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Computer Gets Stuck At Welcome Screen After Sleep Mode

If I close my laptop, half the time, the computer freezes after I put in my password. It just gets stuck on the welcome screen with the spinning wheel. It doesn't always happen, but I have to do a hard reset everytime it does. I already set the HD to never turn off, so I am just wondering what else i can do to stop this freezing?

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Put The Computer In Sleep Mode Without The Screen Going Locked?
I recentley downloaded an alarm clock program by the name of '' Alarm Master Plus '' in evaluation trile. when I shut my computer off, instead of shutting it down I ask for the computer's sleep mode or '' Mettre en veille '' option (in french). The next morning I always find myself in front of the a screen which has two buttons.One says '' Verrouiil� '' (locked), and the other one says '' change user '' . When I click on the '' Locked '' button I find myself on my desk with my alarm starting '' Always late

Posted: Nov 8, 2012

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Computer Stuck On Black Screen - Wont Start In Safe Mode?
Like the title says, my computer is stuck on a black screen.I downloaded an update and was instructed to restart the computer. After restarting the computer it went to a black screen. It won't do anything past that. I've tried starting it in safe mode but always with the same result. I have no idea what to do with this short of taking it to Best Buy to have the geek squad take a look at it and frankly I don't feel like doing that.

Posted: Feb 13, 2011

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Screen Stays Black After Waking Computer From Sleep Mode
Over the past few months I began having this recurring problem where the computer goes into sleep mode, next I click the mouse to wake it and the lights and fans go on but the screen stays black. I then have to perform a hard restart where I was usually getting the "start in safe mode" screen, but lately I have also been getting BSODs.

Posted: Oct 31, 2012

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Blue Screen Errors - Computer Shutting Down To Avoid Damage After Sleep Mode
I keep getting a message on a bluescreen, often when the cpu comes out of sleep mode, that it is shutting down to avoid damage or something. I also often have trouble getting ctrl alt del to work. Recently, we removed several viruses, and hijackers from the computer, that made it so I couldn't even google search, and its only been doing it since then. As I write, malwarebytes said it was removing threats. I have scoured everywhere I could think of and removed almost all unnecessary programs, files and downloads. Could there stll be a virus? Could a previous virus have corrupted the comp irreversibly?

Posted: Aug 1, 2012

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Stuck In Sleep Mode?
So this might be the wrong place for this thread but I didnt see a computer specific section so i picked this just incase it is related to my windows. Anyway the problem i am having is that every so often, more often then not actually, when my computer hibernates from inactivity, it cannot be woken up. I click the mouse, press everything on the keyboard and nothing will happen. I even try pressing the power button yet that does nothing. The power button just keeps blinking as normal when in sleep mode. I also tried Holding down the power button, in hope to force shutdown the computer but that did not work either. The only way anything happens is if i unplug the computer and then plug it back in. Unfortunately i know thats really bad for the computer but i dont really have a choice.[CODE]In addition, i have restored my computer to factory defaults, aswell as installed all the latest drivers

Posted: Dec 28, 2012

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Stuck In Sleep Mode?
My pc appears to be stuck in sleep mode. Earlier today I put my pc in sleep mode before going to the gym. When I came back and clicked the mouse the fans and lights came on but nothing appeared on the monitor. I turned the power off and turn it back on and the lights and fans come on again but nothing appears on the monitor. No boot menu, nothing. Also after turing it on, the fans and lights randomly goes off and on, usually with an interval of 30 seconds. During this nothing appears on the monitor.

I have had the same exact problem happen once before - about 4 months ago. When me and my friend tried fixing it we tried some of the following with no result:

- Using a different monitor.
- Using a different graphics card.
- Using different RAM.
- Removing dust.


- Antec 900
- Intel E8500
- Sapphire HD 6870
- 4GB DDR2 Crosshair-something

Posted: Nov 10, 2011

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Monitor Stuck In Sleep Mode?
im having problems with my monitor, it doesnt want to get out of sleep mode. Right now I have the comp apart which is no problem for me to put it back together. Im assuming its either the battery not giving enough power or the connection where you plug the monitor into is bad.

Posted: Jul 7, 2012

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Taskbar Staying Stuck After Computer Wakes Up From Sleep
I use win 7 home premiun and everytime my computer wakes up from sleep my the taskbar stays stuck for 1-2 minutes. I have downloaded a a program called process explorer to see what is running in windows explorer. I used a option in process explorer called kill the process on the programs that are running but it doesn't do anything.

Posted: Oct 2, 2010

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When Put Computer Into Sleep Mode, The Computer Turns Off For 5 Seconds And Turn's On Alone
when i put my computer into sleep mode, the computer turns off for 5 seconds and turn's on alone.

Posted: May 7, 2011

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Windows 7 Stuck At Welcome Screen, Cannot Access Safe Mode
When I start my computer everything seems to be working fine but after login it says Please Wait then freezes at Welcome screen and the cursor can be moved around the screen and shows the loading icon and the screen also flashes black every few seconds. I've restarted and attempted to access Safe Mode however it also freezes at Welcome screen. I went into the repair system screen and tried a system restore but it says there are no restore points available and I know I haven't deleted my restore points. I've tried disconnecting any of the hardware I've had installed but that hasn't helped either. There also isn't any faulty hardware. When it was last working it said there was a Windows update so I installed the update but when I tried to turn on the computer the next time thats when the problem started and I don't remember what the update was for. I upgraded from Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit about 2 months ago and up until now I've had no problems with it. What can I do?

Here are the system specs:

Dell Inspiron 530s
Intel Celeron 2.00 Ghz
3.00 GB DDR2 RAM (I added 2.00 gigs myself came with 1.00 gig from factory)
Windows 7 32-bit upgrade from Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit
250 Gb Hard Drive

Posted: Sep 11, 2010

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Black Screen After Sleep Mode?
I have a Sony Vaio VPCSB11FX/W laptop. I lock the screen (it's password protected too) and close the lid when I need to get up to do something else while using it. Usually, the blue Windows 7 lock screen shows up when I open the laptop, but just now, I got a black screen that wouldn't respond to any buttons, so I shut the laptop down manually by holding down the power button. When I booted up and logged in, I got the old 'Windows was shut down unexpectedly' message.

Just curious, why did I get the black screen? Also, the power button was green, which means it wasn't in sleep mode at all, and the laptop's fan was whirring loudly too. This has happened to me a couple of times before, and I usually wait at least 30-60 seconds for the black screen to respond before shutting down, though the fan makes a louder noise the longer I wait. This happened even though the lid was closed properly.

Posted: Mar 21, 2012

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Blue Screen After Sleep Mode?
Whenever I put my computer into sleep mode I press the power button once to get it out of sleep mode but when it comes up it has a blue screen with a bunch of errors on it. My computer is custom built. It is a AMD Dual Core (64-Bit) Fresh install of Windows.

Posted: Jan 24, 2013

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Computer Won't Go Into Sleep Mode
When I try to put my computer to sleep, the screen goes into sleep mode, yet literally nothing happens with my tower. Then after a second or two, the monitor wakes back up and shows the login screen. I've tried checking powercfg /requests and -lastwake, and requests shows "None." across all topics, and lastwake says Wake History Count - 0.

Posted: Nov 14, 2012

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Computer Is Going Into Sleep Mode
It is going into sleep mode like state *I am doing stuff on it when this happens. only problem is I can't wake it up. So I have to use the button to power it down and then power it back up. Now this COULD be because of the beta for SWTOR that I am in. *First time I have ever seen it happen is when I am running that game and it has only happened twice.

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

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Computer Cannot Come Out Of Sleep Mode
Never used the sleep mode on my computer before and tried it for the first time last night. Bad choice as now the mouse, keyboard and monitor are in a coma. Tried re-booting to no avail, simply comes on in sleep mode. Haven't a clue what to due as there is no way to communicate with the computer

Posted: Mar 8, 2012

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Get My Computer Off Sleep Mode?
how too get sleep mode my computer

Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Computer Will Not Boot In Any Mode - Stuck At Random Drivers
My laptop just shut itself down saying something about it being damaged if it didn't. I didn't see the error myself someone else was on it at the time. It will not boot in any mode, safemode it gets stuck at random drivers it won't even boot from my OS disc to repair. It will load all the files from the disc then it shows the initial Windows start screen then is just black with the mouse pointer.

Toshiba Satellite a665-s5173
Processor Intel - core i5-480m processor
Operating System - Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Graphics Engine - Mobile Intel HD Graphics

Posted: Dec 10, 2011

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Black Screen When Coming Out Of Sleep Mode?
For the past several mornings, when clicking my mouse to wake my PC from sleep mode, my screen remains completely black. I can hear the PC start up, the fan running, etc. I can even hear the Windows log on sound when I punch in my password. All power lights are on, but the monitor refuses to display anything, not even a blinking cursor.My keyboard then becomes unresponsive and I'm unable to shut my PC down using the power button. I've had to hard reboot several times by manually switching my surge protector off and on. After getting the expected message that Windows didn't shut down properly, my system then starts up as usual. I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). My processor is an AMD Athlon II X4 630 and I have 6 GB of RAM. Both my PC and monitor are brand new.

Posted: Jun 6, 2010

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Windows Won't Reach Top Of Screen After Sleep Mode
I have tried searching online for solutions but to no avail. My laptop is just under 12 months old and other than the battery dying already I have never really had any problems until last week. Its a Dell Inspiron 1564, Intel I3 running windows 7 home premium.After my computer has been woken from sleep mode any window I open in full size no longer sits flush with the top of the monitor (its about a cm below top of screen), but my desktop background is still normal and reaching the top of the monitor and I can put my cursor up there. I have updated my video and BIOS drivers from the Dell website yesterday but that doesnt seem to have done anything. If I restart my computer it goes back to normal again until the next time it sleeps but I would really rather not have to turn my computer on and off 15 times a day?

Posted: Jun 16, 2011

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BSOD - Blue-screen After Sleep Mode?
I recently put together a new computer and installed Windows 7 on it. Everything seems to work fine, except when I resume using the computer after it goes to sleep, I get a BSOD. When I wake the computer up, it shows me the log-in screen, but when I click on my user profile to log in a blue screen appears. Also, it only seems to happen when the computer enters sleep mode on its own. If I put it into sleep mode, it wakes up with no problems.

Posted: Jul 6, 2012

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After Sleep Mode Laptop Powers On But Screen Does Not
I put my laptop in sleep mode before leaving to star bucks.I open my laptop and press the power buttonThe internal fans start turning as well as the disc drive, but the screen remains blank.I have heard that Windows 7 has multiple issues with the sleep mode, and I'm pretty sure laptop is now stuck in hybrid sleep? Also, I noticed that there is a hotfix for this provided by microsoft, but I would have no way to use this since my computer cannot get stuck out of this. After Researching this, I heard some people taking out the battery and holding the power button down for 30 seconds, then running it off of a/c power.

Posted: Feb 3, 2010

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Black Screen At Startup - Sleep Mode
I installed windows 7 a few days ago, everything seemed to run fine until this morning. Last night i updated windows because some updates where finished, during shutdown the update was installed. This morning i turn on my computer, it beeps once(loud beep not a soft beep) The screen doesnt flicker and goes into sleep mode.

I tried disconnecting the videocard and reconnecting the wires, still doesnt work. I pressed F2, F8, F12, doesnt go to BIOS screen or Boot. I have no idea how to get the connection back. Has anyone has this problem and can help me find a solution.

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

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Black Screen Waking From Sleep Mode?
I recently built an HTPC and it was working OK until last night. I�ve been using it mainly as an OTA DVR and it does wake up, record, etc.I went to program a recording & it was already awake & the HDD indicator LED was on. However the HDTV had a black screen with a message to select boot device & press any key. This was not a BSOD but a black screen. There was no way to select anything as every time I pressed a key the same message displayed another time. I finally powered off.Another program was scheduled to record at this time but it should not have. It was a series schedule set for new but this episode was not. That�s one strike against the EPG. Anyway it started recording after I booted back up but it was missing the first 40 minutes because I booted up 40 minutes into the program.

Posted: Jul 9, 2012

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Screen Dark In Sleep Mode But Fan Almost Never Stop
During the day, if we leave the computer alone, screen goes black, after a while, fans turn off. Wireless mouse wakes it up just fine. Fans startup before the screen is completely ready to go. During the night, the screen is dark, but the fans almost never stop. Why?

Posted: Dec 9, 2012

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PC Won't Resume If Screen Goes Black/Won't Go Into Sleep Mode
I'm having a problem where if my laptop is idle and the screen goes black, I can't get it to resume. I try moving the mouse and hitting buttons, but nothing happens. I have to completely shut the PC off and start it again. Also, if I put it to sleep, the same thing happens (it goes black but doesn't sleep or resume). My drivers are all up to date but it still happens.

Posted: Nov 20, 2010

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Move A Computer In Sleep Mode?
I often have to use my laptop in a meeting, but don't like to wait for it to reboot. Can I just put it into sleep mode before leaving my office or is hibernate better?

Posted: Oct 4, 2011

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Computer Won't Wake Up After Sleep Mode
I built this computer in March of this year and everything worked great. I had my power options set up so I could switch between high performance and power saver for when I'm not using it. Power saver was set up to turn off display and put the computer to sleep after 1 minute. I don't recall changing any of the advanced settings but maybe I forgot something.

I used to wake it up simply by hitting the space bar and everything would come back on. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 two days ago and since then when I choose power saver and it goes to sleep after whatever time I set it to, it no longer wakes up. Well, this is where I'm lost because it still makes the same noises like the fans spinning harder and all that but nothing appears on my monitor. At first I thought it had something to do with my monitor but I just realized that the lights on my mouse don't come on either. Which they used to before when I'd hit the space bar.

My build:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
(RAM) 8.00GB
System type: 64- bit

Posted: Nov 11, 2012

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Computer Shuts Down While In Sleep Mode?
The problem started when I clicked on an image in google images. The computer shutdown immediatly and when I restarted it I got the notice that it had shutdown badly and options of starting in safe mode or normally. I started it normally and system repair ran. I finally got it started and everything seemed fine until I left it in sleep mode. When I came back it had shutdown and I had the same problem starting it. This has happened several times. If I shut it down and restart it is fine. I have System Mechanics Pro and scanned for malware and found none. Now when I search on google I am being redirected to other websites every third or fourth time.

Posted: Nov 26, 2012

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Computer Putting Itself In Sleep Mode?
For the past week my computer will sometimes put itself in sleep mode while I am using it. It doesn't matter whether I'm playing games, word processing or on the internet.

Posted: May 4, 2012

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