Can't Access User Account Windows 7 Starts A New Temp User Account

Dec 29, 2012

i start my pc up (from being off) and get logged into a temp user profile. It tells me that i cannot acess my user profile and all information will be deleted on logging out. I've looked online for a soloution but none work for me ,I really dont know how to resolve this problem,I have limited knowledge and computer skills. i really dont want to scrap this drive and start over.

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Can't Access User Account Controls

Nov 1, 2011

I am having troubl with changeing anything in my User Account Controls. Every time I try to access the tab I just get an error message saying that "Windows cannot find" followed by a long line of numbers. I am a little concerned as I noticed, according to Belarc Advisor, that I suddenly have a mysterious user on my windows called "UpdatusUser" and has apparently logged on 399 times!

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Can't Access Files On User Account

Jan 29, 2012

Got a virus that wiped out my user account files. They are still on the hardrive though. How do I get access to them?

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Standard User Account Program Access?

Jul 30, 2011

I have set up a standard user account on my Son's laptop, but there are software programs I would like him to have access to, without me having to log on with Administrator ever time.When he try's to run said program it says Parental Controls has blocked this program the Administrator can grant access. I don't have any programs blocked under Parental Controls. Is there a way to grant access to certain programs without having to log in as administrator every time while using a standard user account?

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Default User Account (Administrator) Acts Like Standard Account

Oct 31, 2011

I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.

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Shall Create A Limited User Account To Turn On Guest Account

Sep 6, 2012

I'm hoping to teach Mum how to use my PC in the near future and she will only be using it for typing etc and maybe the internet. Also she only use it sometimes. shall I create a Limited User Account for her or turn on the Guest Account?

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Slow Log On For Single User Account On Multi Account System

Sep 29, 2011

I would appreciate any help identifying the cause of extremely slow log on times for a user account on our family laptop. The machine is running Windows 7 - 64-bit version, and currently has 3 users accounts 2 admin and 1 regular. The regular account has begun to experience log on times that last for minutes (The Welcome splash screen prior to log on screen), while the admin accounts have no problems. I have seen other posts regarding slow log on times, but I haven't seen those which address the issue for a specific user account.

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Use Default Admin Account Vs Standard User Account?

Oct 19, 2011

I have always been running admin and even until now I run as admin. But, I have been doing a little bit of research and realize that using a standard account is a safer practice. I have never even used a standard account.Is using a standard account a better practice? Also, how does doing average task such as installing programs and updating work through the standard user account?

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Account Lockout - Unlock A Locked Out User Account

May 6, 2010

How to Unlock a Locked Out User Account in Windows 7 ?

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How To Change A Power User Account To Administrator Account

Feb 23, 2012

How to change a power user account to administrator account

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Use Local Group Policy To Prevent Access To User Account Setting?

Feb 5, 2012

I'm creating a local group policy to lock down a Windows 7 Pro Workstation for use in the Staff room.It's the first time I've used it, previously I've worked a bit with AD. but I've been following on line tutorials and using google and I'm nearly there with it.But I'm stuck on one thing. My approach has been to remove access to pretty much everything apart from IE, Firefox and Skype icons on the task bar. I've got the start menu empty apart from the shutdown button, which is what I want but at the top of the start menu is the users icon/picture thing and if i click on it it takes me to "user accounts". I can't for the life of me work out how to get rid of the picture or just stop this happening.

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How To Map Existing User Folders To New User Account

Jan 2, 2011

How do I map existing User Folders to a newly created User Account?I had existing User Folders on drive D. I added a new drive C and installed the OS on C but changed default location of User Folders to D. Now my existing User Folders are in the Users folder on D but there is no User Account associated with them. If I create a user account with the same name will it map to the existing folder within Users?I did a test of this. I created a folder called Test within Users then created a User account called Test and logged in. It created another folder within Users called Test.Computername.

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Change Account User Name In Windows 7?

Jun 4, 2012

I have laptop gifted to me, with a user name which I want to change.I have the following steps in mind:

1. Create a new administrator account
2. Copy the profile from old username to new user.
3. Backup the entire registry.
4. Edit the exported .reg file to find and replace old user with new user.
5. Login as the new user.
6. Delete old user
7. Restore the new (edited) .reg

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Standard User Account In Windows 7

Aug 16, 2012

I set up four Dell Computers with Windows 7 Home Premium. Used my administrative account to install software (Microsoft Office Suite), Microsoft Security Essentials, Ccleaner, and Malawarebytes. All programs installed properly. As these computers are going to be used in a public place by junior and senior high school students, I thought it would be best to set up a standard user account for each of the four computers. I have it set up but when I log in as a standard use (non administrative) all the programs that were installed are not available. Tell me if I'm wrong. I think the programs would still be listed in program files when the standard user is open. Can I go to each of the programs and right click to open and then be prompted to key in my administrative password. I would think this should allow the program to be run in the standard user desktop.

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Can An XP User Account Be Copied Into Windows 7 Pro

Dec 20, 2012

I've tried to search this but have had no luck. My wife's computer has XP Pro 64-bit installed and she wants to try (again) to upgrade to Windows 7. I have 2 hard drives for her computer, the one with the XP OS is installed and the other with Windows 7 is waiting to be installed. I only planned on installing one HD at a time, but if I can install both and copy her user files and emails from one HD to the other, that would be an option too. Eventually I want to have just the Windows 7 HD installed and archive the XP HD in the safe.Several months ago she wanted to try Windows 7 but I anticipated that she may want to switch back to XP if she didn't like the new system. I bought a new HD and installed it in her computer, then installed Windows 7 Pro on it. The new system works fine and was updated to a current state as of several months ago. I realize there will be lots of Windows 7 updates to install, and I'm willing to spend the time necessary to do that. However, I'm looking for a short cut for installing all of her personal settings and Outlook email files from XP to Windows 7. I'm thinking that I could copy her entire User file from the XP system and after Win 7 is finally updated and current, paste that User account into Windows 7. MS Office 2003 is already installed on the new HD. I realize it won't be a 100% "one for one" swap and that I may have to tweak several settings from her XP User account, but is using the XP User account even feasible? If I can't paste her XP User account, can I copy her XP Outlook PST file onto a flash drive and then paste that PST file into Windows 7? I don't see why that wouldn't work, but there are a lot of issues that I'm not aware of. Does anyone have any better suggestions on how to import her personal settings and emails into Windows 7 on the new HD? P.S. I didn't realize this was my first post. I've been lurking and reading for quite a while. I live in the Largo, Florida area and have been very active in computers for several years, but just recently upgraded to Windows 7 on my personal computers. I'm getting more comfortable with Windows 7 each day, but now that I've broken the ice with this first post, I hope to become fairly active. I hope that I can eventually contribute to the forum. I'm glad to be here!

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Windows 7 User Account Control

Dec 31, 2011

how I can run a program, Core Temp.exe, on Windows 7 without having to manually enter the admin password and manually run it after logged in.I tried 3 ways:

1) Run as Admin Went to both the shortcut and the program location -> properties -> "Run as Admin" ---> didn't work Also checked "Run in Compatibility mode for windows 7" ---> didn't work

2) Task Scheduler Use Task Scheduler to run the program at startup---> didn't work run whenever any user logs in---> didn't work run whenever I log in ---> didn't work All of the above triggers at once ---> didn't work

3) Registry Editor Local Machine -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Current Version -> Run Made a string to run the program ---> didn't work All I want is this program to run whether I'm logged into any account. Specifically, my Limited Account so that I can monitor my CPU temperature and usage. It works after I run the program manually, this pops up "do you want the following program from an unknown publisher....", and enter in my admin password, but this is tiring.

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What Is Power User Account In Windows 7

Mar 28, 2012

what is power user account in windows 7 ?

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The Low Down On User Account Controls In Windows 7

Apr 1, 2010

In this tutorial, it's time to take a look at the often unfairly criticized User Account Control security mechanism. User Account Controls (UAC) were introduced in Windows Vista and were immediately unpopular with users migrating from Windows XP. However, they drastically improved security and when used in conjunction with limited user accounts, can actually save a great deal of time, as we'll demonstrate in the video.

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Windows 7 User Account Doesn't Show Up?

Jun 14, 2012

Recently I bought Toshiba Sattelite C670-1DJ and today I accidentally unplugged my AC cable. So I started it and it started computer with "Starting your computer for first use" or something like that.It logged in temporary Administrator account and when I tried to switch to my account, it wasn't there, however there is my folder in C:/users.I tried to reboot computer and edit registrs(I am a begginer in Windows, so i didn't try to do something extraordinary) but nothing help, i cannot log in my account.

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Windows 7 Computer Keeps Logging Off User Account

Oct 21, 2010

I just bought this about two hours ago. If even that long. & it seems that when my built in webcam is turned on if I don't take pictures routinely it logs me off. It only happens when the cam is on. Is there a way to stop this? I'm trying to play around with the options and what not but its quite difficult to do when the computer keeps logging my account off. Its Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Its made by HP. The box says "Pavilion dv5. dv5-2074dx."

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Windows 7 Log-in Screen Shows Two Of The Same User Account?

Nov 27, 2011

when I turn on my computer, or bring it back from sleep mode, there are two of the same account. Basically it shows the user boxes with the same name twice, (both with the same password, picture, etc.) It's not really a problem, just kind of annoying to me for some reason.

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Windows 7 User Account Doesn't Show Up

Jun 14, 2012

Recently I bought Toshiba Sattelite C670-1DJ and today I accidentally unplugged my AC cable. So I started it and it started computer with "Starting your computer for first use" or something like that. It logged in temporary Administrator account and when I tried to switch to my account, it wasn't there, however there is my folder in C:/users. I tried to reboot computer and edit registrs(I am a begginer in Windows, so i didn't try to do something extraordinary) but nothing help, i cannot log in my account. I need to get in my account, there are few specific programms that won't run.

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Windows 7 User Account Permissions Corrupt?

Dec 18, 2012

I have Windows 7 account named Joe and it is an Administrator. Whenever I try to open a program or shortcut I get the "Open with..." dialog box and my option is Internet Explorer. Another odd thing that I discovered is that if I right click and select on "Run as Administrator" a program or shortcut will open as it should.I also created a seperate Administrator account named Jim and everything opened normally.

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Can't Start Windows 7, User Account Deleted?

Jul 6, 2010

My brothers laptop has apparently deleted his user account and so he cannot start it up? Im not sure about the details tbh, hes running Windows 7 on a Dell laptop and he still has the installation disc and stuff. All hes told me is that his account has been deleted and so he cant start it in normal or safe mode.

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Windows 7 UAC (user Account Control) Won't Open

May 16, 2011

The other day I had to access User Account Controls because I was having some problems with Itunes and when I tried to open the Configure User Account Controls panel, a blank window opened for about 10-20 seconds and then it closed on its own. This kept happening even after I had restarted the computer. Also, this is the only thing with which this happens. Everything else opens perfectly.

I've been looking around for a while now, in other forums and costumer support, and I couldn't find anyone with the same problem or any thread addresing it.

I have a Windows 7 Professional, 32bit and I was using the Administrator account when this happened (it is the only account in the computer).

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Windows Sign On User Account Icons?

Jun 30, 2011

What are the best user account icons for windows 7? Can someone direct me to a cool website with unique icons?

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Get User Account To Connect To The Internet Windows 7?

Jan 23, 2012

My user account cannot access the internet but my administrator does what do i do

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Windows 7 - Hide / Encrypt User Account?

Jul 1, 2012

I have a new windows 7 laptop. I do not want my user account to have a password, however, I do not want anyone other than myself to see what I am doing. I have looked at hiding user accounts, however, in windows 7, there does not seem to be a way to access them. Is there some way to do what I want?

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Could Not Get In User Account

May 13, 2012

I was installing a patch so i could get the Personalization Panel on my Windows 7 Home Edition and had to restart my computer. When i was logging in my user account i typed my password and the screen just went black and then just brought me back to the start up screen where you pick a user. I share a computer with my sister and she couldn't log in her account either. I'm guessing there was probably some kind of virus or something but i'm not sure. What can i do?

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Possible To Set Animated Avatar As User Account Picture In Windows 7?

Jun 13, 2012

Can I set my User Account picture in Windows 7 animated? If so, how.

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User Account Preferences From Previous Versions Not Available In Windows 7?

Dec 22, 2011

I remember back when we were using XP, 2000, ME, 98 and even 95 versions of windows, we had the option to change the login screen so that you HAD to type in both username and password. I know public PC's are often setup this way too, but I can't figure out how to do this on my windows 7 PC, and would very much like to use this option.

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