Why Does My Cursor Jump All Over When I Am Typing

Mar 23, 2008

i can be typing along and all of a sudden a new window pops up or my cursor jumps to another spot in the page. Basically it jumps to wherever I have left the cursor.

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Email Message Cursor Jump

Apr 2, 2008

when I am typing an email message the cursor will junp to a previous line or a few spaces back, making sending email a real task.

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Cursor Will Erratically Jump Beginning Line

Mar 23, 2008

I have never had this problem with Windows XP. I have had this same problem with several vendors computers, so I don't think it is hardware. It only happens with Vista. When typing text, the cursor will erratically jump to the beginning of the line, a different place in the same line or a spot in some previous line of text. If I am not watching what I am typing, my text is messed up. It happens in Word, when typing an email message or different software packages that I have so I don't think it is the software product; it must be Vista.

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Unable Typing Due To Cursor Movment

Mar 9, 2009

In the middle of typing something the cursor will randomly click on whatever it's hovering over, be it a link, text further up in the field, or even my desktop wallpaper. I've called a friend with Vista and he has the same problem. I have no idea how to correct this since I'm a XP person

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Cursor Jump From An Intended Target To Another Target That Is To Its Left

May 15, 2010

My cursor (Logitech cordless optical trackman, setpoint 4.8, Vista 64-bit, Maxthon 2) has been acting quite crazy on occasion (not always). It will jump from an intended target to another target that is to its left. Also, when brought to a yes/no button and left clicked, nothing happens. Moving the cursor ever so slightly causes it to jump left at a 45 degree angle. Bringing cursor back to target and left clicking, now works. Ans, sometimes icons in my tackbar don't open on the first click, they need a second click. Happens mostly in my browser, but also happens elsewhere. This odd behavior may have started when I updated my Nvidia card. Thinking here is that Setpoint 4.8 did quite connect with the updated Nvidia. So, I tried to download and install the newest setpoint, 6.0. During instillation got the alert that "You are running a 32-bit installer in a 64-bit OS, please run correct installer." Well, my Windows Installer is 4.5, but I can't tell if it is or isn't for 64 bit. And to add fuel tot he fire, Logitech tells me that the instillation of the Setpoint application should be done by the logitech installer.

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Cursor In My Vista: If Move The Cursor To The Edge Of IE, The Double Head Arrow Will Apear At The Bottom-left Of The Edge

Nov 4, 2008

The coordinate of the cursor in my Vista is not at the tip of the arrow, instead it is at the tail of the arrow. When I click a file name, the file underneath would be opened; if move the cursor to the edge of IE, the double head arrow will apear at the bottom-left of the edge.

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Should I Jump?

Aug 3, 2007

I'm soon purchasing an HP NC8430 business laptop that comes standard w/ Windows XP.I have a legal copy of Windows Vista Ultimate both 32 bit and 64 bit.I plan to upgrade the RAM in the laptop to 4GB and install a 7200 rpm HD.I have checked HP's support site for this laptop and they appear to have all of the drivers for Vista 64 bit.I do not use any esoteric hardware so other drivers are not an issue.I use recent commercially available software for the most part (or open source).So my question is, is there any reason I should not install Vista 64 bit?I plan to run a virtual XP box on the laptop for anything that will absolutely not run on Vista.

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System Jump When Moving Around The Map

Oct 29, 2007

Arrived today, installed with no problems, patched with no problems and runs great On max settings it even makes my system jump a little when moving around the map!

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USB Jump Drive No Longer Works With

May 16, 2008

Cruzer jump drive does not work with Vista but does work on my other comptuer with XP. It did work until recently but now the system wants to format the drive instead of allowing me to drag and drop files. The multimedia drive also quit working.

Using Vista Premium on a Toshiba A205 -S4607. Have been unable to find an email for tech support from Toshiba. Will not buy another computer from them!

Can anyone provide a fix. Have tried using and earlier restore point along with deleting the UBS drivers under System - devices but to no avail. Mouse, printer, keyboard, and Matrox external disk drive are all recognized.

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Down The Network: Jump From 97ms To 1200ms?

Oct 30, 2008

When I plug in my network cable into one computer, it brings down the network, ping times jump from 97ms to 1200ms? Any thoughts? There was a trogan found but it was supposed to have been cleaned. I have AVG Free on this PC, and every time you plug in this network cable to this pc the is a trogan caught. The same one over and over. And it says it is deleted. I even found it in the regestry and dleted it.

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Download Files Onto Jump Drive

Apr 24, 2010

I have a train collection and have a program called TrainTracker that I use to keep track of the pieces in my collection. I have the program on my home PC, which runs Widows XP, but when I bought my laptop about a year ago with Windows Vista Home Premium, I copied the program from my PC (Windws XP) onto a jump drive and pasted it onto my laptop (Vista). Everything was going according to plan.

Now I take my laptop where my trains are and I add a bunch of pieces and I want to copy the file from my laptop (Windows Vista) onto a jump drive, so I can then paste it onto my PC (Windows XP) and have the updated TrainTracker, with all the additions I've made. Well, when I copy it from Vista onto a jumpdrive, all it will copy is the original program which I transferred from my PC onto my laptop. It won't copy the new items I've added onto the program.

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Can Not Browse : Jump Two Or Three Pages Every Click On The Back Arrow

Jun 30, 2008

i really don't know if it is from my Vista or IE7!! when i browse and try to go back one page my browser always jump two or three pages every click on the back arrow?? i tried many things and searched in MS and IE pages and did't find an answer!

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Typing Delays

Aug 2, 2009

I have recently purchsed a Dell Studio 15 Laptop, with Vista Home Premium x64.

Great machine, and really excellent performance.

BUT - I have noticed that when typing within Internet Explorer (Forums, Newsgroups, socila networking), the typing is delayed so badly, that it actually skips a load of the letters.

I have searched online for known issues, and the only real solutions that I found were to remove "pcmservice.exe" - which is not resident on my machine, or to switch to another browser.

I have rolled back IE to v7, but still have the problem. I tried updating again to IE8 and any updates, but same issue exists.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Popups While Typing

May 20, 2009

Everytime I try to type emails or anything else for that matter things keep popping up, form for email, im forms etc. and many times emails get sent before I'm ready. Don't know what causes this to happen - some sort of speed keys - I don't need this or want it. I just want to type without interference of any kind. How do I deactivate this pain in the %%,%? Things were popping up as I typed this.

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Having An Issue With Typing

Jun 21, 2008

Running Vista Home Premium on a Dell M1730. in the last week or so I have been having an issue with typing on the keyboard... this also affects the system while gaming

If I am in notepad/email client/here typing this now... as I type, the characters appear normally as you would expect, then every 10 seconds or so stop being displayed on the screen... that lasts for a few seconds then everything I have typed in the lag period comes up on the screen. In a gaming situation, same timing and the keys will either intermittently not respond or will "sitck" for few seconds.

I have uninstalled the Norton Security package but not sure where to go with this now.

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Typing In Web Email Is Very Slow

Oct 3, 2009

I purchased a new Dell laptop with inbuilt Vista 32 bit. When ever I type emails in web based like hotmail and yahoo, my keyboard cursor goes very slow. It is really very slow and I have to type the matter in word and then cut and past it. I restart the system but same in both hotmail and yahoo. My laptop is updated as of date for wndows and all requred drivers. I am using McAfee AntiVirus software.

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When Stop Typing On Word Pad

Apr 5, 2008

Does word pad in open office have a page break or eqivalent. I haven't a clue when to stop typing I check print preview all the time which is a drag. Is this the norm.

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Automatic Typing Of Address In To, Cc, Bcc Boxes

Mar 23, 2008

I am not able to understand how to make the email address typed in To ,cc and bcc boxes to complete automatically while typing. This facility was available in Outlook express 6.

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Keyboard Hence Typing Randomly Reverts

Aug 20, 2008

when I start typing it randomly reverts back to the middle of the sentence.

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Mail: Finish Typing Automatically

Jul 29, 2009

In the new mail, when I type words in the "To" column, it helps to finish my typing automatically. How could I stop it?

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New Email Shrinks, Typing FreeCell

Aug 17, 2009

I am real curious if this happens to anyone else using WM? We are all familiar with the solitaire card game FreeCell that comes with Windows. I opened a new email, have my size at 600 x 460. Typed the word "FreeCell" into the subject line. Instantly, the email changes in size. 602 x 272. Do not have to click mouse or anything, does it on its own.

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Typing Glitches In Windows Mail

Dec 4, 2009

annoying recent development after composing an email, if I go back /click / move cursor to insert a word or a punctuation (NOT highlighting anything), often (but now always) the new word I am entering "gobbles" the text already written that follows on that line, letter by letter, space by space, character by character. If I type in a 5 letter word, the next five letters or spaces disappear; a seven letter word with a comma at the end will "gobble up" the next 8 characters. Is there some option or keystroke that causes this, or can stop this from happening?

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Internet Explorer Skips Typing Letters

Mar 25, 2010

I've never done this before... so you will all have to bare with me. But I have noticed that everytime I use Internet Explorer, it skips letters as I'm typing. I have to type slow and really pay attention to get everything I am trying to type. I'm not really sure why this happened. It worked great for a while and then all of a sudden one day it would skip letters as I was typing.

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Internet Explorer Dropped Letters When Typing!

Jun 9, 2009

I have problem with dropped letters in IE?? When I type on IE …letters are dropped. nly in IE though..Word & Notepad is fine…..this is sooo annoying!! I can't find any resolutions. I tried disabling all the add-ons and still don't work!

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How To Send Mail Typing Each Address Individually

May 28, 2009

i have always used outlook express, since i purchased windows vista, outlook express is updated to windows live worst thing ever, i used to be able to just type the first letter of the email address or name to whom i was mailing, now if i am forwarding an email to several people i now have to type every address individually, in full, is this the way that windows live is?? is it a glitch?? can i go back to the old outlook express, or should i just get a yahoo account and have no problems what so ever??

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The Flashing Line That Indicates Where I Am Typing Moves To Random Places!

Sep 29, 2009

How do I fix it? D:

We have two Sony Vaio laptops in my house and this has happened with both of them. When I type the little flashing line moves to random places and the typing continues from there. Not only that, sometimes when I type passages get highlighted or deleted, or the page simply changes for no reason. Why did this happen and how can i fix it? D:

I posted this on Yahoo Answers and the response was
this is common and one of the reasons people hate vista, however its easy to fix.

go to control panel >mouse and other (or printers and other) >Mouse > Touchpad Tab >move the slider back a bit so its not so sensitive.

When the Touchpad is super sensitive weird things happen when your hands are nearby.

2 weeks ago"

But I don't have a touchpad tab option that allows me to do that.

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Tilde Key Unresponsive: If I Press The Tild Key Quickly As If I Were Typing Normaly, It Dose Not Register

Feb 6, 2009

ive been having problems with the tilde key on my Asus laptop. at first it was that it didint work at all, in games, in microsoft works, or notepad. i went searching online and disabled the driver for the eHome ir receiver (even though i dont own an ir receivers). after that i was able to use the tild key only outside of games. but heres the strange part, if i press the tild key quickly as if i were typing normaly, it dose not register. in order to use it i have to hold down the tilde key for about 1-2 seconds before it would spit out a stream of "````````````". then i could delete up to the first one. this is true for the laptops keyboard, and a wired dell keyboard i connected using usb.........

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Windows Mail: Cannot Jump Folder To Folder

Mar 23, 2008

In my previous email program of choice, Outlook Express, I used to beable to select the "to" function within the email message template and see a display of contacts that included the FOLDERS. In Windows Mail, the same action calls up ALL the contacts and NO folders. ALthough I can select multiple contacts from the Windows Contacts folder and through "action", install them in the "To" pane of an email message, I cannot jump from folder to folder to, for example, select contacts within another folder whom I wish to CC on the same message. The "Action" sequence always generates a new email template, posting any selected contact or contacts to the "To" pane.

I do not wish to create GROUPS and then go through the convoluted process of calling up the group in the "To" pane, and then deleting the ones I don't want. Needless to say, this feature was critical to my email flow and organization. Am I missing something? I have checked every forum and group I can. Others report the same issue without resolution. One forum individual said, "That's the way Windows Mail is".

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Misplaced Cursor

May 17, 2008

I have a problem that I can't figure out how to fix. I have this new Acer
laptop with Vista. When I try to type the cursor just suddenly places
itself in the middle of a previous line. For instance I will be typing and
all of a sudden the middle of "sudden" will insert itself 2 lines up. I
tried updating the touchpad driver but it still does it. Any hints? I have
heard of another person who has the same problem and never found out what
causes it.

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Cannot See Cursor On The Screen

Nov 11, 2009

I just installed the latest drivers for the graphics card in my laptop, and when I restarted my computer, my cursor became invisible. I can move the mouse and still hover over links and click on things, the only thing is that I can't see the cursor. The cursor moves when I move the mouse, but I can't see it moving...its invisible somehow. Everything worked fine up until I installed the new graphics drivers.

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Cursor Inaccurate

Apr 12, 2008

I just bought a new dell XPS with Vista and I am having problems with my mouse. For example, in MS Paint when drawing lines the "precision" cursor is used which looks like cross hairs. Instead of lines starting from the center of the cross hairs it starts above and to the left (which is coincidentally where the point of an arrow cursor would be). I have similar issues in adobe elemens where precision is needed.

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