No Internet - Nvidia NForce Networking Controller: Rebooted After Installing Various Programs

Jan 16, 2008

I just installed Vista on my computer, and was installing all my programs when I had to reboot. I did so, but then realised I'd lost my internet (it had been working up until then). A 'Diagnose and Repair' found that "The network adapter 'Nvidia nForce Networking Controller' is experiencing driver or hardware related issues." As I said, the internet had been working up until then. I haven't installed any Windows updates (it's set to alert me of new ones). I have had this problem before: I installed Vista, internet worked, rebooted after installing various programs, internet didn't work. Left it overnight & tried again next day, internet worked. Sometime later after reboot, internet didn't work. I then tried to install the Nvidia chipset driver again, but it froze part way through the install. This is when I wiped the entire hard drive and started again, but the problem is back.


NVIDIA NForce Networking Controller Issues

Jul 11, 2009

I was over my friends house, I was helping to do some PC inspections before he upgrades to Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I did a Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Scan. The following issues were encoutered with his Alieware Area 51-7500: (Driver Issue)

Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Issue: nForce Networking Controller. This device will not work in Windows Vista. For more information, please go to the device manufacturer's website, Windows Marketplace, or contact your retailer.

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Update Nvidia Nforce Networking Controlle Caused Internet To Not Work Properly

Mar 23, 2008

The Windows Update for the "nvidia nforce networking controller" caused my internet to not work properly. I restored my system and rolled back the driver, both on separate occasions to resolve this issue. It worked, however, now I need to know what to do about the update. I cannot leave my settings to update automatically because of this.

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NVIDIDA NForce Serial ATA Controller, Download Latest Version

Mar 20, 2010

where can I download the latest version? My current driver is Out-Of-Date!!

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IP Address Has Dissapeared From Adapter Nvidia Nforce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Is No Longer Being Protected

Mar 30, 2009

My Internet was acting very very slow. My computer was running fast as it always does but the internet was just very slow. I than noticed that in the bottom right corner of my screen the little globe had gone away. when I scrolled over it, it read local only? About one minute later the globe came back and it read local and internet. Whats wrong here? Here is my setup- I have my desktop computer connected to a wireless router (protected) (only used for Playstation) the router is connected to my vonage device, and the vonage device is connected to the modem. I am on vista, I have charter communications as my isp and this is not the first time this has happened!In fact if I look in my firewall I sometimes see connection issues like these- IP address has dissapeared from adapter Nvidia Nforce 10/100 mbps ethernet is no longer being protected (IP address .....) then a few seconds later I will read protecting your connection to a newly detected network Nvidia N force 10/100 mbps (ethernet.......) this ethernet is different that the one that dissapeared.Then I will see other firewall logs with all these connections and all?? Im so confuced. I am 99.9 % sure I have not been hacked by a neighbor.

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Installing Xbox 360 Wired Controller

May 12, 2008

I was having a small driver problem when connecting the Xbox 360 wired controller to my Vista x64 Home Premium machine. There were two instances of the controller in the Device Manager:

1. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
2. Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)

I downloaded the drivers for the controller from the MS site: Download Gaming Software. Once I installed the MS drivers, the device "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" was successfully installed, but the other device "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" would not install the necessary driver. Even Windows Update couldn't find the appropriate drivers for it...........

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Installing Nvidia Geforce 210 Series Not Detected

Apr 22, 2010

installed this yesterday in cpu and vista x64 home premieum didnt detect it.. the odd thing was i put install cd in and it gave me this error message no xfx product found go online for the latest driver.. that didnt work i downloaded the latest driver for vista x64 and when it oipened it said it wouldnt run because that card wasn't found...i checked my device manager and it showed no display adapter like before when my radeon graphics card was in.. i had my monitor plugged in to it i had a pic albeit not crystal clear but yet windows didnt detect it.. i also went into the bios to make sure that pci express was checked.. i know it was installed properly wondering what the deal is... would really like to get a better graphics card in with cuda aceleration...

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XP Networking, Internet Security

Mar 23, 2008

My Vista Ultimate Computer is not cooperating in my home network. It cannot see nor bee seen by any device in my network. My home network is fairly simple but it consists of the following: Linksys WRT350N Router: My Computer: Vista Ultimate, connected by wire, Uses Bitdefender 2008 Internet Security, Sees nothing, Nothing sees it*

Mother's Computer: Xp Home, Connected Wirelessly (Linksys Wireless Internet
Adapter 300N), Uses Zone Alarm Internet Security, Cannot See Vista puter* Archos 704 Portable Media Player: Connected Wirelesly, Can see Xp puter,Can be seen by XP puter when it is in device mode and file server mode............

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Networking Can't Connected Internet

Jan 7, 2009

i've got two computers running off a LAN network at my business (i think that's what it's called when it's not wireless). the main computer is working fine, connecting to the internet, network, etc. the secondary computer WAS working fine until yesterday morning. nothing has changed, no one has touched anything or made any adjustments or anything at all. now it appears to connect to the network since it's still running our POS program with no problem, but it says it's connecting to "unidentified network". it also won't connect to the internet. we've tried all the standard troubleshooting ideas (disconnecting, reconnecting, restarting, blah blah blah) NOTHING WORKS!

i've read other threads & tried what other people are trying & it's still doing the same exact thing. the thing that's different from everyone elses problems is that most other people are having problems with new systems or updated systems... this computer has had no changes made to it & was working fine until now.

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Access The Internet But Very Slow Networking

Aug 9, 2006

I'm running build 5384 on a Dell Precision 370 and a Precision 380. I've tried 64 and 32bit versions but I keep having the following problem: Basically I can access the internet but very, very slowly. Most pages just time out. The machines both have Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit NIC's connected to Dell Powerconnect Gigabit switches. I've tried Manual IP config and DHCP but I can't get a reasonable speed through via ethernet! There's nothing wrong with the network, I've got hundreds of XP 32bit and x64 clients connected to the same network and they can all access the Internet fine. I can ping other clients on the netowork from the Vista machines and I get

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Networking And Xp Missing Internet Connection

Mar 23, 2008

I have finaly gotten xp and vista to network together with no trouble through a hub/router/switch, I can see both computers from eatchother and run programs between them no problem. The problem is i have a connection to the internet with the vista computer but not the xp computer. If i try resetting the router and cable modem what ever computer i load up first gets the internet conection.I have to force the ip adderss by making it match within on number the vista ip. basicly shove the network down vista's neck. I have went into the vista computer and made sure i checked the box to make it so that any computer on the network can surf the internet though its internet connection but my xp still can not see the internet.

I have tried using command prompts to ping the internet and ping my gateway but that is no good. On vista i can map it out and see the gateway but with xp even when it has the internet connection i do no see the gateway. is there something i am missing in the set up of the network and is tthere a fix without updating to vista and or taking a axe to my vista computer i just spent 2 grand on.

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Windows Networking / Internet, Connect To Network

Mar 23, 2008

I have started to notice a lot of vista systems that are connected direct to cable modems saying not connected to internet or showing unidentified network. You cannot create a new connection, because the create a connection is for PPPoE only, (which is not very smart). And when the browser gives you the option to connect, it asks for name/password for a PPPoE connection.

1. How do I get the Vista networking to recognize the fact is has a direct connection to the Internet?

2. How can you create a new connection without it defaulting to PPPoE?

3. Is there any way to force Vista to simply connect to a network, if the network is available, and has been checked with other computers as working properly, and Network discovery is on, and vista simply says unknown network?........

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Installing Programs: Registry Mess

Jul 4, 2008

Possibly I should have read a few forums and tutorials when I first got my new Vista computer before downloading and installing a bunch of programs, but alas I didn't and now I have something of a mess. I have some program files installed to my user account, I have some installed to the Admin account because I couldn't install them to my user account, and now I have some programs that absolutely must be installed to the user account in order to work properly but can't be because of the whole Denial of Administrator Privileges that has been brought into the picture with Vista.

I also strongly suspect some program files got installed twice also. Maybe not, but when I configure a program in my user account (like iTunes or Microsoft Outlook) those changes are not evident on the admin account. And an outrageous amount of the space on my C drive has eaten up already, much more than I suspect I've actually installed. Basically, I would really, really love to get all of the program files onto one account, preferably the Admin account, make sure any duplicates are taken care of, and otherwise clean it up because i don't want a big sluggish registry mess within a month of owning this computer. Something like that?

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Potential Fix For X-Fi / NForce 4 SCP

Jun 20, 2008

I have had this X-Fi Snap/Crackle/Pop issue for a few weeks now. It started when I got my 2nd 8800 GTS and an additional 2GB of RAM. The X-Fi card worked great prior to getting these two new pieces of hardware. Then the SCP started happening. My best two leads was that the X-Fi card didn't play nice with 4GB of RAM nor the NForce 4 chipset. After tons of forum research and trying a bunch of possible solutions I have come down to my final try.

My Asus MOBO has a beta bios (1405) that may have the fix for this SCP issue. Since Asus does not release bios information on betas, I am going off of what other people had mentioned about the fixes in this beta bios. I flashed the bios last night and have reimaged my C drive so I know that currently everything is working correctly. I have created a Complete PC Backup image this morning. I will install the X-Fi sound card tonight and see if my SCP issue is gone. If nothing else I can go back to my backup image and try something else. I will update this thread with the results this evening.

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Can Not Get Programs To Install When Downloaded From Internet

Mar 23, 2008

i can not get programs to install when they have been downloaded on the Internet. They progress as far as the 'Windows Installer" and then it just sits there and stalls out. I am trying to download and install both Itunes and Acrobat 8.0 Professional.

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Do Internet Tweak Programs Work?

Mar 23, 2008

Do "tweak" programs which are supposed to help with Internet connection speeds and overall throughput really help? I'm currently using a cable modem setup in a home office situation. There are a lot of times where the throughput slows considerably and I've often wondered if one of these tweak programs would be helpful.I decided to experiment a little with Tweak VI, but honestly couldn't tell whether or not it was helping. (If so, not much, in my humble opinion.)I'm wondering if other Vista users out there have been able to find various third-party tweak programs helpful?

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Very Slow Internet After Installing Vista

May 7, 2007

my router is zyxel 660 connected through etherrnet on netgear adapter (i also have a realtek onboard one)

im having really slow down and up speed and i dont know y

the problem remains in both cards (netgear have some beta drivers that didnt hel,realtek has no available ones ,only the microsoft's ones)

my other pc on xp with the same router has no problems

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What Card Does Nvidia Make And Maximum Settings Nvidia?

Aug 14, 2008

What Card does Nvidia make(or do they)that will play crysis at all max settings and Max Res at close to 60-100FPS? I have seen a system with an 8800 Ultra SLI and out past the 2000 range res it dropped to around 25fps. What about the new GTX280?

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Internet Not Working After Installing 64 Bit, Unidentified Network, Limited/noconne

Sep 12, 2009

I just installed an OEM windows vista home premium onto my computer so that I could take advantage of my 6GB ram. Unfortunately I don't know too much about building systems and I have an internet problem. After I installed the OS, when I plug my computer into my router, I always recieve "unidentified or no connectivity". I've done everything that the internet company has asked me to do as far as my modem/router is concerned, and Acer wants to charge me a buttload for their help.

Am I missing something simple that I need to do with my 64 bit software? I downloaded the 64 bit drivers for my LAN, audio etc from the acer website but it seems to still do no good. I even downloaded the driver directly from my Lan ethernet controllers brand website. I've been stuck here for days without much help and the wierd thing is that my girlfriend can plug her computer (32 bit vista home premium) right into the router and it connects fine. I'm downloading SP2 now if that makes any difference.

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Rebooted From A Bugcheck Windows 7

Nov 3, 2009

Sorry for posting this in the Vista group, but there are no Windows 7 groups. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. When I try to access my DVDRW drive, my PC crashes. In the Event viewer I see messages like these:

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 11/2/2009 9:21:38 PM
Event ID: 41....

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000022 (0x002400d2, 0xb5f174b8, 0xb5f17090, 0x00000000). I'd searched Google and saw that many people have similar crashes, but I couldn't find any related to the DVDRW drives. Plus, I couldn't find any solutions either. I thought this might be a drivers conflict, but I have no idea what it is and how to fix it.

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Uninstalled Usb Controllers And Rebooted

Feb 21, 2009

I recently experienced problems with the software for my Dell AIO 966 printer. On advice from the Dell NG's, I uninstalled all of my USB controllers, and rebooted in the expectation that Windows would detect and reinstall them. To a point, this was successful, but now whenever I boot my system, I get the windows "New hardware found"dialogue. Any, and I do mean ANY, mouse clicks in the dialog area at this point result in my mouse and keyboard being totally frozen.

Device Manager reports all the usual stuff, along with 2 "Unknown Device" entries. The only way I can boot my system now is to wait for the Hardware found diaalog, R-Click the taskbar, and kill the dialog from Task Manager. I usually have to kill it 3 times, at which point all is well. I've replaced the Dell printer that started this nonsense with an Epson Workforce 500, and have no printer problems. I'm obviously way over my head here folks.

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Updates And Rebooted The Computer Many Times.

Mar 26, 2008

It came installed with vista home premium but yesterday i bought the vista ultimate upgrade dvd. I inserted the dvd and upgraded as per instructions. It was completed without any problems.I've installed all important updates and rebooted the computer many times.

Now my laptop runs really slow, takes a longer time to boot up -about 3 or 4 mins now. In my sidebar i have a CPU meter and usually both cores run at less than 50 percent but now it jumps around 90-100%?? The graph looks like a lie detector when charles manson answered no to the question if he killed anyone?!

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Until System Rebooted Freezes Occured

Apr 11, 2008

I bought a new dell vostro about a month ago, pre-installed with windows vista home premium 32bit. All has been going well with it until Wednesday night when for some reason whilst using messenger the program froze, went light grey and a timer came up in place of the pointer.(i have a vague recollection of seeing a pop up regarding the power supply to the computer - not sure what it was) nothing else would work on the comp, ctrl/alt/del did not work so I couldn't force application to quit. Eventually just held power button until system rebooted. Since this first happened the computer continually freezes with no way of closing down programs, have tried a system restore, but even that process stalls and doesn't complete. Have tried uninstalling McAfee in case that was causing it but to no avail. I loaded up windows in safe mode which seemed to work fine, although the system restore was unavailable in safe mode. At the time it was downloading an 80mb vista update, which is yet to finish, again in safe mode the vista update was not running. The freezes occur with random programs, not just one particular one Anyone got any ideas of what the problem is and how to fix it, got a lot of uni work needing done outside of work hours and not having use of this computer is really annoying.

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Windows Didn't Resume Correctly Just Rebooted

Sep 12, 2008

So one day I turned on my computer from a hibernation, and the windows didn't resume correctly, so i dumped the restore and just rebooted. Following that, none of my usb devices worked. In my device manager, under Universal Serial Bus controllers, there are two unknown devices (I uploaded a picture). I've looked all over microsoft support for an update that would help, and I couldn't find anything.

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Rebooted Devices Don't Work Wireless Keyborad

Mar 23, 2008

Just got a nice wireless keyboard and mouse. Problem is, when the machine is rebooted, these devices dont work anymore. I have to unplug the USB cable of the remote sensing unit, and plug it back in to get the devices to work. Needless to say, this is a pain. This is a Micro Innovations wireless keyboard and mouse, and Im using the latest Vista drivers (according to them).

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Rebooted & Loaded Green Loading Bar, Black Screen

Nov 30, 2009

I've recently got attacked by some sort of virus malware and my AVG instantly asked me to reboot. After I rebooted and loaded the green loading bar, my entire screen turned black without the windows badge.When I clicked on the restart button, I'm able to get inside safe mode, network and command prompt but not start windows normally.. I've also tried chkdsk command but it showed 0 bad file.

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System Rebooted It Promptly Removed Sp2, Stuck In Loop

Feb 7, 2009

i installed sp2 several times. First time it worked fine until we had a power outage and it unregistered my windows installation and cited security breach as the reason why it could not rereg the os. so I reinstalled the OS. after about a week i installed sp2 and again it worked fine for about 3 days Then it unregistered the os again. This time i uninstalled the SP and all was fine. went to reinstall the sp and it would make it to the 100% mark and back out the whole installation.

AFter reading forums til my eyeballs bled i found i could "rearm" the system. I did this and SP2 reinstalled fine. The next day updates told me i had 1 important update and it was a sp2 uninstallation tool. I clicked ok and d/l it when the system rebooted it promptly removed sp2. I reinstalled sp2 it reinstalled fine. The next day new definitions for defender came in and when it rebooted it removed sp2 again>??? Any ideas this round robin installation system seems to be stuck in a loop and im stuck with something just not sure what.

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When I Rebooted Windows Vista ( Home Premium ) Crashed To Continue

Jul 29, 2009

I turned DEP off by reading the vistax64 forum. when i rebooted, a big problem raised. windows vista ( home premium ) crashed to continue. i selected safe mode and other F8 choices...but still problem is there. then I used Vista DVD to repair startup...problem not solved. I used system restore...but not worked.


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Memory Diagnostic Results: Completed Rebooted Back Windows

May 8, 2008

I ran the Memory Diagnostics tool and after it completed and rebooted back into Windows, I didnt see any results. Where do you see the results of the test? I'm trying to diagnose this problem where my PC is rebooting at random, but I can't determine if it's a memory problem or not. So where can I find the results of this test?

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Trojan.Vundo Kills Activation: Rebooted Error )xc004D301

Jun 29, 2008

vundo managed to slip into what i thought was a secure system..sure, Defender detected it...but it missed the 4 other DLL's the process made and let them i'm sitting here unable to detect it with scanners.

Im determined to kill it, but as of now it's screwed with my windows activation. I rebooted and got Error 0xC004D301 - The security processor reported that the trusted data store was tampered. Assuming I get this much of a PITA is it going to be to get my vista back to validated or at this point am I totally screwed and it won't be able to be reactivated?

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Start Menu All Programs List - How To Not Show Recent Programs

Feb 15, 2010

I do not want to see any of the programs at the top of the list of All Programs (especially Internet Explorer). I just want to see the program folders listed, preferably sorted by newest or most recently modified first, by alphabetically would be OK. How to get rid of the 8 programs shown in here? Thanks.

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Uninstalling Some Programs Via The Add/remove Programs Tool

Apr 24, 2009

Ive been having a few problems with uninstalling some programs via the add/remove programs tool. For example I have been trying to uninstall Itunes and everytime I do Windows installer says it is preparing to remove and then it stops and a window come up that says "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation." and then another one says I do not have sufficient access to uninstall Itunes and to please contact system administrator.

So I spoke to a friend how recommended this forum subject and I followed the Take Ownership steps a few times but to no avail it still does the same thing. I can't update Itunes untill this one is uninstalled!!!!!

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The UAC Control Stops 2 Programs And I'm Not Able To Let These Programs Load With

Mar 26, 2008

I use Vista 32 Ultimate and I have this problem during the startup of Windows: The UAC control stops 2 programs and I'm not able to let these programs load with UAC control active. Tried everything also in Windows defender but no success. I must always confirm and let run these programs clicking on the UAC block tray icon that appear during the load of these 2 programs. Someone tell me that these programs blocked by UAC must be updated from the developers to pass the UAC.

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Ahci Controller To IDE

Feb 26, 2010

I have the following setup (see below) and would like to add the unallocated space to the C_drive. Is this possible?

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Coprocessor & SM Bus Controller

Oct 23, 2008

I redid Vista and in my device manager, I'm getting two issues. One is my Coprocessor. It can't find the drivers for this.. Also it's having trouble with the "SM Bus Controller" driver. What exactly can I do to fix these two issues? This is a custom build so I don't have the luxury of having a restore disc or anything like this, which seems to be the common fix for this issue around the net.

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X64 Shutdown, Controller

Dec 11, 2007

I recently added a new hard drive to my system to give me a bit more storage room. All drives in the system are SATA, 2x Raptor 36GB, 1 Plextor DVD burner, and the new Samsung 250GB. The Raptors are currently not in a RAID. What occurs during Vista shutdown? It may give me some more insight into my problem.

During shutdown, the new drive gets thrashed for 3-5 minutes before the system drive updates config and shuts down. Could this be some sort of conflict with the controller? Raptors are SATA 150 and the Samsung is 300. Is Vista writing a system restore to that drive at shutdown? (A friend theorized that, and it sounded logical enough)

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USB Game Controller

Jan 26, 2010

I've downloaded StepMania onto my computer so that i can play DDR and I have a game pad and a USB converter too so I configured everything and I'm really having no trouble but when i play the computer is reading the arrows as an analog and not separate buttons this really isn't and issue except for when i am holding one arrow down and i press on the other it only reads one making double notes impossible.

so i went into the control pannel, went into game controllers, and it says that it is a 4 axis 16 button joystick and when i go to properties and press the arrows it moves the axes in the direction of whatever arrow i press and only moves one way when I press both my prediction was correct...what i can't figure out though is how to program the pad to read as buttons instead of a joystick axes?

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Install Coprocessor And SM Bus Controller?

Apr 15, 2009

i keep getting a thing where it says i need to install Coprocessor and SM bus controller? I have windows vista 64 bit.

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64 And XBox 360 Wired Controller

Aug 30, 2008

I have Vista Ultimate 64 and my xbox 360 controller. everything says it should load right up as soon as i plug it in, but it's not and i'm starting to get frustrated with it. I've downloaded and installed (running as admin) the xbox controller software and still the guide light is just flashing, my system does not recognize the device but it chimes when i unplug it and plug it back in. in the device manager it's showing up, but in control panel it does not.

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Connecting The Usb Keyboard To USB PCI Controller?

Jun 14, 2009

I?ve 2 mobo USB input on front of my desktop and others on a PCI USB Controller. If I connect my usb keyboard to mobo USB input the keyboard is avilable before boot, too. Is there a way to get the same result connecting the usb keyboard to USB PCI Controller? (by tools, bios settings, other?)

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VIA 6410 IDE Controller PCI Card

Apr 21, 2009

Card is installed and works fine in my Vista Ultimate x64 system. 4GB RAM. Primary drive is SATA connected to on-board. Storage drives are to be connected to controller card. System boots fine as long as drives aren't connected to card. Once drives connected, system sits at boot-up splash screen w/ knight rider status bar. Never boots.

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Mass Storage Controller

Nov 19, 2009

Under Device Manager there is a ! next to MASS STORAGE CONTROLLER (MSC). When I check on it, the message is that there is no driver and it is not working properly because it has a problem. I tried searching for a driver with no luck. What does A MSC do and how do I find a driver? There is no brand name listed for it.

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Controller Works On Ultimate X64?

Jun 5, 2008

I've recently just got vista and was looking forward to some gaming... But alas it looks as though none of my controllers are working. on XP I used to be able to connect my PS3 controller and load up a driver and it would run a dream. I also had a PS2 to PC adapter, but that isn't recognised either. So unless anyone knows any work arounds for these (or maybe some drivers which I haven't found), what is the best controller and/or adapter that will run without any problems on Vista Ultimate 64?

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Xbox 360 Controller Can't Access

Jul 4, 2009

I'm completely stumbed at the moment. I have plugged an Xbox 360 Controller to my computer which is decent gaming pc (can play Crysis on High with high fps) with Vista Ultimate 64. Recently i picked up Wanted, Lost Planet and Dead Space. Wanted keeps crashing at start up until I unplugged it and then it started to work. Lost Planet works perfectly fine... Dead space keep crashing at random when its plugged in and I'm using it to play the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled its drivers countless times and everytime its under "Unknown" in Device Manager. I've unplugged and replugged it many times, I've installed and reinstalled the Xbox 360 accessories software and nothing seems to be fixing this. I've also used CCleaner after uninstalled to clean the registry.

I know it's the controller itself, because when I use Kb/M, I can play for hours without the game crashing. I have read a lame solution, pretty simply its the lazy solution that almost everyone keeps telling me, which to unplug the controller. But I want to use my controller for this game so that solution doesn't cut it for me. Has anyone ever encounter this problem, if so mind sharing you're solution?

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Ethernet Controller Is Not Installed

Apr 25, 2009

My computer is very slow on wireless so I plugged in and ethernet cable... However it isnt being recognised.... I went to drivers and it says my ethernet controller isn't installed. After searching for very long I found a forum where someone seemed to have the same problem. They were told to download a program called EVEREST. I downloaded this program however I now have no idea what to do with it. Noone is answering me on that forum so I have come here for a release from the stress!

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