Updates Were Not Configured Correctly

May 15, 2010

1) I can't see Windows update tab as can you see from this picture:Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing and second one I guess this is a very famous problem:

My computer every day without my permission turn off and trying to make some updates, like: 2 of 3 100% after that reloading makes 3 of 3 100% reloads and then writes me: updates were not configured correctly. reverting the changes. It happens every day!!!! I do some work and suddenly it turns off and trying to update something.. I turned off updates. Damn!!!! Vista, Solve it already!!!!! I see it's a very common problem as I surfed through the forums in Net. I already tried many solutions that i've found in net, like: restore point (doesn't work), updates were not configured correctly. REverting changes. , Updates were not configured correctly. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer..

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Updates Were Not Configured Correctly

Aug 16, 2009

I get this message after I start my HP laptop.

*Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer After restarting the computer Updates were not configured correctly reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer.

It take almost 30-40 mins to complete all the above process and till it asks me for LOGIN/PASSWORD screen. It does not happen all time when I reboot. This is second time I have seen this in a month.I have not installed any software since I purchased this laptop (1 yearback) Then why its configuring any updates How to fix this Windows version : Windows Vista Home Basic.

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My Laptops Keyboard Layout Cant Seem Tobe Correctly Configured?

Oct 9, 2009

my neighbour has asked me to take a look at her laptop because her laptops keyboard laoyut is wrong.

i have tried to change the regional options but they are already set to uk settings.

i am stumped by this...

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Future Updates When SP2 Not Installed:Will Get It Correctly?

Jun 2, 2009

I'm getting the message E_FAIL(0x80004005) when attempting to install Vista SP2. I've concluded that this is due to the custom boot manager I have installed. I've decided it would be too much trouble to un-install this boot manager, install SP2 and then re-install my boot manager. My question is, will future Vista updates be picked up correctly without SP2 being installed?

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Configured, But Doesn't Send

May 14, 2009

Just configured according to the steps above but when I do a test email send it doesn't send. I get a pop up error message: Message could not be sent. An error has occured. Thats all it says. No error codes or anything.

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Dial Up Modems Not Configured

Sep 22, 2009

I am working on moving over to Windows Vista, in hopes of going officially to Windows 7. I know I should be checking for Windows 7 but I have a full Vista Ultimate 64Bit. I have most of my devices configured but I do not seem to get my GVC modem to install. It is based off a Conexant processor and XP was able to use a "generic" Conexant driver.

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Configured For Hybrid Mode

Aug 6, 2008

here is what i have tried and worked around in that write up on sleep issues.

step 1) USB KB and Ps/2 Mouse

step 2) configured as per document for hybrid mode (also tried sleep)

step 3) BIOS set to s3

C:Usershtpc>powercfg -a. The following sleep states are available on this system: Standby (S3) Hibernat e Hybrid Sleep The following sleep states are not available on this system: Standby (S1) The system firmware does not support this standby state. Standby (S2) The system firmware does not support this standby state.

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Configured Doens`t Work

Apr 30, 2008

I`m using the windows mail to recieved my e-mails from yahoo. I tried to configured, but doens`t work. Always I recieved this message:

Subject 'oi', Account: 'pop.mail.yahoo.com.br', Server: 'smtp.mail.yahoo.com.br', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '250 8BITMIME', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Server Error: 250, Error Number: 0x800CCC7D

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Gmail's IMAP Not Configured

May 26, 2008

I am using Windows Mail with Gmail's IMAP configured. I've configured it in Windows Mail as per the directions in the Gmail web site. Regardless, I get this error message every time I try to check my Gmail:

"Header download for the '[Gmail]' folder did not complete. Could not select '[Gmail]' on the IMAP server. You might try refreshing your folder list to synchronize with the IMAP server. Account: 'Gmail', Server: 'imap.gmail.com', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Unknown Mailbox: [Gmail] (Failure)', Port: 993, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2"

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Haven't Configured Properly

Mar 20, 2008

i have just moved from XP to Vista and i like most everything but Office , all i want to do is print but it just seems so complicated , it automatically goes to One Note , and to print something of the Internet say if you booked flights and you want to print the details again seems so complicated , it's i know probably i haven't configured properly but it's very frustrating with XP i just clicked print and that was it ,

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Vista And XP Are Not Properly Configured Automatically

Mar 23, 2008

My 2 new vista laptops won't see either the network set up at home or my office (both as 'OFFICE') or vice versa. I downloaded the LLTD and it's made not one jot of difference..Been through the sharing etc. *The 2 lappys see eachother BTW*I downloaded network magic demo on one laptop and the main PC at home and appears the network is correct as they both see eachother . (it even sees the one laptop which hasn't got NM on it) I must say I'm kinda disappointed that Vista and XP are not properly configured to automatically 'see' eachother and have to resort to a 3rd party to do so?

That aside I have three options

1 Dump Vista (my current fav ;-)
2 Solve this problem
3 Buy NM for home/work

If anyone has any input I'd love to see if no/ 2 can be cracked!

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Broadcom 802.11n Network Wireless Not Configured

Oct 6, 2009

I found out that the issue was caused by a conflict between the wireless driver and the sound card. I tried to install the Broadcom Wireless Adapter update, thinking that would fix it? and somehow during the process I uninstalled my Broadcom Wireless Driver? I then went into the device manager and clicked on my Broadcom Wireless adapter and clicked on "update driver software". It runs a search and then tells me that my driver is up to date.

The Device Staus is: This device cannot start. (Code 10): The Driver Version is 10/26/2007

but when I try to connect to a wireless network, It tells me "the network adapter "broadcom 802.11n network adapter" is experiencing driver or hardware related issues. Please don't waste our time with comments like "ditch the Mac and get a real computer"

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Can't Configured Printer Wireless Connection

Sep 4, 2009

I have an HP Photosmart C6180 connected via USB to an XP desktop computer. I have other XP laptops set up so they can print to this printer throught their wireless connection. However I now have a new Vista laptop and I can't get it configured for this printer through it's wireless connection. Here is what I've tried: Go into Control panel/printers on the Vista Laptop and select Add New printer. I select Network printer and It finds the printer. I then select HP as the manufacturer and it list lots of their printers but not this one. I assume the driver was just not included with Vista. This also has a "have disk" option but my disk is only for XP and before.

I went to HP's site and downloaded the latest complete Vista driver (159 meg). I then ran the software install and when it asks for whether it is a local or network printer, I pick network. But the driver software can't find any network printers even thought Vista could in 1 above. 3. I went to HP's site and downloaded the latest complete Vista driver (159 meg) only this time I saved it instead or running it. Then from the Vista Laptop and selected Add New printer. I select Network printer and It finds the printer. This also has a "have disk" option so I point it to the saved download file but it won't accept it. Apparently this is because the downloaded file is an exe and the software at that point is looking for in ..inf file. So how can I get this to work?

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Bios Configured Boot To Cd Drive Before Hdd

Apr 10, 2009

Anyone had any experience bypassing BitLocker (basic mode) using the recovery console (i.e., booting to the Windows DVD or rescue CD)? Based on the documentation, seems like it would work (provided BIOS is configured to boot to CD/DVD drive before the HDD). Having said that, would M$ allow such an obvious attack vector? I don't have a machine w/ a TPM right now, so I can't test this myself.

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Computer Not Configured For Game Installed

Mar 23, 2008

i keep getting an error message saying that my computer is not configured for the game i installed. i was conned into buying this machine because my older model died. i was told buy the sales person it would play the game...it did noti was then told i had to purchase a new power supply and a nother video card and then it would play. it still has not your help area is a joke ive spent 7 hours trying to get this piece of expensive junk to work to no availe. there is no discussion/blog/community/or help topic.

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Windows Recovery & Would The Drivers Be Automatically Configured

Aug 17, 2009

i have a windows vista home premium installed on my laptop A215-S4757 & i didn't get its recovery but i managed to get a recovery for A215-S4757 (same as mine) from my friend would it work if i used his recovery on my laptop? & would the drivers be automatically configured?

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Joystick Configured Other Games Not Work Fine

Jun 5, 2009

HAWX: which is that the aircraft doesn't stop spinning, i am unable to control the plane. I use a PlayStation 2 USB joystick which has been configured and synced with the PC, so that the every button/joystick works. I am 100% sure that there is not a problem with the joystick, as i use it for other games such as Microsoft Flight Sim X and Test drive unlimited. The analogue sticks and buttons work fine.

i have tried both changing the control setting to keyboard but, once again the problem is still there, the plane doesn't stop spinning out of control...##Is it my controls? My general setting are on default so everything original...i have played around with the setting invert/normal... still the same result

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6 Important Updates As Of 03.12.2010, Hide The Updates

Mar 11, 2010

Desktop PC will be one year next month. I did not renew the Microsoft Office after trial period that came as a package w/ no future intention of acquiring it. I'm using the free Open Office program - word processing mostly at this time. Is there anything in the list below that is of importance? I only have a basic PC with DVD player for movies, etc. No scanner, printer or fax. Not even external hard drive or usb flash drive. Otherwise, I understand that I can just choose to hide the updates, so it will not keep reminding me. Also, I choose to keep my OS w/ Srvce pk 1 and MS IE version 7 for as long as I'll be able to. I had too many probs with Srvce pk 2 and MS IE version 8. Your opinion, if any, is welcome.......

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Updates: Restart I Get A Message Saying 1 To 3 Updates

Mar 29, 2009

I have Windows Home Premium 64 Bit and every time I restart I get a message saying 1 to 3 updates ... I then see this message again on startup. I feel like something is wrong with the update system. I reinstalled Vista and disabled automatic updates. However, after a while I started to get the same problem. I have Office, Visual Studio, Messenger and a few Adobe products installed.

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Not Printing Correctly

Jul 29, 2009

how to resolve or further debug. I've got a Thinkpad Laptop running Vista x64 Ultimate. I reinstalled the OS ~3 weeks ago and installed my print drivers. I have 2 network printers and I also use doPDF to create PDFs. All of these were working
just fine.

Today they are not printing correctly, but not in a way I can figure out. Applications give me an error saying there is an unknown error or that there is no default printer installed. This happens in Firefox, OpenOffice, Acrobat, Thunderbird and others.

The weird thing is that if I goto control panel and try to print a test page with any of the printers it works fine. In addition, I can print txt files from both Notepad & Wordpad, but still not from Openoffice. So why is it I can print simple txt files & test pages but not from the apps I need to print from. BTW this happens for all the printers I have installed including the 2 network printers, the local PDf printer (doPDF), & the XPS printer. These all worked last time I printed (a few days ago), but not today. What can I do to ideally fix this or at least better debg this?

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Just Not Shut Down Correctly

Mar 23, 2008

I have for some time had problems shutting my notebook down. For the first 2 months, it was fine, I had no problems. After than Shutting Down the notebook has became an utter nightmare. It sometimes shutdowns down straight away and other times it will just not shut down correctly. I am then forced to press the power button. I'm not happy having to do that, I want to be able to shut it down correctly. Like I said it doesn't always stop on "Shutting Down" screen but at least 5/10 times it will. It seems that I'm not alone in this but

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Not Remember Everything Correctly

Dec 19, 2009

Been using Home Premium 64 SP1 on HP Pavilion dv7-211 laptop for about 3 months. Still using 98SE on two desktops and XP on another laptop. I'm 75 and my memory has not improved with age, so I may not remember everything correctly. My best recollection is that I didn't have the problem until recently. Every time I totally shut down I lose my resolution setting. It always returns to the lowest resolution. I've looked through the other posts and didn't spot this kind of problem.

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Cpu Not Clocked Correctly

Aug 15, 2009

new here and not sure if anyone can help. This doesn't have to do with overclocking, but the people here seemed to know a lot about this, and I could not find a better place to ask. I have very low FPS using a NVidia 8800 GTX, which has prompted me to try and figure out why. I am guessing CPU or Ram issues. While testing some thing, I came across CPUz. I installed and ran it, and when I validated I got this: why is FREQ in red? Is my CPU not clocked correctly?

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WPG Not Displaying B&W Images Correctly

Jul 26, 2009

I have an issue with Windows Photo Gallery and viewing black & white images. The problem I am having is the white parts of the image seems to have an almost light blueish tint, and the black parts look like they were done using dark blue ink.

The thumbnail for the image, as well as opening it in paint and opening it in slideshow displays the image correctly.

So far, I attempted to fix this problem myself by changing my ICC profile in the color management settings multiple times, even rebooting my pc for some of the changes, as well as uninstalling my monitor drivers, with unsuccessful results. I do not know if this is an issue with my OS, my monitor, or my video card.

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Certain Websites Not Displaying Correctly In X64

Apr 4, 2008

Today, I was forced to use my Vista Ultimate installation disc to reinstall Vista - since yesterday morning, my computer was not able to get out of a loop (first going to Windows Error Recovery and then, when selecting any of the options, going to the green loading bar, where it the green bar stopped moving about 2/3 of the way, and going back to Windows Error Recovery).

The installation went smoothly enough, but I am absolutely clueless how to get my computer to roughly the same conditions it was before this fiasco. Fortunately, it would appear that all of my files and folders from before this re-installation have been saved in the folder Windows.old. However, I am at a complete loss as to how to reconfigure my Internet connection, how to restore my previous screen resolution (there are now only three options for resolution under Display Settings), and essentially getting the basics back in order.

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Will Not Display Web Page Correctly, XP

Apr 28, 2008

For years I have used a financial services website to monitor my investment portfolio (www.moneyextra.com ) For years with Windows XP/IE6 and later with XP/IE7 everything worked (and still works) perfectly. I now have another machine running Vista Home Premium SP1 with IE7 which will not work reliably with this website. When I view my portfolio, some of the web pages are often incomplete - but sometimes they are complete.

I have tried using the MS User Agent String Utility to emulate IE6 but this does not work predictably either. Sometimes when I use this utility the website is incomplete - but when I subsequently open a new browser it is OK. If I close and reopen the browser the fault usually reappears. The behavior is unpredictable......

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MSCOMCTL.OCX Not Correctly Registered

Dec 2, 2009

I have Vista Home Premium. When trying to install "Duplicate Cleaner" as Administrator, I get the message: Code: Run-time error '339':Component MSCOMCTL.OCX not correctly registered.

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Webpages Not Display Correctly

Jun 17, 2008

Im using Internet Ex 7 Windows Vista...When Im surfing web all the webpages wont display correctly..they all have the words overlapping and such. I have tried java script stuff but nothing seems to fix it. If you need more info PLEASE ask and I'll help on my end as much as I can! if anyone knows how to read hijackthis reports that!

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Games Not Functioning Correctly

Feb 6, 2009

i have seen quite a few posts about vista games such as solitaire or minesweeper being missing or not being able to start and there seems to be fixes for those i however have an odd problem that i cant seem to get resolved. i have the games i can open the games however when i do open the games i get no picture/video if i open solitaire for instance the window pops up and i can then move cards (i know this because i can get a score going and the time goes) but i can not see the cards/ board same think with inkball slightly different but equally irritating is chess it just comes to the loading chess titans screen and sits there indefinately please assist i am running vista home premium 32 bit

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IE7: Manage Add-ons Not Displaying Correctly

Dec 7, 2008

As you can see, the right columns, normally showing publisher and status, have disappeared. Looks the same if I start IE without add-ons. I check the add-ons from time to time, but I am not sure what has happened here since last. I believe I have installed an nVidia ActiveX to detect latest driver for my graphics card, and yesterday I installed update 11 to Java 6.

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Keyboard Not Respond Correctly

Jul 9, 2009

i recently bought an amd 940 and everything works fine except when i want to play games. for some reason my keyboard does not want to respond correctly. for example, i will start walking forward...still holding "w" and all the sudden i stop. i am still holding "w" down but not going anywhere. i have to let go and press it again but it continues to happen. this happens with all directional buttons as well.

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