdsk.So I right clock on the drive and attempt check now. It tells me that it must first dismount the drive before it can do so and asks if I would like to force a dismount. To which I respond yes. Then, the window disappears and I hear no word or see no signs of any chkdsk happening. Naturally I reboot the terminal expecting fire-works and chemistry, but get greeted by the sound of windows starting up again.I have tried the administrator driven command prompt in this sequence. C:WindowsSystem32>chkdsk x:/f

The type of file system is exFAT.
Volume Serial Number is 2C7E-22C5
C:WindowsSystem32>chkdsk x:/r
The type of the file system is exFAT.

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Chkdsk May run if this volume is dismounted first. ALL OPENED HANDLES TO THIS VOLUME WOULD THEN BE INVALID. Would you like to force a dismount on this volume? <Y/N>

Volume dismounted. ALL opened handles to this volume are now invalid.
Volume Serial Number is 2C7E-22C5
C:WindowsSystem32>chkdsk x:/r


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How To Recover A Primary Boot Partition ?

May 27, 2009

I have Windows XP64 and XP 2005 installed on adjacent partitions on an 80 GB IDE hard drive. I had been accustomed to using BIOS to choose the drive and EasyBCD to choose the OS. A few days ago I was unable to boot into this drive because I kept getting the error "NTLDR missing (press Ctrl-Alt-Del)." I tried using Microsoft's BCSetup2 (I think that's what it's called) but couldn't get a floppy disk to boot.

Being that there wasn't much on this hard drive, other than the Windows OS's, I decided to reinstall the Win64 on the first partition. I find now that EasyBCD does not install on my XP64, so evidently I must have had it installed on the XP MCE partition. I'm wondering now how I can go about accessing the MCE on that other partition, or finding or remaking the boot loader.

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How To Partition And Primary/Extended Type

Jan 23, 2011

I want to add a new internal 1TB HDD with 2 partitions: 100GB for scratch disk space for Adobe CS, Autocad etc. and the remaining 900GB for User Data. My OS/Apps is on a 90GB SSD with no partitions. I have read the tutorial on creating a new partition but several questions remain unanswered..

1. should both the "S" partition ("S"cratch space) and "U" partition (User Data) be extended partitions, or should the "S" partition be Primary? If I desired to direct temp files here and possibly a 2nd pagefile...would that dictate primary or extended type? Is it OK to perform all these functions on this partition (scratch space, temp, pagefile?).

2. I want the "S" scratch disk partition to be on the outer edge of the drive so that it is the fastest. Do I create this partition 1st or 2nd?

3. Since I'm not installing an OS on this HDD, the 100MB "recovery" partition will not be created on this one? Would it be advantageous to have such a partition if the other SDD with OS/Apps fails?

4. Does the tutorial here still the correct steps for what I want to do?Partition or Volume - Create New

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Should I Create Partition Primary Align

Jun 25, 2011

I have Intel X-25M 80 GB SSD. I want to install Windows 7 Pro x64, MS Office and other application on it.Should I create partition primary align=1024 or Create partition primary size=100 align=1024?

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Creating Primary Partition On Wiped HDD?

Jun 3, 2010

I have used a DOS utility called copywipe 1.14 to wipe a hard drive for a clean installation of windows 7. However, the utility has not only removed all data from the hard drive, it has also deleted the primary partition and master boot record as far as I am aware. create a primary partition on the hard disk and get it active and ready to accept an installation of Windows 7. I have a bootable USB stick with the windows 7 installation files and prefer to use this for the install as the DVD drive is working inconsistently.However, I think that I need a bootable USB stick with the FDISK and FORMAT programs on it before using the other USB stick with the windows installation, or at least that is my understanding? If my understanding is correct, how do I get a bootable USB stick with the FDISK and FORMAT programs onto it?

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Dynamic Volume To Primary Partition

Apr 6, 2011

I'm currently running Win XP Pro. on dynamic disks with the system partition mirrored.I have a 20GB simple volume on one of the dynamic disks which I had intended to install a copy of Windows 7 Enterprise on, intending to dual-boot as I changed over from XP to 7, but it appears that you can't install Windows 7 on a dynamic disk as "setup cannot find a location for temporary files." According to Microsoft my only option is to revert the existing dynamic disk/s to basic - losing everything on it including my XP installation.Microsoft says not to mix volumes and partitions on the same disk, but a third party application called Dynamic Disk Converter claims to be able to change simple volumes back to primary partitions - though it isn't clear from the documentation if this can be done to just one volume out of several on a dynamic disk.My options appear to be:

1. Get another hdd for Windows 7.
2. Break the XP mirror and convert one dynamic disk back to basic for Windows 7 - losing my RAID protection
3. Ignore Microsoft's advice and see if Dynamic Disk Converter actually can convert a simple volume back to a primary partition, risking my whole installation.

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Reinstalling Windows 7 On Primary Partition?

Jul 27, 2011

Can I reinstall W7 on just the partition it's residing in as long as I back up the registry and needed files from my profile? I've never done this before..

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Formatting Primary Drive Partition

May 6, 2009

I have recently partitioned my c drive, to create a new drive g, i installed w7 on g and its fine and works...

c drive did have a version of vista on, i planned on downgrading it to xp...

i messesd something up trying to install xp over vista so booting up using w7, i manually deleted all the files from the c drive.... now its totally fubar, it wont let me install anything on it atall...

how can i format the c drive which is my primary partition... or so something with it? combine it back into the g partition or anything..???

i can only access my pc booting up using w7, which is running on the g partition..

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Difference Between Primary, Extended, Logical Partition

Nov 24, 2009

Windows 7 is coming pre-installed on my new PC from Dell. It has two 500GB HDDs.

I want to partition the first drive into just a couple of partitions. I guess I will have to shrink the main partition to about 100GB for the OS and apps.

But my question is: that partition with the OS and apps will be a 'primary' one...what will my next couple of partitions be? Logical? Extended?

I'm not sure how to decide what type of partitions to have.

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Format Primary Dual Boot Partition?

Sep 26, 2010

Can i format the primary partition in a dual booted system that is xp and windows 7 where xp is the primary partiyion. And would the other os still work

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How To Reduce Size Of Primary Partition In Windows 7

Aug 18, 2012

Can I reduce the size of primary partition with huge amount of memory like 500GB.

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Migrate Primary Partition To Another Hard Disk?

Aug 25, 2012

Its possible to move my Primary partition to another Hard disk? I have 160GB seagate and i want to buy 80GB hard disk to move my Primary partition(160GB seagate) in 80GB hardisk?

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Set Blank Partition To Active Primary On Accident, Now Won't Boot?

Jun 7, 2012

I just bought a cheap laptop from Walmart yesterday with windows 7. I am not a fan of it so I wanted to see if I could dual boot windows xp. Luckly it is a IDE machine not sata. So I Downloaded a copy of windows xp (I have a license key for all the people who would shun me for it, it is paid for). Well when I was making a new partition to install windows xp on I set the new partition to active, rebooted and wala, my computer won't boot because I'm a bone head sometimes. I have access to another windows 7 comp that is Extremly slow and I put emphasis on Extremly

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Hard Drive Healthy And A Primary Partition But In-accessible

Nov 4, 2011

I've just installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on my new laptop and when I checked my computer only one local disk was visible. When I checked disk management, this was the one shown. The disk has no name and file type.

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How To Remove Primary Hidden Partition From Transcend Pen Drive

Oct 14, 2012

I want to delete the hidden primary partition that came by default from transcend 4 GB pen drive model TS4GJFV30. It is preventing the drive to boot with windows 7. Also it is not allowing the drive to play media files on media peripherals.

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Adding Unallocated Space To Primary Storage Partition

Jan 15, 2013

Previously my machine was dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu. It worked fine with no problems until I decided that I didn't use nor want Ubuntu on my machine. Disk space was getting low for my primary partition and I decided it was time to let Ubuntu go. Anyhow long story short I cleared the two partitions that Ubuntu was using through the 'disk management' tool in windows. I didn't think at the time that GRUB would be stored within these partitions and that lead to the problem of being unable to boot anything.

I made and used a repair disc via another machine and then restored the bootsector code with it. That fixed the problem of being unable to boot. Now my problem is that I'm left with around 3-4 GB of wasted space in a partition. I was wondering if this 3-4 GB could be added to my primary storage partition? I've looked everywhere in the disk manager but I can't find anything there. I'm unsure as to if there is some 3rd party software available that could fix this? That 70GB partition shall remain undisclosed.

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