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Backups "folder Is Empty"

I backed up my Vista files to my desktop Hard disc. Vista said "the last file backup was successful". On hard disc was a new folder "name-PC" had appeared but this said "this folder is empty" So have I backed up or not?

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Empty Folder Icon, Folder Has Files In It
I have files in the folder, but it still shows the folder as 'empty'. I've tried refreshing, but it didn't help.

Posted: Sep 30, 2008

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Unable To Empty Folder
I now have over 300 messages in this folder and nothing seems to work. I don't get any error messages as I see others have posted. None of the "updates" work either. I get a message that the update does not apply to your system.

Posted: Jun 20, 2008

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Empty Documents Folder
I have a strange problem. My documents folder doesnt show the content, although a lot of content exists. When typing a subfolders name in the addressbar, I can see the contents of this subfolder. Also in the command shell the "dir" command doesnt show me any content of the documents-folder. But I can access subdirectories via "cd subdirectory". The content of the subdirectory can be listed via "dir".

When I select "properties" after right-clicking the documents folder vista shows me the size of the folder and the number of files found. I have already tried the chkdsk...Everything worked fine until today. Has anybody got an idea what could be the reason for this strange behaviour?

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Syswow 63 Folder Comes Up Empty
The following .dll is shown as starting up the proces ?) "dzdqmgkyetrqrf":quflsiblczsu.dll. According to startup.exe, this dll is located in the syswow64 folder, but a search (including hiddens) comes up empty. I have recently been the victim of a keylogger trojan and have run 2 separate programs to remove same : Spybot & Spyware Doctor. Is this a legitimate .dll?? If not, how do edit the registry to prevent it from working??

Posted: Mar 23, 2009

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Games Folder Is Empty!
My OS is Vista Home Premium(64 bit). I enjoy playing Solitaire and Chess Titans which are two of the integrated "Games". A problem has occurred. I click "Start" then "Games". The ">Games" window appears, as usual. Solitaire, Hearts, Chess Titans etc etc are shown, as usual. However, when I double click the relevant icon, instead of the game running as usual, I'm getting a new window with "Saved Games" at the top. In the main body of the window appears "Microsoft Games" folder which is empty!! I'm wondering if it's my injudicious use of a "shortcut fixer" tool in a "utility" I've been using recently that's caused this problem. how to get my nice green solitaire game (or chess etc) to show again when I double click the icon

Posted: Oct 6, 2009

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Empty The Junk Email Folder?
When I empty the junk email folder, it only does the last one. I am getting a message that says it the update does not apply to my system. This is a vista machine running nortan 360.

Posted: May 7, 2008

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Downloading Movie After Download Folder Is Empty?
I was downloading a movie off the internet to watch. When the download was finished I when to my downloads folder to open the movie. When I put the mouse arrow on the folder it says that the movie is there. When I go to open the movie folder, it says that it is empty?

Posted: Sep 22, 2008

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How To Get Rid Of An Empty Folder I Can't Delete
how to get rid of an empty folder I can't delete? It says I *need permission* but I'm the admin and that aggravating safety thing in User Accounts is turned off anyway. Unlocker can't delete it either.

Posted: Sep 11, 2009

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Deleted Items Folder Empty Automatically
In OE6 my Deleted Items folder would empty automatically when I closed the programme. I cannot find that option anywhere in Windows Mail Tools - is there one?

Posted: Jul 3, 2008

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Cannot Empty Deleted Items Mail Folder
W0yJHA.4632@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl> it just does nothing when I got to click on that option, and if I tried to delete thing manually I often get a pop-up error message that simply says "an unknown error has occurred" Has this happened to anyone else and if so, does anyone have advice on how to fix it?

Posted: May 2, 2009

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Unable To Empty Deleted Items Folder
I am unable to right click and empty my deleted items folder. When I do, it simply deletes one email, not the entire folder. I have tried a system restore to a few days ago when I know it worked.

Posted: Jan 9, 2009

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Open Cookies Folder "This Folder Is Empty."?
When I open the cookies folder, a message says "This folder is empty." The same goes for the Recent folder, Startup folder, and others. What gives? I am the only user of the computer, and have full administrative access (as far as I know). This problem began after I recently downloaded SP2 for Vista Home Premium.

Posted: Jul 2, 2008

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Cannot Empty Deleted Items Folder In Windows Mail
I cannot empty my deleted items folder in windows mail, can anyone suggest what the problem may be and how I can fix it.

Posted: Sep 5, 2009

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Computer Has Finished Its Start-up Routines The StartUp Folder Was Empty
This may be a rather simple question, but... How can I tell when my computer has finished its start-up routines? I used to have IE and OneNote in my StartUp folder. But, my computer seemed to take a long time to start up as compared to when the StartUp folder was empty. Now I just have a text file in it that only has the word "Ready" in it. So, that is when I know that my computer has finished its start-up processes. This is more curiosity than anything else. My computer (Dell Inspiron 1501 running Vista Home Premium) doesn't take that long to start up. I would just like to know when I can start opening apps after I boot up.

Posted: May 29, 2009

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Windows Mail: Folder Filled With Empty Folders And No Messages
Recently when logging on to my e-mail account I lost all my saved messages, the only one left were in the inbox. Now every time I log on Windows Mail generates a "Recovered Messages" folder filled with lots of empty folders and no messages.

Posted: Feb 11, 2010

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Windows Mail: Deleted Folder And I Can't Empty It Other Than By Deleting One At A Time
I despair. Until recently I was running OE on Windows 98 and I regularly had problems with this same issue. I've gone onto Windows Mail with Vista and everything seem to be fine for the first month deleting mails en masse until now. I've got 299 items in my deleted folder and I can't empty it other than
by deleting one at a time.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Delete Empty Partition, Get Empty Space On Hard Drive?
I have an Acer aspire 5715z series which as its hard drive partitioned into two 30gig partitions. I would like to know, if I was to delete one of the partitions which is empty would the remaining partition take up the empty space on the hard drive.

Posted: Mar 19, 2009

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Perfect Upgrade From Home Premium To Ultimate, Extract The .iso File Using Winrar To An Empty Folder On The Desktop
Just finished my upgrade from Home Premium x64 SP1 to Ultimate x64 SP1. I've been lurking here on the forum for a while now and having seen quite a few folks having problems with their upgrades, I thought a post sharing the steps I took, which resulted in a Smooooth and problem free upgrade, might be of interest to some.

In no way am I advocating or recommending ANY of the steps that are shown here (i.e. turning off the firewall, etc.).

First phase:
-Purchase and download the upgrade to my hard drive ( was less costly than digital locker). Since I live 40 miles away from the nearest store, I preferred the digital download.

-Extract the .iso file using winrar to an empty folder on the desktop.
-Performed full system virus scan.
-Performed full system spyware scan.
-Performed full system backup to the removable HP media drive.
-Burn the downloaded iso file to dvd, and the extracted files to another dvd.

Second phase:....................

Posted: Oct 31, 2008

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Hdd Shows Up Folder Empty: Vistas Disk Manger Shows File
My buddy was bringing over some files for me on his laptop hdd running xp. I plugged it into my vista x64 computer via usb and I am having a few issues. The hdd shows up in My Computer and shows stuff in it but when I open it, it says that the folder is empty. I whent to Vistas disk manager and it shows everything is fine with the hdd but for some reason the files just wont show up.

Posted: May 23, 2009

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Deleted Items: Can't Empty Folder Deleted Messages
I can't empty my folder deleted messages. Following message appears: unknown error occurs.

Posted: Apr 5, 2008

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"Saved On Aol" Mail Folder Empty
I am currently using AOL 9.0 and Windows Vista. I had 2 years worth of incoming e-mails stored in my "Saved on AOL" mail folder online. I recently deleted all my temporary files, cookies, and web site browsing history by way of Windows Vista's "Internet Option" section under the "Control Panel" device. For some reason, all of my incoming e-mails stored in my "Saved on AOL" mail folder online were totally wiped out. Is there anyway to get these saved e-mails back?. Why did this happen as saved e-mails online are not supposed to be touched by any offline deleting of temporary files, cookies, and web site browsing history?. My "Saved on AOL" mail folder as well as my "Recently Deleted" folder are both totally empty.

Posted: May 18, 2008

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NO Backups Possible
My Send To has vanished. NO backups possible; enven though E: drv appears to function, (by manuel attempts)?

Posted: May 5, 2009

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How Long Should Keep Backups?
1) How long should I keep backups performed by windows? (files back)

2) How long should I keep backups performed by Acronis software (entire system backs)

I've got windows backups from the beginning of 2009 and I keep about 6 Acronis backups.

Posted: Jul 15, 2009

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Deleting Old Update Backups
I read an article about deleting old Update Backups in XP. The article showed where they were stored. Where are the old Vista Update Backup folders stored? I understand from the article that they take up considerable hard drive space. I don't intend on deleting the most recent but are there any others that should not be deleted?

Posted: May 9, 2008

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Filling HD With Backups Failed
When I got this Vista machine, I started using the backup program. It's easier than copying files to various disks and diskettes.

Problem is probably pretty basic. The backups go week after week 'til they fill my external drive. They create one full backup, then a new subfolder every week 'til I run out of room.

Backup set
Backup File 1
Backup File 2
Backup File 3

I tried deleting "Backup File 1" and the next backup failed.

Posted: Mar 31, 2009

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Windows Backups Not Found
I've never encountered a problem with Windows automatic backup program, until today. First, nothing about my settings or backup location have changed. Its been running every day at midnight.............. Now, everything i see about my backup sets are present, including what it says it can't find.

Posted: Jul 7, 2008

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Incremental Backups What Happens When You Delete A File
When you do incremental backups, what happens when you delete a file = because you don't want it on your machine and then you do a back up. I assume that file is still within the backupfile and will be reinstalled when and if you do a restore. Is there a simple way of removing files from your backup data so they = will not restore. I am particularily thinking of a lot of shareware, 30 trial stuff that I would want reinstalled..................

Posted: Jun 12, 2009

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Storage Device : Reach My Backups
My desktop with WinXP installed seriously crashed. I had backed up all on a Seagate Free Agent storage device. I started using my laptop, with Vista Home Premium installed, for all my computer projects. I had backed these up but when I added the storage device to the laptop it told me I would have to format the drive before I could use it with the laptop. Of course, then all my backups would be lost. How can I get around this in order to install and/or reach my backups from the storage device to the laptop. I thought I'd be able to carry these backups from computer to computer but I find that is not the case.

Posted: May 4, 2009

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Deleting Old Backups Creating New Backup
I have the automatic backup set to run every day at midday, saving to my external hard drive, and this has been working fine (I think as I have never tried to restore anything!). As some of these backups were a few months old I thought I would do a bit of tidying, so I deleted some of the older sets. Todays backup failed. The only way I could get the daily backup to work was to create a new full backup first. So, is there any way of deleting old backups without creating a new full backup first?

Posted: Sep 21, 2008

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