Asus P5GDC Pro Sound - Driver Does Not Work

Feb 14, 2009

I have this mainboard : Asus P5GDC Pro with integrated sound card. Automatic installation of High Definition Audio Device fails and it fails each time I try to unninstall the driver and let windows install it again. I tryed some UAA drivers from Vista, but after installing it behaves like I have not installed anything.

On Win XP I was running C-Media High Definition Audio driver and it worked without any problems. Now it shows "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

Also in system tools my High Definition Audio controller shows (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12) If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. You need to restart your computer before the changes you made to this device will take effect) , but its displayed twice there and the other one works fine.


Bluetooth Driver Does Not Work On Asus K42F

Oct 7, 2012

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit on ASUS K42F dual core notebook. I used it well before reinstalling. I have reinstalled windows7 ultimate and updated it. Everything is ok but bluetooth does not work. When i press fn+f2 (in ASUS notebook) to switch WAN and Blutooth, but only WAN is showing, not bluetooth pop-up. Tried to install bluetooth driver, but cannot install.

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Sound Driver For Asus M2n68-VM

Dec 9, 2009

Need Help for Sound Driver of my motherboard.

M2N68-VM, VIA AUDIO DRIVER..........

For WINDOWS 7...

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Asus Sound Max Superbeam Driver

Oct 22, 2011

Where can I download this driver?

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Asus M51va - Sound And Driver Issues

Dec 1, 2009

I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate (clean install) on my M51va notebook, and it's screamin' along nicely. Only two issues are this:

One I keep getting the hardware disconnect sound at irregular intervals even when just writing an email or whatever. It must be a bug somewhere, but I have no idea how to troubleshoot it. Anyone heard of this as an issue?

Two I have one issue in my Device Manager, but can't seem to figure out what's not working. The dvd drive does hang occasionally, so I'm suspecting its that despite there showing a driver there, but there're two items called Base System Devices that are marked as being a problem (see screengrab here ).

I figure this is because I don't have all the Asus stuff installed on here anymore, but does anyone know what it might be or how to find an update?

Could it be possible the two issues are connected?

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Asus P4c800-e Deluxe Sound Driver

Jan 16, 2012

i need driver for ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe a sound driver for windows 7

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Asus P5DL2 Driver Sound For Windows 7?

Feb 16, 2012

I cannot download driver sound for window PC's Model: P5DL2 Asus

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Download Sound Driver For Asus P5pe-vm?

Aug 27, 2012

I am finding it defficult getting drivers for my pc.

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Sound Driver Asus P5PKL- AM Windows 7?

Nov 11, 2012

Sound driver asus P5PKL- AM windows 7?

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Asus Mother Borb Sound Driver For Windows 7?

Dec 15, 2011

Asus mother borb sound driver for windows 7?

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Can't Get A Compatible Sound Driver To Work

Jan 8, 2012

i have installed a copy of windows 7 and cant get a compatible sound driver to work

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Windows 7 Sound - Old Driver Which Worked In Windows XP Does Not Work?

Feb 21, 2012

I have just installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on my Dell Precision 670 desktop. At first the sound worked OK untill I downloaded and installed R145551.exe. audio driver.Now there is no sound. The older driver which worked in Windows XP does not work now. Is there a sound card that will be compatible my system as it is now?

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Asus P5VDC-X Will Work On Windows 7 Sp1?

Dec 5, 2011

Well this is my 1st and very old computer about 6 years old already. Actually i never try it yet because this motherboard is running on XP for 6 years. I wanna try it but to make it sure i need a good advice of experts here.

Asus site their is no Windows 7 drivers. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5VDC-X

if will the audio will really be installed on Windows 7 SP1?

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No Hd 5.1 Sound With Asus P5b

Jun 13, 2009

what gives peeps i ve just update from xp pro to win7rc. alls mostly went well apart from i cant get 5.1 surround on. i ve tried updating the soundmax drivers but it tells me that i ve got the most up to date drivers (i ve used the vista drivers). when i use sound max software to test the speakers it works fine and also i get 5.1 playing counterstrike. i have an asus p5b if that helps ..

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Low Sound On Asus P5n-d

Oct 5, 2009

Im running 7 32-bit RTM on asus p5n-d and im getting poor sound levels.

Compared to my old pc that was blowing my ears out just on 50% the full sound

Is there any fix for this? I tried updating the drivers that boosted the sound only a bit but it isn't enough for me.

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No Sound On Asus A8V-XE

May 9, 2009

I'm getting no sound whatsoever on Windows 7 RC1. I'm new to Windows 7, but I can't get sound to work on my Asus A8V-XE. I am using the built in sound chip.

Windows 7 has the driver label as:

Digital Audio (s/pdif), High Definition Audio Device.

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HDMI Refusing To Work On Asus M4N78PRO?

Oct 8, 2012

Had this working for a long time, had to reinstall Win 7 64bit, have installed the drivers from the Asus website, and nothing?

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Asus M2N32-SLI DELUXE Installation Cd Won't Work

Oct 30, 2009

Some hardware will work with Microsoft drivers, but my AMD X2 5000+ processor doesn't register on CPU-Z at anything approaching 3.0 gb. even after altering settings in setup which when i ran xp 64 immediately resulted in processor speed change. what's up?

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Asus M489td Pro/usb3 Can't Get Ahci To Work

Aug 7, 2012

i have the drivers downloaded. ive gotten it to work once but then i ended up deleted the amd driver thinkinin i didnt need it.

ive did the registry that everyone talks about. no luck. when i set my motherboard to ahci in the bios it never recognizs my hard drive only my optical dvd drive.

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Asus M2N32-SLI DELUXE Installation Cd Won't Work?

Jan 27, 2013

Updated to Win 7 2years ago (by a neighbor). Last week I tried to run the installationASUS CD and it came back with some kernel problem. I just wanted to reinstall some of the utilities, etc. that we're on the CD.

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ASUS M2n E SLI Mobo No Sound

Jan 4, 2010

I have the above mobo, just installed windows 7 64bit. Everything else is fine but I cannot get the sound to work even though when I test or play music I see the bar rise and fall. I have exhausted everything I know to do. I did see the CM6501 thread here but after trying the drivers, it still does not work and when I click the CM6501 icon, it freezes the PC and I have to reboot.

Any ideas?

CM6501 integrated USB soundcard.

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No Sound On Asus P5LD2 SE

Dec 1, 2009

I have a PC. It is Asus P5LD2 SE. [motherboard? I don't know much about computers]

I am running Windows 7 Professional. There is no sound on it. To my knowledge sound comes from modem/motherboard; I have speakers but no sound-card. Sound worked on Windows XP until I went to Win 7 about a week ago. I have done updates etc. I have even gone to the Asus site and have looked for drivers for my motherboard number that are compatible with Win 7. My number is not in the extensive list.

Interestingly, I dual booted with Ubuntu today and in the Ubuntu box the sound is fine.

In another thread someone asked for the device numbers. They are:



As a long-shot I downloaded the Asus driver with the closest number to mine. That didn't work.

Should I give up on drivers and get a sound-card? If so which one should I get for my system?

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Does HP / Dell / Acer / Asus And All Rest Of The Companies Work Together

Oct 11, 2012

I would like to know about VMWare Player. First of all, I would like to know about the bios setup in VMWare. Now what I want to know is if the bios acts the same as the actual bios setup in my computer. And also, there is a Wake on Lan option in the VMWare player bios setup. Now does this really work and wake up other computers when they are off or in standby? That is what I really want to know from you. And I also would like to know on what kind of computer manufacturers work with my VMWare player.Does HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and all the rest of the companies work together. Like lets say that I downloaded Windows 7 and put in my VMWare player, and then I went to my system properties, what would the computer manufacturers be? Like what would it say? Well for my computer I have an Acer Aspire 5733z model notebook. Now lets say that I downloaded a driver, like a lan card adapter for a Dell Optiplex computer. Would I be able to download that driver on my VMWare Player? Because I know that VM Player is virtual, and it is not my actual computer, which is my Acer Aspire 5733z. It is just powered by VM Ware.

Now for example, my Dad at work has a Dell Inspiron mini netbook, which is a 1012 model. And he has a Dell wireless lan card in his computer at work. And I also installed Team Viewer on his netbook computer. Now like every time he goes home and leaves work, he shuts down his computer, and his Team Viewer ID number goes away. And I do not like that at all when he shuts down his computer. Because once, it is shut down, I cannot make his ID number come back online, because his computer is off at work.Now what I was wondering was does the Dell wireless lan card have Wake on Lan settings on it in the properties of the network adapter? Because I tried everything to wake up and turn on his computer, but nothing just would work for me. By the way, he is not on a Lan, he is using a wireless connection, from a Dell wireless lan card, itself in his Dell Inspiron 1012 mini netbook computer.Now I would really like to know on how to wake his computer up, if it is possible. So just let me know on how to do this for me, step-by-step. All righty? And I would think that VMWare player works just like an actual computer with the bios setup, and everything. And if I download a certain driver, that should work too, I am assuming. So just let me know if this process will work. So that is that part.Now the next part I would like to know from you, is I want to get some Mac addresses from certain people. Like because I have a lot of friends, and they need some help on various things on how to troubleshoot issues on their computers. And for this I would need to use Remote Desktop. But lets say that their computer was off, and not turned on, and I needed to turn it on. Could I turn on their computer remotely with their mac address if I knew it? But I am assuming that I can turn on any computer if I had their mac address.And I do not have a Wake on Lan option in my actual real bios setup. So for that, I would have to enable the Wake on Lan in my VMWare player bios setup. The VMWare bios setup is by American Megatrends. So that should work. But mainly what I am saying here is that, I would like to know on how to get someone's mac address, by using an IP scanner, or a mac address scanner.

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ASUS N50Vn Touch Panel Doesn't Work

Jul 6, 2009

I got an ASUS N50Vn aka X5AV series..

On the top of the keyboard I got a "touch panel" where I can control the volume, change the computers performance and so on.

But after installing Windows 7 it doesn't work.

Anybody knows what to do? Maybe a special driver I need?

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Windows 7 Installed Asus Wi-Fi Adapter, However It Doesn't Work

May 19, 2012

I've installed ASUS Wi-Fi USB adapter (model USB-N13) for LAN. There is Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Through control panel I see that adapter works normally and the drivers are the latest. However my PC doesn't see the adapter - the ASUS utility notices me "ASUS Wireless LAN card is taken apart from your desktop PC".I have the same Wi-Fi adapter at another my PC with Windows 7 Home Basic, and everything works nice. Of course I changed these adapters between my computers. Conclusion is both adapters are working good. The same models, the same drivers. Actually I don't understand where is the mistake?

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No Sound On Asus P5WD2 Premium

Aug 11, 2009

I've installed the RC on my computer, everything works great except I get no sound output at all. It shows that it's connected and playing sound, I can see the green volume bars jumping around but no output. It even shows the front green jack as connected and disconnected when I take the headphones out.

I've tried the original bundled drivers with the RC, the old Vista 32bit sound driver from my mobo website, and the Realtek 2.29 driver. All have no luck at all.

I'm using the 7100 32-bit build.

System Specs are:

Asus P5WD2 Premium Mobo

Newest BIOS

Drivers as above.

Waiting for the new 2.30 to become available but apart from that does anyone else know of anything with this board?

On reading through everyone else sound problems, Asus motherboards prop up a hell of a lot! I'm not majority worried too much about the sound at the moment and I know it's an RC so can't have everything!

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Asus Av880 Sound Problem

Aug 31, 2009

I can not install the driver for my sound card. I downloaded the official drivers Realtek 6302 Win 6303 and Vista 7 Vista and when I run the installation utility says it can not verify the publisher of this driver, I click on "install this driver anyway "But we run in circles for hours.

How do I do? Have you any ideas?

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Sound Card Asus A6JC

Oct 5, 2009

my notebook is Asus a6jc. It seems to work well with Windows 7, but i have one problem.

Sound card seems properly installed, but it doesn't work at all.

I installed driver automatically, no sounds.

I went to asus site, and downloaded vista 32-bit driver, no sounds.

Installed in compatibility mode, no sounds.

Uninstalled automatic driver and then installed driver downloaded by asus site, or driver agent site, but still no sounds.

Now Windows 7 has the driver version: 6.1.7600.16385 provided by Microsoft.

System sees audio working properly (when i play test sounds, i see sounds meter moving, but no sounds exit from speaker or earphones). any suggestion?

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Asus Xonar DX Sound Card

Oct 22, 2009

I have the above card, and i cant get 5.1 sound through S/PDIF. I have the lateset drivers(its beta though) and my speakers are the Logitech Z-5500. When i was using XP all was working perfect, but now i am getting 2.1 sound through S/PDIF and no sound through the single connection.

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Asus P7p55d Sound Drivers

Mar 1, 2010

I have a problem with my sound drivers. I have win 7 pro 64bit and the sound drivers are a huge problems. When windows start sound doesn't work.The only solution I have found to that problem is installing the drivers and not rebooting since this makes sound work until I shut down the pc. After that when I boot sound disappears again. The drivers are the latest from asus website.


The only thing I can tell you is to uninstall the drivers. Then run one of those registry cleaners like CCleaner so it will delete the residue from the REGISTRY. Next look in the hardware list for the sound device...if still listed after uninstalling and then delete it from the list. Reboot and Windows will detect it as new hardware...from there it will of course try to install drivers on its own...that's when you redirect it to the official drivers for your hardware.

That's all I can tell you would normally work for me. If you have the original system drivers...I'd go with those then do an update.

good luck

ps: once you get it fixed...i strongly recommend you use one of those driver back up software programs...I do that myself because they will allow you to reinstall previous drivers rather than do an entire system restore.

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Poor Sound Quality (Asus U36jc)?

Jun 24, 2012

It sounds like everything is coming through a tube or from the other room. Especially bad on music with lyrics. The tune jumps out and the vocals sound like they're almost missing. With movies it's a bit better.I'm on a Asus U36JC, windows 7, 64*, with Realtek HD- which is where I'm guessing the problem lies...I've opened the Realtek HD Audio Manager and I notice that there are "sounds effects" that, when selected, makes the issue worse (seemingly in the same direction as the original issue) with effects like: "bathroom" and "cave". Yes I've turned that option to "none" and yes I've tried to adjust the EQ as well. No good.I've noticed that in my programs list, I've got 2 realtek programs running: "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver", and "Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver For Windows 7".

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Why Does Asus Computer Keep Playing A Really Annoying Sound

Dec 4, 2012

why does my asus computer keep playing a really annoying sound

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Wifi Button Does Not Work On Asus 1215B With Windows 7x64 Ultimate

Dec 6, 2011

After installing Windows7 Ultimate x64 on a EEE PC Asus 1215B Seashell serie, the button which toggle wifi did not work anymore, like any other keyboard function keys (less importante now). When I log on I receive a message in a popup windows which says: You must install ATK0100 driver! I had installed the P4GX before noticed the problem. I've tried to install the driver downloaded from asus support site but I receive an error message in a pop-up windows, without any clue about what the problem is. Nothing is registered in Device manager, nothing is found in Registry, no file related to atk* in system32driverstorefilerepository. It's not possible remove nor reinstall, cause nothing bad remains after my failed installations. I've tried many times, with Troubleshoot Compatibility and Run as administrator (my regular user is also an admin). After executing the driver app, one command prompt appears showing the log of the installation process, and all of sudden disappear. No control about it. It's only possible to read the upper case word FAILURE before the window close. No log is found. It works when I restore the machine to Windows 7 Starter that comes from factory. I dont know how to get the drivers inside the hidden partition.

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Asus K61-IC Sound Coming From Speakers When HDMI Is Plugged In

May 29, 2012

I have an Asus K61-IC dual booting Windows 7 Professional x64 (default) & Fedora 16 x64. In Windows, whenever I plug in a HDMI cable to watch a movie on my LCD TV audio will only come out of laptop speakers and when I open audio properties it says HDMI audio not connected or something to that effect (at the moment, I'm not able to connect it to the TV) and it will not let me click on properties, but when I open the driver properties, it tells me everything is working fine. I cannot figure this out for s#%t.

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Windows 7 On Asus Sound Starts And Stops All The Time

Jan 13, 2012

sound starts and stops all the time

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Windows 7 Sound Drivers For Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard

Oct 31, 2012

I would like to download the sound drivers for Windows 7 Ultimate for the Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherboard.

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Asus U56e Sound Distortion And Wifi Disconnecting

Feb 4, 2013

So my girlfriends Asus has an issue where it will disconnect itself from wifi and at the same time if anything sound is running from the computer, music or video. The audio will distort and she has to restart the computer to fix it, this only lasts a short time before it happens again.She has tried updating the wifi and audio drivers and this didn't seem to help.

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Asus Essentio Windows 7 Mouse Keyboard Doesn't Work At Login Screen

Nov 13, 2011

At win 7 login screen mouse & keyboard USB 2.0 doesn't work. We've tried this same mouse & keyboard in a diff computer & it worked fine.

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No Sound - Yellow Exclamation Mark On Asus Xonar And RAID Controller

Dec 21, 2012

I have a Asus Xonar DG audio device, but no sound. No sound at all. When I go to my device manager, yellow exclamation points are on my Asus Xonar and on RAID controller. Asus says driver is current. AMD High Def audio device is not disabled, should it be? If I disable it would I have sound? I have to listen to 4 hrs of video for work so I have to have sound back up asap.

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Can't Get Any 5.1 Sound To Work

May 16, 2012

I bought a computer second hand, and all in all it's an upgrade from my last computer, except for one thing: I can not for the world get my speakers to play any kind of 5.1 sound.

The sound drivers installed are Realtek High Definition Audio - but this could be a mistake on my side, as for all I know, I'm not even supposed to have them installed. I just assumed I needed the Realtek Audio Manager like I did on my last computer, to get the 5.1 sound to work, and this is probably completely wrong, heh.

So how can I get the 5.1 sound to work? What information do you need to guide me? And how do I find that information?

If the motherboard type is needed (I read somewhere else it might be) then I assume it's this: ASUSTeK Computer INC. 2A73h 1.01

When I go to the Control Panel, there is no Realtek Audio Manager there. Clicking Sound, I get the following information:

Realtek High Definition Audio
Default Device

Clicking Configure, I only have ONE option: Stereo. No 5.1.

I really want the option to listen to sound from all my speakers (I don't even care if it's pure 5.1 sound, as long as there's music/sound coming from all the speakers I'm happy!)

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Windows 7 - Sound Won't Work?

Sep 26, 2012

I had an issue with my computer so I re-installed Windows 7, but now my sound won't work =/ On the keyboard there is a shortcut to raise the volume or decrease the volume and a green bar used to pop up to show what percentage my sound was at and now that won't even show up. I went into properties and it says my device is installed properly ..

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Sound Not Work In Any Of Browsers

Oct 19, 2011

In April of this year I ordered a new computer from I wasn't thrilled with its state when I received it, as the graphics card was defective and several cables were unattached. But, when I got a replacement card my games played just fine, which was my main concern.Thereafter I noticed that there was a problem whenever I tried to play sound through my browser. The sound is really muffled to the point that I can't understand anything that is being said. My normal browser is Firefox, but the same thing happens with IE and Chrome.

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Sound Does Not Work Properly

Aug 23, 2012

I updated my audio drivers as per windows update because I noticed I had some new updates. Well now my speakers are not as loud as they used to be. I really don't know a way to describe this other then that, they just do not sound like they used to. They sound like they are not reaching their maximum volume, even though the volume ( master and others ) are all the way up, maxed out. Also, my Dell and the Audio drivers come with an IDT control panel, I do not know how to set up the IDT control panel for best playback, and I do not know how to fix this issue. I am on a Dell XPS 1645 using Windows 7 Pro.

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Cant Get Sound Drivers To Work

Feb 10, 2012

I just reinstalled windows, and tried installing the latest High def audio codec from Realtek and no matter what I do. I just cant get my sound to work. In my playback devices, it still shows the green bar moving showing that sound should be playing, but i cant hear anything. My sound was working fine last night before I reformatted so I doubt anything went wrong with my sound card. I've tried pretty much everything..uninstalling all my audio drivers, then reinstalling the realtek high definition audio ones, and whenever i try to install the AC'97 drivers, it gives me an unauthorized vebdir. I've also tried using the CD that came with my motherboard with no luck. and I have also tried the latest drivers from gigabytes website with no luck.

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