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Cannot See Cursor On The Screen

I just installed the latest drivers for the graphics card in my laptop, and when I restarted my computer, my cursor became invisible. I can move the mouse and still hover over links and click on things, the only thing is that I can't see the cursor. The cursor moves when I move the mouse, but I can't see it moving...its invisible somehow. Everything worked fine up until I installed the new graphics drivers.

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Jumping Cursor Other Screen
I have an Acer laptop with Windows Vista Home Edition. Ever since I purchased it I've had a problem with the cursor jumping from one point on the screen to another. I place the cursor on a button or thread I want to open but the cursor jumps to another part of the screen. Also, it locks up some times when I am trying to scroll and the scroll bar takes off like a rocket. Other times I'll be dragging the scroll bar and it will snap back to it's original position.

Posted: Dec 17, 2009

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Cursor Locked In Screen Center
my cursor is locked in the center. I have a logitec usb mouse and I have switched to an older mouse with the round plug. I've rebooted with both and get same results. Keyboard does work.

Posted: Mar 18, 2010

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Screen Goes NEARLY Black, But Cursor Still Fine
The issue is the screen goes nearly black, i.e. everything is still displayed but just really dark, as if the brightness on the monitor has been turned right down. However, the mouse cursor still appears bright white. It seems to occur pretty randomly. It has happened with both the default video drivers and the ATI beta drivers, and it has also occured both before and after the logon screen.

Posted: May 5, 2006

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Cursor Spontanius Jumps Over Screen
y cursor spontanius jumps over the screen while i'm not clicking on it. I tried a new mouse but the problem stays the same. I installed the mouse driver again but also the problem stays the same. It's not a virus because I checked that trough a virusscan. Is there anyone of you who knows how I can solve this problem?

Posted: Jul 2, 2008

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Black Screen With Only Mouse Cursor
Hey my names Mike and at the moment i have an HP Slimline with Vista Home Premium. (Vista Home Premium was already installed when i bought it) So heres my problem- I bought my comuter a couple months ago and its been working great. But a couple days ago whe i was trying to set up a webcam with software, i was told to restart my computer. fine. Though afterwards when it was booting up and after the Windows logo apeared it said Welcome and then went black with only my mouse cursor.

Im not to tech savey so i'm not to sure what im doing. Ctrl+Alt+Delete does work. Safe Mode Works also (Not really sure what to do in Safe mode though) Also im not sure if it's the new software or a malfunction in my computer but I've tried several times to restart it with no success. I've also tried a system restore with no success either.

Posted: Aug 9, 2008

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Black Screen W/ Cursor When Locking Keyboard
I have searched this newsgroup (as well as Google) and have found many items which are similar to this situation, but nothing quite exactly the same.

In my office I have 9 of the exact same computer (Dell Optiplex 755),all with the exact same software setup (Vista Enterprise 32bit).This issue is happening on only 1 of the computers (which leads me to believe that this is NOT a driver problem).

The user has her computer set to require a password when the screensaver is activated (normal windows screen saver, not some 3rd party program).

When the screen saver is activated, it locks the computer and the monitor goes black. All is well.

When she is ready to unlock it, she hits alt-cntl-del. 7 out of 8 times, the screen comes back to the logon screen where she can type in her password, and unlock the computer. But 1 time out of 8, the monitor will be totally black except for the arrow for the cursor.

She can move the mouse around fine (indicating the computer itself is ot toasterized).

Things we have tried:

* about 1/2 the time, unplugging the video plug from the computer and
plugging it back in will restore the picture (note that simply turning
the monitor off then back on *never* works).

* typing her password on the black screen will sometimes work (my guess
is that the prompt is in the right place)
Other than this issue, the computer works fine (meaning there aren't
other symptoms that indicate other problems).

Posted: May 6, 2009

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After Loading Bar Gets Black Screen WIth Cursor
RIght now im on the same computer on my BItdefender 2009/Iceweasel.So after i get a black sceen with a cursor that i can move where i want but it just stays like that.I tryed all the safe modes and they dont work at all.Plus i dont have a VistaDVD to make it worse.(My Original OS was Windows Vista Home Premium x32)I really dont know where the command prompt is on iceweasel but i know how to use it in vista.

Posted: Apr 25, 2009

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Black Screen Of Death/moving Cursor
i was updating drivers for my motherboard when my desktop froze and i was forced to manually reset, after the reset the computer restarted normally but it was slow on logon and it was weird since it always acts fast, i tryed to finish installing the drivers and it froze up again! so again i restarted, when i did... BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH!!!

when i try to reboot i get the boot choices (start windows normally, safe mode...) and none of them work! is all the same black screen with the cursor, i dnt get a choice of "last good known configuration" either, i tryed pressing ctrl-alt-del and nothing happens! does anyone know how to solve this problem without reinstalling windows? i have 300GB worth of stuff i dont wanna loose!

I tryed the windows vista disc repair procedure and it tells me it cant fix the problem, i try system restore and it tells me there is no restore points set, which it cant be true because a few days ago i opened system restore and saw tons of restore points from before.

Posted: Jan 3, 2009

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Stuck On Black Screen With Blinking Cursor
Couple of days back at the time of booting my laptop I pluged in my iphone for charging. As it saw a new drive it started to scandisk it. I unplugged my iphone and restarted my computer as I was in a hurry. The scan was just taking a lot of time. After that my vista is not starting up. It goes and get stuck on a blank screen with the cursor blinking on the top left corner. As I have lost my original repair CD I made a recovery disk by downloading a vista recovery software for X64. Ran that and it did some thing and fixed the problem. But still I cannot boot my vista. It gets stuck on the same screen. Using this disk, system restore and complete recovery is not working either. Any one has any other tricks of making me pass the black screen. :-)

Posted: Apr 24, 2010

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Black Screen And Cursor After Windows Logo
I've been running Vista for a few months now without much complaint until recently. After booting, the green loading bar is followed by the windows logo before the screen flickers several dark colors and then produces a black screen with a movable cursor. The hard drive light remains unlit after the black screen. Running in safe mode gives the same result. I do not have a repair disk and I would rather not wipe the hard drive with a factory default disk as I have important data on my hard disk.

Posted: Sep 1, 2008

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Drop Down Bar:when Cursor Is Near The Top Of The Screen
how to get rid of the drop down bar which comes down when cursor is near the top of the screen I think its called the "support buttons",it has a habit of staying down.

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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Blank Screen Of First Boot With A Flashing Cursor
I've done a search for this but it's kind of a hard one to put in to keywords without getting tonnes of results with radically different problems. I bought a new computer a few months ago and bought Vista Ultimate OEM but I still needed XP for work so I just put my old XP harddrive in, played around with installing some drivers and everything worked swell. I had some free time on the weekend though and decided I may as well install Vista now. I chucked the DVD in and booted from it, then began the installation. I've got 3 hard drives, one of them is XP, one is for the bulk of my files and finally one that I cleared everything off of, ready to be formatted and have Vista put on. The installation seems to have gone fine, it unpacked all the files and installed everything. It rebooted, assumedly at the end (I didn't hang around to watch it install for half an hour) and booted in to XP. Cool, so I rebooted again, went to the boot menu and selected the Vista hard drive and then nothing happens. I get a black screen with a white blinking "_" cursor. I went back in to XP and looked on the Vista harddrive and it appeared to have the entire file structure on it. So is there any advice you can give? I'm not quite sure what else to try other than do a completely fresh install.

Posted: Aug 20, 2007

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Black Screen After Windows Logo With Movable Cursor
My computer is encountering a black screen with a movable cursor after the windows logo on start up and I have no idea what is causing this. When I start from safe mode (safe mode, safe mode with cmd prompt) it does the same thing. One thing that I've noticed is that when I run it in safe mode it stops at crcdisk and continues on to the black screen.

Posted: Feb 19, 2010

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Sp1 Update : The Screen Is Black With The Cursor Blinking On Top
I have a Dell Inspiron notbeook, pre-installed with Vista Home Premium. Apart from what came from the manufacturer, this machines is pretty much clean - that is other than the Trend Micro Security suite installed, there is nothing else. Maybe the Adobe Flash and Adobe reader. I have downloaded the SP1 and installed it. The installation went smooth until it shutdowns and restart - message was something like - 1 of 3 updates... x% It went for about 6 hours apparently idle - the screen is black with the cursor blinking on top left corner and non responsive. I decided to turn it off and when reboot the machine displays a message - Resuming Windows and goes back to a black screen with the cursor on the top left corner and unresponsive.. Tried to reboot in safe mode and it does not work - it just displays a message Resuming Windows and goes back to a black screen...

Posted: Oct 13, 2008

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Cursor In My Vista: If Move The Cursor To The Edge Of IE, The Double Head Arrow Will Apear At The Bottom-left Of The Edge
The coordinate of the cursor in my Vista is not at the tip of the arrow, instead it is at the tail of the arrow. When I click a file name, the file underneath would be opened; if move the cursor to the edge of IE, the double head arrow will apear at the bottom-left of the edge.

Posted: Nov 4, 2008

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Misplaced Cursor
I have a problem that I can't figure out how to fix. I have this new Acer
laptop with Vista. When I try to type the cursor just suddenly places
itself in the middle of a previous line. For instance I will be typing and
all of a sudden the middle of "sudden" will insert itself 2 lines up. I
tried updating the touchpad driver but it still does it. Any hints? I have
heard of another person who has the same problem and never found out what
causes it.

Posted: May 17, 2008

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Cursor Inaccurate
I just bought a new dell XPS with Vista and I am having problems with my mouse. For example, in MS Paint when drawing lines the "precision" cursor is used which looks like cross hairs. Instead of lines starting from the center of the cross hairs it starts above and to the left (which is coincidentally where the point of an arrow cursor would be). I have similar issues in adobe elemens where precision is needed.

Posted: Apr 12, 2008

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Blinking Cursor On Startup
When starting up there's just a blank black screen with a blinking cursor on the top left of screen.

I waited for hours and still won't boot.

I tried fixmbr, rebuildbcd from Vista DVD and it didn't help.

Any help? I'm tired of reinstalling Vista again and again.

Posted: May 15, 2009

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Mouse Cursor Not Working
I am having some problems with my mouse cursor, at first I thought it was my logitech wireless mouse and I got a different wireless microsoft mouse, and still have the problem. When I go to click on something, sometimes I have to click above it because it seems as if the mouse is not actually clicking where the cursor is.

Posted: Jun 19, 2008

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Why Does My Cursor Jump All Over When I Am Typing
i can be typing along and all of a sudden a new window pops up or my cursor jumps to another spot in the page. Basically it jumps to wherever I have left the cursor.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Sluggish Cursor Movement
In another thread there was a discussion about spyware. I followed some of the advice given and now all of a sudden, the cursor movement is sluggish. Also, when I boot up, my password is sometimes rejected two or three times even though I am being careful in typing. Sometimes I have to click on a link three or four times before it works. My machine is a Packard Bell desktop with 32-bit OS Vista plus SP1.

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

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How To Turn On Mouse Cursor?
Just been forcibly upgraded at work from win95 to vista. I'm partially sighted, and one of the things I *still* can't suss out is being able to turn on a "sonar" feature where you press the control key and get a series of concentric circles explaining where you lost the mouse cursor. if the mouse cursor is a rather indistinct blob amid more indistinct blobs it does actually help if the one you're looking for is the one that wriggles when you tell it to!

Posted: Mar 25, 2008

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Cursor Becomes A Little White Circle
On any application, when I save for the first time, or save as, the window opens to select where to save (documents, usually) but the cursor becomes a little white circle and if I click in the window, it says not responding at the top. The only recourse it to stop it either from task manager or repeatedly clicking the close icon. Vista 64 Home Premium SP1 Intel Core duo E750, Nvidia Geforce 8800 4 gig ram.

Posted: Mar 22, 2009

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Hour Glass Next To Cursor
i have an hour glass next to the the pointer that only appears when the cursor is over the list of incoming mail on yahoo!

Posted: May 27, 2009

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How Download Manatee Cursor?
The directions on the webpage did not work for me and my Vista Premium Home version, Windows 2007.

Posted: Jun 5, 2008

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Working In Background Cursor Flutter
Platform: ASUS M50-SV

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Update status: No new updates available as of 2008-06-30

Cursor on desktop continually switches between Normal Select and Working in Background when a manually initiated or task manager scheduled minimized script is running. If the cursor is positioned over an item on the desktop, the flashing stops.

The behaviour is an unnecessary visual distraction.

It can be reproduced on demand using the following milliwait.bat script
running minimized..................

Posted: Jun 30, 2008

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Bugs: Page Down And Cursor Moving
ran AVG virus scan and Ad-ware checks, no fixes yet. Issues:

1. the IE page will automatically scroll down by itself continuously, even after I page up or scroll up.
2. While typing on an IE page or email, the cursor will jump from the current position to the bottom of my page at any given moment.

Posted: Jan 21, 2010

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System Constant Freeze And Cursor Also
When I start it, it will go to the desktop, everything will run fine, then suddenly nothing can be clicked, and soon the cursor also freezes. No chance to Ctrl+Alt+Dlt or bring up task manager. This freeze was initially happening after about 30 seconds, but after taking out one stick of RAM it lasts as long as 5 minutes before freezing (may be coincidence). This started happening before I changed any settings, the PC is still as new.

I have tried taking out the RAM and putting back in, leaving one stick out as mentioned above, and having a look at the BIOS on startup (didn't really know what to look for though). Made sure everything is plugged into PSU, everything looks right, I'm truly at a loss as to why this is happening. Oh, and freeze doesn't happen in Safe Mode, which leads me to believe it's nothing to do with hardware and is related to Vista or drivers?

Posted: Jun 21, 2008

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Cursor Curiosity Update Downloaded
My cursor used to have an hour-glass next to it. Now it's changed to a circle. How did that happen? Has it got to do with one of those updates downloaded in the past ? I'm curious to know.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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