Computer Putting Itself In Sleep Mode?

May 4, 2012

For the past week my computer will sometimes put itself in sleep mode while I am using it. It doesn't matter whether I'm playing games, word processing or on the internet.

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Reboot After Putting To Sleep Mode?

Jan 24, 2013

I'm having my acer notebook model aspire 5736z and I nticed that when I put it to sleep mode and then run my notebook again hiting ENTER key it reboots It's very frustrating,and I don't think it's normal. How can I fix it,to get it back to desktop again? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1.

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Putting The Computer To Sleep?

Nov 11, 2012

When I go into Power options in the control panel it says "Chage plan settings" so I turn off my display after one hour and that's OK. Then it says "Put the computer to sleep" from 1 minute to 5 hours so what does that mean?

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BSOD When Putting Computer To Sleep?

Oct 23, 2011

I have been trying to fix my computer for about a week now. The problem has been happening for about 2 weeks. What happens is when i put my computer to sleep or if my computer goes to sleep by it self, it gets a blue screen and shuts down. I have updated the drivers and ran the SCANNOW command to try and fix the files. WHen i reboot my computer after i get the blue screen it freezes for about 1 min on a white screen before starting windows. This is the error its sends me. Im running windows 7 x64.[CODE]

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Blu-ray Drive Disappears After Putting Windows 7 Computer To Sleep

Jan 11, 2012

My computer is running Windows 7 professional. It is a fresh install. I have a blu ray drive installed (LG BH12ls38) that works fine. However, when I put my computer to sleep and wake it back up, the drive is gone. When I go to device manager and try to scan for hardware changes it still doesn't recognize it. The only way to solve the problem is to shut down the computer. Restarting the computer doesn't work. If I restart, the computer stays on the motherboards screen for a longer period of time then it normally does (about 30 seconds). Also, it seems that this drive is affecting the computer when I shut it down. After having this problem of not being able to find the drive it seems my computer takes longer to shut down.

I have installed all necessary updates for Windows and the driver is provided by Microsoft driver version - 6.1.7601.17514 and date is 6/21/2006. I called LG and they have not been able to find a solution. It seems they do not provide/have a driver and rely on microsoft's drivers. I also updated my BIOS to the newest version. I went to my local store and tried another LG drive which was older and not blu ray and it worked fine so it's not a motherboard or power issue. My computer is running in IDE mode. The reason I state that is because I saw some posts about people switching from IDE to AHCI mode. However, I talked to the technician at my local microcenter and he said this wouldn't be the issue. Sounds to me like firmware issue?

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Random BSODs After Putting Computer To Sleep Or Idling?

Jan 7, 2012

I bought an ASUS G73JH gaming laptop 2 months ago and just started getting this random, inexplicable error. It's happened twice this last week and I have lost a considerable amount of unsaved work because of it. What happened the first time was I put my laptop to sleep in order to do something else and when I came back it had shut down by itself. After booting it back up the first thing that was displayed was the window in the images above. I don't know if my computer actually had a BSOD before it shut down because I was not there to see what happened. Second time this happened, I just left my computer at idle without putting it to sleep and left the room. My laptop is configured to go to screensaver after 10 minutes and sleep after 15. When I came back this time, my power button was not blinking, meaning the computer was not asleep, but the monitor had shut off and could not be turned back on with the monitor on/off toggle.

I had to manually restart the computer by holding the power button, and when it booted back up again the same window appeared. Yet again, I don't know if my computer actually had a BSOD because this time the monitor was turned off. P.S. My system specs are in the sig below and I've attached the requisite .zip file. No components are overclocked or otherwise modified at the hardware or software level.

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When Put Computer Into Sleep Mode, The Computer Turns Off For 5 Seconds And Turn's On Alone

May 7, 2011

when i put my computer into sleep mode, the computer turns off for 5 seconds and turn's on alone.

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Keep System Up 24/7 Just Shutting Off Display Without Putting It To Sleep/hibernate?

Apr 22, 2011

I'm just wondering if this is something abnormal. I keep my system up 24/7 just shutting off display without putting it to sleep/hibernate. Every morning when I wake up and check the kernel memory, it's quite high >500mb. I checked with a friend and his is onli about ~300. What does this mean, a memory leak?

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Computer Won't Go Into Sleep Mode

Nov 14, 2012

When I try to put my computer to sleep, the screen goes into sleep mode, yet literally nothing happens with my tower. Then after a second or two, the monitor wakes back up and shows the login screen. I've tried checking powercfg /requests and -lastwake, and requests shows "None." across all topics, and lastwake says Wake History Count - 0.

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Computer Is Going Into Sleep Mode

Aug 12, 2011

It is going into sleep mode like state *I am doing stuff on it when this happens. only problem is I can't wake it up. So I have to use the button to power it down and then power it back up. Now this COULD be because of the beta for SWTOR that I am in. *First time I have ever seen it happen is when I am running that game and it has only happened twice.

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Computer Cannot Come Out Of Sleep Mode

Mar 8, 2012

Never used the sleep mode on my computer before and tried it for the first time last night. Bad choice as now the mouse, keyboard and monitor are in a coma. Tried re-booting to no avail, simply comes on in sleep mode. Haven't a clue what to due as there is no way to communicate with the computer

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Get My Computer Off Sleep Mode?

Jun 9, 2012

how too get sleep mode my computer

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Power State Driver Failure On Putting PC To Sleep Or Hibernation?

Apr 22, 2012

Laptop Sony Vaio Model VPCCW1Z4E
OS Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1
Processor Intel Core DUO P7450.
Norton 360 V5.2.1.3, security software

Laptop starts up and can shuts down with out any problem.If try to hibernation or standby, it take long time accessing disc then crashes. The problem only started when upgraded to service pack 1.All drivers have been update using driver dating utility by WinZip.Dump files & system health check report is attached.

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Move A Computer In Sleep Mode?

Oct 4, 2011

I often have to use my laptop in a meeting, but don't like to wait for it to reboot. Can I just put it into sleep mode before leaving my office or is hibernate better?

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Computer Won't Wake Up After Sleep Mode

Nov 11, 2012

I built this computer in March of this year and everything worked great. I had my power options set up so I could switch between high performance and power saver for when I'm not using it. Power saver was set up to turn off display and put the computer to sleep after 1 minute. I don't recall changing any of the advanced settings but maybe I forgot something.

I used to wake it up simply by hitting the space bar and everything would come back on. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 two days ago and since then when I choose power saver and it goes to sleep after whatever time I set it to, it no longer wakes up. Well, this is where I'm lost because it still makes the same noises like the fans spinning harder and all that but nothing appears on my monitor. At first I thought it had something to do with my monitor but I just realized that the lights on my mouse don't come on either. Which they used to before when I'd hit the space bar.

My build:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
(RAM) 8.00GB
System type: 64- bit

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Computer Shuts Down While In Sleep Mode?

Nov 26, 2012

The problem started when I clicked on an image in google images. The computer shutdown immediatly and when I restarted it I got the notice that it had shutdown badly and options of starting in safe mode or normally. I started it normally and system repair ran. I finally got it started and everything seemed fine until I left it in sleep mode. When I came back it had shutdown and I had the same problem starting it. This has happened several times. If I shut it down and restart it is fine. I have System Mechanics Pro and scanned for malware and found none. Now when I search on google I am being redirected to other websites every third or fourth time.

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Computer Won't Start Up After Sleep Mode

Feb 14, 2011

I accidentally clicked sleep mode when shutting down the computer, and now it won't wake up. I can hear the fan running, but nothing is showing up on the screen, nor is the power light on.

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Computer Does Not Wake Up From Sleep Mode

Mar 30, 2012

Should I tweak anything? I just tried "powercfg -energy" today and it shows about 15 warnings in my Energy Report. The reason I did this is because my computer does not wake up from sleep mode sometimes.

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Computer Turns Itself On When In Sleep Mode?

Feb 8, 2011

Like it says on my title. I put my computer into sleep mode when i am stepping away from my computer. It succesfully goes into sleep mode then i come back and it is on wanting a password. So i sit there wondering if i turned it off or not Well i watched a few days later cause the problem still hasent stoped and i watched it go into sleep mode then a few minutes later turnes back on

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BSOD When Computer Is Out Of Sleep Mode

Apr 23, 2012

In the last 2-3 months I've had about 10 of the BSOD. I am trying to debug them, I turned on verifier for non Microsoft drivers and now I have a crash dump. Here is the crashdump, with and without the verifier. I am using Dell XPS laptop, with Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 64bits.

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Computer Don't Return From Sleep Mode

Feb 9, 2009

I'm using Windows 7 build 7000, I have problem: When I put computer to sleep mode, and when I press any key to "Wake up" the computer, but it don't return.

How can I solve problem?

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Computer Won't Wake From Sleep Mode?

Aug 26, 2011

It does this every once in a while. It happened twice in the past 2 days. I'm not sure if it's something I left open before going into sleep mode or something else.So the computer's been in sleep mode, usually for at least an hour. I do the usual thing to wake it up, move the mouse. After a simple movement fails, I try again, moving vigorously and clicking all the mouse buttons. I have also tried pressing all the keys on my keyboard.

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Computer Not Entering Sleep Mode

Jan 6, 2012

Just recently my computer has not been entering sleep mode. Nothing changed from last week and now it doesn't go. I can select sleep from the start up menu but it instantly turns back on. I went into device manager and deselected all usb and my wireless mouse and keyboard from waking the computer. Still won't sleep but now can enter sleep mode from the start menu and will stay asleep. However won't enter sleep by inactivity. If I unplug the usb receiver the computer will enter sleep like it use to. What going on? Even changed the batteries, because this happened a year ago and it was becuase they were dying

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Computer Not Going In Sleep Mode Properly

Jan 27, 2013

I've been having a major issue with my new computer. Whenever I'm working and need to walk away for a few, my computer will fall asleep but not all the way. As in, my monitor will turn off, but my computer won't. Once the monitor turns off there's no way in turning it back on without having to do a hard restart of the computer, which I know isn't healthy or good for my computer. I don't know what settings I could've messed with to have my computer not sleep correctly.

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Shutdown Fan When Computer Goes To Sleep Mode?

Feb 9, 2013

I do not shut down the computer never, but it bother me that the fun does not shut off when the computer goes to sleep mode used to. How can I make the fun go off when computer (hard drives) go to sleep mode?

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Sleep Mode Freezes Computer

Oct 9, 2009

I was one of the lucky people who got an advance retail copy of Win 7 Ultimate. I've installed it on my HP Pavilion DV7 laptop and have discovered that both sleep mode and hibernate mode cause the computer to lock up completely requiring a forced power down. When entering sleep or hibernate mode the screen will shut off,

you'll see a few seconds of HD activity and then the computer completely locks up. The backlit multimedia keys above the keyboard remain lit (these normally turn off in sleep or hibernate mode) and all keys and buttons are unresponsive except the power button, which I can hold down for 5 seconds to force a power-off. The laptop shipped with Vista Home Premium, both sleep and hibernate modes worked perfectly with Vista.

I have updated the BIOS to the latest one which HP says is needed as it adds Win 7 support. I have read the other threads on the site talking about making changes to the various power settings, I have tried all of those suggestions and nothing seems to work. Unfortunately, the BIOS on this laptop does not have settings where I can edit the S1 and/or S3 modes but, again, sleep/hibernate worked perfectly under the previous OS. Has anyone seen something similar on another system and managed to fix it?

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Windows 7 X64 - Computer Crashing On Sleep Mode

Feb 23, 2011

I recently built my machine. It was working fine doing things in windows and out. I have an SSD now and liked how smoothly the computer would resume from the default sleep mode power settings that came with win7, so for the first time I've actually been using them on my desktop. However, since installing sp1, sleep no longer seems to work. When I woke up this morning and when i came home from work, the computer was not in sleep mode. Normally I expect to see the power button flashing, and in neither case it was. When I start the computer it asks me how i want to enter windows, just like it does normally if windows crashes. Everything else on my computer is working as expected.

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Computer Freezes After Being Idle Or Sleep Mode

Jan 21, 2012

About 2 months ago I started getting random freezes and would have to do a hard restart on my computer to restart. To see if it was a virus or any kind of malware, I did a clean reformat of my hard drive and was still having issues. Eventually it started taking forever to boot up and load files and I got a SMART status bad message. So I wound up replacing my hard drive with a brand new one and did a clean install of Windows 7. That seemed to fix the slow boot and file load times but now I'm still getting freezes. However they are not random. They seem to happen when I don't touch the computer for awhile, whether I have a program such as something downloading in the background or not. They also seem to happen when I close the computer and put it to sleep and leave it like that for awhile. I try to wake it up and I only get a black screen, however my computer is on as I can hear the components.

The strange thing is as long as I am actively using the computer it doesn't seem to do this. I was on it for about 6 hours yesterday night and nothing happened and the computer was working fine. I did various hard disk scans even though I know it can't be the hard drive seeing as I just replaced it. It also isn't my graphics card as I uninstalled the driver and let my computer run for awhile with the standard VGA adapter and it still froze after me not touching it for awhile. I also did a windows memory diagnostic scan and nothing came up. I'm thinking there are 2 seperate problems with my computer, one that I fixed by replacing the hard drive (the slow boot time and file loading times, it took me 20 minutes to open up windows explorer, it doesn't anymore.) and another that I am unsure of. Should I do more memtest passes? I heard that one is not enough and that you should do up to 7 to make sure your RAM isn't faulty.

Here are my computer specs:
Model: Samsung R780
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.27 GHZ
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 330M (1GB Video Memory)
Hard Drive: 500 GB Hybrid SATA/Solid State (4GB of solid state memory), this is the new hard drive that I purchased.

I tried downloading updates for a game and it immediately froze. So maybe the freezing is still happening on a random basis...

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Computer Randomly Wakes From Sleep Mode?

Mar 1, 2012

I'm positive that I'm not bumping into the mouse or anything to accidentally wake it as I make sure to turn my wireless mouse off once I've finished a session on the computer. and often times the computer will wake in the middle of the night. I will select sleep mode before going to bed and when I wake up it will be running like normal

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Computer Sluggish And Crashes In Sleep Mode?

Sep 29, 2012

I have a Dell Latitude E6420 with an Intel Core i7 processor and 4gb of RAM. Lately, my computer has become very sluggish; especially after coming out of sleep mode to the point I have to restart to have a decent performance. More importantly, often when in sleep mode or hibernation, the computer crashes. I've run two spyware programs (spybot and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware) which removed a few issues, but the core problems persist. I've updated all microsoft programs (windows and office), run Norton virus scans, and CCleaner, but no change. Finally, I must say that at times the laptop runs really hot. That was never the case before.

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Computer Gets Stuck At Welcome Screen After Sleep Mode

Jan 12, 2012

If I close my laptop, half the time, the computer freezes after I put in my password. It just gets stuck on the welcome screen with the spinning wheel. It doesn't always happen, but I have to do a hard reset everytime it does. I already set the HD to never turn off, so I am just wondering what else i can do to stop this freezing?

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